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Violet flame work with St. Germaine; Third Eye instruction; Focus and Intent
for this lifetime; Money Magnet song modification.

Some suggested affirmations for Light Workers to clear money issues so that
Service is no longer distracted or limited:

"I am financially secure and easily afford whatever I choose."
"I choose financial freedom now."
With Joy! 
DK Channeled by Terri Newlon      5/13/04

Djwhal Khul, here.  Tashi delek.

I'd like to begin with a Violet Flame, a beautiful pale violet energy
flowing through the entire body as though you're standing on the Violet
Flame.  Now it has a very cool energy to it; it's not a warm flame; it's a
cooling, clearing, balancing kind of energy.  If you'd prefer, you could use
that beautiful, sort of pale violet pink color of the lotus and imagine
yourself standing in the center of a very large lotus, more like in the "Om
mani padme hum
" chant, where you are the jewel in the lotus and the lotus is
wrapping around  you, encompassing your entire auric field.  That will keep
the energy field very well organized.  It will clear out any debris, any
emotional conflict, that sort of thing, using the Violet Flame.  I'd also
like to bring in St. Germaine, keeper of the Violet Flame, and ask that St.
Germaine continue to assist you (if that feels good to you) in keeping your
energy field as clear as possible during these worldly times that we're
aware of and seeing a surge of violence based on unyielding belief systems.
So you want to keep yourself clear, energized, able to see what is true and
what is not.

Let's work with the 3rd Eye, please, in the middle of the forehead.  There
are three points to the 3rd Eye.  There's the one right between the brows
that focuses on past.  There's one in the exact center of the forehead where
there's a little niche there, almost like the Celtic cross, in the skull and
that one is for present.  And then there's another one in the center of the
forehead up at the hairline, and if you just very gently, using the pad of
your fingertip, you'll feel a niche, a little cradle in the skull, and that
part of the 3rd Eye is used for future.  So if you want to, say, visualize
what would Earth living be like in the year 3033, you would use the top part
of the 3rd Eye, or what would your own life be like after a transformation
process, that sort of thing, you'd use the future 3rd Eye.  If you want to
go back to past experiences, remember something from a year ago, or maybe
even call upon a past life where you did healing work, that sort of thing,
use the lower part of the 3rd Eye.

Right now we're working with practicing mastery, a very practical form of
every-day living as a master.  That's what I've been teaching.  And now I'm
teaching how to make that permanent, rather than a moment here and a moment
there where you handle yourself masterfully.  The key to that, and the key
to many of the things that you're probably working on: living a good life
and being helpful and maybe stopping the aging process, and learning
advanced telepathy, or perhaps you're learning about multi-dimensional
reality and collapsing time and space, playing with those mystic teachings:
the middle part of the 3rd Eye is where you really want to focus your
attention.  Then, in terms of your attention in life, you want to keep it in
the present moment.  In the present moment there's no time/space, there's no
aging, your mind doesn't wander back somewhere or forward somewhere; it does
not project upon other people, like "You made me angry when," or "That
person is very enlightened, I'd like to be just like them," that sort of
thing.  Those are all projections of the mind and they're coming from the
future or the past, never from the present.  So, practicing being in the
present moment, you can just very gently awaken that middle part of the 3rd
Eye several times a day, feel that niche there.  You can put some sacred ash
on it; you can put sacred oils on it, or essential oils; you could glue or
stick a little piece of amethyst on there, or use an amethyst gem essence,
or any flower essence that you want to put there.  That brings you into the
present moment, takes your mind out of past or future and brings you into
present moment.  Think, think, so you could do visible things or do
invisible things to other people, to really work with that part of the 3rd

Now I've also been working with the emotional body and using the emotional
energy, the positive emotional energy, to magnetize to you that which will
further your service path.  The Wesak full moon was May 4th and there was
quite a strong service energy, quite a strong service call.  Some are being
called to move to a new location in order to really serve their path.  Some
are being called to change some relationship, the relationship with the
inner self, of course, but sometimes also the external sabotaging
relationships, to modify them or get rid of them, so that you are no longer
putting yourself into the mode of being distracted from who you really are
and why you incarnated to serve the planet, serve humanity.  Whatever your
purpose is here, this year, this Wesak fiscal year, May, 2004 through April
20005, this is the time to make all the changes necessary so you are not

Now in the emotions, they are going to be --- this is what I'm working with:
focus and intent.  If you'd like to get a private session to work with your
focus and intent you are welcome to do so.  What I'm going to present here
might also give it to you.  Your focus is the reason you took a body in this
lifetime, because you wanted to focus something on the planet.  The three
main focuses --- and rather than using the mind to figure it out, we used
the physical cellular level of the body, because the cells of the body, your
physical presence, is the only part of your consciousness that cannot tell a
lie, or cannot offer deception away from the truth.  So we ask the cells,
the three main areas: clarity, or truth, is the 3rd Eye.  So you can ask
your body, "Did I come here to focus clarity?"  And see if you get a
sensation, a physical sensation in the 3rd Eye.  The next one is love, some
would say, Oneness, seeing everything as One.  Love would show up in the
Heart Chakra, so you ask the body, "Is my focus this lifetime love?"
Oftentimes you'll get some sensation here, whether it's your focus or not.
Then we go to the third one, which is the Solar Plexus, and that one would
be joy, or happiness.  So again you ask your body, "Did I incarnate this
lifetime to focus joy on the planet?" and if there's any kind of sensation,
butterflies, bubbling up, then your true focus is really joy, even if you're
not in touch with your joy right now.

Reflect back to how you were as a small child before patterns and things
were programmed in.  Were you always wide-eyed open, observing, seeing
everything that was going on?  That might be a clarity focus in the 3rd Eye.
Were you just an absolute love-bug, couldn't get enough hugs, couldn't give
enough love?  Then you might be a Heart Chakra focus.  If you were just
happy as can be, even if alone, very, very happy, content to play,
self-entertained, giggling a lot, skipping a lot, doing a lot of physical
activity, probably joy.  Then the next phase, once you've established your
focus for this lifetime, then you make a conscious intent: my focus is joy
and I intend to teach joy, or I intent to share joy, always doing something
that's expanding.  It's a focus that gets expanded.  If it's clarity, you
might intend to write books about the truth, or you might intend to give
lectures about the truth, or you might intend to teach mystical truth.  And
if it's love, you might intend to deliver it through healing work, one on
one.  It could be that you intend to impart that to your own children, your
own family members.

So your focus is either clarity, love or joy and your intent is in some way
to spread that energy.  I would encourage you to be very specific,
especially this year, thinking more in terms of, "O.K., I'm going to write
the book," or "I'm going to launch a series of classes," or I'm going to go
full time into my healing work."  No distractions this year.  This is the
year to eliminate distractions.  Use the Violet Flame as much as you can.

Now in surveying the new group of world servers and particularly with what
we call the DK Group --- I work with many people all around the planet, of
course, and then I have some channels and some transcribers and those that
take mental dictation and many other ways in which I work.  I sometimes work
with architects in designing buildings that are feng shui-ed, and so forth.
I'm present in many ways.  This particular channel I'm using at this moment
as a voice channel is in that group energy that is attracted to self
improvement and spiritual growth and health information, those who work on
themselves diligently in a more practical manner.  It's called the DK Group.
One of the things I've been working on with the group is manufacturing that
emotion, preferably joy.  There's certainly a major lack of joy on the
planet at the moment.  You can get into a happy feeling, but most of the
blockage in that group comes from money, a cash flow problem.  So to correct
that so that you move on with your service path I'm going to give a little
money song.  The words have changed a little bit.  Pay attention to about
choices and being who I love, of course.  So I'll sing one version and you
can change the words around.

I'm a money magnet, happy as can be.

I'm a money magnet, attracting wealth to me.

It comes from this choice and that choice

And being who I love, of course.

I'm money magnet, it's reality.

Play with those words, and particularly the choices.  Pay attention to the
choices you make several times a day, even if it's letting your mind wander
to worrying about paying some bills, or worrying about future stocks, or
whatever it is.  You're putting your attention and your emotion into lack
consciousness.  I want you to immediately pull that back and then sing a
money magnet song, or do something, make a choice that creates more cash
flow.  And be very, very comfortable with words like "money" and "cash" and
"investments" and "retirement funds" and so forth, because there are so many
more servers that would be out there really doing some awesome --- and I do
mean awe-inspiring --- work if they weren't consumed with money problems.
Sometimes it's health and "If only I had the money to fix it," or whatever.
So let's clear that, please, as a group pattern.

All right, everyone.  Thank you, and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

(Transcribed by Mary Smith)
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DK Channeled by Terri Newlon   revterri@lifetimeaddress.com

DK Hotline Transcript 3/24/04
Manifesting Peace - Personal and Planetary

Djwhal Khul, here. Tashi delek, a very warm Tibetan greeting.  Tashi delek
is a common Tibetan greeting somewhat like namaste in that it is the divine,
perfect, happy being greeting in you the same, the divine, happy, perfect,
being.  It's spelled t-a-s-h-i.  The second word is d-e-le-k.  The "k" is
softly there at the end; it sounds more like "delay".  So, for those of you
who wonder what I'm saying when I greet you, that's what I'm saying.

Today I would like to focus on world peace.  Now, this is, of course,
somewhat of an on-going drama on this planet where it's war after war after
war.  We want to work here on a variety of things.  I want to focus on the
3rd Eye, first of all, as a means of going into an inner peace and an inner
calm.  So take two or three nice relaxed breaths and let the 3rd Eye soften,
let it relax and soften.  Now, if you're driving a vehicle or something,
this is probably not the best exercise and you might want to call back in
some other time.  And certainly call in frequently because what I'm doing is
setting up a vibration for inner peace and world peace and giving you some
tools to work with it so you can continue to spread that energy, that
particular vibration of world peace, out with you --- which I think is very
important.  So take a moment again, softening the 3rd Eye, expanding it so
it's like a beacon  going out in front of you.  Then let's invoke a nice
soft pink color into the energy field.  Breathe it in and allow it to make
your body feel good.  So we're invoking from a cellular level this feeling
of a nice, peaceful, calm, loving, conscious, energy.

And now we will work with the three dynamics: I choose, I feel, I am.  You
can use this for anything that you want.  So, I choose peace, I feel peace,
I am peace.  You can substitute love, or joy, or anything that you want to,
health, wealth, any word you want. And keep playing with those three
energies, because they will move you in a Divine Trinity into the energy
that you are desiring.

So today we're focusing on peace "I choose peace."  Say it a few times,
powerfully, not with anger, but with an inner presence and power, "I choose
peace.  Yes, matter of fact, I do.  I choose peace; I believe in peace; I
choose peace. That is what I want.  That is what I'm here for in this
lifetime.  I choose peace."  As they say, you're either a lover or a
fighter, so which is it going to be?  Are you a lover or a fighter?  People
who love love energy are peacemakers, creators, and they anchor peace and
create more peace.  People who are fighters like drama, they stir the pot.
They stay looped in painful feelings, or they engage others in painful
feelings, or they create more drama.  Even gossiping is a fighter modality
because it's geared toward hurting someone.  So you're either a lover or a
fighter, but if you've been a fighter, you can choose being a lover, you can
be a peace anchor instead.  Then it's a matter, once you've made the choice,
of simply retraining the behavior.  The constant question to ask yourself
is, "How can I make my life better?  How can I make those around me feel
better?  How can I make the world a better place?  What can I do?"  And I
will say, very simply, the single most important thing anyone can "do" is be
peaceful, be happy.  Show others that there's a choice to be happy or not be
happy.  No matter what is going on in your life, you can choose peace and
happiness, no matter what.  It will be a wonderful exercise, a wonderful
undertaking and something that functions as a way-shower for other people:
that this is possible, we're not stuck in a violent world.  It is possible
to turn it around if enough us will take the time to choose peace, feel
peace and be peace.

So, again, "I choose peace."  Feel it sort of clunk into place in your
being, like, "Oh, yes, I remember, this is my true essence.  I'm a peaceful
creator --- that's who I really am.  Underneath all the experiences I've
ever had and all the things that flavored my life, I'm a peaceful creator.
That is who I am.  I'm a love-based being here to help create world peace."

Now move to "I feel peace."  Really stretch out the word "feel" because
saying that word, even though it's an English word and a lot of English
words don't carry the real vibration.  The more ancient dialects generally
have the more accurate vibration to their meaning.  But the words "feel" and
"peace" and "love" and "joy" translate very well, with a good vibration in
English.  You can certainly replace them with any other language you want:
Spanish, German, French, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Hopi, anything that
feels good to you.  The most important thing to go along with the statement,
however, is the feeling.  So, "I feel peace."  Ask every cell in your body,
even an aching joint or a toenail that you've stubbed, or something, every
part of your body, all your cells, all the physical cellular components,
even strands of hair, "I feel peace".  Keep working with feeling peace until
it's a very yummy feeling all over the body.  And you can spend a long time
on this part of the exercise, a couple of hours before you retire in the
evening, or if you're listening to this right before you fall asleep let
yourself feel peace all night long while you're sleeping.  Set the intent: I
feel peace."  And beyond the physical cells, of course, you have an energy
body and we'll want the light body to also feel peace.  So, "I feel peace,"
and you're thinking physical body, light body, all of your consciousness,
and you can see your aura going out to the edge of Creation (which, of
course, is without boundaries).  Just see it mushrooming out, covering the
whole planet, the whole solar system, the whole galaxy, the whole universe,
if you want to see it going that far.  "I feel peace."  (Expels breath)

Now, the final step here: "I am peace.  I am peace."   Now, just really play
with that I Am presence until you know for a fact, beyond any doubt the mind
can conjure up, "I am peace."  Keep feeling that.  As you do you feel the
peace flowing through you.  "I am peace" and because you are now this pillar
of peace, or maybe a giant auric field of peace, or whatever it is, you're
automatically putting that vibration to all of humanity.  It's in the air,
so everyone else can suddenly have a dawning that says, "Ah!  I can choose
peace.  Ooh!  I feel what peace would feel like.  I can actually feel it in
myself.  I can be peace.  I can be a peacemaker.  I can be a way-shower of
peace.  I am peace in physical expression, in physical existence."   So,
again, work with the three components, "I choose peace."  If you're still
creating a lot of drama, fake it till you make it.  Keep choosing it anyway
because the subconscious will eventually accept the programming.  And keep
changing your behavior.  Recognize "That was not a peaceful action I just
took.  The words that came out of my mouth, being angry at another driver,
that was not a peaceful projection, therefore I am going to replace that
behavior with a blessing and perhaps request that that person go uninjured,
if that be their higher will, and that no one else be injured and that I
stay safe."  Focus on safety:  "I choose safety, I feel safe, I am safe."
Anytime the energy goes away from peace, catch it as quickly as you can and
correct it.  "I choose peace.  I feel peace.  I am peace."  Then as you're
getting really good with it, the cells will feel more alive in the body,
they should actually tingle, feel alive, feel awake, and they'll begin to
hold that vibration.

The body is mostly water and water very easily mutates to whatever vibration
it's exposed to.  You can find references to this; it's been studied,
particularly in Japan, but also in other places as well: water molecules
will take on the vibration of whatever they're subjected to.  So create your
personal energy field peacefully and let your water content inside your body
take on a peace and healing creatorship energy to it, rather than a
destructive energy field, and then share it.  Send it out in your aura,
project it, if you will, from your 3rd Eye into the Middle East or into a
family situation or wherever it needs to go.

So, my dear ones, I thank you again for your service.  In your willingness
to change, just your willingness to change, you make the world a better
place and your personal existence happy.  That, in and of itself, is the
greatest service.  So, "I choose peace.  I feel peace.  I am peace."   Thank
you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

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15 minutes.)

Rev. Terri
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