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April 15, 2004



Greetings Everyone!


First of all, I would like to thank all of you who have ordered my new book, “Pyramids of Light, Awakening to Multi-Dimensional Realities”. I am both humbled and thrilled at your support and your interest. The books are in, and I have spent all week packaging them for delivery to you. They will be going out today or tomorrow! If you have not yet ordered a copy, you may by going to my website and clicking on the picture of the book cover on the home page, or by going directly to the info and order page at http://www.spiritlite.com/pyramids.htm. If you prefer to order by mail, you mat do so by sending $18.95 per copy and $4.95 S&H (US orders) for the first book and an additional $1.00 S&H for all extra copies to me at the address at the bottom of this e-mail. Again, my gratitude for your light on this project!


There is an old tree about twenty or thirty feet from my front porch. It leans a bit to the side, and looks as if, over time, nature has begun to fold it in upon itself. There are many hollow folds in the trunk of this tree, and a hole about twenty feet up the trunk. Each morning as I sit on the porch, regaining my body after a night of deep sleep, I watch this tree, because it comes alive.


From inside the hole, a squirrel peeks out, flush with the edges of that hole. If I didn’t know better, the squirrel would be invisible to me. She sits there, assessing the danger of my presence, looking, watching, and will often disappear back into the recesses of her chamber within the tree, safe, and under the perception that she is unseen, unknown. She is the watcher for her family. Later, upon realizing that I am no threat, momma squirrel and her family come out of all of the recesses in the tree, playfully leaping from one tree to the next. Upon the first signs of danger, a passing dog, a loud noise, all of the squirrels scamper back to the safety of their tree. There are five total who inhabit that ancient space, and as they scurry back into their recesses, often there is a squabble among them for space in the tree, which crevasse each will enter.


I have often thought that many of us approach life in this way. Tiptoeing out into unknown territories, ready to escape at the first challenge that comes our way. It is easier to retreat than to face the challenge head on, because our skills are untested, our confidence uncertain. And yet, we, as the momma squirrel peak out at the world with great ideas, hopes, dreams, and often wonder why they do not come to us.


We must remember, as the Masters have always said, that that which we seek, also seeks us. If we do not do our part in our journeys, calling to us and interacting with the experiences we have created for ourselves, we become stagnant, never moving beyond our safe holes in our trees. Never knowing what we have missed because we did not participate within what we have attempted to create. If the squirrels did not ultimately come out of their nests, they would starve. In a sense, are we not spiritually starved when we do not move forward in the creation of our dreams? Do we not become empty hollows unto ourselves? Do we not begin to feel hopeless and unfulfilled?


If we do not leap joyfully into our journeys each day, there is no one to feed us, no one who will keep us safe, there in our hollows. That which we intend to create within our journeys comes from within us. Our consciousness is that which creates our realities. It is the God within us, that which directs us, leads us, educates us, and keeps us in touch with each and every universal moment in that which we call time.


If we set out intentions into the process of that which is our path, our personal journeys, or even to the assistance of others, we must be willing to participate within the path of those intentions to their fruition. To wish and think and sit at home, never participating within that which we intend, does not bring to us all of the things of which we dream. To realize new realities, we must participate.


Often we feel helpless along the way. Not feeling as if we have the tools to carry forth that which we intend. Not so. Helplessness comes from a belief system that we are less than perfect, less than others, or not deserving of that which we ask. What if we believed with all our hearts that the reality which we want has already happened? What if we knew that the reality we intend is within our powers of creation? What if we knew that when we prayed, when we implored the universe for that which we want to be provided, we did so from the perspective that we are the creators to which we pray? What if we recognized our perfection so fully that we realized that yes, God is within us, God is, and is us!


We carry within us, in all of the particulates with which we are made, that which is the source, that which is light. And in doing so, have the power of God, as God, to create whatever reality we want. To move joyfully through our journeys knowing that peace begins with us.


When we hide from our lives, feeling threatened by the unknown, we become as the squirrel, instinctually interested in survival. Not in the quality of our days, not in the possibilities presented to us in our paths, only that which it takes to survive our days.


This, is our human experience purely from a biological and evolutionary point of view. Our consciousness is eternal. That means that we are eternal. Once we begin to understand ourselves as perfect eternal beings who are simply dressed as humans for the experience of our journeys, we can let go of the fears that have bound us to this earth. Let go of our base notion of survival, and soar into heights of being that we had, up to now, not allowed ourselves to be. There is a vast difference between thinking and feeling and believing and knowing. I know who you are. You are a part of me, and you are beautiful.


My schedule is getting quite busy as I return to the world, teaching, lecturing and sharing “Pyramids of Light” around the globe. In further efforts to give you tools to empower yourselves, I will be in New York City, recording CD’s from a fabulous new approach to healing and heightened awareness with my spiritual brother, Barry  “oh” Goldstein of Think Big Productions in May. I will let you know when the CD’s are available.


I will be at the Conscious Living Expo June 5th and 6th in Spokane, WA Booth 101 near the front door. At this Expo I will be teaching “Movement to Spirit” at noon on Sunday the 6th and immediately following will be offering a workshop called, of course, “Pyramids of Light” for two hours (short version!).


The following weekend, I will be in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the Artemis Centre, offering a three day intensive workshop that  begins with Pyramids of Light and moves forward to teach healing from the Seventh Sense™. I am very excited about this! Detailed info about these and other appearances are available on the shedule pages of my website at http://www.spiritlite.com.  If you wish for me to come to your area, you may contact me via e-mail at meg@spiritlite.com.


Once again, my thanks to each of you for your ongoing interest in this work, you love and your light. I am honored to be of service.


Blessings and Grace,




Online Channeling April 15, 2004


Anshallah, antui ensitu ashae, tui un situ Greetings from what which was, and still is… light.


Dear Ones, we wish to speak of the current times, which are vast in change, and changing vastly. It is that there has begun the inkling of a cosmic shift, that which is one, through your efforts begins in the rising of consciousness. Many of you are experiencing warps in reality. Visions of parallel events to that which you are experiencing in your world. Parallel aspects of you are consciously acting throughout  other dimensions and realities. Many of you are confusing your dream time with your waking states, not certain which event has happened in your waking reality, and which was a dream, or a vision that has come to you.


We tell you this. It is all real. It is that many of you are forefront in your aspects aligning within the wholeness of reality, as you see, there are many, many of each of you, all of whom are living separate yet connected lives among the dimensions. There are aspects of you which are wise and knowing in the realms of being-ness, and there are other aspects of you who are innocent and childlike in your processes, yet, all of you are one and the same. All the those which are you are walking together throughout time and space as you call it.


It is that you are entering 5th dimensional consciousness, well ahead of those who will follow as the vacuum which you are creating will pull them upward into higher states of being.


You would ask, “what are the signs that I am moving into this reality?” It is that many of you, as we have stated, are confusing realities. You are not certain what is happening in your awakening realities, whether you have dreamed events or whether they in fact have occurred on this plane. It is often as it you are on the outside looking in at the world around you. Some of you are experiencing the aboveness. That in which you sense that you are watching your world as an observer from above. In many cases this is so. Others of you feel disconnected, as if you are walking between conscious worlds. You are. You are seeing glimpses of other realities throughout your waking days, and they are in fact truth, simply from a heightened perspective.


Many of you are experiencing issues within your physicalities. You are not sleeping well or much at all. It is as if you do not need as much sleep, as you are infused with light, and that light sustains you. Many of you are awakening to gifts that you have only heard or read about. It is so that these gifts are yours and they are real. You must know that in order to learn how to apply or utilize these gifts, it is only for you to ask and it will be done. But you must accept the truth in who you are. And you must accept that which you are as a vital part of all other things, not one of separateness. Nott one who is isolated from all others. Only that which is in and of the One.


Other issues within your physicality are a sore and stiffness of your necks. You are going through physiological changes. You are expanding the use of your brain matter, and there is a growth of the energy exchanges within you. There within those changes also come chemical interactions that are new to your systems. Some of you are experiencing vague headaches within the very base of your skull areas. Your digestive tracts are either quite over active, or barely moving. There seems to feel, stiffness within your spines at times, and a reluctance of your joints to move in the fashion that you dictate. This is because from within your consciousness you have moved into higher vibratory rates and your physicalities cannot keep up as they are dense manifestations of the reality of you.


In such a way, it is not to resist these changes, or to isolate yourselves in these physical changes, rather to continue to move your bodies and to expect more not less of them. Your physicalities are still operating within third dimensional physics. But this we say to you: That the laws of the universe do not follow the dynamics of physics as are yet known in your dimension, but operate far beyond that which is the speed of gravity or light, both being quite similar. Your physicalities do not respond as readily to the vibrational changes as your conscious does. Your consciousness works beyond light speed.


You are superluminal in nature. There are no barriers, no bonds to that which is the essence of you, that which is created of light and is your true self, that which is your consciousness. In such ways you have traveled throughout eternity, seeking, learning, believing, know all that you have experienced, all that you sense in the background of your conscious selves.


It is so that that which haunts your memories as a sense of more than this not only has existed, but has been experienced by you. As you learn to be of comfort in this changing reality and learn to ride the currents of change in your realities you will find that these realities are on Karmic fast forward. That which you must experience and learn comes and goes powerfully and quickly, shaking your foundation of experience, challenging you. About the time that you begin to “get it” the next change is upon you and you are once again awakened to differences in your existence, in your very beings.


These changes are coming about because you have requested them. Did you not think when you requested a rising consciousness in your world that you would not experience the benefits of those changes? Did you not think that those changes would require an adjustment on your parts? Or did you simply become caught in the idealistic emotionality of everything is love and love is everything? While this is so, when you are moving reality from the base aspects that are exhibited within your world toward that of perfection there must be change. There must be a shaking up of the world as you know it.


There are dark forces which seek to maintain balance and contra balance from other aspects of being. Surely you must know that in all things there remains an above and a below. It is part of the polarization of you as people and as a world, and further, these aspects move throughout much of the universe. Nevertheless, since you are that of perfection, of Light, there is nothing to fear, for that which seeks to destroy perfection cannot touch that which is Light. And as the Light within you and all others grows, there is a power created which is beyond your imagination. One which constantly becomes of itself. A power so great that it is beyond comprehension. That power is you, within you and around you.


Our Beloved brother once described his Father as within you and around you. He said to splinter a piece of wood, and he is there, to lift a rock and you will find him. It is this of which he spoke. That which is Light is the essence of you and all other things. We say then, from the heights of your chosen realities to call upon the light throughout your every moment. Be of the perspective that all that you do, all that you touch, all that you say, shares that Light in every direction that you turn, and further, that Light returns to you through the processes of all creation, back within you, your heart, your soul in such a way as warriors of the Light have moved reality toward conscious perfection throughout all time, so may you exhibit the perfection that you are in this moment and all moments that you are.


Be in peace. That which is the nature of reality is whatever you create from within your perfection. And so it is that we return to Light.


Namaste, Shalom, An’Shallah.



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