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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
1 Etznab, 11 Chen, 12 Manik

Greetings! We come again, dear Hearts, with more things to discuss with you. As we previously stated, a process is currently underway which will drastically change your reality. A divine schedule is in force which provides us with certain time constraints and permits us to arrange our personnel and our fleet components in a most efficient manner.  At present, we are preparing our fleet for the next stage of our first contact mission.  The fleet stationed near Mother Earth is now being reinforced as we briefly mentioned in our last update.  We are confident that our Earth allies are presently completing a number of important procedures.  During the same week, we are convening a series of meetings of key personnel at our subterranean Mars headquarters to review the latest updates from our Earth allies.  Your last, dark cabal is also meeting in a number of secret governmental locations throughout North America in order to devise a new counterstrategy for what they know is now inevitable and imminent-their final defeat.

      One of their attempts to thwart their inevitable fate is the public announcement of their intention to send manned flights to the Moon and to Mars. This is only the cover story for a renewed attempt to produce more advanced, armed craft and to deploy a new series of weapons on the ground and in space despite their firm understanding of our opposition to this concept.  This is another aspect of their rising panic which is conveyed outwardly by an ever-increasing arrogance and which also demonstrates their disrespect for the past agreements that they signed with us.  This is why we have increased our surveillance of their secret, global, research facilities and intend to neutralize any new prototypes designed by these research centers.  We have also informed our Earth allies that their schedule for completing their many projects needs to be accelerated.  We have once again offered them any technological assistance that they require to complete these projects and have stressed the fact that their crucial financial and banking reforms are subject to a divine deadline.

      Despite the forces arrayed against them, our Earth allies are approaching a specific completion date quite effectively. We wish them to be aware of the amount of help that we can provide to assure a successful completion of their many plans.  On other fronts, we are pleased to report that a number of tests, designed to assess the readiness of your global financial system for profound change, has been most successful. All is ready for the introduction of sweeping banking and currency reforms that will greatly affect how monetary wealth is presently distributed upon your world. It will also result in a widespread, but graduated, deflation which will reflect a more accurate and rational assessment of goods and services across the globe. This operation will counter the incredible inflation which occurred in the decades following WW II. This inflation and a number of unwise, fiscal policies adopted by most of Europe's former colonies created a situation whereby global wealth was concentrated into the hands of a 'favored few'. This threatened to prevent any advancement to the cause of freedom and sovereignty.

      A new, dark, global order was prevented by certain events which also led to the termination of the rule of the Annunaki Overlords in the mid-1990s. The global political and economic conflict that followed this shake-up in the power structure of your world continues to this day. The fall-out from this financial war permitted us to discover those individuals and formal groups who were to become our Earth allies. Together we forged a number of agreements in 1998 which were later also accepted, in secret, by their more organized opposition. These alliances were instrumental in helping us to learn more about how your world 'works' and about how our dealings with your major governments might become more constructive. Our purpose in these negotiations is to help to set up a positive environment within which first contact can successfully occur. We dearly wish the actual first contact to be carried out as smoothly as divinely possible and for your freedom and sovereignty to be firmly re-established according to the agreements of 1998. This will prepare the ground for your return to full consciousness and to you re-assuming your role of Physical Angels.

      The most important element for change upon your world at present is the transformation of the global financial system that now has a solid, legal foundation.  This will not only equitably redistribute wealth but also ensure the restructuring and a more moral regulation of major multi-national corporations. Other important issues to be addressed include the serious problems of worldwide pollution and the building of a viable and cooperative family of nations. The agreements to date ensure that this massive, global transformation can swiftly come about. Many tests carried out in secret proved that change at a governmental level can be global in scope. Our prime objective remains to change your political and financial systems peacefully and allow this new, more equitable reality to manifest. The key to this is the prosperity programs as well as a profound re-ordering of many major corporations. These changes are designed to produce a stable and fair business climate and a state of perpetual prosperity for every person on the planet.

      This rise of prosperity and a chance for every individual to manifest their divinely ordained life purpose is at the crux of our program.  As the constraints of material survival are lifted from you, you can begin to take the time to perceive the truth of what is happening around you. Free and sovereign governance requires citizens who have the time as well as the information at their disposal to enable them to understand clearly the governmental operations carried out in their name. A climate of secrecy and an environment supportive of private interests mitigates against free governance whose purpose is 'rule for and by the people'.   It is a climate such as the present one you are now under that has led to your many current difficulties.  It is the mission of our Earth allies to seek ways to prevent this situation from ever re-occurring upon your world.   Heaven and we in the Galactic Federation of Light are deeply committed to ensuring this never happens to you again.

      First contact is only one of the final steps in this last stage of your evolution as a people.  Right now, wondrous and deeply transformative changes need to occur in order to begin shifting your world in a new direction. With a formal proclamation of a benevolent first contact, most of your fears, subliminally instilled in you by this last cabal over the past half century, will finally be able to evaporate. Hence, we have thrown our energy firmly behind our Earth allies. Ever bear in mind that Heaven guides our actions and stands behind these vast global changes. The phony 'war on terrorism' can cease and the truth behind these events can finally be made known. In its place, a new, peace-oriented hegemony can flourish and first contact can then swiftly lead to your acceptance as a member of the Galactic Federation, ending nearly 13 millennia of isolation.

      This approaching transformation of your present reality was forecast by the divine plan.  Heaven's insistence upon a full, formal first contact brought us in great numbers to your beautiful shores.  Now the time comes to complete these assignments.  This divine moment is one we have deeply longed for.  Look upon what is now occurring behind the scenes as the precursor to many more public and truly auspicious events. These imminent announcements can be rather shocking to the uninformed among you. During these times, we ask that you make good use of your knowledge and wisdom. Set up support groups in your respective communities to inform and reassure those in need. We also ask those of you in the prosperity programs to use these funds to help your communities. Remember in your hearts why this material and spiritual abundance was given to you and that it is in the sharing of it that we will indeed be victorious.

      Today, we discussed many of the events happening on your world. In addition, we briefly explained our role in these proceedings. We ask, dear Ones, that you remain centered and fully focused on your inevitable victory. We know that soon we shall walk freely among you. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Prosperity and infinite Supply of Heaven is indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed with Love and Joy!)

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
7 Batz, 4 Chen, 12 Manik       1/6/04

Greetings, dear Hearts! We arrive with more things to tell you. Presently, we are approaching the moment when a number of important events are secretly set to happen. Once achieved, they will finally make possible the manifestation of several situations too long delayed. The funding of any fiduciary program with the scope of the one about to be manifested often takes much longer than originally envisioned. Moreover, the political and governmental solutions required in this current state of international chaos can, and have, taken much longer than first agreed upon. However, significant movement is now being made in many troubled areas of your globe. These developments lead us to believe that the denouement we have long requested is about to manifest before us at last. To us, this means that our preliminary plans for first contact can begin to move forward. Thus, in the last 24 hours, we have instructed our liaison teams and diplomatic corps to launch the next phase of their operations. It will include final preparations for implementing the highest degree of our multi-level, global security net.

      Now, in accordance with our plans, we will need to move certain divisions of our fleet closer to you. This means also that, at the appropriate time, we will shut down all adverse military communications and immediately hand over these responsibilities to our Earth allies. We are determined to assure our allies' immediate success by making certain that all essential personnel now controlled by Earth's last cabal are quickly captured. These quick incursions into the cabal's camp will allow our Earth allies to attain their initial objectives silently and swiftly. Once achieved, the next stages of their programs will begin. With the cabal's leaders under arrest, some major and indisputably positive world changes can be formally announced. These disclosures will also make possible the public proclamation of our existence by the new provisional governments. Moreover, they will enable us to introduce our planned 'pre-first contact' broadcasts. Initially, these series of transmissions will clarify our role in these events and prepare Mother Earth's peoples for first contact.

      These developments reflect our deepest desires and are based on what is about to occur. We ask you to join us in energizing this anticipated situation. Make use of your tremendous talents, dear Ones. Ensure that these events, which now are moving ahead, do indeed manifest. Our Earth allies have had to transcend a great many obstacles put in their way by this last cabal. Although this process has taken longer than any of us had wished, it has reached the point, now, where it can manifest and achieve all of its wondrous goals. Here, our agreed-upon position is to assist them spiritually and, where divinely possible, physically. This stance has been painful to all of us. To know that we are moving toward victory is quite overwhelming for us all. Both the Galactic Federation of Light and its First Contact Team are fully supportive of what is unfolding. Our goal is to rapidly conclude these events, which will result in first contact and extraordinary changes in your world. Always remember that Mother Earth already has prevented a number of geological episodes that could have devastated your world.

     Mother Earth desperately needs to cleanse herself of all the damage done her by the human race. For almost three centuries, you have indiscriminately mined her riches and laid waste to her surface and near-surface resources. In the last century and a half, you have polluted her rivers, lakes and oceans in ever-increasing degrees. Water, rock and soil are her living 'skin': the sores and poisoning that you have caused have brought her great distress. Still, Mother Earth's patience and her Love for you have resulted only in sporadic outbursts. Even these relatively small, localized, geologic events pale in comparison to what is ultimately possible. These disasters have been postponed for a long time. We say this not as a warning, but only as a true measure of what is possible. By the time these things do occur, you already will have been evacuated to a safe haven in Inner Earth. Our role in these forthcoming developments will be to monitor Mother Earth and assist her in postponing many of these cataclysmic events until you are safe.

      First contact comes because it is divinely necessary. You have reached a point in your limited consciousness evolution where you require a divine push in the proper direction. Heaven is carrying this out in a series of distinct steps. We have discussed this subject with you, dear Hearts, ad nauseam. But we do not want to drum this into you right now. Rather, we wish you to look at what is occurring on your world, geologically and politically. If you do so, you will see that, without a divine intervention, civilization as you know it could perish within the next few decades. Moreover, the lingering power of your last, dark cabal means that the possibility exists that evil will bring a halt to your ever-growing consciousness. These possibilities are unacceptable to Heaven and, in particular, to the divine plan. Your fate is neither to fail politically, nor to perish in a series of massive geologic catastrophes. Instead, your destiny will be to joyously surmount these potential disasters with divine help.

      This assistance is not arriving in the form of a 'rescue mission'. Instead, it is a joint effort.  You will have your role to perform, based upon your available resources and capabilities. Some of you occupy vital positions of power, wealth and celebrity, which you are using to transform your reality. (This group is the major source for the coalition that we have named our Earth allies.) Others are using their spiritual, communicative and organizational abilities to support the successful endeavors of the first-mentioned group. In all cases, your 'good works' have sustained this noble cause. Our goal is to add our talents to your own. Together, we are a truly powerful force under the ever-watchful and divine supervision of Heaven. In this, never forget that together, we shall be Victorious!

      Our interaction with Heaven and you is creating a vital opportunity for you to drastically alter your reality.  This transmutation of your reality's basic core perceptions is the final phase of your present experiences. Change does more than just happen. It is the result of a complex process. This process makes what is unfolding in your world very special. It is not merely a continuation of what has been occurring for many millennia. It is part of an enormous revolution. Initially, this transformation was needed to seduce your long-time rulers into a state of panic, and, from there, to action. That action led you into the present condition where the darkness, once again, is feeling 'in control'. Beneath this veneer, however, they remain in a constant state of panic. In its heart, this cabal knows that even its last-ditch efforts may still fail.

      As these many elements coalesce, our combined efforts will create a most wondrous mosaic over a pattern laid out by Heaven and the divine plan. In the very near future, we will be able to complete this mosaic. Once done, it will form the grid for your new reality. In this approaching Golden Age, you will return to your original condition of physical Angels. In this true state, you will use your infinite natural abilities to reveal the final vestiges of this current Creation. Physical Creation is a boundless montage that we all assemble and that is guided by the divine plan of the Creator. In this blissful state, you will receive divine wisdom and, with it, transform the wealth of realities that encompass physicality. Now, you are on the brink of that destiny. We are all present in this divine moment to fulfill those gifts that the Creator so graciously has given us.

      Today, we have discussed the events of the day and shown them in a new light. Truly, your reality is preparing to change for the better. Even the dark ones on your world realize how difficult it really is, even to attempt to alter this destiny. Therefore remain inexpressibly calm, wholeheartedly committed and unwaveringly focused on your inevitable victory! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the perpetual Prosperity and infinite Supply of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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