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Reunification of the Twin Flame Energies

Sixth Annual Worldwide Conference of Light Workers

Kuthumi's Final Branson Message...
Excerpt Addressing Iceland and Phoenix

...Our observations reveal that, because of the successful completion of the mission in Missouri last year, the Celestial Light Workers have a slight advantage in the battles yet to come. This advantage has also been earned over the last ten years, through the efforts of a few who disciplined themselves (at all costs), to assure that twelve pillars of Light would be stabilized around the planet at this time. Many of these souls have forsaken many personal pleasures to hold these positions in tact, even at the expense of sacrificing their own happiness and welfare. Branson’s activation took their efforts and stabilized their work for the years to come as well, by initiating the Christ Consciousness Grid with the Flower of Life and the electrons from Zeus. Because of the souls who completed this assignment, we now have a group of souls prepared to receive the next level of energetic infusions, which will then radiate out to 3300 individuals worldwide. Mass consciousness will soon be able to be penetrated, due to the work of the few dedicated Knights and Warriors who so faithfully responded to both calls of duty and service.

These steps now serve to prepare the way for the re-unification of the Twin Flame and Twin Ray energies on the planet, through the balancing of yin/yang energies within. This next step will also require an activation. To complete this task, a meeting is requested to occur in September where the Phoenix will rise from its ashes of ruin, decay, and separation and re-create itself in the mind’s eye of the Adam Kadmon. The oversoul of the attendees will be guided to hold the perfected vision and dream in tact for three days, to create that what has not been able to come forth on this planet for over 10,000 years. It will be an awesome display of reunion and love that will be broadcast into the heavens for all to witness. It will be a time of rejuvenation also, for souls that have been wounded will begin to heal. Hearts will be equalized and minds will begin to be synchronized on the same wavelengths. In short, it will be the beginning that many have been waiting to experience on their paths to the Divine.

The areas of the United States that must host this gathering is Phoenix and Sedona. This must be so because of the Solar Sun that shines in this part of the world. It is time now to work with the currents of energy from the sun, for the sun rules creation. There is no other event more important at this time than the creation of unity on Earth; thus the only place that this event could occur is in Phoenix. This is so, so the mythical beast can, indeed, rise out of its own ashes and soar to the Celestial Heavens and Sun and complete the sacred process that it has not successfully completed since Atlantis.

But before this can occur, a preliminary meeting must be convened that will guide the subconscious minds of the Branson participants to an even higher state. Psychic powers and abilities must be continually nurtured and developed within this select group of individuals, so manifestation will be realized on a grander scale. It is time to conduct another session that will teach the souls how to affect change in the environments around and not accrue karma in the process. This is the next, logical step to becoming a god and goddess on the path of antiquity, do you not think? The area of the world where this should be completed is Iceland. The timing should be in May, at the end of the month, and before the next moon of creation. This northern land will facilitate the process by supporting the psychic powers lying dormant in each person’s soul. This land also carries the currents of energy that will enable each member to accelerate his or her power within a three day period of time. Participating assures that the Adam Kadmon garments will be carefully fitted to the soul and the individual will be adorned with the Oracles’ gifts of old.

In July of this year, a new moon will be realized that will raise the masses’ consciousness of the subconscious planes of existence. This will be possible because of the heightened state of consciousness that will be realized by this group of mighty warriors who will journey to Iceland to receive the codes prior to July. Seven will become one at this gathering, and twelve will become three. Then, in July, these geometric codes will be infused within the hearts and souls of people worldwide, causing the world’s mental state to be calmed slightly. A new “temperature” will register around the world in a select group of individuals, and it is this new frequency that will connect to the grid in Arizona, preparing the Universal Mind for the next step of the process.


Both of these events will occur before the September gathering, preparing the way for the perfection and balance of the yin/yang energies on Earth. The Iceland group will be working with human patterns of existence worldwide by then, understanding the processes needed to effect change on a larger scale. This group will know, intuitively, how significant their contributions are by then, and will be both humbled and silent by the time they pass through the invisible veil, allowing them passage into the Elemental Kingdom.

Received By Dr. Norma Milanovich
April 2004

Greetings in the Light of the Most Radiant One.  Once again, I welcome an opportunity to address an audience of my distinguished Colleagues in the Light.  It is I, Kuthumi, sending this transmission through you, Oh Daughter, on this glorious day of new beginnings.  Thank you for inviting my participation at this time.
I come to this session with a gift in hand for each soul who has the ability to hear that what it is that I am about to impart.

The gift I bring to each is the gift of a healed heart, laced with the Light Cones of the Divine.  This gift contains the energy necessary to unify the flame within that, once healed, will automatically magnify the love that is naturally stored within the soul.  It is a priceless gift, and one that is treasured by the highest in the heavenly Celestial Realms.  The effects of this treasure have not been experienced on Earth for over 10,000 years, and I am pleased to announce today that I have been designated to
bestow this gift on select messengers of the Divine, once again.

This very action constitutes a celebration on the higher dimensions of time/space, for it marks a momentous time for the planet.  Soon, planetary configurations will appear in the skies that will support the beginning of the end of separation and the beginning of the time when duality can be appreciated and not feared.  The times to which I refer are times in the spring and again in the late summer months, when the Heavens will already have officially ushered in the "Outbreath of the Creator."  In this breath of creation will come the reunified spirit of oneness.  Twin Flame energies will begin to be stirred and the Rays of Antiquity will begin to become one, once again.

To prepare for these events, the Celestial Realms presently prepares the Temple of Illumination, where many souls will soon be invited to come and receive instruction on how to integrate the divine image connected to the reunification of the Twin Flame energies on the planet.  Preparations for this sacred moment have been underway for
years.  Numerous activations, conducted worldwide in the past, have been successful and have actually been instrumental in anchoring in the Light Codes of union.  Because these events were successful, the way was paved for the next steps to be taken that will now guarantee that a larger segment of humanity receives the next codes related to this ongoing activation.

A portal is scheduled to open in early September, 2004, in the land of the sun and the risen Phoenix.  Souls of the Order Of Melchizedek are respectfully invited to journey to this portal in the cities of Phoenix and Sedona to receive the next phase of the Light Cone program necessary to reunify the Twin Flame energy on the planet.
This will be an auspicious time, for it will detail the moment when the soul's DNA receives the geometric pyramidal codes that allow for interpenetration of all Light Waves that support congruence within. Cosmic energies will support this activity and the collective group mind will align with the highest vibrational frequencies necessary
to allow for this higher work to be completed.  For all who have lived on Earth, continuing to hold the feelings of separation on the inner planes, I reveal to you on this day, that the end of that journey is about to be experienced.  Soon, the loneliness, held within, will begin to dissipate, making way for the perfected relationships to flow.  The flames (that are nearly extinguished in some cases) will be rekindled and the healing will be felt on all planes of existence.  Do you not see why we begin the celebration at this time?

One word of caution, however, must be delivered at this time.  As with all cosmic, celestial work (completed in the higher dimensions) results take time to filter down into the third-dimensional plane. Thus, know that, for many, expected results may not be felt immediately.  What has taken over 10,000 years to create, most likely will not reverse itself in a matter of minutes or days, following the gathering.  What is promised, however, is that the souls in attendance will leave the activation points resonating on a frequency (not yet experienced in this lifetime), and this higher state of consciousness will eventually serve to bring together the two points of duality held within each soul's consciousness.  This is truth, and this is also what is needed to facilitate the greater challenge of reunifying the flame of creation within.

Metatron prepares to deliver (in September) a Light program through the Throne of God, that will serve to anchor the Cones of Creation into the Christ Consciousness Grid.  The human brain of the collective unconscious is presently being prepared to receive this program, at a time when the cosmic veil will part, allowing the
universal blueprint to flow with grace and ease into the lower dimensions of the Earth plane existence.  Contained within this blueprint is the perfected geometric form that can only be deposited into the human brain.  It is only this part of the human anatomy that registers the divine image that is necessary to experience before the perfected reunion can occur.

To prepare for this experience, Light Workers, worldwide, are asked to join together and take the responsibility for controlling their emotional and mental bodies, prior to this event.  These two bodies need further purification (in general) among all souls who walk the spiritual path.  Only when one's heart is pure and calm can the soul
reach the higher vibration of detachment, aligned with compassion. Thus, when one reaches these states, the mind becomes illumined with Light.  This state of luminescence must be reached to heal the rift within the heart, that so many still hold within that resulted from the time when the flame was divided into two.

Much has occurred over the last 10,000 years that has caused the memory of the rift (held within) to accumulate pain connected to loneliness and separation.  In addition, throughout that time, many forces have worked to try and assure that this feeling of separation would remain in tact, even through this present moment in time/space.  The campaign has been so great, in fact, that many individuals take this inner feeling of separation for granted, as they live each day of their lives.  Little do they realize that this inner reading of "truth" was never meant to be and that all will now begin to shift, freeing souls to begin the healing process.

The time for this opportunity to take root is September of the year of our Lord, 2004.  A portal will open over Arizona that will allow higher geometric codes to penetrate the consciousness of all who are ready to receive these codes.  Hearts must be pure and minds must be initiated into the higher truths, to maximize the results of this
activation.  At the time of the gathering, instruction will be delivered by Pallas Athena and me, on the steps necessary to anchor these symbolic messengers into the RNA and DNA of the Adam Kadmon bodies that are presently being prepared for the masses.  Shifts of consciousness are destined to occur in three phases over the four- day period.  Youthfulness will dominate among those who attend, and time will be reversed instantly for a brief moment in time/space. Ye shall find that the beginning and the end are indeed one, and that the beginning will be just as sweet as the ending.

The Celestial Hierarchy eagerly waits for this moment to arrive.  We have not experienced this potential for reunification since the days of Atlantis.  Optimism abounds within Melchizedek's breast, and the Angelic Realms quietly wait to bring the new message to the world that the day of reunion is now upon the land.

Hold a golden Light and a pyramid of perfection within the Third Eyes until this day comes forth upon the planet, Dear Ones, and we shall celebrate together.  Prepare the way and take our words to heart, for the health of the heart is indeed at stake.  Let us walk forward with joined hands to heal the energy that has kept the world
in separation, but before this can be accomplished, know that each first must be healed within.

Adonai in the Light of the Most Holy One.  Through my beloved messenger do I bid you farewell at this time.

I AM Kuthumi.

(c) 2004, Athena Leadership Center and Dr. Norma Milanovich


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