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Sananda’s l0th Message
May 2, 2004
as channelled by Lois Hartwick

I Greet You All in the Harmony of Light ~
It is, today, an opening toward the advances and awarenesses and

potentials of the future. Within each moment comes forth the opportunity to
expand with Light.  This intention will allow you to grow further, particularly
during the next several days.

I wish to speak to you today because there is a great deal of energy put
forth during the Wesak celebration, and much of that information will be
known to you on higher levels, but not always clearly brought through in
your consciousness.  It is helpful to state certain things at this time.

Long ago, when you came forth into this plane, where there was confusion
and lack of clarity and in cases, differences of purpose, it became important
to understand that which you were attempting to do.  The uniting with the
higher aspects of self and the I Am Presence became a focus which, for
many, was forgotten over time.  It is time to remember again that that is
what you are here to do, and in so doing, you serve a grander purpose and
you allow Light to come forth through each and every one of you.

As you sit here in this room today, you have understood a great deal about
Light.  You have practiced with this application for years.  It is a
transformative juncture you are now in.  Some of you will be finding new
services and means of going forth into the world.

But I come with a greater message, still.  For you have not harbored in your
hearts the greater or grander dreams that once were impacted or brought
before you.  Now they will start to come into your consciousness for
potential fruition and application in the days ahead.

There is a period of time in which an unfolding of Light will keynote or
trigger for you within your being a more heightened and elaborate direction
than you have previously had.  This keynote is not unlike the note at the
beginning or end of your meditations. (refers to our weekly group meditations)
It rings true to your heart.  It is the experience and the standard of Truth that
you know.  Within it, you are expanding yourselves to the realities that embrace
no longer that which you call, confusion  or perhaps, aspects of darkness,
countering the realities you have had within.

Wesak is a celebration on your plane relating to the birthday of Buddha.  I
would like for you to understand that this celebration is a combining of
energies in which there is a union of Compassion, Love and Light for the
times ahead.  Yes, of course these strains of energy are here and have been
for a long time and integrated within many of you, but the expansion as a
result will be enormous now.  Combined with myself, Mary and Buddha is a
Trilogy of the One.  Incorporated in the Trilogy is the unification of Light
that embraces the greater and higher Truth of all reality everywhere.  It is a
divine invitation that you will experience along the way.

This year opening portals will become predominant and new infusions of
energy of the Trilogy of One become tantamount and experienced on the
Earth plane.  For some of you this will be a very unique experience.

It will explode old belief  systems;
It will release old pressures;
It will unite partners long forgotten;
It will enjoin those experiences beyond your comprehension for they are
within the Oneness, not verbalized by words.

The potential is here for everyone.  Understanding within your own hearts,
not through the words I am saying, but the meaningful embracement of this
energy which ignites that which is within you connected to the One.  By
being in such a corridor of energy  you will explore the depths of your soul
and beyond.

I offer this as a thought of contemplation for the potential of the year and
that which we are doing in the realm beyond.  Not everyone will avail
themselves of this potential, nor will they even feel or experience it.  There
are going to be, certainly, in the year ahead, those divisions seen plainly
before you.  But you have a choice in your own heart to create an intention
of where you would align and choose to be.  Most of you who have heard
and listened to the Light and chosen to serve in such a manner are given the
opportunity to move further within it.  It is up to you.

Combined energy in a Trilogy is a unified force against that which would
seem impenetrable or impossible to the human mind.  It goes way beyond
that, in fact, and allows for purpose to unfold.  Not only a purpose within
yourself, but a grander purpose within the alignment of the Earth, and the
entreatment that comes forth toward her, and in the grand design of the
Earth within the Universe becomes again, another purpose, another
intention, another macrocosm, for you to consider, and beyond that, other
Universes, equally affected and moving in new alignments.

You are, as you may feel, a piece of sand, a drop in the ocean, and yet your
consciousness pervades everything and is One with it.  Allow that which is
happening to you this year to be that pregnant pause and that Golden

It has taken a long time to reach this point in which the combination of
energies of Love, Light and Compassion can be so stirred together and
imprinted indelibly upon this planet that you have no idea of the enormity of
what you will be witnessing.  Equally imprinted upon your hearts will be
that opportunity that lies within this, and your belief systems will show
clearly now whether you take this in or not.

Wesak has always been a celebration.  A celebration of what is possible.  A
celebration of a birthday, of a new time, of an instruction and of a purpose
and intent, all brought forth in a single moment on your plane.  Now, herein,
you are embracing and incorporating that again.  Remember that you are
receiving that which is being sent to each one who is open to that
alignment.  Accept this as your birthday gift.  Your right of humanity and
your right as that which you are in All That Is.

This year will be opening a Divine Doorway.  That Divine Doorway you may
find in your heart, but it is through these portals that energy will pour,
igniting this.  Find it within you and allow it to pervade your life.  Believe in
your hearts and do not give up or into that which pervades any stoppage

The Hierarchy and Masters, angels and beings from realms everywhere are
aligned in this cause and purpose.  The effort is to generate, not only within
you, but within the entire framework and structure, either as a system of
griding or as an alignment of your planet that which will alter reality such as
you have known it.  These are not dire words that I speak, but words of
hope.  These are words of intention and creation combined with you who
have upheld your hands and heart for years on end.

We are coming together.  That expansion is possible, and it will be heard
and known within you who are listening.  It is a time ahead of celebration,
too.  Many will not hear this call and will have blown out that birthday
candle before it ever was lighted, but many have heard the call and are
holding their candles up, choosing to keep the light forthcoming.

For those who have done so, the uniting becomes apparent.  Take forth the
energy of this time, witness within your hearts the presence of being within
the very creation that is in you and is connected and linked up in  the next
several days.  Focus on your intention to create this Light and to manifest
within it your higher understanding and being and presence on this earth.

I have spoken with you many times before and will again in the future.  But
no time has been as important or significant as this.  Utilize well that which
you are doing, thinking and being in the next days ahead, for receptivity will
be your sole focus and intention of the Light.

Gathering in the Himalayas and specific areas of intention, are those
presences and energies self-directed toward each of you.  We are, as a
combined unit, using this year ahead as a principal focus and turning point
for planet earth.  It is expected and known you will integrate much of what
is being said and turned forth in terms of energy.  We see transitions
already in place.  Our hearts are aligned with each one of you who now
comes to the greater design and purpose to the Creator and to that Creator
of your being combined as One.

I greet you now in the Silence.  Take a moment please, to listen to that
heart and that rhythm of yourself.  (we stop for 5 minutes or so).

It is here that you shall know me.

I am One with you.


Sananda's Messages have been channeled by Lois Hartwick over the past several years and can be found on her website, www.expressionsoflight.com. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please send an email to the address below.  Feel free to mail these messages to friends; however, requests for publication of any portion of this or other messages must be made.  Private sessions are available.  Contact Lois@expressionsoflight.com

(For those unfamiliar, Wesak falls on the full moon in May, which this year is May 4, 2004)

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