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     December 15, 2004


 Online Channeling and Messages   for 2005


  Anshallah, ansitu, asi, asi, asi, dharen neahedre, ensi anhallah en ahanallah analisite’


Greetings to each of you from within the balance of all things, that being perfection within that which is the Light of the One.


We have been asked to share with you that which is of the coming times.  It is that there is much happening and to happen within your world.


It is that your weather patterns will continue to change.   Escalated storm activity will continue and there will be enhanced seismic activity particularly in Alaska, New Zealand, The West Coast of the United States, and there will be newly discovered fault line activity al in the Atlantic Ocean. Volcanic activity will continue to be on the rise, and there will be at least three eruptions of less than minor occurrence. The coast of Japan will experience further earthquake activity and there is a large possibility of tidal wave activity which may result and be felt all the way to the Oregon coast.


The jet stream patterns will show anomalous changes this year and particular attention should be paid to the west coasts of central and south Americas as well as the lower end of California as El Nino effects the ocean currents.


There will be anomalous weather in the area of the Andalusia’s, the South Pacific, particularly Bali and Indonesia.


On the political front, there will be alliances formed and dissipated.   The relationship between Great Britain and the United States will be strained if not severed of current relationships.  North Korea continues to create inconsistent messages to the world and their alliances to China and other countries will strengthen as they begin to become a real threat to international peace keeping.


The “war” in Iraq will continue to deteriorate and supplies and man power will become scarcer.  The people of the military who currently occupy Iraq will show deliberate disagreement to the orders of their superiors.   It is that these men and women will begin to see on a larger scale that there are choices to be made in the name of righteousness which has nothing to do with the current U.S. agenda and to take stands on what is right as opposed to what is said to be right.


It is that within the U.S. there will continue to be a dichotomy of beliefs, of choice of purpose among the people.  There will be seen, many who support and object to the current regime as the implication of forced biometrics, stricter border laws, and homeland security rules begin to further whittle away at the perceived freedom of the people there.  There will be a strong and steady movement which will call for overall change in that country.


There will become further evidence against the US president that personal interests of both he and his surrounding cloak of political and personal alliances have contributed to both their agendas and personal gain.   Investigations will proceed in coming years and evidence of this will be given.


There will be implied by the US government, inferred danger via other third world countries which is touted by he mentioned above as a threat to the security of the US.   It is not that these countries are a threat to the US if left to their own devices.   It is simply that they have passions which do not fit the perception of truth of others.   And assets or a strategic possibility for the benefit of the US and the US dollar as it is valued through out the world, particularly against the Euro dollar and the Yen.  (The US dollar will lose strength in the world markets particularly over the next 8 months).


 The true threat comes when one believes and acts upon the beliefs that one is of greater existence than another whether that is based upon ideals, beliefs, power or otherwise.  If only for a moment it would be recognized that each faction within your world operates from a passion which is perceived as the truth of the culture.   It is only when one challenges the truth of another that conflicts arise and wars begin.   If, for a moment, all beings would consider this one point from a heart perspective perhaps there would be no further need for conflict, for alarms of perceived danger, for constant chaos.   It is that most conflicts are politically or religiously driven and based upon certain agenda which predicate those politics or religious beliefs.


There will be news of extraterrestrial visitation which sweeps the internet. Some of this news will in fact be true.  It is that there will be factual information available on a wider basis, and sightings of unidentified flying objects will be on the rise as will telepathic contact.


It is that there will be an escalation of photo anomalies, particularly on digital formats.   It is that there will be captured more instances of moving light and orbs, as well as indications of sprit beings.  This is because there is a much thinner set of veils which will continue to lessen over the next few years.


There will be a rash of “Awakenings” as some begin to remember that which they know, others will trigger in their rememberings spontaneously.  It is to know that these changes in perceived reality are not new, simply coming to the forefront as there is a universal call for change, for conscious raising of the frequencies upon your planet.


It is that there will be instances of healing which far surpass the common medical practices.   Many of these will be quite public in nature.  There will be changes in the way that the media portrays that which is as opposed to that which is not.  There will be efforts to include information about that which is perceived to be different even though that which is perceived as different is closer to the truth than has been portrayed before.


It is that there will be discoveries this year in quantum physics that begin to show that the consciousness truly is a part of one great beingness, and that all things are indeed created of the same source and make up. In such a way, this will ultimately lead to new and higher methods of treatment for disease, illness and general manifestation of reality.  This will be proven mathematically and depicted further in generally accepted publications.


There will be a discovery of a new and infinite energy source which works in a fluid manner within the universal construct.  This based upon photon energy.   There will be immediate publication of this discovery and then little said as the implications of its uses and applications are explored.    We would ask that responsible awareness of this matter be considered, as what affects anything affects all things.


There will be discovered on archeological fronts, further evidence of the root races.  That which was discovered in Australia this year will, if pursued, exhibit yet another link in the construct of the genome of humanity as a whole.  These beings, while small in stature, sourced from another planetary locale.   They are some of those who were known as the Ka, who lived purely by astronomical and astrological awareness, planning their lives and activities based upon the positions and events within galactic realms.  These beings were of completely natural existence and few obvious artifacts will be discovered... 

There will be further uncovering of ancient civilizations in Central America. One particularly important discovery in Brazil will bring entire new information to that which has been perceived about those civilizations to date.  There lie within that site certain crystalline artifacts which directly relate to the Al Lan Ta, or as it had been misinterpreted, Atlantis.  It is that the artifacts may exhibit damage but due to their anomalous structure and methods of creation and inherent materials will confirm existence on your planet by others from other locales prior to known history.   In such a way, science in your world as well as religions will need to rethink their stories of history and creation.   It is that there have been many beginnings upon your planet.

 There is potential for several meteors of more significant size to strike the planet within the next 18 months. These not by any means of a cataclysmic nature and will strike in the area of Siberia as well as the Pacific Ocean.  If one were to analyze the raw materials from these disseminated heavenly bodies, certain new information regarding structure of composition and mineral relationships may be gleaned from them.  

There will be continued pursuit of cloning in several countries of your world.  What you must know is that cloning seeks to duplicate life forms based upon genetic structure and that genetic structure is unique in each instance.   Each set of genetic materials is harmonically tuned in such a way that that harmonization is indicative of that manifested being and no other.   In such a way, those harmonics cannot exist on a permanent basis and in the cloned structure will degenerate as they become disharmonic among all things in creation.   There will be touted success in this field, but that success is temporary. 

There will be discoveries made on the frontier of hematology in such a way that there comes a synthetic material that can be substituted for human blood.  In such a way this will be based upon certain biochemical and mineral composites which may ultimately result as a beginning of creation of synthetic human structure.   This type of science ultimately leads to the creation of beings of a soulless nature which in the distant future may be designed as work drones or other creations which would be of perceived benefit to human pursuits.  We must tell you that this has been accomplished on your planet far beyond your recorded history and did result in ultimate destruction of the races at the time.

 It must be remembered that human beings have manifested in order to achieve experiences and follow certain processes to achieve ultimate return to Source.   In such a way as humans continue to create from perceived science that which is convenient, and only seeks to preserve the physical nature, what of that which is the truth, the essence of being?      Where will be the support of the conscious soul?  

 There is also the side of that convenience which relieves the experiencer of the very experiences for which they have come.    Do you see?

 Those vortexes which can be found upon your planet which serve as balance points energetically will be performing somewhat differently over the next three years.   It is that they will elongate and become more intense in their presences.   It must be known that those who are accustomed to the energy of those vortexes will encounter surprising intensities within them.   There will be more instances of yin and yang type situations in that there will be many new occurrences of mirrored vortexes.    Double vortexes with one being male, one being female, one being clockwise polarity and one counter-clockwise.   Magnetic north will be given in a different direction from within each of the paired vortexes. 

There will be those who come forward who claim to know the truth of being.   We say to you that those who are in truth need not make claims. They simply are.

 Know that there is nothing fated which cannot be changed by the passion and intent of your creative process.   You are that which is all thing, all things being you. In such a way, you are the creators of the reality that you imagine.

 And so it is that we return to Light.


 Anahllah ensitu achnallah


Greetings Everyone!


Yesterday morning I was outside greeting the day, and as I looked around, I noticed that the air was sparkling! Not just a little bit, but everywhere I looked! Little tiny lights flickering about… It was snowing lightly, and the newly risen sun was touching each crystalline snowflake, kissing it with the promise of the day.


The fist word that came to me was “magic”. Ahhh. The magic of light, of life. And then, as I stood there appreciating what nature was sharing with me, I began to think of the overall scene, and then the idea of each individual light.


Often when we are in our everyday world, we don’t often take time to notice the little things around us. We miss the special things that others have to offer us and perhaps we don’t offer enough of ourselves as we are so driven by our perceptions of life. In the illusions of this world, often we find ourselves feeling needful, perhaps even with a perceived emptiness…


What if, for one moment, we just stood still, all of us? What if, in that moment, we just let ourselves feel whatever that little time brings? And what if, in that little place that is ours united, we took the miracles we found there, and let them become us? Realized that they are us??? And what if, as we began to feel full of our little miracles, we sent that fullness outward? And what if we did that every day? Just a moment of Being. And then a moment of caring about ourselves, everyone and everything else? Perhaps as a whole, we would begin to recognize the perfection within ourselves, our world, all things, and the infinite discovery that we would make is that it is all full, and that fullness is comprised of the love that is us.


Couldn’t we all use a moment of perfection in every day? Repetition is how habits are born. Hmmmm. If we all got into the habit of finding a place of perfect being first one moment then another then another, imagine how we could change our world! It would be Christmas every day! Christ-Mass. Christ consciousness. Pure. Love.


We could choose a time (I personally love the balance and frequency of 11:11) and commit ourselves to consciously contributing to c.h.a.n.g.e.






Growth for



Anyone interested?


Change is always our choice!


I would like to thank the over a million of you who have checked out my website this year, Many of you have written and shared your experiences, your stories, your joys and your pain, and I am, as always, honored to be a part of that process.


If you have e-mailed me recently and I have not responded, there is a two fold reason (because you know I always answer). I have been getting an inordinate amount of spam e-mails which have been junking up my mail, interfering with the delivery of “good” e-mails and due to an electrical storm I had a very sick computer for the last 10 days or so and have not been able to use the computer for much of anything. Well the computer is fixed and after the first of the year I will be changing my e-mail addresses. I will send out those changes to you in a one time special e-mail when I get the changes made.


 I wanted to make this announcement last week, but was unable to do so due to the computer issues. As a very special thank you and to get these great tools out there to as many as possible, I am offering a practical giveaway on some of the CDs offered in my web store (http://www.spiritlite.com/store.htm) As many of you know, the CDs of the Pyramids of Light Healing Series and the Ambiology CDs are all already on sale. If, between now and 12/25/04 you buy any one set of three or any three individual CDs (from either the Pyramids collection or the Ambiology Collection) You will receive a free CD of your choice from any of the Pyramids of Light collection, Ambiology collection or Movement to Spirit™. All you need to do to get your huge discount and free CD is place your order as usual, then in the comments box on your order page, type in which CD you want as your bonus. I will send out orders immediately. Thank you for your support this year!


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As in previous years I have asked the Masters to share their views on the coming year. The following transmission is just that. Interestingly and differently this year, the Masters have elaborated with commentary on certain subjects…Due to the size of the transmission I have included as mush as possible in this e-mail. The rest can be found on my web site at http://www.spiritlite.com/newsletter.htm


I wish you all peace in your hearts, joy in your being and perfection in all that you experience. I am ever grateful for each of you. Blessings, Grace and Love,




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