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Three steps to Peace of Mind and Activating Inner Reserves


The following material is for dictation, but I am giving it here

also so that Ruburt will take it specifically to heart. There are

certain simple steps that can be followed, whenever you find

yourself in a difficult situation, whether the condition is one of

poor health, a stressful personal involvement with another, a

financial dilemma, or whatever.


These steps seem very obvious, and perhaps too easy - but they will

bring an immediate sense of ease and a peace of mind while your

inner reserves are being released and activated. I have mentioned

these steps many times, because they are so vital in clearing the

conscious mind, and bringing some sense of relief to the frightened ego.


1. Immediately begin to live in the present as much as possible.

Try to become as aware as you can of present sense-data - all of it.

Often, while you are in pain, for example, you concentrate upon that

sensation alone, ignoring the feelings of ease that may be felt by

other portions of the body, and unaware of the conglomeration of

sounds, sights, and impressions that are also in the immediate

environment. This procedure will immediately lessen the pressure of

the problem itself, whatever it is, and give you a sense of refreshment.


2. Refuse to worry. This fits in automatically with Step 1, of

course. Tell yourself you can worry all you want tomorrow, or on

some other occasion - but resolve not to worry in the present moment.


3. When your thoughts do touch upon your particular problem in that

present moment, imagine the best possible solution to the dilemma

Do not wonder how or why or when the ideal solution will come, but

see it in your mind's eye as accomplished. Or if you are not

particularly good at visual imagery, then try to get the feeling of

thanksgiving and joy that you would feel if the problem was solved

to your complete satisfaction.


These steps will allow you breathing time, and actually help

minimize the pressure of your situation, whatever it is. Then,

quieted, you will be able to consider other suitable steps that may

more directly address your particular solution.


Seth reiterates this exercise later in the book...


Before we continue, I would like to remind the reader that in the

middle of these or any of the other problems we have been

discussing, there may be a period of depression, or the feeling that

one's own problem has no solution after all.


Whenever this occurs, the steps I have given before should be

followed. Briefly, immediately refuse to worry about the future or

the past.
Tell yourself you can worry another time if you want to -

but for the moment you will not be concerned about the past or the



Remind yourself that for all you might have read, or heard, or

deduced earlier, it is certainly not inevitable that all unfortunate

situations take the darkest of tones, and that indeed the opposite

is true; for if such were the case, the world and all of life would

have literally been destroyed through disasters and calamities.


Concentrate upon the present moment - but more, concentrate upon the

most pleasant aspects of the present moment.
If that moment has

distracting, unfavorable aspects, then resolutely bring into your

mind whatever images delight or please you at the moment. These may

be very simple. Remember the smell of lilacs, for example, or try to

hear the crisp crunch of snow, or try to visualize an ocean or lake.

All of these procedures will serve to quiet your mind and body, and

build up your own reserves.


This is an excellent policy to follow, because you can start it

wherever you are. It will help alleviate fears and doubts at least

momentarily, so that then you can pursue the entire issue later,

with more assurance.


- Session June 20, 1984, p.300

Exercises from "The Way Toward Health"

Amber Allen   1997, Softcover

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