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Johannesburg : 11 April 2004


I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet
thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of freedom, release,
relief and passion. Greetings, beloved ones. We welcome you, brothers and
sisters of light. This evening we have present with us the gracious St
Germaine to aid you with the releasing and healing of fear.


Welcome, magical souls of love. Your soul embodies all that is love.
However, the journey to Earth presents one with numerous challenges that
embody fear. Fear can be healthy when it protects one from seriously hurting
oneself.  However, it seriously hurts one when it becomes the controlling
force in one's life.

Your fear has reached the point where it has consumed a large amount of your
vital force, leaving you feeling completely depleted at times. This taxes
you emotionally, mentally, physically and, of course, spiritually.  Fear
acts as a pause button and can bring your life to a complete halt if you
allow it to.  This is sadly the case with a number of people.  It is now a
good time to assess where in your life the pause button has been switched on
and where your life has come to a halt.  In other words - in what area of
your life have you stopped growing?

As long as fear is a ruling force in your life, you will have difficulty
moving forward and manifesting your divine abundant rights.  Hopelessness
and disillusionment feed fear in many lives, but there is a way to move
beyond this paralysing effect by using the blue, violet and silver flames of
Light to dissolve it.

Visualize before you a blue flame .  Begin to walk toward this flame; know
that it is safe to walk into the flame for it will not harm you .  When you
are ready, step into the blue flame  . feel your body surrounded by the blue
flame .  As you stand within the blue flame, begin to allow all your fears
to rise to your heart chakra and be released into the blue flame  .  If you
are finding it difficult to release the fear, imagine a door opening up
within your heart, and allow all your fears to be released through this

Fear is simply an illusion created by a fearful thought.  It is not real.
Remember that the power you give to your negative thoughts and fears
determines how much they are able to rule your life, for thoughts are
energy.  You all have the ability to create with your minds. So when you
focus your mental energy on fearful and negative thoughts, you will create
this in your physical reality.  What kind of reality do you have?  What kind
of reality do you want?

Become more conscious of the thoughts flowing through your mind.  Notice
what happens when you are holding a negative or fearful thought and
immediately replace this thought with a happy, positive thought.  As you
become aware of the patterns of your thinking, so you will be able to
control your thinking patterns, as opposed to your thinking controlling you.

The mass consciousness holds much fear at this time.  But as you begin to
release these patterns of fear within your heart, you reclaim your
individuality, and you are then free to walk your talk, to speak your truth
from your heart, disconnecting from the mass fear.  It is important that you
remember that where there is love there is no fear.  Hand over your fear,
brothers and sisters of light, for the fear is not part of your path.  It is
not of the light; allow your fear to be released and healed.

Allow your heart to surrender the fear to the blue flame .  See all your
fears being dissolved .  Now as your fears are being dissolved, allow the
empty space to be filled with Universal Light.  Breathe in the White Light
of the Universe.  Feel it fill your body . feel it fill your cells until
your nerve endings are tingling and alive with the energy of the Universal
Light.  Feel the love, joy, the lightness of laughter, happiness and joy
within your heart explode and merge with your energy field .  Feel the joy
of a peaceful heart . a heart that carries no fear, only faith . love .
peace . abundance . health . truth and light .

Your dreams, brothers and sisters, become your realities.  So create
positive, happy, and prosperous futures for yourselves, for today's thoughts
are tomorrow's reality.  Create your life from your heart, from the truth
that lives within your heart; enjoy creating an abundant and joyful future
for yourselves and the loved ones around you.  As you create from the truth
within your heart, so you will encourage those around you to create from the
truth within their hearts.  Darkness cannot survive in the Light.

Live in joy, happiness, in love, and truth.  When you wake each morning, be
aware of your first thought, and make it a happy thought, for this thought
will set the theme for your day. Make it a day of fun, creating your life in
love, happiness and laughter.  Remember, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet
to come, but today is now.  So make the most of it, so that tomorrow is
filled with more light and love.  Make all your tomorrows happy by living
effectively and positively in today - for it is the present.

Now allow yourself to be sealed in the Universal Light. Allow the Universal
Light to move through all of your energy centres, beginning at the crown,
moving down to your base centre . connecting with mother earth so as to keep
your energy grounded.  Know that the blue flame is always available to you
to burn away the fears that hinder your heart.  Always allow the light to
fill the space that has been left by the cleansing.

Now imagine a violet and silver flame igniting within you .  In your mind,
set an intention by saying "May these flames dissolve all and any negativity
within me . that are hampering my movement forward on my life path. .  May
all negativity be replaced within me . with the Divinity of my Soul and its
Now imagine the violet and silver flame manifesting around you and say "May
the violet and silver flame protect me from and dissolve . all negativity
projected toward me  . consciously or unconsciously . by any and all
beings . incarnate and discarnate.  . May my truth be my motivating force."

Do this last section as often as you like and at least twice per day - when
you start your day and when you go to bed.

May the Love of God and His Light be the driving force that spurs you ahead
and inspires you to embrace your true, authentic self.  Blessing be with
you.  Farewell.

Beloved Leaders of Light, know that you are all very much loved.  Know that
you are always protected and guided.  Trust in the invisible arms that hold
you, and remember - we are only a thought away.  We bless you in the love
and light of the divine.  Peace be with you all.  I am Kuthumi - Lord of
Light, Love and Wisdom, and I greet and bless you in Love.  Adonai.

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