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Uranus brings surprises like lightning bolts:
expect the unexpected from The Awakener.

by M. Kelley Hunter  2004

We're in the New Year!  2004 begins with the big wave of Uranus full
into Pisces for a 7-year phase.
Uranus is one of the three outer planets,
which reflect aspects of the collective consciousness. Any time one of
these planets changes sign, we enter a new energy field, giving rise to
new issues, trends, themes. Such outer planet changes bring many
transitions. Relationships are reevaluated. Those who have not signed
up for this phase, leave the planet.

Uranus brings surprises like lightning bolts: expect the unexpected from
The Awakener.  As an indicator of the Higher Mind, Uranus will open new
perspectives with a Pisces flavor. Like the two fishes, Pisces can catch
the wave and ride it, or get pulled out in the undertow.

I believe this new cycle will involve an increased sensitivity, tides of
feelings reminding us of the interconnectedness of all peoples and all life.
Not everyone will be comfortable with these waves of feeling, seeking to
numb themselves with various substances. On the other hand, such waves of
compassion can be spiritually uplifting, as we welcome god/dess light into
our hearts and share it with each other. This increased sensitivity may
necessitate more night and day dream time, more meditation and prayer
to let wash through all the impressions that are coming in from many
dimensions, to tune in and ride the wave.

Looking into the heavens, the two fish of Pisces flank two sides of the
Great Square of Pegasus, the Flying Horse. In the northern hemisphere,
this asterism is visible in the east after sunset for another month or so.
Alpheratz is a star marking one corner of the Great Square, the corner
nearest to Cassiopeia. Alpheratz is also the star of the head of Andromeda,
the Chained Princess. She was to be sacrificed to the sea monster. In the
sky, one of her arms seems to reach for one of the Pisces fish, the other
arm to Lacerta, the Lizard. At her waist, we can see, even with the naked
eye, the indistinct blur of the Andromeda Galaxy, the closest sister galaxy
to our own Milky Way.  It is time to unchain the Lady who gives birth to a

This first Full Moon of the New Year, features a potent T-square. The Sun
and Moon, across the chart from each other in Capricorn and Cancer. The
Sun is conjunct Chiron, the Shaman, indicating a new year revelation and
consciousness shift. Doesn't it feel like something's got to give? What
is going to bring our world back into some kind of harmony and wholeness?
The Full Moon in Cancer is conjunct Saturn, the form and shape of reality.
Saturn is retrograde now, as we take responsibility for past actions and
carefully consider the next steps.

Mars is in-between Sun-Chiron and Moon-Saturn. In its own sign of Aries
(finally! after 6 months in Pisces), Mars is raring to go, but cautioned
on both sides by consequences and the implications of past actions. Mars
is conjunct Pallas Athena, the goddess of wisdom who loves and guides
heroes. Athena helped Perseus cut off the head of Medusa, the snake-haired
witch who paralyzes us with our own fears as she looks right through you
and perceives

--with an objectivity like that of nature itself and our dreams, boring
into the soul to find the naked truth, to see reality beneath all its myriad
forms and the illusions and defenses it displays -- (Sylvia Perera, Descent
to the Goddess).

Perseus, our Mars spiritual warrior, conquered his fears and went on to save
Andromeda from the sea monster. It's that time again. Myths are replayed
over and over.

At this Full Moon, Mars and Pallas Athena join at 13 degrees Aries, the
zodiacal point that aligns with Alpheratz, the head of Andromeda. Let's
free her from those chains and let her fly on the winged horse of
imagination! Let us dream true dreams, beautiful dreams, dreams of love.

Speaking of galaxies, let us note that Mercury on this Full Moon is
channeling the mysterious and powerful galactic center
, sighted through
26 degrees Sagittarius on our zodiac dial. Keep your inner ears open!
On into 2004!

--Another world is not only possible, but she is on her way. On a quiet day,
if you listen carefully, you can hear her breathing. --  (Arundhati Roy)

Astrologer Kelley Hunter lives in St. John, US Virgin Islands, where she
leads star gazing nights. She teaches with Self Centre International at
Caneel Bay Resort and is astrologer-in-residence for the Omega Institute
winter programs in the Caribbean. Kelley recently earned her Ph.D. in an
interdisciplinary combination of philosophy, cosmology and myth. To be on
her e-mail list for monthly articles or for an astrology consultation,
write kellhunter@earthlink.net.  Explore her website at www.heliastar.com.


At the end of the Age all that has been hidden is revealed, all that's
been swept under the collective rug comes to awareness.
The good that
comes forth takes form as a being of light, a saving force called the
Solar Angel. The collective shadow takes the form of the "world dragon"
variously called Leviathan, Cetus, Ahriman or Sauron.

Metaphysical literature refers to this archetype as the Dweller on
the Threshold, a shadow form that appears to everyone on the spiritual
path just before Initiation into higher consciousness. The appearance
of the World Dweller at this time is a signal that we are on the
threshold of World Initiation.

There are means coded into myth whereby outlived patterns of belief
or behavior can be broken and their psychic energy be freed for
higher expression. It is also possible to destucture collective
thought/belief/behavior patterns that stand in the way of our
realizing a better world. When obstructing or destructive patterns
are broken, energy is freed to realize our dreams.

The reclamation of psychic energy bound in old forms is spoken of in
Revelation as the flesh of the monster Leviathan becoming as food.

This way was called dragon taming in the old esoteric school. There
is much to learn from the past that may help us understand and handle
the challenges of the present.

As the wheel of the ages turns in reverse zodiacal order, the Aquarian
Age is (now!) being entered through the third decan of Aquarius. This
part of the zodiac is identified with Cetus, the sea dragon that threatens
to devour Andromeda. Cetus is the collective shadow, Leviathan, Sauron,
international terrorism and the many forms of political and religious
repression all rolled into one.

The hero Perseus, guided by Athena, uses the head of Medusa to turn
the monster Cetus to stone. Perseus is 3rd decan Aries, 110 - 120 west
longitude in the zodiac projected on Earth. Los Angeles and Hollywood
are located here. Creative inspiration comes through this part of the
realm for meeting the challenges of the time.

The electric bolts of Uranus may be used to clear patterns of thought,
belief or behavior that disturb our world. Simply think of such a pattern
that is disturbing to you personally. Next imagine this pattern separate
from the person or people involved - it's not who they really are. Then
take several deep breaths while building up your irritation/anger about
this matter. On a final outbreath send emotion as a bolt of psychic
lightning and see the pattern break. Bless the energy that is released
and direct it toward a better purpose. This is a method of psychic
transformation, i.e. breaking an undesirable form and redirecting the
psychic energy that was bound in it to a better form. Please note that
this technique will always work to good if the pattern rather than person
is targeted. Where transformation is needed spirit will power this process
and it will be successful. But if a personal or collective pattern is soul
intended and being targeting inappropriately this technique will not work.
So please feel free to practice.


When major transformations are needed a group of people may be required
to focus the spotlight of consciousness, cast the ring in the fire or
to turn the monster to stone. There are 9 in the Fellowship of the Ring.
(And there are nine ice thrones in circle in the great round hall of St.
Paul's Ice Palace being built for Winter Carnival this year.)

I believe the best times astrologically for turning to stone are during
the eclipses of Algol: the red star in the head of Medusa held by Perseus.
Algol is an eclipsing binary. The periodic eclipsing of the brighter by
the dimmer star was called "the winking of the demon's eye" by medieval

An eclipse is an opportunity for elimination and transformation. Algol
eclipses (also called Algol minima) are optimum times for bringing an
undesirable pattern of belief or behavior (personal or collective) to
consciousness> turning it to stone, highlighting it for elimination. See
the following weblink for exact midpoint times of 2 hour Algol eclipses.

Steve Nelson
Mythic Astrologer   Cycles Researcher   Celebrationist

Astrology in the Jungian tradition
for understanding personal myths
and actualizing natural abilities.

Email: SteveNelson@carolina.rr.com
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