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DECEMBER 2004 Christmas Edition    ISSUE # 71 
  6 years on-line publication
Created, Channeled, published and copyrighted by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

*** 2005 Predictions 
*** The Journey And The Magic Begins And Ends With You
MERLIN on 11:11 2004


COUNCIL OF SEVEN through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
As seen in SEDONA JOURNAL PREDICTIONS Magazine for 2005

In 2005 the holy vibration of seven rings throughout all cells on earth and beyond heralding a conjoining and adjoining of what has appeared severed and disconnected. The number seven incarnates in form and deed as we enter the Initiation of the Seven Holy levels of Self as birthed in the year 2005 (#7). Seven shows us how to create thought by thought. It moves us inward as the internal index and the outcome of each Creational Thought is felt within the cell wall. What makes a thought vibrate at the Creational level? Science is on the brink of an ancient discovery that will explain this.

Mankind is a holy vessel, a holding arena for that which has incarnated from the stars. He has awaited this time and place to finally reveal himself as a Being deserving of all that has been promised. Defying the inherent programmed limitations and confusions of the flesh. Standing up to the Creational beginning and declaring himself free from that which wants to own him or correct home or belittle him.

2005 (#7) is about trusting the cycles of time and the universe in a way that surpasses all earthly notions of what can and cannot be. It is about the untapped wellspring of divine potential birthed in a way that mankind can use it and understand it. Knowing this wellspring is there and drinking from it is two different things. In 2005 you will drink from what has been hidden in plain site. Knowing you are deserving of all that you have denied your-self up until this time. The universe has always see you as a deserving vessel without judgment.

This year leads you home to heart without losing yourself in emotion. Seven veils are lifted exposing what cannot be seen nor felt. The 7th sense of light is activated reviving an inner vision beyond time, space and pre-designed future. Many come to terms with their soul agreements and DNA contracts of old refining and redefining their contract into completeness. The turning point of evolution speeds up to meet itself at a designated rendezvous point.

2005 holds spiritual undercurrents that can be miss-interpreted by the untrained. When one predicts, one must do so with a clear certainty, otherwise the prediction will fall short of its watermark. Haphazard prophecy is as 2% milk. Inherent within it are the main ingredients but it is diluted of strength and purpose. Movement through the heavens in 2005 is seen with a magnified eye. Nothing is hidden no matter how hard it tries to dodge being seen. July 7, 2005 brings to the world the healing equation and sound of 7-7-7. A stellar alignment assists in this task that begins to be felt as of Thanksgiving 2004. A great healing echoes in the halls of records and the halls of our heart. Truth is set free to be itself without any censoring from earth or her inhabitants. Announcements to self on all levels of emotional terrain comes as a tidal surge. No regrets on its part, only cleansing of the nodal differences within the planetary thinking.

Time passes quickly and slowly as two hearts in the night. Shadows are seen in the light of day and light is seen in the shadows. Why do we hold to the thickness of humanness when within us lives a vast light that knows its way home. Many chose to go home without our hearts permission emptying us of past requests and regrets. We mourn the potential of life and of others as they chose to be what will serve their evolutionary history. We are precluded not included in their choices. Inter-personal healing makes us feel more than we ever thought possible.

Life and worthiness cannot be measured by what shifts come in the night. Hold tight to what you understand to be your life and heart path and do not stop living because another chooses to evolve differently than you. Sadness comes as a deterrent not as a catalyst. For who and what do you actually mourn? Is it your past, your future, what once was, what once could have been? In 2005 you will define your emotions before they drown you. For most thoughts have only just landed in this life and not begun here. Sorting through and through we lessen what has been heavy and hard upon the softness of our humanness.


  • Ancient text hidden below the surface make their way slowly to the surface. Defacing truths that have been etched in stone. Seeing is not always believing as many will experience.
  • Parts of the brain that have been dormant awaken from a long evolutionary sleep, side stepping the natural order of medical protocol.   Those that have slumbered to long in sadness, grieve or depression are now give a declaration proclamation of permission to heal.   All abstract reasons for such prior events are wiped from the cellular records.
  • Time that was once lost is found and used not so wisely.  As it is found it changes the future. We are healed as the glitch is revealed.   Undertakings that once were discarded come to life.
  • The magic of movement seen once as the norm is subjugated to earth's gravitational flux. Up is down, down is up and the north visits the south. All is moving not in accordance with what was once deemed as scientific.
  • Tones and sounds of unknown origin herald an internal call.   Healing tissues that are torn, giving ligaments a leg up, as documentation cumulates around every corner.
  • Ancient Facts are no longer fiction and are documented in sacred text explaining away the mystery of what once came before this time.
  • Tensions found in the body can be collectively released through ionized liquid.   As lightening births negative ions upon earth to heal and cleanse so it is in all areas.   Electrically charged beverages will be all the rage as science turns a long over due page in natural healing.
  • One by one the tin soldiers fall as a sequence of dominos.   These are not men but ideas of old.   The railings come out of the White House fence as once what was water and gated.   All lies hold self-evident truths.
  • Planets appear as if by magic existing in places that have always been seen.   Firmness of science holds them in place.  Counting chickens is hard to do....is one missing or do we have too many?   The heavens dance and move about, causing men of knowledge to scratch their heads in confusion not buying this so-called illusion.
  • Water changes in the Americas and abroad.   Listening to the beat of a distance drummer changes the composition of the liquid's song.   Water is being challenged to become more as all that live upon earth seek to remember their liquid not solid beginnings.
  • Creational DNA finds itself in unexpected places. Opening doorways for proof that is so needed. Unexpected outcomes will be common place.
  • Waters of the world touch the soul and body stirring up a different conversation and conversion of energy. Liquid instructions of old renew their vows to show us how. Dormant encodings awaken from a dark night sending a new sequence of light into all that seek to remember.
  • Animals expose who and what they really are, as evidence is found upon earth and in the stardust.  Evidence of the old is found clearly in the new, exposing a missing puzzle piece that many did not know was gone. Explanations and exclamations can be heard worldwide.
  • Time lines stream into rivers as what was once clogged releases itself correcting all unbalancing interfering energy from those in the know.
  • Descendants of Christ move their way home to a place of comfort, coming eye to eye, heart to heart with each other brings peace.  The star lineage shines on earth as all is seen in illuminated script.  Bloodlines redefine themselves as crucial information is finally released.
  • Computerized models of what was and what will be erases earth's history.  Finally decoding what has been missing in the equation of time.  The past and the future cross artifacts.
  • Stones of old that hold the truth are unearthed from places that many were once denied.  Giving back what was once biblically taken.
  • War is entered into and exited in a short span.  Fullness of warring is not needed to fulfill the prophecy or karmic contracts.
  • Medically earth becomes astute as ancient information is used in the medical field that brings results and releases the pressure building on the brain.
  • Sugar is redefined and redesigned into a chemical composition that can become beneficial to bone and cartilage.
  • New planets are found and formed at a birds eye view.  Revealing that man still stands at a Creational threshold.  All who view the heavens see different octaves of truth causing strife amongst themselves.
  • Health concerns grow to an all time high as mass diagnosis is a dime a dozen and does not hold as truth for each person.  Miracles are birthed from many that do not acknowledge what is said to be their medical problem.   Power of thought overcomes the medical professions proclaimed outcomes.
  • Something glows in the night sky not man, nor beast, nor military.  Glowing lights is seen indoors as well as out.  The glow comes from where man is not yet is still able to see but exists along side of.
  • Earth's history lodged in the intestines seeks to be exposed to the light of day. Light and oxygen therapy is used to release intestinal blockages that are causing havoc in the human body.
  • Dormant DNA is found to hold the key that unlocks healing at a cellular basis. The key is only handled by a few who try on the newly found equations for size and immortality.
  • Sounds from space are heard in a context that can be understood and defined.  Thus explaining what is unexplained.

Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Doorways of new thought open upon you and about you as you stand in the mist amidst change. Doorways show themselves as a present that you have so sought to receive. Doorways that open and close dimensionally allowing you to see through them from time beginning and time never ending.

Imagine yourself as a leaf upon a tree. Everyone on earth is a part of that grand tree of light. Each leaf is individualized holding a different density. Even though everything was created from the same blueprint, it all looks and grows differently. Each new breeze touches each leaf differently and yet they are all on the same Tree of Light. That is life that is your life. You can visualize your self-being a light on that tree or visualize yourself as being the tree and each thought is a leaf upon that tree. Some thoughts stay and grow sturdy as branches, other thoughts fall seasonally, other thoughts bloom with just a little love.

Your life this season will explain and exclaim itself to all levels of you, as you unwrap the gift of the hidden you. For too long you have allowed others to determine your value, to set your worth. For too long now you have allowed others to re-evaluate who you are and what you are here to accomplish. You have been designed by your deeds, and you have been re-defined by the way others receive said deeds. As you come to a point of explosion in a plane of expansion, it is time to let go of the rope that you have been holding onto. The frayed rope that you think you are, the life that you think you have and allow yourself to free-fall into a place that is pre-determined by your choices. The explanations that you have defined yourself as all of these years now choose to leave you and go upon their merry way.

The doorways of expansion, past all previous limitations, are there if you allow yourself to see them. Do not be afraid of the future. Do not be afraid of your beauty, of your sexuality, of your dreams, and of your thoughts. Do not be afraid of your world or the darkness in your world. Do not define yourself by your global news.

For the next 21 days you will go on an excursion into the birth canal of light. Every day you will birth yourself anew. Giving to the internal child of light a new definition, a new index and a new table of contents. The birth canal comes for you. It is like a great Santa sliding down a chimney. It is symbolic of birthing the gift of a New Hope through the soot and the narrowness of life.

The magic of you awaits you. Do not be designed by who you were 5 minutes ago, but allow yourself to be RE-designed in a new logistical way past perimeters, past expectations, past the very past that haunts you. You are a voyager in this life. You are a cell in the body of God. And just like a blood cell in your body, you move all through all the bodies of the Universe. The journey begins and ends with you. The magic begins and ends with you. No matter how much you read and how much you do, how much you pray ultimately it falls upon who and how you see yourself. Do you see yourself as the beautiful magical creature that you are? Do you see yourself as someone who is stretched beyond time and space? Or do you see yourself as a mere mundane mortal? If this is all that there is to your life, how are you spending it? Are you spending it being angry or negative or sad? Or are you spending these golden grains of light loving every minute of you?

You enter a new chapter of your life, one that does not have a name or a title If today were your last day on earth, how would you describe who you have been up until now? What would others say in your eulogy and obituary? How would those that viewed you see you? Would they remember you in all of your glorious being? What would they remember about you? This new chapter of you that asks to be re-written in the next year is written specifically by you and for you.

Re-define yourself and give that new definition to the dictionary of your cell membranes and cell intelligence. By re-defining this new chapter of light that you are writing, you change the outcome of the world. If you could write a new chapter in your life what would it be? Would it be a magical princess of light who can heal everyone she sees with just the light of love and a good thought? One that knows the secrets of the flowers, the messages of the stars and one that can talk to all of life equally?

If you could re-define yourself, how would you want your world to see you? How would you want the people to remember you? If you were to have a vision that contained every person that you have ever crossed paths with, what percentage of that vision would be beautiful, what percentage would be dark, what percentage would be sad, what have you given that you have not received? The universe opens its arms to you and takes you upon its lap. Granting all of your wishes as a kindly rich old uncle. This year is about becoming you.

You speak about the Star Children and the Indigo Children, but you are of the same genetics and light. Many of you have worked to remember some have just done it naturally. You have all worked to become more light, to become more heart, to become more giving and loving. You have worked to love the darkness that resides deep within the light. It is this very work that tires your humanness.

As the Winter Solstice wraps itself around you on December 21, realize that if you believe it is so then it shall be decreed so. Hold the flame of hope for those that do not have the eyes to see. Hold the light in the darkened room as you energetically escort them through their life choices and karmic debris. Help polish the Hope diamond that glitters in their heart.

You want people to see the good about you, the beauty about you, the God about you, the Goddess about you. And so it shall be. Ask just ask that this Christmas magic be granted.. Ask that every person that you meet, mirror your beauty, mirror your good, mirror your heart, and mirror your love. Ask that every person feel the spirit of love in you. Ask for these gifts of the Magi (magic) that you still do not feel worthy of receiving and they shall be given to the Christ child that is being birthed within you.

Know you are precious and you have worked hard to become this beautiful light that you naturally are. This time of peace is yours if you so desire it. The universe cannot force you to become love, to become peace, to become beauty. It can only allow it to be birthed from the inside out. Open to receive this...You have asked... You have prayed...You have begged. You have meditated for peace, for love, for beauty, for abundance and here it stands. What shall you do with all of your granted prayers and your granted wishes? What shall you do when everything is fulfilled? Are you tired of asking for it yet? It has accrued in a blink of an eye. It is now time for you to sup upon and break bread with all of it that you have prayed for. We leave you with this thought.

MERLIN on 11:11 2004

Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

All that is magic I have been, you have been, light has been, but you see it not as you wear the blinders of the heart and of the soul. Not seeing all that came before you and all that has come after you. The doorways of magic reside within every thought, every action, and every interaction with light, with elements, with people, with life.

I am Merlin and I come forth to bring you insight into the escapades and the echelons of light that you were birthed from and for. In the times of old that I walked the earth, I wore many costumes and shifting disguises. There were times that I humbled my appearance and other times that I appeared vast as a mythical god. As you begin to wear the multi-dimensional suit you will find that there are days that you vast beyond your knowing, so vast you may feel as Gulliver and the little people. There will be other days that you feel as a substrates molecule or sub-atomic breadcrumb. You prance about as molecules on their way to a Creational ball. Like the Sound of All Music, the sound of your intentions, words, and actions hold frequencies and encodings within them. It is the actions within thoughts that move and instruct life.

As the end of the year comes the hologram shifts and changes. The shortened darken days of old self make themselves seen and known to you. The last dance of the old year is between your personal light and your personal darkness. You will be asked to stand there in evening wear and see the storms that you have created, the good that you have done and love every droplet of your electrical manifestation. You cannot dance or run from what is shadow within you for that shadow will continue to make itself known within your holographic projection with or without your permission. It is best to be-friend what is an enemy to the state of you. Many see the dark side of the coin as something to be afraid of, something to push away and not embrace.

The shadow comes in flavors of gray. Are you willing to digest it? Have you not noticed that your digestive system is abrupt and ever changing from hour to hour? What vibration upsets you? What vibration is healing? Bless what is frozen within your heart. Bless what needs warmed to be fulfilling. Bless what you ingest on all levels for the body grows very sensitive to all the vibrations that are a-foot.

It is important to stand still and be in the quiet without the interruption of daily internal or external dialog. The stillness will bring you the peace that you seek even just for a nano-second or two. It is time to embrace the energy that you have placed and dis-placed throughout time and space. The family re-union gathers within you. You sit upon a Creational geyser with every thought. Answer only to that of the highest vibration and to the most high of that which is holy and good. Do not place humans upon pedestals whether you do it because they are good and grand and enlightened, or you do it because they tell you what to do. Answer to no one of earth and let it be known that you are your own person no matter what outfit you wear or the effects and the affects of earthly learning's.

There was a time that I knew that I was magic. I felt it in every bone, but nothing would obey me. The fires would not come, the wood would not be gathered, the sands would not listen, and the birds would drop upon me and chirp with glee. Everything turned its face from me because I did not believe all the way. I knew in the deep recesses of my heart and soul that I was the magic. My humanness that housed that knowing did not believe and thus, nothing obeyed me. It is only by believing 100% can you bring the magic into your life.

You can change what is a burden into a blessing. You can change what is painful into something that gives joy to another. You and you alone instruct the pains, the angers, the sadness all of your life. It is a choice; it is a decision that only you can make. Ultimately you have the choice of how you act. You are not a puppet on a string like Pinocchio. Your strings were cut eons ago. It is time that you understand for everything shortens: the day, the night, and what you think you are here to do.

The energies that you have held as sacred are now becoming sanctimonious. You hold up certain belief systems that no longer belong in this hologram. These belief systems become magnetic and keep you away from what it is you truly yearn to do. These are promises you made yourself, and promises you made to others that no longer can reside in the castle keep. The turrets of your experience appear limited but it is not. Nothing comes to rescue you. No one comes to do your doing and your bidding. Nothing comes to help you with the escape clause except you.

The magic of you is but a seedling right now. It is a seedling that will grow with determination of the soul. You look for others to give to you hope and a pat on the back in encouragement but nay that comes not. That is why I spent so alone time. I too expected others to give to me. I wanted them to fulfill my every whim. I thought it was their duty to give to me for I was magical, I was destined for great things. But I found many disappointments in humans. They would often lick their own wounds and let me bleed to death.

The energies of what you seek to be given are what you must give to yourself. That is the portal of illumination that you enter. The molecular and the bio-luminary essence that you hold as light are grand beyond measure. If you were to see yourself, you would be in awe. It is time for you to walk into the fullness of the magic of you and all that desire to be growing in your life. I am Merlin. As I leave, I sprinkle the dust of fairies; wishes come true, and magic upon your head, your life and your experience. I will give you a glimmer into how it feels to be magic in the flesh.


Lately the VIBRATION OF MERLIN has been assisting me in some purchases of high-energy stones. He has a cunning sense of humor and enjoys watching his students follow the clues he leaves so endlessly. The essence of Merlyn (as in female/goddess aspect of Merlin) has also been escorting me into some deep truths about Mary Magdalene and her encodings that live within the DNA structure of Time. All of life is awaiting our instructions but we have forgotten how to talk softly. We demand of our world and the people around us, which of course lessens our evolutionary ascension pattern.

These magical stones will assist you in changing the heavy metals of your life into gold. Transmuting patterns of holding that have kept you less than in your creations. As children we sought the magic of life looking for it under every stone and fallen leaf. We believed and life reflected that magical belief. Life was good and the princess was always rescued. These wondrous jewels help us to swim away from denial and into our suburbia Shangri-La. The remind us of the magic of creation and not the hardship. Can you really imagine your world? For the world and body you sit within right now was once imagined and spoken into existence by you... cell by cell, molecule by molecule.

The MERLYN CRYSTALS are Aligned with the FEMININE ASPECT OF CREATION. They are alchemical of nature and Rutile in appearance escorting one into hidden depths and pathways within and without their daily journeys of learning. These stones have an evolutionary pattern of 22 that assists in an upward pattern of healing through time. They hold within them golden arrows of opportunity like shooting stars pointed in the direction of your deepest hearts desire. Use these stones as a touchstone to bring you back to a point of believing. Allow them to release your atomic encodings, freeing them from the shackles of karma. Ride their magical properties like a Pegasus in flight.


The vibration of Rutile energizes, rejuvenates, and balances the entire lightbody system. It increases the spin of cellular vibrations, amplifies clairvoyance, and strengthens all thought projections. Rutile is said to make one more forgiving toward both oneself and others, it gives a general sense of tranquility and calm order to what appears to be upheaval. It is also said to stimulate one's problem solving capabilities by providing a more in-depth understanding of the details involved.

The info about the Merlyn crystals is channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan go to website to see more info www.theQuantumAwakening.com

Learn To Create Something From Nothing But Possibility

Intuition involves an awareness of time and movement. It enables us to sense a movement in the future. Turning intuitions into physical form will be the alchemy of 2005. Learning to move forward intuitively with a knowing without doubt or fear of our choices is what we will learn in this New Year. Camping out in new wormholes of thought will serve us up a variety of new possibilities waves in this 7-7-7 year. Possibility waves free the mind from the present allowing the mind to be set free from time and its rules of order.  In this unique workshop we will surf the possibility waves of your life moving them from sub-atomic thought into physical form.

January 15, 2004 (Saturday)     Held in Orlando Florida 1:00-6:00 $50 407-568-6799


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