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April 28th, 2004


Greetings Everyone!


Wow the energies have been phenomenal of late! There is so much incoming energy of different vibrations that we are often blindsided by the quickness of change in our lives. So what is going on?


Since the opening of the star gate last September, we have been subject to reception of energies unlike anything we have experienced in our lives. On June 8th there is another opening. There will be a harmonic alignment of Venus and the Sun. This only occurs about every 130 years or so. Jupiter is also going direct. There is much going around online about what this means astrologically, but what does this mean to us from multi-dimensional aspects?


Clarity. Plain and simple. We are once again in the fine ways of universal donation to our growth as beings being given possibilities of clarity in our journeys. If we put forth that which we need to understand and that which we feel that we must create within our lives, in the three days preceding June 8th, our efforts will be rewarded in ways that we cannot imagine. Those gifts of which we are only beginning to be aware will shine forth to us from the moment of the alignment and beyond.


What are the symptoms that we are experiencing during these energetic influxes? Many are not sleeping well if at all. It seems that we are in need of less sleep and are surviving well on the light by which we are being infused. Body aches are prevalent… joints, muscles, particularly shoulder and neck discomfort. Some of you are retaining fluids far more than usual. I have had many reports of late of hypertension (high blood pressure). This is due partly to the stress of living in our world which is filled with illusions that we feel as untruths, yet many feel forced to comply within their jobs or other situations. It is also a symptom of the incoming energies that affect us much like coronal mass ejections (CME’s) from the sun, as our sun spot activity has been huge of late.


Our energy fields are often compressed by the incoming energies as they are so intense, so dense (yet at high vibratory frequencies) that our bodies cannot keep up as the energies zoom through our fields. The density of us, in a way, creates opposition to the incoming energies. This is resistance by our bodies to the harmonization that is coming to us at and from higher levels. We must consciously allow ourselves to become open to these energies When we do, not only do the energies process through us better, they cleanse us as well and leave us with inherent knowledge which will shale up our rememberings, bringing them to the surface.  


If we truly wish to gain clarity, to recognize our gifts, accept those gifts and a cosmic cleansing, we must not resist that which comes; rather, welcome it as a natural part of our process. I don’t know about you, but I am wide open with my arms out saying “bring it on!”


I wanted to take a minute to talk with you about manifestation. You know, when we attempt to create things in our lives we often get caught up in specifics. Specific outcomes, how the whole process should play out, what it looks like to us.  We create so many little details in the picture of what we want. When we do this, we have limited the outcome only to what we have pictured or less. When we limit ourselves in this way, the only results that we can have are exactly what we have pictured or less, that which we often consider to be failure.


If we can remember that within the universal process there are infinite outcomes to any situation, we can leave room for possibilities that we haven’t even thought about. I know that often when we attempt to create things for ourselves, we think we need, we think we want, but often there are other avenues that could have been taken, those which may have offered less resistance in our journeys, less and usually no struggle in the process.


I returned home a couple of days ago from a wonderful trip where I did a book signing and a few other things in North Carolina and Georgia. It was fantastic. When I arrived home, I noticed that our grass had gotten way too long and that my husband had taken the riding mower apart and put it on his trailer. Apparently the mower needs some repairs and my husband felt that those repairs need to happen before we use the mower anymore.


I had company coming here for the first time mid week and wanted the place to look perfect. I immediately began to manifest getting my yard cut some how and I didn’t care by whom, as long as it got done.


Imagine my surprise yesterday morning as an escaped herd of cattle showed up and began grazing all over the yard! There were seven of them, including a monstrous bull, and they stayed all day! I gave them an occasional tub of water and truly enjoyed watching them as they moved about the property…Not only did I get the yard mowed (ok, part of it), but it was also intermittently fertilized in the process! Now that is creative manifestation.


I have to say that I spent most of the day laughing and smiling at the entire situation. I never found out whose cows they were or where they came from, but at sundown they simply moseyed on down the road! And after all that my company has delayed a week so perhaps I can get the rest done after all… it is all just perfect, and instead of stressing I got entertained!


Ok, ok, I know that this is a silly example, but it is true, and I want to make the point that we never fully know what is out there waiting to be provided for us if only we would give ourselves space toward that creative process.


In your creative efforts, give yourselves room for the unexpected. You will be surprised at the outcomes!


I wish you great manifestations, peaceful days and glorious journeys.






Online Channeling April 28, 2004


Antui Nah’hallah entui ansitu nahedrae Anshallah greetings to you from that which is the light of the source of all things as it is all inter-related.


We wish to speak to you of Mastery of Self. Not that which you live in order to please or satisfy others, but that which you grant yourselves as validation and acceptance of your own perfection.


As you go about your Awakening processes, often you search outside of yourselves for that which is Truth. As we have said many times, the Truth lies within you. That which is the experience of others is not intended to be yours. And so we have said that you must listen from within for that which you seek.


But how do you Master that which you hear? That which you feel? That which simply is beyond all things you have previously comprehended, and how do you know what that truth is, if it is truly being received, or if you are making it all up as a fantasy of greater experience?


Dear Ones that of which you may be uncertain is that which has no substance of feeling. That which you only feel within your brains or your emotional selves. That which is Truth resonates throughout all of your beingness as a solid knowledge which is a part of that which you are.


That which is Truth will come to you in varying ways. A sudden knowing that blurts out to your consciousness at the exact time that you need it. You may not be aware that you knew the information, but there it is, accurate and applicable.


The Truth may come to you as you are driving your car, or doing some other things that you do often and that basically puts you on automatic pilot so to speak. Perhaps the Truth may come in your dreams. It comes during those times when your mind is not occupied with scattered thoughts of your days, your moments and your futures. Those thoughts that come to you at these times seem to come out of left field, being unrelated in any way to that which you were experiencing in the moment. The information may be fragmented or not seem to make sense to you, but we assure you that you received the entire message, it is simply that you grasped on to it too tightly with your logical selves and did not allow it to come fully to consciousness.


We do not speak simply of your intuitions. Rather to your knowings. There is a difference.


The difference between Mastery and being a fledgling of flight is what you do with the information that you get, how you receive and accept that information and what you ultimately do with the information. Mastery is also about acceptance of self. Seeing the perfection that you are. If one sees one’s self as less that perfect, then everything that one does begins from imperfection. That which one attempts to create begins as less than perfect and therefore cannot come to perfect results.


One must not judge one’s self (or others) period. When judgment is utilized it is to feed one’s ego or to judge one’s self based upon the egos and values of others. When this is done, the entirety of that judgment is based upon untruth. It is to view and experience one’s self as perfect in all ways.


To become a Master of Self, one must not only talk about enlightened beingness, one must live enlightenment. One must walk the path that one has chosen, willingly and with grace. To do so requires seeing all others as mirrors of self, and to learn from what is seen in those reflections. When one is attracted to another because one is beautiful or intelligent or some other favorable asset, one may recognize one’s own beauty in that reflection.


When one sees less than perfection in another, one recognizes one’s own pain or vulnerabilities. When one sees within another attributes that make one uncomfortable it is because that discomfort is recognized as an integral part of the observer. What buttons do others push for you? Do you recognize your discomfort in that which they reflect to you?


To become a Master of self, it is to allow one’s self to feel every experience, no matter what that experience is. To hide things from one’s self is to deny opportunity for growth as a result of the processing that would have been done had one allowed one’s self to experience the pain that it mat be released. To feel fully moves the energy of the situation through, and at the same time allows development for compassion toward others. How many times today have you stuffed thoughts or feelings down within you that you could have processed and finished. Often it takes courage to bring that forward which seems unpleasant or painful.


Mastery means to face one’s fears, to allow that those fears are not of power, rather coming from places that one has hidden from one’s self. It is to face those fears head on, and then to move about the world from a standpoint of vulnerability. In such a way, one cannot be harmed because one has already addressed those fears that they may no longer threatened to become reality.


To care for one’s body is of Mastery. To allow that body to experience that which it must, but to also feed and nurture the body that it may serve one best as that body hosts the essence which one is. It is not to numb the body to escape that which is uncomfortable, rather to allow the body to feel and sense from its natural heightened abilities.


To become Master of one’s self, one must be ready and willing to accept that which one requests of the universe. When one requests to know one’s gifts, to become enlightened, one must also accept that which comes and that which results in those gifts and that knowledge, for one does not learn for self alone, rather, would share that which comes so that others may begin to recognize that which is the light of the Source as well. Enlightenment is in and of the One; therefore is not about that which is you but what you will do with what you have learned.


Mastery of self requires unbounded humility. It is not about what one may do with one’s perceptions, one’s gifts, one’s knowings, rather, what may be shared of them. It is, then, about becoming heart centered, using the mind of the heart, the soul of being, to move forth into the world sharing that which has come so that others may touch and remember that reality. To heal with what is given; to teach with what has come and to know that in all ways that if there was not a greater spirit within the One, that one would never have experienced that which has come.


It is to accept the journey that one has requested unconditionally and without reserve, instead, moving forth from within one’s light gladly and wholly with nothing retained of self for self, rather gaining by the sharing and expression of one’s own perfection.


Mastery requires forgiveness of self and of others for that which one perceives to have been harmful or damaging. It is to realize that everything was perfect in whatever moment that it occurred, and that this moment now present is the only one there is. That nothing was ever created outside of a moment.


Unconditionally is an aspect of all Masters. When one moves throughout one’s experiences unconditionally one has stated to the universal processes that one is and of that which is One and that there are none lesser or greater than one. In such a way, one meets others from that space which simply is, that space which lacks all inference of less or more and unconditional perfection may be reflected in the exchange.


One must accept that which is the Grace of the One within one’s being. To love is not that which is found in one’s thoughts or emotional selves, rather, it is to be found as an inherent part of one’s sacred self. That which is true Grace is emanated from the heart center outward as light and that light fills all that is around it, moving outwardly, sweeping all that is in its path with the Grace of perfection. In such a way one can change the world by simply being.

When one begins to operate from a state of Grace, the path is clear and other aspects of Mastery become self evident in the journey. 


And so it is that we sum up for you, those things that will clearly bring you closer to Mastery of Self:


  • Gain Clarity – when is it Truth for you?
  • Recognize your perfection and accept it
  • Lack Judgment of self and others
  • Live the Enlightened Journey (don’t just talk about it)
  • Release fear – it does not serve you
  • Have integrity
  • Nurture the body
  • Accept that which comes of your requests to the universe
  • Live unconditionally
  • See others as mirrors of you
  • Experience Humility in all situations
  • Become Grace


Will you, Dear Ones, be Masters of yourselves, or will you choose to be driven by that which is not of the Truth within you? It is always your choice. And so it is that we return to Light.





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