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This Rhythmic Moon Emailer Features:

1. Overview of this 13-Moon system
2. Overview of the Energies of this Rhythmic Moon, 6th Moon of the Year 3. 13-Day Wavespells occurring within the Rhythmic Moon 4. Galactic Activation Alert: 10-in-a-row Galactic Portals coming up soon!
5. Upcoming Lunar Phases
6. Solstice - 8 Year Countdown till 2012!
7. More insight into the Solstice and the 4 Seasons - by Barbara Hand Clow 8. Regarding the 2005 "new year" - contrasting it with the 13-Moon Year system 9. Current Highlights on 13moon.com


These 13moon.com emails serve to explain the 13-Moon Dreamspell Calendar System, Galactic Time Science delivered by Dr. Jose Arguelles, based upon the ancient Yucatec Chilam Balam or Jaguar Priests, what we know in today's time as Earth Wizards. This is therefore also called the Wizard's Count - which is the sacred count of days (the 260-day "galactic spin") synchronized to the 365-day year cycle which always begins a new 13-Moon Year on Gregorian July 26th. (The Gregorian correlate dates always remain the same.)

The 13-moon year cycle is the measure of our 3rd-dimensional biological rhythms, as we progress through each annual round, while the 260-day cycle offers the codes of the 4th dimensional spiritual energies of the "galactic spin." By referencing where we are in time in regards to the 13-moon year as well as the 260-day galactic cycle, we can access invaluable insight into the synchronic order of time, experiencing the pattern of the 52-year cycle in which no two days repeat the same combination!

With the Great Calendar Change of 2004 people from over 90 countries have proclaimed a New Time by changing their calendar from the irregular, artificial 12-month Gregorian calendar to the "Harmonic Standard" of the 13-Moon/28-day Calendar! The regularity of the harmonic standard provides a perfect measure for the coordination and scheduling of all practical affairs, while simultaneously offering a harmonic foundation from which to develop a sacred relationship to the cyclic flow of Time.

In this Light, the 13moon.com Natural Time Update E-mailer utilizes the 28-day cycle as the primary focus from which to explore the many layers of the Dreamspell/Wizard's Count.

Both the 13-Moon Year and the Galactic Spin are composed of "Wavespells." A wavespell refers to the entire cycle of the "13 Tones of Creation," 1-13. Regarding the definition of "wavespell," a "wave" is a motion in time, and a "spell" is that which can be cast, known, or experienced during that time. Another way it is defined is a "wave" refers to the power of movement, and "spell" to the power one can gain by being in harmony with reality.

Because a Wavespell is any cycle of 13, there are both 13-DAY wavespells, as well as 13-MOON wavespells. In other words, the Year cycle itself is also a giant wavespell spiral, where each 28-day moon holds the energy of one of 13 Tones of Creation!

Each of the 13 Tones presents qualitative and numeric meaning in itself, and in relationship to the other Tones. Where the 20 Solar Tribes provide measure, the 13 Tones portray the movement of creation, showing the progression of life in interconnected stages. These universal energies govern the unfolding sequence of the 13 moons of the year, and are also found reflected in the 13 major articulations (joints) which allow our body movement (2 ankles, 2 knees, 2 hips, 2 wrists, 2 elbows, 2 shoulders and 1 neck/spine.) Working with the Tones, we are invited to see life as a process, reflecting on these naturally occurring patterns of inner and outer growth. In addition to its name, each Tone has 3 specific code words - exact keys to unlock their action, power and essence. As succinct clues, these code words are the ideal point of focus to understand the unique functions of the 13 Tones.



This is the YEAR OF THE BLUE CRYSTAL STORM (July 26 2004 - July 25, 2005),because the first day of the New Year aligned with Kin 259: Blue Crystal Storm on the Galactic Spin.

We are now in the SIXTH MOON OF THE 13-MOON YEAR, corresponding to TONE SIX of the Annual Wavespell Spiral.

Moon 6 - RHYTHMIC MOON (Dec 13 - Jan 9) - Totem Animal: Lizard
Action Directive: "How can I organize for balance and equality?"

"Music is behind life, and rules life; from music springs all life. The whole creation exists in rhythm, and in a general phrase, it may be said that there is one common source of human disease; and that is disorder in rhythm."
-Hazrat Inayat Khan

All life on Earth, including the rhythms of our body, are influenced by the rhythms of ever-changing combinations of celestial movements. Daytime, for example, offers high energy of the sun for outward exertion and communication. Nightime, conversely welcomes the deepening of intuition, supporting expansive, internal processes. By noticing the fluctuations of nature we can receive the support of its cycles to enhance our endeavors. As we give attention to our personal rhythms, we can find innovative ways to access deeper levels of organic balance, both physically and emotionally.

A sense of balance can be achieved by accepting that life is a process - an on-going motion requiring dynamic organization and re-organization - a sacred juggling act! When we organize the elements of our life we invite efficiency and functionality into our reality. Organization assists us to streamline and coordinate, producing greater ease and equilibrium.

Let us respect the various aspects of maintenance as the foundation which supports the art of our life! Through the eyes of equality, all moments equally contribute to the sacred balance of our lives. We are reminded that "this too shall pass," and "this too shall return."

May we see all beings in the light of equality - recognizing that as planetary kin, we all hold equal power and place!

In our shared world, there is much room to bring greater balance to our global systems which currently exhibit high levels of inequality and injustice - the list is endless - hand in hand with the grave imbalances our Earth has been subjected to by our unnatural lifestyles. There is abundant, creative, constructive potential for us to participate in to restore sacred balance and equality, between ourselves as One People, and between humanity and our One Earth.

Indeed, we are blessed by the *equal access to information the internet provides us, as we can learn about the issues which need to be brought back into organic balance - from Fair Trade for workers around the globe, to helping Indigenous Peoples retain their land and lifestyles, to the struggles of organic farmers against genetically modified foods contaminating the ancient balance of foods. It seems the more we learn of our shared planetary reality, the more there is to find out! This is the living prophecy in action - That Which Has Been Unconscious is Becoming Conscious; That Which Has Been Hidden is Being Revealed. We can expect greater and greater consciousness-expansion through exposure of shocking truths, revelatory inspiration, and emerging new-paradigm solutions - continually unfolding as we live out these accelerated times of Transformation.

How can we live in Balance and extend Equality?

At this point in the planetary/cosmic cycles, it seems the only answer is to "Do The Best We Can Do." Keep in our mind our "best" continually evolves as we grow in our self-reflection, willingness, mindfulness, integrity, spiritual strength and personal capacities.

All who dwell on this Planet are in the same boat as the "technosphere" of machines (like the ones we're typing on!) has covered the "biosphere" and the acceleration is affecting every one! I believe all of us of conscience are struggling to be in integrity and harmony and be part of the "solution" and not the problem. This is a time of "world-bridging" between the old world that is currently dying and fighting for its life (that which is based in patriarichal, linear, time-is-money, separation, destruction, consumption, disconnection from nature, greed, etc) into the new world that is being born - dawning its radiance in our hearts and minds as we realize we are all interconnected, with eachother and the earth and universe. Indeed, when the planetary/cosmic alignments and the climate of consciousness allows, this New World will fully manifest its radiance in our physical dimension. The balance will shift from that which is life-destroying to that which is life-serving. Between now and 2012 is truly the time of challenge; the time when we must exert our "higher spiritual will."

So, Thank You for doing your best; for being willing to learn and Grow. That is all that is asked. Together we are transforming and evolving, slowly but surely, and our Sincerity is what will continue to show us the way to Creatively Endure. May we all be clearly guided to incarnate and activate our unique part in Restoring Balance to the Whole!

(*equal access, except for cases such as China who has the highest level of internet censorship in the world.)



Blue Monkey Wavespell
(Began in Moon 5, extends into Moon 6)
Overtone 21 - Rhythmic 5 (Dec 5 - Dec 17)
Blue: West/Transforms
Blue Monkey's Code Words: Plays / Magic / Illusion

The Blue Monkey Wavespell is always the 3rd TRANSFORMING wavespell of the 52-day Blue Western Castle of Burning. The Blue Castle unites the 4 cycles of the Red Serpent Wavespell, the White Mirror Wavespell, the Blue Monkey Wavespell, and the Yellow Seed Wavespell.

(A castle of time is 4th dimensional harmonic architecture created by a grouping of 4 wavespells, one of each color which creates a 52-day period of time (13 x 4) in which the powers of the 4 wavespells cumulatively work together to bring specific lessons and initiations. Within each Galactic Spin, there are 5 castles of time, 52 X 5 = 260 days.)

Yellow Seed Wavespell
Rhythmic 6 - Rhythmic 18 (Dec 18 - Dec 30)
Yellow: South/Ripens
Yellow Seed's Code Words: Targets/ Flowering / Awareness

The Yellow Seed Wavespell is always the 4th RIPENING wavespell of the 52-day Blue Western Castle of Burning.
**The Yellow Seed Wavespell always brings the 10-in-a-row Galactic Activation Portals! (see below)

Red Earth Wavespell
(Begins in Moon 6 and extends into Moon 7) Rhythmic 19 - Resonant 3 (Dec 31 - Jan 12)
Red: East/Initiates
Red Earth's Code Words: Evolves / Navigation / Synchronicity

The Red Earth Wavespell is always the 1st INTIATING wavespell of the 52-day "Yellow Southern Castle of Giving." The Yellow Castle unites the 4 cycles of the Red Earth Wavespell, the White Dog Wavespell, the Blue Night Wavespell, and the Yellow Warrior Wavespell.

Due to its placement in the 260-day Tzolkin cycle, the Yellow Seed wavespell always brings the 10-in-a-row-galactic-activation-portals!!!

Beginning on Tone 3 of the Seed wavespell, White Electric Worldbridger (Kin 146; Rhythmic 8; Dec 20) they span through Tone 12, Blue Crystal Eagle (Kin 55; Rhythmic 17; Dec 29.)

What is a galactic activation portal? Within the 260 energies of the Tzolkin, 52 of them are called portals for they form the "Loom" on which the entire Tzolkin matrix is woven upon.

As far as "what this means," what you can be sure of is heightened energies; access to amplified awareness and sensory experience; greater opportunity for information exchange and multi-dimensional insights. as well as good ole' INTENSITY!

Let us also note the standard college dictionary definition of PORTAL:
"An entrance, door, or gate, especially one that is grand and imposing."

(This teaching of the Loom is unique to a secret lineage of Yucatec Maya shamans, carried on by this Dreamspell/Wizard's Count.)


Full Moon: Rhythmic 14 (Dec 26) "Yellow Solar Human" 7:06 am PST New Moon: Resonant 1 (Jan 10) "Blue Spectral Hand" 4:03 pm PST



This year's Solstice marks exactly 8 years till the end of the Great Mayan Cycle of 5,125 years which completes itself on December 21, 2012. Some say this will also complete a 26,000 year cycle, and even an 104,000 year cycle!

During these auspicious planetary times, much is left to unfold as this Living Prophecy continues to play out through our lives and weave its spiralling course of consciousness. As Valum Votan shared: "The Rhythmic solstice in the Northern hemisphere is the darkest moment of the year, the point at which the light begins to return. In the Southern Hemisphere it is the lightest moment of the year, when the dark begins to return. But wherever we are, we are only eight years from 2012, the Closing of the Cycle. It is a good time to pause and take spiritual stock of who we are..."

Because of this countdown, each Winter Solstice (Summer Solstice for the Southern Hemisphere) offers us a powerful time to acknowledge the closing of this huge cycle by extending our prayers and intentions To Live in Truth; To Be in Harmony with the Universe and Natural Law; To Be in Harmony with All Our Relations; To Be of Service to the Whole; To Be Instruments of Love; To Incarnate Our Divine Potential...


"The only devils in the world are those running around in our own hearts - that is where the battle should be fought." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Overcome the evils with a thing called love" - Bob Marley



>From Barbara Hand Clow http://www.handclow2012.com/
(This is written for people north of the equator, yet if you live south of the equator, just reverse the meaning of summer and winter.)


The New Year is not January 1st! The new year--Spring Equinox--is approximately March 21st each year. Then the Sun enters zero degrees Aries by geocentric astrology when the Sun is directly at the equator, and then it tracks north. At the Summer Solstice around June 21st, the Sun enters zero degrees Cancer, when the Sun reaches the Tropic of Cancer, as far north as possible. Then it turns back to the Fall Equinox, around September 21st, when the Sun enters zero degrees Libra as the Sun shines above the equator. On December 21st, the Sun is far south of the equator over the Tropic of Capricorn, and then it begins a return to the equator for the next Spring Equinox.

Our Gregorian calendar abuses our sensibilities! The deepest and most reflective time of the year is confused by Christmas shopping and drinking. In fact, December 21st to March 21st, the last quarter of the year, is our completion time. The days near the Winter Solstice, when the Sun moves into zero degrees Capricorn, are the most mystical of the year. I meditate for hours on those days. Then while the Sun is in Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces until the Spring Equinox, it is time to deepen and reflect on all that we have learned during the last nine months-- the previous Spring Equinox to the Winter Solstice.

Going back to the beginning of any year, March 21st is the time to identify all the intentions we wish to fulfill during the four seasons.
Ideas correctly seeded at the Spring Equinox manifest for a year! (At the next Spring Equinox within the New Moon after the Equinox, I will offer instructions for correctly seeding ideas and manifesting them through the other seasons.) June 21st to September 21st is the time to birth these ideas into form, once we've nurtured them for three months.
Summer is a full and heady time. September 21st to December 21st is the time to flesh out, balance, and assess the creations of the year and to weed out things that didn't work. Then December 21st to the Spring Equinox is the time to go into deep contemplation to assess how our creations could assist others and the planetary processes. It is the time to be brutally honest and evaluate whether our ideas assist others or are actually detrimental. A sweet elixir of knowing comes the day of the Winter Solstice when the light begins to return. Commercial Christmas is inserted right then, just when people are amazingly psychic and attuned! We would suggest you cancel Santa Claus this year and spend three months reflecting on what you've created this year."



The question remains, what makes "January 1st" the dawn of a new year? What is this starting point based upon? What natural cycles does this new year relate to? Absolutely none! It is completely arbitrary. This is a VERY important point.

On the 13-Moon Calendar Jan 1st does not mark a new year, but rather closer to the midpoint of the year, for the new year observed is correlated to gregorian July 26. This new year corresponds to the Heliacal Rising of the star Sirius (the brightest star in the sky), thus ensuring that the 13-Moon year is based on a natural and galactic reference point.

Prior to the conquering of time - the globalization of western time-keeping systems, the ancient role calendars have served has been to connect human beings to the natural cycles which we live within.

If our present-day world standard Gregorian calendar does not connect us to nature's cycles, than what is it connecting us to?

As author Jay Griffiths writes: "Modernity's time is as divorced from nature as plastic plants pretend to a perennial summer they never knew."

As Dr. Jose Arguelles summarizes: "In all of modern thought and civilization there is one dominant, all-inclusive and ever-expanding
problem: humankind's alienation from nature."

In the book: Time Measurement and Calendar Construction, Broughton Richmond
writes: "If the Julian/Gregorian calendar was to be offered as a new device for measuring time, we, with our present knowledge and state of living, would reject is as something utterly impractical, lacking in harmony and order, unbalanced and irregular, too clumsy a calendar to make calculations by..."

In the book: The Call of Pacal Votan, Dr. Jose Arguelles writes: "Of all the unexamined assumptions and criteria upon which we base and gauge our daily lives as human beings on planet Earth, by far the greatest and most profoundly unquestioned is the instrument and institution known as the Gregorian calendar... '30 days hath September, April, June, and November; all the rest have 31, except for February alone, which has 28 days clear and 29 days in each leap year.'   So goes the folk rhyme underscoring the illogical nature of the Gregorian calendar. By contrast, a far easier and more logical way to divide the solar year would be by thirteen 28-day months with one extra free day.

"The point is this: there is no logical or scientific relation between the exact length of the year and the use of the Gregorian calendar to measure and divide that length. Nonetheless, the Gregorian calendar is held up as the most perfect instrument for dividing time, and is in use worldwide as the official standard.

"Although the lunation-based calendars of Islam, the Hindus, Jews and Chinese are still used for religious or ritual purposes, in daily economic and political affairs the Gregorian calendar prevails throughout the planet.  How and why did this happen?   What is the Gregorian calendar and where did it come from?   Why do we continue to use it?   Indeed what is the relationship between calendars and human behavior?"

I find it fascinating that although the entirety of the world's population is not Catholic, the Calendar of the Roman Vatican dominates the world marketplace, and scheduling of the daily affairs of our lives.
As Arguelles points out, "The historical context in which this calendar became the fixed standard is of the greatest significance.
European power, instigated by acquisitive material greed and the Church's need to gather all souls under its cross, had literally straddled the globe.   Henceforth, no one could receive the 'blessings' of Christianity without receiving the Gregorian calendar."

Jose Arguelles further states: "The entire system of this (Gregorian) calendar, inherited without question from the Caesars of the Roman empire, is actually nothing more than a form of self-perpetuation of a priestly hierarchy that includes in its support a host of bankers, industrialists, and scientists and the elaborate social system that is under their control - the technosphere of global civilization itself. Take away the calendar and the entire structure loses its foundation.

"In reviewing the quirks and twists of history that constitute the Gregorian calendar, we must ask:  Why do we continue to use such an instrument, and what are it effects?

Is a calendar something more than a tool for scheduling the payment of debts (calends), or is it an instrument of synchronization?"

We are used to the Gregorian calendar because this is the calendar we are taught in elementary school. We are programmed early on to know this framework and schedule of time that that the globalized world operates on. Essentially, we have been conditioned to accept the irregularity of 28, 29, 30, and 31-day months, when in reality this is not an logical standard of measure.

The 13-moon year actually serves the same chronological function as the Gregorian calendar, simply with a different New Year's day and different names of the months. For example, "January 2" simply means the 2nd day of the 1st month, counting from Jan 1 as New Years. To instead call the day "Rhythmic 21" simply means the 21st day of the 6th month, counting from July 26 as New Years.

By replacing our 12-month Gregorian reference points with the reference points of the even regularity of the 13-moon 28-day year, we invite the harmonic standard of Time to inform our life, our scheduling, and our connection to the passage of Earth's journey around the Sun.



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In Lak'ech - I Am Another Yourself!

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