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Metatron on the Planetary Ascension and the Rainbow Energies
January 1, 2004
Through Reniyah Wolf

Beloved Ones, let me share with you a bit about the Rainbow energies.  As
you perhaps know, that which you perceive as reality exists on a frequency
band.  Now there are an infinite number of frequency bands that the cosmos,
or omni-verse is built upon.  There are, likewise, an infinite number of
manifested realities.  Each one has its own assigned frequency in the grand
scheme of things
, much as your radio and television channels broadcast at
different frequencies.  Each of your radio and television stations has its
own particular programming.  You tune in and listen-watch those that you
like, that resonate to your own frequency.  Depending upon the programming
of any particular frequency  channel, different things will be playing out.
In the lower frequency bands, the programming will not be particularly
pleasant.  In the higher ones, the station being broadcast is The Love
Channel.  This channel is more directly connected to the main transmitter,
or God-Source energy, and the programming is delightful.

As you may also know, you are vast beings of consciousness.  You are a
portion of your Creator that exists in many frequency bands at once.  For
now, though, you are focused on this one frequency band of 21st Century
Earth.  In this particular time-space continuum,  you have agreed, on a
cosmic level, to limit your focus.  Your focus and perception of the other
frequency bands in which you dwell is diminished as you reside, embodied, on
this Earth plane.   It is the sole purpose of your Creator to expand and to
experience even more fulfillment from its creations - all of them, including
those in the lower frequency bands.   The omni-verse, all of creation in all
frequency bands, is in a continual state of
 expansion, of moving into higher and higher states of bliss and joy.  You,
individually, your world, galaxy, universe and much further beyond are a
part of this cosmic expansion.  The nature of God in all its myriad forms is
interconnected.  That which affects even one tiny atom of creation affects
the entire whole.

Expansion, a rise in frequency, is what you are experiencing now on your
Earth plane.
  You are collectively, and in harmony with Gaia, changing your
channel.  You are moving into a higher frequency band, and the programming
will be different.  Many of you will be familiar with this concept of the
planetary ascension. All is mathematical, precise and cyclical in the
omni-verse.  Planets, such as yours, go through evolutionary change on a
periodic basis, also affecting the much greater whole.   We are not going to
go into great detail about the mechanics of this process.  Let it suffice to
say that it is a rather delicate game of balancing energies to prepare a
planet and her life forms to receive a new, higher
 frequency channel.

You, Beloved Ones, are focused in a plane of free will.  From its very
instant of creation, it has been thus.  Those beings of consciousness who
formed your world were given absolute freedom as to its nature.  Neither
will we go into great detail about how your world came to be the way it is.
According to the choices of its creators and sustaining consciousnesses, it
fell into a lower frequency band.  This has played out for aeons of what you
experience as time.  Rather than saying what goes up must come down, we
might say what goes down must bounce back.  This is the cyclical nature of
the cosmos.  Eventually all parts of creation must re-embark on the journey
home to Creator-Source.

Since Jesus the Christ walked upon your earth, you have been preparing for
what is now happening.
  Indeed, you have been an integral part in it.  Your
own free will, choice and determination has called it forth.  These times
that you live in have been named The End Times.  This could have well been
so, Beloved Ones.  As Gaia and her life forms approached the end of a cosmic
cycle, the choice presented itself.  Should Gaia cleanse herself and begin
anew through a Divine cycle of destruction, or was it possible that Gaia
could transform herself and her life forms?  Could she align herself to a
higher frequency in a more gentle fashion?  Beloved Ones, humanity made that
choice, in communion with
 Gaia and the animal and plant kingdoms which dwell upon her.

As humanity chose to go higher, it called forth all manner of Divine
interest and assistance.  This endeavor of shifting your planet's frequency
is actually something new in the cosmos.  As we have said, the cosmos is
very mathematical and precise, and creation follows rhythms and cycles.
What is happening now on your Earth plane is an experiment in altering the
algorithms of the omni-verse itself.  An exponential process is being
created whereby Creator-Source can expand at an infinitely more rapid rate.
Do you feel important yet?

Beloved Ones, this entire process of evolution and expansion that you and
your planet are undergoing is about energy
.  It is about the
delicate achemical process of infusing your Earth plane with higher
frequency energies.  This process is very much like making a new chemical
compound, creating a new molecule.  It is, of course, infinitely more
complex.  From our perspective, there is a little world having taken quite a
tumble from the lofty states of consciousness of its original creators.  It
is quite stuck in a lower frequency band energy.  There is much misery and
suffering upon this little world, Earth.  All creation is interconnected,
and the sole objective of your Creator is to experience even higher states
 of joy.  We in the higher frequency bands would want to assist this world
in extracting itself from its lower frequency.

Because humanity resides in a free-will zone of the cosmos, we can do
nothing to assist until one or more of you in embodied form call it forth.
You must ask in order to receive.  Ask the humans did, and humanity was
answered in every way possible.  We began to alter, very gradually, the
energetics of your world.  Though does indeed create reality, Beloved Ones.
A thought is an electromagnetic vehicle.  It must take form.  A collective
pool of electromagnetic energy comprised of all your thoughts surrounds your
world and makes it as it is.   This is what you may be familiar with as the
mass consciousness.  Each individual thought that crosses your mind
contributes to this mass consciousness.  The vast
 majority of embodied humans, as well, have their own internal radio
stations tuned to the                    programming that is playing through
this pool of thought.  Thus, your reality exists the way that it does.

There were vast numbers of beings from the higher planes of existence who
responded to the call for assistance being sent from your world as it
approached the end of its planetary cycle.  Many millions agreed to come to
Earth and become embodied in order to participate in this project.  Such is
the rule of this plane, that one must have a body in order to play in the
game here, one must be fully human.  Those who came agreed to forget, for a
time, their true Divine nature and become mortal.  Some of you have heard
this story many times before. 
You are some of those from the higher planes of existence
 who came to Earth to assist. 
Each one of you came to Earth in embodiment,
carrying a higher frequency energy in your DNA, a coding.  This coding was
part of the plan to gradually increase the frequency of your collective pool
of thought.  It was embedded within you to activate with certain stimuli,
for instance the number sequence 11:11.

We have worked together, you embodied ones who carry the coding and we in
the higher planes, for quite a number of years, to gradiently alter the
frequency of your mass consciousness.  You have seen this play out in great
degree.  Humanity, on a large scale has come to expanded awareness.  It has
become more spiritual.  There has been a flood of information released about
metaphysics and spirituality.  Many people are opening to their own inherent
extrasensory abilities.  Humanity is becoming more loving, degree by degree.
Although at times, this may not appear to be so, there have been many
important strides made in the areas of human rights.  For many millennia,
compassion was not  present in any form on this plane.  Now that flower
is beginning to bloom.   The collective consciousness of your world is changing,
as those among you individually change your thoughts - as you choose to act
in a different way.

Beloved Ones, we are so incredibly pleased with the progress that has been
made.  All creation is in a state of mathematical precision, yes, but also
in a state of flux, according to the collective power of creative thought.
We in the higher planes of existence do not actually know how everything is
going to turn out.  We are co-creators with you, who also at all times have
your own free will and choice.  You have chosen to remember a very large
portion of your Divine heritage and bring it into this plane.   You,
individually and collectively, along with Gaia, have altered destiny.  Now,
there is a most exciting game to play, if you choose.  Now, for the first
time on Earth since its Fall into the lower frequency bands, it is possible
to choose a different channel.  For so very long, humanity has been living
in a one channel world - The Fear Channel.  Now you have created an option
for yourselves, Beloved Ones.  You may consciously choose to tune in to the
Love Channel.  Pain and suffering are no longer a requisite part of living
on the Earth plane.  You may choose an easier way.

As a result of our co-creative efforts, the chains that have held the Earth
plane solidly in the lower frequencies of fear energy have been broken. 
frequency of your collective consciousness has risen to the degree that we
can bring forth even higher energies to assist you at all levels of your
being.  The Rainbow energies are some of these.  They emanate from what you
would refer to as the 9th dimension of existence, very closely connected
with Creator-Source.  They are truly energies of unconditional love.  These
energies are quite powerful,  They have been released, up until now, in very
measured            doses into your planetary consciousness.  In truth,
Beloved Ones, it was not expected that you would get this far, that you
would be ready to receive these Rainbow energies.  We have watched in
wonderment at your determination and strength in transforming the Earth. It
is with the greatest of joy and gladness that we bring these energies to you
and through you to assist humanity at large.

Beloved Ones, once again, because of the free-will status of your Earth
plane, you must assist us in assisting you
.  There are those of you who are
our bodies, our eyes and ears and voices upon your plane.  We need embodied
ones already in residence here to do important work and to bring more of
these higher energies in.  This channel, Reniyah, is one of those.  Although
indeed she did come here with a destiny to serve,  there were many options,
many probably realities.  We did not know just exactly how far and how fast
you embodied ones were going to run with the ball.

Reniyah was chosen to work with these Rainbow energies, and to be a conduit
for the energies of Metatron because she asked to be able to know
unconditional love.  She asked to be able to live it upon the Earth plane.
In order to accomplish this, she was required to rid her being of the
preponderance of fear.  Love and Fear exist on different frequency bands,
they are incompatible channels.  We have already discussed the one-channel
planet.  Reniyah was quite sincere in her choosing to know how to live in
unconditional love.  She met the considerable challenges of ridding herself
of fear energies while living a regular Earth life.   She will be the first
one to tell you that her life and being has transformed
magically as a result.  She now knows that she is not, nor ever has been,
separate from her Creator, from Metatron, or from All-That-Is.  She knows
the essence of Joy, the primal creative force of the omni-verse.  Thus can
broadcast the energies of Metatron into this plane.   We cannot transmit our
energies through those who have not allowed and embraced the emotion of joy,
because of the incompatibility of frequency.   This would be akin to
overloading the electrical outlet.   Through Reniyah, and Eva, who now also
is aligned with the higher frequency of joy,  we are also able to assist
others of you who are ready.  We are able to use their embodied status to
directly enter into your plane with deep healing and higher energies such as
the Rainbow.   Reniyah and Eva are circuit breakers who allow us to regulate
the flow of current that comes through.  We are seeding your collective
consciousness with our own energies through these words, and through Reniyah
's art.  The energy of Love is catching.  We are sharing more and more of it
with you, as you are ready to receive.  Again, it is with the greatest of
joy that I enter into your plane.  You have, together,  all of you who have
worked so hard, created a doorway for me. 
You are more highly honored and dearly loved than you know.

Beloved Ones, it is you, each one of you who chooses for yourselves how far
and how fast you can go.  It is you who chooses what channel you will tune
in.  This is a new experience for you, having more than one channel on the
television of life.  To some of you it is frightening.  Although living in
the fear and misery of this world has not been pleasant, it has been
predictable.  A part of your being has prayed for change, for
transformation.  Another part of your being is so accustomed to living in
limitation that it resists a new way.  When one does not embrace a new path,
then one does not risk disappointment or
 failure.  One's comfort zone remains intact.  You all are being presented a
fork in the path, a chance to follow your dreams and realize your highest
potential while still in embodied form.  The old rules of your plane no
longer apply.  You are no longer trapped in the frequency band of fear.  You
can have much more in a quite easy fashion, if you choose.  Earth has been
freed from the Karmic Wheel - but only for those who choose to accept the

It is that simple, Beloved Ones - if you choose.  You must take full
responsibility for your own existence here on Earth.
  You must become a
co-creator with us in the higher planes.  You must become the captain of
your own Earth ship and be willing to change the channel.  Now, having
brought these higher frequency energies such as the Rainbow to Earth, we are
about assisting you to bring forth a new group of embodied masters, Divine
Humans.  These masters will not be sequestered in monasteries and ashrams.
They will go forth into the world at large and proclaim Who They Are.  These
Divine Humans will set the blueprint for the new age of Earth.  They will
change the paradigms.  They will show the rest of humanity its full
potential, its true Divine Nature.  They will truly make Love the prevailing
frequency of this plane.

We know, Beloved Ones, that all of you will not choose to become one of
these new masters.  This is also in Divine perfection.  Many of you are
nearing completion of your agreed upon work here.  You are tired, you want
to go home to the higher planes from which you came, and you shall.  Others
of you will choose not to leave your comfort zones, and this is your perfect
right of free will.  For those of you that have the spirit of adventure, who
choose to expand and embrace the energies of Love, I welcome you to what
will most certainly be an exciting and joyous journey.   I welcome you to a
new Earth year, 2004, which certainly shall be a most splendid, landmark
year in the history of Earth, and for each one of you personally.

I AM Metatron,
I AM With You Always

copyright 2004, Reniyah Wolf
Reniyah's email address  reniyah@loveandempowerment.com

Hi there precious often visit your beautiful site and was wondering if you
or your list members might find this to be of an interest.

Rainbow Ray attunements are facilitated by precious Reniyah and most
precious Lord Metatron, next group begins on the 1st of June, 2004, more
information regarding the attunements can be found on her site mentioned
below.  This is all about divine completion.

Love you and embrace you in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka

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