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Created, Channeled, published and copyrighted by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

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Quan Yin Speaks WESAK 2004



Close your eyes and go to that Pillar of Light in the center of your heart in the central lotus of the blossom. Imagine the Buddhic energy, the Christ, and Quan Yin the beautiful goddess of compassion and mercy standing in front of you. Each one sends into your heart a beautiful beam of pink effervescent light. Visualize three beams of light coming from these three Holy Beings into you. Quan Yin representing compassion, the Christ representing light and love, and Buddha wisdom.

Once a year the Buddha energies come down to earth. Once a year, that is all. Visualize these energies moving into your heart like a trinity of light – pure undiluted love, the holiest of holy love filling your heart as it has never filled it before, not with something of earth, but with something of heaven.

Now visualize a beam of light coming from the Buddha’s third eye, the Christ’s third eye, and Quan Yin’s third eye. As these energies enter through your right eye, your left eye, and the third eye in the center of your head forming a triangle, like a three-pronged plug. These energies work into your eyes so that you will be able to see the miracles that you so desire. So That you will be able to see the light and the light beings that will assist you, so that you will be able to remember your destiny and remember who your are and why you are here on earth

Just breathe these energies in as they move into the center of your brain into the base of your brain, once again like a three-prong plug. Move this into the pineal, the pituitary, and the hypothalamus glands. They use to be one big gland and then they separated like the Tower of Babel. Now this energy is bringing you into fullness inside your brain. Let go of the right and the left side and just allow yourself to be one brain of light, one mind of light, and one heart of light. Now imagine a big zipper down the center of your humanness unzip your humanness and let your light body out. Let your light body come forth.

Your human body is your seamless garment of light and seamless garment of flesh. But on this day, it is time to discard it for a minute and just let our lights become one beautiful light all together, each one of you representing a different color, a different vibration, a different geometry, a different flavor of God. Each one being equally holy in all that you do and all that you represent. You represent universes and star and planets. Don’t ever forget that.


Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Welcome Beloved's. I am but a mirror reflection of all the love that goes un-hosted within your hearts, within your future, and within your healing. I am Goddess of COMING INTO PASSION. I am Goddess of mercifulness, for I await each and every one of you to come forth into the Allness that you are destined to be.

Each of you have grown to a point of being such beautiful light that you see not that you birth new universes, new worlds, and new levels of love that have never been available to earth before. Levels of love that cannot be defined by human words or human instructions or human limitations. Levels of love that go beyond time and space, structure and definition. For as Wesak dawned and the sun and the moon become one, there was a holy channel of light that opened up onto you and for you. Giving to earth the encodings that have been missing from the sacred equation of all you yearn to be.

The X factor and the Y factor have been withheld from the sacred configuration of you. Withheld intentionally and purposely awaiting the time that those of earth were ready to anchor the truth of their being, the truth of their existence, and the truth of their beginning. Waiting until the time that the planetary octaves announced in a galactic call that the curtain shall be drawn. Behind that curtain is not a wizard, but a godling wearing clothing of humanness, clothing of divinity, and clothing of celestial nature.

Do not be afraid of where your heart drives you and beckons you to go. Do not be afraid of the love that you seek and all that your soul desires. For you are the vehicles of light that were birthed to do grandiose things. These episodes of self that you have gone through since the beginning of the year of 2004 have tried to limit you, have tried to keep you less than. They have tried to make you a hermit and keep you far away from what you heart sings as a melody. But no longer shall that crooked road be walked by you. For now you see the beacon that beckons you. That beacon says, 'you are the answer that you seek'. 'You are the light that you have asked for'. 'And within you is the love of the entire universe for itself'. Once you were a seedling and before that, just a thought. But now your shoots stream up from all that has hardened around you in your world and in your self. Like a small beautiful flower that searches for life in hardened lava, that is what you do. You move forward through things that seem impossible in order to bloom into the fullness of your destiny.

The fears are being eliminated. The fears are being taken away even though your world screams at you sadness, war, and death. It is now up to you through every vibration of yourself to create the future you want to exist in, you want to live in. You are doing this by announcing light and life, death and negativity through every word that you speak. You are creating this world that you seek in your dreams, in your heart, and in your fears equally day by day, inch by inch, thought and deed and word. No longer can you make waning excuses. For the Lords of Karma with the help of the Buddha and wiped you karmic slate clean as of this Wesak. No longer can you blame a sibling, a parent, and an injustice, sadness, on anything outside of you. For you are in fullness of Creator force and that energy now asks you to ride it into a changing climate that will exhibit your decrees externally.

That is why each of you lives in a different world even though you live in the same world. Each of you has a different vibratory and tonal speech pattern. You have a way that you announce to yourself and to those around you what you re-creating and you announce it word by word, deed by deed, and thought by thought every minute of every day. You are in your Creator mode 24/7 awake, asleep, in whatever form in thought and deed. You are participating in this Creation and no longer can you deny it. The I AM within you decrees it is so and you know with every word that you speak and every action that you take, another brick of foundation is laid in one universe or the other. Your futures are as varied as your hair colors, your body sizes, and your personalities.

When finally as individuals walk into the creation of your heart, then you will participate in the creation of harmony upon the world. But until you consciously make choices from heart, make choices from love, and make choices from compassion and passion, you will be continually re-sculpting and redecorating your own personal universe.

All of the light depends upon you. You have done this same song and dance in universe after universe, time dimensions after time dimensions, star after star – that is what you do, that is why you have incarnated upon earth, and that is why you are the very best for the job that needs to be done. All of you have chosen amnesia, some days more then others. Many of you are saddened by the energies and intentions and words that others spray upon you in your daily experience. Their emotions are your barometer. Please listen dear ones for it is time for you to take the temperature of God, not the temperature of every person that walks through your world. Do not be governed by outside influ-ences. It is time to look to the celestial weatherman and know that the day is as you decree. When another quotes sadnesses in their world, then ask them to stop participating in that Creational vortex, that Creational force. Ask them what they benefit from in that creation? How does that creation serve them? How does that creation heal them? Or how does that creation limit them?

This is the time that you have awaited. 2012 grows closer day by day, tick by tock. You thought it would be much louder by now. You thought the darkness would be eliminated. You thought – but did you believe. It is time for you to stop wearing your ruby shoes and your slippers and clicking your heels. It is time for you to stop believing and start knowing.

Embrace the words, 'I know of what I speak. I use to believe it and now I just know it'. Until you wear the anchor of knowing around you, you will not land in your hearts desires. Open your heart to these remembrances and you will find who you have always been. I am Quan Yin. I leave you with love.


Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

All that Was longs to be seen again as it moves forward into nuances of light revealing to itself what was once hidden deep in the abyss of the past. It is time to open up to a place of seeing that you have not entered into. It is time to awaken in all the glory and all the levels of your experience, of your heart, and of your light.

Each of you that are within the sound of these words has an aspect that lives within the dimensional flux of Shamballa. We are the Council of Shamballa seven in number. We come on this day to show you reflections of the truth of who you are at a deeper level then you are comfortable remembering.

In this place of Shamballa there is no part time energy. You live, work, enjoy, make love, and think in this place of vibrational glory. You walk through your day, some with grandness, others with smallness of purpose, but always knowing as you dwell in the vibration, in the light of Shamballa every inch of every action that you superimpose upon this heavenly holy place is an instruct for another level of life another dimension of time. No actions go un-rewarded, no actions go unnoticed, and no actions are without vibrational ripples of cause and effect.

Doorways of holiness is where you enter and dwell. Doorways of the past and the future is where you sit and ponder looking at all the earth endures, looking at the pathways of light that those of empowerment and enlightenment walk in singularity and in duality. Comforted you are as you enter this place of purpose, as you dwell in this house of light afraid not of every thought that you have and every need and desire. For in this place of Shamballa, you know that every thing is purposeful, that all entitlements of energy low or high, up or down, good or bad are needed to create a balanced blend of holiness.

As you sit deeply in your humanness, you ponder 'of what use am I? I do not see myself making a difference in the world. I do not see the world shifting or changing because I prayed this morning, because I sent healing light, because I loved instead of hated'. But in the House of the Light of Shamballa, you know that everything is connected to the past to the future and to the now. You reroute energies by thought and action. You introduce the future to the past, and past to the future as you sit and ponder the experiences of a world that seems to grow more confused on a daily basis.

In the past, Shamballa rose to her duty of allowing herself to be seen at the time of Wesak and to the holy ones of earth. Once a year she became visible to earth as the Buddha allowed entrance onto the earth field. As the time shortens between 2004 and 2012, the vibration of Shamballa will be there for each and every human being no matter what their religious belief, or holy interest is.

Shamballa is a place that you already reside in physically. Some refer to it as the past, others refer to it as a place in the future, and others refer to it as just a single vibration away from the earthly domain. It matters not the descriptions or directions on how to enter this place of great light. But what matters is that in the upcoming time of separation within self that you seek it.

Whenever you sit at a point of confusion in your humanly day ask at that moment of energy to be taken to Shamballa. With just a thought you will enter and align with the part of you that already exists there. At that point of energy, ask to see your choices in a future escapade, in a future equation. You will be shown where your intentful choices will lead you, how they will lead you, and why they will lead you. At this point of intersection in dialogue with Creation, you will then decide, shall I follow the lead of my human thought and make my way forward into such dilemmas or consequences or blessings, or shall I step back and re-route my intention. By asking for assistance from the dimensional being of you that lives within the place of Shamballa, your life will shift into a grandness and lightness of experience.

You will find that the confusion is tossed out and no longer rides in the sidecar of your creation and configuration. Ask dear ones; ask the Council of Shamballa to assist you in these human choices, these human dilemmas, and these human conditions. For in this place, everyone of the community of Light watches the choices of humans, watches the choices of love, and observes the choices of hate. You are being given a tool that is transformative transformational and priceless.

Your humanness grows weaker and more tired of the games that are played. It reaches out to the dimensional selves for assistance. That is why the body is so tired. Earth wears and tears on the senses, the five senses that are accelerated and the 6th sense that is intuitive and innate. The human body wants to sleep to escape, wants to sleep to visit the other dimensions, to visit the past and visit the future. For life on earth grows thicker, not thinner.

When you allow your human interest to move into a thought, an awareness of Shamballa then it will grow peaceful. For it knows in that place of concave and convex that all is seen magnified as well as microscopic. There is nothing that is too small that cannot be tested in this arena. You will assist your daily events to grow softer in ripple effect and softer in experience. The humanness seeks an outlet, it seeks to escape, and it seeks to move away from what strangles it. But earth is as a merry-go-round and even though you move from point A to point B, really point B is A in disguise. There is nothing you can get away from that does not follow you on one vibrational level or another. By releasing what causes you indigestion in your self, then you are able to see at a point and from a point of no pain.

You were not sent to earth to sit and sink in the quicksand of others’ creations. You have the ability to move out of it and shift your world, but do you have the heart to allow your world to be one of love and joy and peace when the rest of the globe is in a place of turmoil and sadness? Many human beings feel the need to suffer. They do not allow themselves to feel the good and the love and the joy of their lives until everyone in their family has first received that gift. They want to wait until every one in their soul family, everyone on their block and city and country and world is at a place of peace before they can sit down to enjoy that meal. You cannot afford the luxury of that timetable of waiting for the tides of darkness rises and they are timed in octaves that can be dangerous. Take time to sit with your dimensional self and view the past and the future in order to see the now clearly. From this point of informed seeing, make your choices.

Many energies interfere as you walk this twisting path of light. They stick out a foot here, a snare there, trying to trip you up creating a spiritual fall. You must stay abreast of these dilemmas. Always move yourself into a dimensional seam and then make your earthly choices. You are not able to see the mountain that you seek from the view of the plateau that you sit upon. We are the Council of Shamballa and we welcome you home. Always our streets are paved with your heart. Always our doors are open for it has been decreed as of this Wesak festival. No longer shall Shamballa be reserved for only those with ascended awareness, but for all.


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