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    A Hades of a Note     Photon Belt
by M. Kelley Hunter©2004


It’s not just because I’m a Sagittarius. Fire is fire. Sag is a candle-lighting sign that loves incense, ceremony and celebration, thanks-giving, prayer and parties. This month features a run of seasonal holy-days, heading across the Capricorn solstice passage, through Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, a Christmas Full Moon and its twelve days of swans a’swimming and partridges in pear trees.

The THANKSGIVING FULL MOON was turbo-charged with the Sun and Moon electrified by Uranus. We just haven’t got used to what that odd-ball planet is doing in Pisces yet. A roller-coaster ride under the sea (a la Finding Nemo and Shark’s Tale). Uranus is lighting up the corpuscles in our blood streams. Drugs and drink create internal hurricanes and havoc. Live your dreams.
Recommended reading: a review of The Little Sea Maid, the original Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson.

MERCURY, RETROGRADE as of November 30, plugs into the galactic center at 27 Sag. What’s the message? Sabian symbol says:
Oracular interpretation by Lynda Hill and Richard Hill reads:
You may find yourself in a situation where you are able to manipulate events into something of value and lasting integrity. Slow painstaking work. Concrete creative manifestation.
Downside: narrow mindedness, goal-oriented with blinders.

That all sounds like Mercury retrograde -- with a worthy goal: the heart of the Milky Way. What goes on there? My latest vision is that it’s the dancing ground of Shiva-Shakti. Sometimes they danced in graveyards, why not the explosive birthing ground of the galaxy? In the last couple of months, extreme gamma ray activity was detected in that area. Extraordinary cosmic rays like a burst of fireworks scintillates through the galaxy. How do we shape it into useable material, creative manifestation? We get some clues from Uranus in Pisces, the Electric Dream Maker, if we can dispose of logic. Mercury is retrograde until December 20, solstice eve. It loops back to the galactic center point on January 7, joined by Venus. The goddess of love is having many remarkable liaisons lately. Are you? What a lovely reunion to look forward to at the heart of the galaxy.

In the meantime, the cosmic union of Shiva-Shakti is reflected in the MARS-VENUS CONJUNCTION of December 5, a long time coming. In May these two lover planets were SO close, then Venus slowed down into retrograde and her rare crossing of the Sun. NOW she is ready for Mars in his own sign of Scorpio, a highly erotic sign, super-charged with compellingly attractive life-force. Irresistible. Where in your life is this co-creative fusion taking place?
The Sabian symbol plumbs a deep mystery:
The immaculate conception is part of the great mystery of sexuality and the divine. Gods and goddesses seem to do it, but what does it mean to us mere mortals? The Mars-Venus conjunction in a personal chart suggests a life path seeking to experience an inner and outer union of the male-female energy. Relationships will reflect that desire, which can vary between times of intense involvement and solitary processing. In Scorpio, Mars is considered stronger, but when Venus evokes her dark goddess power, that’s a match. Just let’s not get too heavy metal.

From deep inner emotional connection one can attract an equally emotionally-empowered partner, to explore another level of love’s dance. In any case, we’re drawn into the dance on one level or another. There is a subtle spiritual tone in this particular degree, emphasized by a Neptune square. It can bring out high aspiration, or the illusion. Those born in 1963-65 and October 8-10, particularly, are right at the center of this Neptune challenge. Don’t be fooled by chemistry alone. This conjunction initiates a new Mars-Venus cycle that plays out until their next joining, in the presence of the Sun, all at 2 degrees Scorpio, in October 2006. You heard it here first.

Keeping on the subterranean track, Pluto joins the NEW MOON on December 11, with retrograde Mercury investigating. Inaugurating a new monthly cycle, this could suggest that the TRUTH WILL OUT. Let’s share that vision! but it takes deep digging and some time.

Last but not least, BLACK MOON LILITH aligns with Sirius at 14 Cancer. The brightest star we see, the star of the great goddess Isis, Sirius is also the star of the United States, symbolized by the Statue of Liberty. At the same time the Black Moon squares Jupiter in Libra. This suggests a challenge, possibly legal judgement, that is either a championship of or affront to the goddess. This is a test of the soul of the U.S. and its people. The Sabian Symbol describes the nature of this test:
Again from Lynda and Richard’s oracle:
You may be looking for some help or spiritual guidance, but it may be difficult to find through the usual channels. As we become more enlightened there is a greater ability to see spiritual truth. There needs to be a trust and courage that your inner wisdom is in touch with the higher truth. If negative: a feeling of staring into a void, a lack of purpose or a feeing of abandonment.

Does that describe the feeling in the U.S.? What needs to be done? A looking within, a joining together in new ways, a rapprochement between seeming opposites. What is the common ground we all share? We are likely to find out through the black hole of increasing economic debt. The Black Moon in Cancer is ready to give birth to what the SOUL needs, what the U.S. needs to fulfill its spiritual service to the world. Cancer tends to take things personally, but the Black Moon brings us beyond that, to face the transpersonal need.

With this Black Moon and the Mercury retrograde, many oracular voices will speaking out. Not only in America, but globally, we are birthing our new vision. There is a need for a strong will, a willingness rather than willfulness, and a joining with divine Will as we join together.

Astrologer for over 35 years, Kelley Hunter lives in St. John, US Virgin Islands. She leads star gazing nights and is astrologer-in-residence for the Self Centre at Caneel Bay Resort and for the Omega Institute winter programs in the Caribbean. For an astrological consultation or to be on her e-mail list for monthly articles, write kellhunter@earthlink.net. Explore her website at www.heliastar.com.


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M. Kelley Hunter
PO Box 37
ST JOHN VI 00831-0037
A Hades of a Note
The Galactic Times
for November 29, 2004
by Philip Sedgwick
It's been widely propagated that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Evidently, there's another path just opened by astronomers.  Last week (and I'm not exactly sure of the day), astronomers named the numbered minor planet, 90482, Orcus.  The orbital period of this body is 248.01 years, which is very close to that of Pluto. By naming protocol, any object maintaining a 3:2 orbital ration between Neptune and itself - a Plutino - must take the name of an underworld deity. Orcus runs about 900 km in diameter. While not as large as Pluto, he is one of the largest Trans-Neptunian Objects.
So now we have Orcus, the Roman equivalent of Pluto. While some references use Hades somewhat interchangeably with Orcus, these are distinctive astronomical/astrological bodies that should not be confused.  Most notably, Orcus (killer by some translation) prevails as  the deity that hears the words spoken in oaths. His charge demands he punish those who break oaths. Last weekend a news story posted on the Internet about a soldier just released from jail for desertion. When stationed in Korea he allegedly took off to North Korea to avoid being shipped off for service in Vietnam. The point is: upon enlistment an oath of faithfulness to the United States and service to it is proclaimed. His release, after serving his punishments - a long involved story - coincided with the naming of the body that disciplines for oath breaking. Interesting.
The heliocentric node of Orcus is 28 Sagittarius 32, aligned with the Galactic Center. It would seem that those who proclaim the knowledge of this potent point and fail to apply it might come under the scrutinizing eye of Orcus. The closest contact to the Sun (perihelion) falls at 11 Pisces 52. Both Sag and Pisces hold in common the association with Jupiter sometimes known for the "do as I say, not as I do" phenomenon. This bodes trouble given the monitoring of Orcus. Seems like the other superhighway to hell is concretized with broken promises. However, Pisces can also symbolize penance. Retribution, forgiveness and healing of verbal transgressions might also apply here. It's a little early to have full comprehension of all of the realm of Orcus.
Presently, Orcus passes through late Leo (26 Leo 58, retrograde as of December 1st). It would appear that boastful promises made that cannot be upheld gain the gaze of Orcus. Whether a promised Christmas gift, an oath to an organization or country, or spoken vow of one's spirituality, let us hope that the spoken word becomes upheld. Maybe right now, Orcus serves as the slayer of false pride. While in his present position, he is near the royal star, Regulus. Perhaps it is also true that those that maintain their oaths are subject to the royal treatment, and in a good way.
Given that Mercury retrograde is less than twenty-four hours away from starting, perhaps it is advisable to pay extra attention to promises made during the emotionally supercharged holiday season. After all, Mercury turns tail in an easy trine to Orcus's present position. And making oaths of rendering that can be kept certainly seem to bring their own reward.
For those of you having purchased the Galactic Trilogy CD, the update involving Orcus currently undergoes editing. It will be out to you via e-mail this week (Oh my, was that an oath!?). For those not owning this CD, oh my again. What a holiday gift this would be.
Until next time, may your words and proclamations be fluid and sanctioned by the trine of Mercury to Orcus - smooth and never oafish.
To schedule an astrological counseling session or order galactic study material, please send an e-mail to galastro@aol.com for the latest information and services.
Philip Sedgwick
Bringing Heaven to Earth
9451 E Becker Ln #B1058
Scottsdale AZ 85260
Copyright, 2004, Philip Sedgwick, all rights reserved.
Photon Belt

Not all of these records are fully read before sending.  Content does not necessarily reflect our views, just the sense that this information may be of benefit.  Hope you enjoy.
 From shamanicastrology.com: celestial timings----

Earth re-enters the Photon Band Nov 28, 2004 remaining until July 13, 2005. Here are a few details…The Photon Belt is a stream of photons that seems to emanate from the galactic center towards the star Alcyone one of the stars found in the Pleiades.  Visualizing the solar system as a pancake, with the Sun at the center, the Photon Belt would be like a fork stuck through the pancake.  First detected in 1961 by means of satellite-borne instruments and reported by Paul Otto Hesse, the first contact of the solar system with the Photon Belt came in 1972 when Pluto was briefly in the band… The entire solar system is moving slowly sideways into the Photon Belt. As planets rotate around the Sun, they swing in and out of the band.  Earth has been in the Photon Belt two additional weeks each year since 1987 as our planet approaches and leaves the spring equinox….The last time the entire solar system was in the Photon Belt was the Age of Leo, or 10,800 BC through 8640 BC…..

Noel Huntley, Ph.D. says; The photon belt is an immense region of space which is radiating intense electromagnetic radiation throughout the visible spectrum and beyond, into high-frequency invisible light; even including some x-ray spectra. It is part of a magnetic flow of light throughout the galaxy…It appears that for mankind on this planet the photon belt encounter will be essentially a spiritual experience--but this really depends on man. Nevertheless, the real benefits of this phenomenon is from what is actually causing the photons. It is linked with the so-called convergences. If we are sufficiently evolved at the time, great advancements will occur in our consciousness as we attune to the higher-frequencies...
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Over the past few years and for the next few to come, many "signs in the sky" are developing.  One of the more interesting has been the entrance of the Sun into the Photon Belt. 

The Photon Belt is a stream of photons that seems to emanate from the galactic center towards the star
Alcyone Visualizing the solar system as a pancake, with the Sun at the center, the Photon Belt  would be like a fork stuck through the pancake.  First detected in 1961 by means of satellite-borne instruments and reported by Paul Otto Hesse, the first contact of the solar system with the Photon Belt came in 1972 when Pluto was briefly in the band.  Speculation ran high of "three days of darkness" and the usual gloom-and-doom predictions when Earth first touched the edge of this band for one week in March of 1987.  When the "three days of darkness" failed to happen, interest in the Photon Belt waned considerably. 

The entire solar system is moving slowly sideways into the Photon Belt. As planets rotate around the Sun, they swing in and out of the band.  Earth has been in the Photon Belt two additional weeks each year since 1987 as our planet approaches and leaves the spring equinox. In 1997, Earth was in the band from 12/29/97 until 6/8/98. The next year, it was there from 12/22/98 to 6/15/99.  This was the first time Earth is in the band for more than half the year. In 2012, the Earth will be in this band full time, until about 4320 AD.  The last time the entire solar system was in the Photon Belt was the Age of Leo, or 10,800 BC through 8640 BC.   

The Sun itself had never entered the Photon Belt until sometime in the summer of 1999 when the corona of the Sun just started to touch the band, less dense at the edges than in the center.  Quite unlike the Earth's entrance into this band, the reaction of the Sun has been spectacular.  Early in June 1998, two comets entered into the sun. This is not unusual.  As many as 25 or more comets or asteroids a year will either enter the sun or graze it. Nothing has ever happened before when the sun was struck by a cosmic body.  But this time the sun reacted in a way no one has ever seen before. Approximately 30 to 35 solar flares erupted on the surface of the sun, all in two parallel circles at the 19.5 (north and south latitudes.  These are the latitudes where the interlocking tetrahedrons cross the sphere of the sun.  It is the same with the Earth or a human being.  These are the latitudes of the great pyramid in Egypt, the Cydonia complex on Mars, Mauna Loa in Hawaii and the great red spot on Jupiter.
Djwhal Kuhl said that the comets which penetrated the Sun have been describing the orbits or movement patterns which form geometric shapes which then form a greater sacred geometry beyond the solar system.  These comets have finished that work of creating the ley lines around the solar system and have returned home. 

Concurrent with its entrance into the Photon Belt, this has apparently been a signal for the Sun to begin using these new ley lines.  Since June/99, GOES 8 and GOES 10 satellites have reported major magnetic storms from eruptions on the Sun on 7/16, 7/23, 7/30, 8/25, 9/23 and 10/1. These storms pour a tremendous amount of magnetic energy as well as protons towards Earth. The solar proton flux which is measured in PUI rose to about 2500 PUI in the late 1980's. The scientific community was very concerned about this much energy reaching Earth. On 10/13/98 it measured 42,000 PUI!  The Sun does not fluctuate in and out of the Photon Belt like Earth does and will move steadily further into it.  It should be completely within the Photon Belt by 2001. 

The Sun is clearly acting differently as it enters the Photon Belt. This energy is being felt on Earth as it works to raise the vibratory rate of every atom in every human being on its surface. Diagrams from NASA show a startling effect in that, Earth does not sit passively to receive these tremendous magnetic outpourings from the Sun. Rather, she sends out a magnetic pulse, the result of which is a cylinder of magnetic flux extending over both Sun and Earth like a sleeve linking the two.  It is as if Earth and Sun reach out in a magnetic embrace, like reunited lovers.   

This is not the only recent change in the Sun's behavior.  In 1992 everything was normal with our Sun. It had a magnetic north and south pole.  It was functioning normally by scientific standards.  In December of 1994, the Ulysses spacecraft from NASA arrived at the Sun to measure its magnetic field.  NASA was astonished to find out that the magnetic field of the Sun no longer has a north and south pole. The Sun's magnetic field had changed dramatically into a homogeneous field. There was, of course, no scientific explanation.  No one had ever seen anything like this before. DK has told us that this lack of polarity in the Sun is reflected in a reduction in the duality seen on Earth; spirit and matter are not so exclusively separate any more. The Sun has also perceptibly changed its visible radiation from the yellow towards the white. 

It is important to understand how the Photon Belt and Earth are arranged in space.  Imagine a cone, Alcyone at its tip, our Sun's 26,000-year cycle its base.  Along the slanted side of this cone are the circular paths of the remaining six of the seven stars of the
Pleiades constellation, the Seven Sisters.  The Photon Belt emanates from the galactic center, usually regarded as being at 26’ 45” Sagittarius towards Alcyone at 29' 58" Taurus at the tip of the cone.  This band is like a wide ribbon bisecting the cone longitudinally, so that, as the Sun moves around the base of the cone, it is in the Photon Belt during the age of Aquarius and the Age of Leo.  Barbara Hand Clow in “The Pleiadian Agenda” refers to these periods as the "Galactic Day" and all others as the "Galactic Night".  We are, then, moving slowly out of the Galactic Night.  The precession of the equinoxes is an effect of irregularities in Earth's orbit with regards to the solar equator, but coincidentally corresponds exactly to the progress of the Sun in its spiral around Alcyone (and closely to the timing of glacial cycles from core samples taken at the poles).   For this reason it is convenient to mark this progress in terms of the Age of Aquarius, Age of Pisces, etc.   


The Mayan astronomer/astrologer Hunbatz Men decoded much of the 17 Mayan calendars.  Of these, the calendar "Calendario edel Tzek'eb o Pleyades" describes the timing and meaning of our Sun's orbit around the central star of the Pleiades, Alcyone.  According to this, each of our Sun's 26,000 year cycles around Alcyone is equivalent to one of the Ages of the Sun in the Aztec calendar. We will complete a 26,000 year cycle according to this calendar in Dec of 2012. We will also be completing a larger 104,000 year cycle and begin "El Quinto Sol". In this cycle, those who stay will become a cosmic humanity and contact with other worlds will be possible.   

Our Sun's rotation around the galactic center is a cycle that takes 225 million years to complete.  Setting a beginning point for this huge cycle is arbitrary, but in relation to events on Earth, it is interesting to note that 225 million years ago was the dawn of the Age of Dinosaurs or the Triassic Period of the Mesozoic Era.  450 million years ago marked the Paleozoic Era when plants mysteriously decided to move from the sea onto the land, and 675 million years ago was the start of the Pre-Cambrian Era which saw shellfish and Trilobites suddenly form themselves from one-celled animals.  Nobody really knows what prompted these changes in the evolutionary path of life on this planet, and it stretches the imagination to conjecture what changes will be remembered 225 million years from now.  However, it can be assumed that this will parallel the enormity of the emergence of dinosaurs, and it is truly exciting to be here at this time.   


The energy from the Photon Belt serves to further the Earth's ascension process as well as our ownThere has been an additional influx of energy of late, coming as a tremendous burst of magnetic, X-ray and gamma ray radiation.  During the early morning hours of August 27, 1998, a star named SGR 1900+14, some 20,000 light-years away sent a 5-minute burst of energy that was felt by Earth to be every bit as strong as that of the Sun.  An entity named Kryon, who is channeled through Lee Carroll, has said that we will be seeing bursts like this, the bursts being the signature of the arrival of, what he calls, "Master Guides".  This was the 5th such burst of energy recorded since the first was seen in 1983 and was by far the largest.  The energy released by the magnetar in one five-minute burst, said Kevin Hurley of the University of California-Berkeley, was roughly equal to the amount of energy Earth's Sun will put out in the next 300 years. 

These Master Guides are not 'balls of light' or angels with wings.  They are people... people who are sufficiently advanced so as to be able to 'see ahead', see beyond the illusion, beyond the veil.  They are here now, and more will come.  These are the people who guide others into more holistic avenues, who teach and educate others in the ways of Nature, positivism, and greater vision and wisdom.  These people choose to blend in to the environment, thus they are somewhat protected by their anonymity.  They look the same as others, and they live fairly conventional lives.  But they are not the same, for they can 'see' where others cannot--yet.  If you are fortunate to have a small connection with one of these people, count your blessings.  Ironically, most folks do not recognize these unique souls.  In fact, they often dispute, argue, condemn, and despise these people, for the Light from them shines upon one's own 'darkness' and ignorance--and it hurts to see one's shortcomings!  Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Mohammed were particularly advanced souls, and look at how they were treated.

The master guides are bringing additional energy for the Earth's ascension.  Djwhal Kuhl tells us these beings come from a galaxy far away and have evolved in other realities beyond our own.  They are bound by the non-interference rule and need to be invited before they can dispense any of their energy or wisdom. We can help with this by inviting them to do so, either by offering to be vehicles for their work or by asking their assistance in our own work.  The blast of energy came from the constellation Aquila, which has always been associated with the Eagle, and with the Tarot card number 6, "The Lovers" from the major arcana. This card, among other things, expresses the idea of "two paths".  The position of the star of origin is about 29 of Capricorn, which is near, but not exactly in line with, the galactic center.  Neptune was exactly in line to be the solar system's first receptor of this energy, and many suggest that those who respond to this planet's energies of compassion and mysticism may be more easily able to distribute this new energy than others, at least initially. 

Cycles from 225 million years on down are all coming together as we approach the year 2012.  We are now in a time of spiritual opportunity.  Hopefully, being aware of these cycles will make us each more aware and an eager participant in the changes happening all around us.  

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