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The Power of the Indigos
by Doreen Virtue

 The Indigos' soul group is extremely powerful, and you can call upon the power of the Indigo for healing world consciousness and ego behavior, without draining the Indigos individually. Their soul group purpose is to usher in the new energy of cooperation, manifestation, and integrity, and usher out the old energy of competition, greed, and dishonesty.
 We who are older and more experienced earth-dwellers must help the Indigo generation. They first need to know that they're loved and appreciated for who they are, since so many Indigos feel labeled, misunderstood, and rejected. (They're often mislabeled ADD and ADHD, when they are in fact, highly sensitive, gifted, and right-brain dominant individuals).
 Second, the Indigos need to know that they're old enough to make a difference in this world. Tell them about Joan of Arc or Saint Bernadette, two 14-year olds who changed the world by following their inner guidance.
 Or tell them about more modern examples, such as 10-year-old Lily Thorpe of Grand Junction, Colorado. Lily founded, "Kids Campaign," a political action committee dedicated to raising awareness about children's issues. Lily travels around the state giving speeches, raising funds, and meeting with politicians.
 Lily started the campaign after discovering that her school library's encyclopedias were nearly 15 years old and that the school only employed one part-time tutor for its 500 students. Lily funneled her anger into the campaign and says, "I want to be the first female governor of Colorado . . . or the first female president."
 Necessity also drove 4-year-old Luc De Tellis into action. Luc needed to raise one hundred dollars to buy a musical instrument.  He and his father discussed how Luc could make money. They decided that Luc could capitalize upon his talent for telling Knock-Knock jokes. So with the help of his father, Luc wrote and self-published a book called, Who's There: 101 Knock Knock Jokes for Kids." He then sold the books for one dollar each, by going door to door with his father.  This grabbed the media's attention, and soon CBS and NBC in Florida were interviewing little Luc. He was also featured on the cover of the Orlando Business Journal. Happily, Luc earned enough money to buy his musical instrument and has written a second book called Who's There Again? 101 More Knock Knock Jokes for Kids.
 Third, help Indigos learn how to channel the anger they feel in constructive ways. Many Indigos don't know how to handle the overwhelming angst they feel about world conditions. If these emotions aren't dealt with, the Indigo can go into depression, turn to addictions, or even become violent. Teach Indigos to use the energy of anger to fuel them, as in Lily's example above.
 American Indigos can also make a huge difference by registering to vote, and then participating in the upcoming elections. The inner truth detector that Indigos have is sure to direct them to the best candidates.
We have a free message board specifically dedicated to the topic of Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children. It's address is http://p219.ezboard.com/fangeltherapyfrm10
 And several graduates of my Angel Therapy Practitioner and Angel Intuitive Courses are giving workshops for and about Indigo Children. There's a list of these workshops below.
 The group soul of the Indigos wants to help us break free of old arcane energies. Call upon the power of the Indigos now and funnel this energy into an affirmative prayer for our world. "I now call upon the power of the Indigo soul group. Thank you for bringing your healing light and energy of truth, peace, and beauty. I affirm that you are accomplishing your mission in Divine timing and in perfect order. I affirm that I am perfectly guided in any way that I can assist your mission." Feel and experience the amazing energy that courses through you, when you call upon the power of the Indigos. It's their gift to us.
Indigo Workshops
Congratulations to the following Angel Therapy Practitioners (ATP) and Angel Intuitives (AI) for following their inner guidance and giving Indigo workshops:
Title: How to Empower TeenAngels
When: August 14 and 15
Where: NSW Australia
Contact: email:  deeplayground@yahoo.com.au or call Alan at 0423 843 532.
Title: Healing Hearts Workshop for Kids and Parents Light Circle
When: August 2, 5 and 23
Where: Switzerland
Contact: Email: aharder@fontanil.ch, phone: +41 71 923 15 70, www.weg-des-lichts.ch
Title: Understanding Indigos and Working With and Understanding Indigos
Title: Indigo Spiritual Warriors
When: Sept. 16
Where: Rhode Island
Contact: Telephone: 401-658-4417 or email: angelights@cox.net
Title: Angels & Indigos
When: Sept. 18 and 19
Where: Johannesburg, South Africa
Contact: Telephone: +44 (0)20 8464 7573 or email: mermandi@mermandiatp.com

Title: Embracing the Indigo Warrior: Empowering Today's Youth
When: Oct. 16
Where: Los Angeles
Contact: Telephone: 323.860.6556 or  www.karunayoga.net
Professional Spiritual Teachers Training Course
Limited to 28 Participants
Feb. 8 - 10, 2005
Angel Therapy, Inc. and Doreen Virtue are pleased to present for the first time a course that many people have asked her to teach. This is a practical training course for those who wish to become full-time professional spiritual teachers, as well as for those who wish to take their careers to the next level.
This is a hands-on mentorship and experiential workshop, designed for those who are serious about becoming full-time professional spiritual teachers. Doreen will personally work with you to teach you how to successfully making a living while engaged in your Divine life mission. You'll have lots of opportunities to ask Doreen questions and pick her brain in the small group setting.
She'll teach you about creating and giving workshops, hands-on experience with microphones and audiences, having a private practice, and publication and media. You'll learn first-hand from a veteran of giving workshops, what to expect.

You'll also clarify exactly what your mission looks like, get guidance from archangels and ascended masters about the next steps for you to take, and gain the confidence it takes to go public. You'll also heal self-sabotaging tendencies, fears, money issues, and negative patterns which may have prevented your success in the past.

The course is limited to 28 individuals who are ready to fully dive into their missions. Hours are 9:30 a.m. registration on the first morning of class, and class hours are 10 am to 5 pm each day. Class is held in the beautiful oceanfront room of the Hotel Laguna, overlooking the beach and ocean. A frameable certificate of completion will be awarded to everyone who completes the course.
Registration is filling up fast, and there are only 6 openings left in the course. (Although there's a possibility of us opening one more of these courses at a later date in 2005).  For information or registration, please go the workshop page at www.angeltherapy.com or email or call Chase at 1-866-444-0451 or (949) 589-4672 or AngelTherapy444@aol.com .

Doreen & Steven's Book signings
Doreen Virtue and Steven Farmer will be signing their books (often accompanied by the amazing medium, Gordon Smith) during their tour of Australia. We hope you'll join us. These are free-of-charge events open to the public.  Here are the bookstores where they'll be:
Oct. 1 - 3 Laguna Beach, CA  Mediumship Mentorship Program 1 (866) 444-0451 or (949) 305-2377 or AngelTherapy444@aol.com.
Oct. 7 Laguna Hills, CA   Free-of-charge booksigning with Doreen Virtue and Steven Farmer at Awakenings (949) 457-0797 or govinda4u@aol.com.
Oct. 8 - 10 Laguna Beach, CA  Mediumship Mentorship Program 1 (866) 444-0451 or (949) 305-2377 or AngelTherapy444@aol.com.
Oct. 18 - 23 Laguna Beach, CA Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATP) Certification Program 1 (866) 444-0451 or (949) 305-2377 or AngelTherapy444@aol.com.
Oct 29-31 Laguna Beach, CA Mediumship Mentorship Program 1 (866) 444-0451 or (949) 589-4672 or AngelTherapy444@aol.com
Nov 5-7 Phoenix, AZ "Celebrate Your Life Expo with Wayne Dyer, James Van Praagh, Don Miguel Ruiz, Alan Cohen, Doreen Virtue, and more" mishkapr@aol.com or (480) 970-8543 or www.mishkaproductions.com
Nov. 9 Los Angeles, CA    Doreen Virtue and Steven Farmer give a free seminar at the Bodhi Tree   (310) 659-4428
Nov. 14 Seattle, WA "Mystical Connections: A Full Day of Audience Psychic Readings with Doreen Virtue, Gordon Smith, John Holland, and Sonia Choquette." 1-800-654-5126, ext. 2 or http://www.hayhouse.com/events.php to sign up online.
Feb. 8 - 10, 2005 Professional Spiritual Teachers Training (Limited to 28 Individuals) 1-866-444-0451 or AngelTherapy444@aol.com or sign up on-line at angeltherapy.com
May 9 - 14, 2005, Glastonbury, England. Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATP) Certification Course Email: AngelTherapy444@aol.com or 1 (866) 444-0451 or (949) 305-2377
May 23 - 27 Laguna Beach, CA Advanced ATP/AI (Limited to certified ATPs or AIs). Email: AngelTherapy444@aol.com or 1 (866) 444-0451 or (949) 305-2377

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