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November 6, 2004


Greetings Everyone!


Wow, what changes everyone is going through!  I hear a lot this past few weeks, especially this week that many of you in the U.S. and abroad are disappointed with the presidential election here. Some are angry or depressed. I have read some very amusing articles online from very creative sources. I would be remiss if I didn’t give you a wholly different perspective!


If we look at the past two elections here in the U.S. we can get a feel for larger, more globally oriented perspectives. It is as if we have taken the temperature of polarities in a macro version. The political polarization here is nearly 50/50. Consistently. What this says is that there is a balance being sought between that which is Light and that which is not. When I say this I do not mean particularly the candidates in this election, but the ideals. In the arena of our world, we can say that in many societies polarization is evident as well. Whether it exhibits as political, religious or otherwise, there remains little if no middle ground in our world today.


What we see is that just about one half of the people recognizes and asks for change. The other half of the people are content to believe what they are told as Truth, even when that Truth is mere illusion which is being sold to the people of our country and the world arena to beget fear and to control the masses.


So what we have is an opportunity to see how much work there is still to do!   It is not about four more years with the current government administration.   No, it is a mirror to us that we can make a greater difference and we have not, to date, done enough.


Am I being judgmental?   No way. I am standing back and observing that which is.


How many of us know the truth and only share that truth with those who are like minded thinkers, other Light workers?   It is wonderful when everyone agrees, and yes, there is a rise in consciousness, but only to a point.  How many of us said this past election or at other times in the world that we are insignificant and that we alone can’t affect change?   One friend of mine told me last week that a lot of the metaphysical community in her area did not vote because they didn’t want to “give power” to the situation or that they felt it was “all decided” and that they couldn’t make a difference!   So my point of view is that if nothing changes, nothing changes.


 To shift the consciousness, to create a dimensional shift, we, as beings of Light, must share examples of our Light to those who do not yet see past the illusions.  It is not about forcing our opinions on others, rather, to set examples of alternative choices.   To truly live that which we are all the time.  I hear from many people that they are afraid to express their beliefs in their work places, in certain social circles, even at home.   And yet, is that not exactly how we begin to spread our light?


Perhaps the lesson here is that we have the power.   Great power.   But do we have the courage that it takes to utilize that power toward a greater and more loving reality?   Can we change our world?   Absolutely. Will we?   It remains to be about choice.   It is always a choice.


When I think of all the Light Workers all around the globe, and all of the Light that comes with each of us, and I look multi-dimensionally at the combined energy of this,  it is amazing in its brilliance.   Instead of partisan politics, we need a global consortium of people who are truly of the greater good if humanity.   We could call it  P.O.W.  People Of the World.   Ahhh.


All the time we work online with each other, sharing, giving, learning, because it is a safe place to be, often anonymous (except for a few of us who just love to connect with you) and that is wonderful. I say, let’s take these tools out into everyday life and participate in the future of humanity and this world. I will give you an example:


When I left North Carolina, my security, my home, the group with whom I met every week, sharing my gifts, receiving theirs, after many years of predictable existence (which was all grand I might add),   I wondered just how I could continue to walk my path, what that would look like in Washington state where I know no one.


The Masters and I had a standing date to express their messages every Wednesday.  After I arrived in Washington and my husband and I were literally living in a hotel because he was on “temporary assignment”, the Masters began to talk in my head, trying to get me motivated.   Of course it was Wednesday.   I was exasperated because, unlike when we would open within our group back home, there I was, alone in this hotel room, and there They were, continuing our long standing appointment.


I said to the Masters “There is no one here to hear you”. They kept talking anyway.  I said again, there is no one here to hear you”. And still They talked.   Finally, exasperated and truthfully a little annoyed, I spoke out loud to them, sweeping my arm around the room, and said “Do you not understand?   There is you and me and WE HAVE NO AUDIENCE!”   And the Masters calmly replied “Yes we do, YOU have a computer!” Wake up call!!!   I said “of course, I get it”, so I sat down and let them at it.   They brought their messages through and I sent it out in a total of 24 e-mails.   I thought that was a lot.   Amazing.  And what happened next?   The messages got forwarded.   People began to write to me to receive the messages directly.   There are now many, many thousands of people all over the world who either subscribe to the messages or read them on the major news groups.   All because my life changed and I got a new set of instructions and I listened!   And I have to tell you that I am so grateful that you are there, sharing this journey with me!


The only times that we find ourselves struggling is when we resist the changes, the opportunities that we are given as beings.


There are millions of us.   We have the creative power as one unit of intention to create and change that we want.  Let’s work together for the world in which we want to live.  One. Moment.  At. A.  Time.


I am researching the Crystalline Children for an upcoming publication and have a request of you.  If you have a crystalline child, if you are an indigo, I would love to hear your experiences. I would love to have pictures of some of these kids. Can you help? If you do, I would consider your response permission for me to access the child’s energy field for confirmation of the crystalline energies (I would change nothing!) and also to use the photos and information in my publication. So often I receive e-mails with a gazillion questions about this subject, I am putting together information about it for the general public. I greatly appreciate your help! Please send via e-mail to me at e-mail Meg


I just returned home from New York City, where I was recording new CDs with Barry Goldstein. I have to tell you that it was an incredible experience. From the time I was at the Knoxville Airport, an angel appeared to me. She was standing there, her robes mostly white with touches of transparent violet, loving on me and it was fantastic. I knew something wonderful was going on. When I got to the recording studio, she was still there, this time standing over Barry’s shoulder. He could feel here there.


We never have an agenda for the CDs. Barry created some magnificent new music for us to work with. As always, because he channels the music, it fits the Messages of the Masters like an etheric glove.  I asked the Masters to share with us, that which must be given for the greatest sharing of the tools which they offer us. For years, I have been hearing this language in my head, but honestly did not have the courage to share aloud. I thought I might sound ridiculous. And, I couldn’t imagine those sounds coming through my voice. There are a lot of tones and odd sounding words. It is the same language that the Masters often begin their messages with in this newsletter. When I got into the vocal booth, I told the Masters, “Ok, whatever you would like to do, I am here and I am ready.” I closed my eyes, and invited Them to enter. And the language flowed.


As I began recording the voice tracks, the room filled with the scent of roses. The Angel stayed present. And we did several tracks of voices. With each track, the other voice tracks were not playing, so there was not an evident relationship between each recording. And the Masters talked in Barry’s head, telling him what to do with the mixing and editing. When Barry put the voice tracks together, an amazing phenomenon occurred! The voice tracks were actually having conversational Light Language!  They were answering each other with similar words and phrases and then interpreting in English! One part, which Barry decided to use in the special effects, really surprised us because when Barry reversed the tones, the SAME WORDS came out that were on the other three tracks. As Barry played back the music and voice tracks, again, the room filled with the scent of roses. Amazing. Touching.  The whole time I felt as if I was afloat in pure love. The result is now the CD, “Language of Light, Language of Love, the Masters Speak”. To me, it is like listening to messages from home. If there are any linguists out there who want to give me input after hearing this CD I would love to hear from you.


We did two others as well. One is called “Opening the Heart” and is a beautiful journey which teaches the listeners how to open their hearts. The other is called “Opening the Third Eye” and it has some phenomenal new tools to assist people in opening  etheric and intuitive awareness. Thanks to my friend Jill (Thank you Jill!) all of the new CDs as well as the first three are now on my website along with sound bytes! You can order them directly on line. Here is the link to the web page: ORDER CDs HERE!  I wanted to give you a gift from my heart, so what I have done is made ALL of the Pyramids of Light CDs $15.00 each through the end of the year. All of Barry’s Ambiology Series  too. And, if you want 3 CD sets of any of them, sets save you $5.00. They are $40. each. If you buy two sets, you get another $5 off for a savings of $10. Two sets are $75. I hope this helps you. You have been such great gifts to me. Lots of people have been getting these as holiday gifts.  Enjoy. I will be shipping these beginning November 20th.


I am off to Calgary on Monday. I will be teaching Pyramids of Light with the Seventh Sense healing plus an advanced course in the healing work. If you are interested, please contact Holly at the Artemis Centre artemiscentre@shaw.ca Classes are Nov. 11 (11/11 of course!) through 11/14.


We continue this transmission with the new format using questions that you have asked!  As always,  I wish you peace in your hearts, ease in your journeys and love within and around you.







Online Channeling November 6, 2004


Antui anshallah, ensitu, asi, asi, asi. Greetings from within that which is Light.  


Greetings Dear Ones. We come to be of assistance to you. It is that you have asked us many questions, and herein we will answer some of them. We are grateful to have direction from you, for as you grow, we grow as well…


Q: Do we change our current reality or just choose a different reality that already exists in parallel with the current one?


This is an excellent question! And the answer is quite simple. Yes, you change your reality, choosing that which you would experience. You do this by your intent and what you believe that reality to be.   In such a way, you imagine the new reality, projecting that reality out into All That Is, and that which you intend literally communicates through out the null zones, the empty spaces between the particulates which are the fabric of all creation.  As your communication is received along the way, those particulates begin to rearrange toward the new reality.   From the moment that you begin to create those changes, you are then in the process of attaining the new reality.  So, the trick is, to only project that new reality out into the Universal processes just once.    Believe it to be so and therefore it is.   So many humans struggle in their creative processes because they come from a standpoint of being less than perfect, undeserving.   That leads to begging for change and truly, that is not an effective way to create new reality.   It is then to project the intent with passionate confidence, knowing that it is already so, and allowing one’s self to then be led, moment to moment, toward that reality.   When doubts or fears are projected with that reality, there becomes a limitation to the process.   It is closed.   Pass or fail with no greater possibilities.   Instead of making lists with the exact traits that you want your new reality to be, when you project the new reality out into everything, as you do, imagine how you will feel when you attain the new reality.   How will you feel when you have created the perfection in your life that you seek?   Do you see?   Then, in such a way, you are already there.


Q: I understand that the nature of absolutely everything is the same since there is only one source.  Why this display of life?


When one was in and of the Light, there, from where all things come, there was not emotionality as you experience it in your current manifestation. You simply were. Simple Being. The only changes that really occurred were that Light became more Light so the Light grew and ultimately outweighed the Darkness. There was no sense of touch, of a sense of change, because you simply were.  And in that beingness, there was perfection of love, and Oneness which is as if you are love within and around yourself. You were aware of all that was occurring within the One, and there was not real opportunity toward change because you simply were.


In the latest Beginning, when the Light was flung from the Darkness falling upon it, that Light began to seek other fragments of Light which resembled it. In such a way, because of the different levels of frequencies, memories and recollection of darkness, there have been manifestations of reality on many planes. Now, on all planes except the highest and lowest (for different reasons), that Light which has manifested as many realities seeks its source. You could call this circular evolution. For as you move through your manifestations, you move closer and closer to returning to the Source. Rejoining as One true consciousness. One great Light. But this is a process.


As a manifested being, you have the opportunity to raise your vibration from that which has been through your experiences and the choices that you make within those experiences. You can feel with passion. You can choose the experiences that you want. You can touch and be touched. You can laugh and cry.  You can choose the lifetimes that you would like to experience, the relationships, the loves, the lessons you wish to understand and more. As you learn and grow, moving through those lifetimes, those experiences, your frequencies recalibrate closer and closer to that which you were in the beginning. Ultimately most of you will return to being Light. This would complete the circle. But first you must remember who you truly are….


Q: I would like to know when we will all collectively start seeing through the illusion.


Each time that one if you begins to see past that which is not and into that which is in Truth, it becomes easier for the next and the next and the next. The growth becomes exponential. What you must learn as manifested beings is that it is all illusion. As a greater and greater number of you begin to realize this, there will be a moment when the collective consciousness “snaps” together and begins to work in unison. In such a way, you will have shifted the consciousness toward the greater realities which you seek.


Q: Are we actually in 4th dimension now?  I suspect we are in it and it appears to us that we are not there yet.


Many of you perceive from higher dimensional realities. Actually, many of you perceive from fifth, rather than fourth dimensional reality. You see, the fourth dimension is very much like that which is your third dimension. The fourth dimension is basically more emotional and often misleading is that which is perceived there. It is where much of your astral activity takes place, like when you leave your body during your dreams. Those realities are very close to what you experience in your world, but with twists and turns as to the story lines, so to speak. The great amounts of emotionality fool the purity of the intuitive self.


Once you learn to move as above so below, both inwardly and outwardly in your perceptions, you begin to receive immense amounts of Truth, of information and realities become gentler and more like that which was in the Beginning.


Perhaps you have had a Déjà vu experience, swearing to everyone or yourself that you have already been to a place or lived an experience but there you are again, and it is identical or slightly different. That is because on higher dimensions, you have already seen this experience or participated within it. In such a way, you perceived from outside of your current reality then recognized that reality when it came into the third dimensional reality. This would be closer to a description of 5th dimensional reality. Seeing the reality as you would have it then living that reality as you created it..


Q: The one big question I have is about the Shift into the Fifth Dimension.  I've read so many different scenarios, and none of them seem quite 'it' as far as an explanation.  Will the day come when we all suddenly are shifted, and then some of us won't be visible to others and will look around and see a world like the one we have been living in, but without pollution, plastic, and most of the suffering?   Or is this just a gradual process of the world getting more and more loving, with Earth changes and other 'death-causing' incidents taking those who've made the decision not to inhabit a love-based world?



As with all other things, you as beings seek balance in yourselves and your environment. You have had to reach a sort of state of decadence before you truly realized that you need to change what is happening in your selves and your world. You are almost there. As all of you begin to awaken on different levels, there is one collective message being sent out into the universe. All of you want something different, but at this point in your processes, you do not all imagine the same sort of changes. When you as beings begin to work for the collective One, rather than for individualized goals, then, and only then, will you shift the reality into that which you have called Nirvana.  Yes, it is possible. You must focus in a united way in order to attain that higher way of existence. In that existence, you would care not only for yourselves, but for all others and all other things as well. Everything that you would do would be for the greater good. Those earth changes and “death-causing” changes which you have addressed, are an attempt  of your world to establish change and balance where so far there has been none. 

Q: Where did we get the belief that we are separate from God and why would we do such a thing?

 As you began to manifest in the Beginning, you were Light Beings. You communicated energetically, telepathically in concepts rather than words. As the five different root races came to your Earth and began to manifest as more solidly functional Beings, there came a time when there was travel upon the planet, migration so to speak. What occurred was interbreeding of the races and a need for communication, as all were not of the same planetary sources. Communication began as sign language, and imitation of the environment, such as birds and bugs and other creatures that inhabited the New Earth. Later, sounds and then words began to replace the earlier forms of communication. As this occurred, thought processes began to determine the real meanings behind the communications. The beings of those times began to think about how they would be understood and what was being said to them. As a result, all experience ultimately began to be weighed by previous experience. Trust issues formed, and basically the ego began to run the show to the point that you began to forget your natural gifts. In such a way, you began to perceive yourselves as separate from the whole because the perception became that surely your understanding of a given situation was greater than any others. Ultimately you have evolved to the state which you are in now as you come full circle in your evolution. One which is frustratingly human while another part of you begins to remember who you are and from where you have come. In such a way, you experience the duality that so many of you refer to. Of course, this duality is a part of the illusion, for as you truly remember that which you have forgotten, you will begin to comprehend that you are an integral part of the One and that there is nothing else.

 Q: Reading the principles of life and knowing that we need to live and be our Truth, while it sounds simple enough, why do we struggle so much with embracing a concept that would make us feel so good?  Why is it so difficult to let go of ways of being that don't serve us?

 As we spoke a moment ago, you have given yourselves (in your evolutionary processes) a perception of being separate from the whole. That being said, how can you imagine being in and of the One when you believe that you are the One? So you see? If instead, when you call in that perfection, allow it to be what it is, not what you think it should look like. When it is all said and done, there is no booming voice waiting for you to open your etheric ears to give you God’s messages; rather, it is to open your heart space, close your thinking mind, and just be with that which is. Most of you as human beings have a tendency to call in perfection, that which is your true Grace, and then with every ounce of yourselves, question that perfection. In such a way, when you do this, you are not truly looking for perfection, just the experience of it. Do you see the difference? True Grace, true unconditionality is, in all its perfection, shares no sense of individualization and thus cannot comprehend the perception of differences. When you struggle against your truths, it is usually because in some way you are afraid of what might occur if you really opened up. Many of you are afraid of the responsibility of what that might mean in your lives. Others do not feel worthy to “receive” that which comes (Of course it is already within you). Others choose to stay within the comfort zone which they know, facing only familiar challenges which in Truth have nothing to do with pure being. Instead, those zones of comfortable discomfort are only choices to remain in the trauma and drama that your ego and logical selves have created to justify that you are in fact separate from the One. Of course this is not true!

 Q: Am I in existence simultaneously in multiple lifetimes with each soul personality developing and progressing with its own karma, etc.?

 You exist in the form of infinite aspects. In such a way, you are both continuous and contiguous. You exist on other planes of reality, other times, other places, all at once. At the same time, there remains within all of yourselves, a thread of communication which allows you to act in your highest interest so to speak. There is a double helix of energy which moves outwardly and inwardly from your heart space. That helix is segmented just like your DNA. When one or more segments become damaged or broken, the aspect which is related to that segment no longer participates with you – intentionally or otherwise. What might cause this, for example, would be severe emotional trauma. For instance, a child who experiences severe abuse would be traumatized in such a way, that the aspect of that child in that moment fragments and ceases cooperation with the child because it is too painful. That fragmented piece remains closed off until and if the time comes when it is recalled and assimilated back with its group. This, in many ways, also explains the idea of soul groups. When someone who knows what they are doing) does what you call “soul retrieval”, they are locating and bringing back those closed off aspects. This can be a tricky process because those aspects which are cut off from the others remain with the feelings which caused the split in the first place.  Once a being is in full assimilation and balance, they become able to operate from an extremely high functioning place. It is a matter of harmonizing all of one’s aspects.

 Q: When we die and our spirit goes on, do we keep our identities?  Do we remember everything from every lifetime and return to some wise being ourselves?  Is each of us simply a fragmented Master?

 You are unique in all creation. Each of you has a harmonic signature that is different from all others. In this way, you never lose your identity. It is impossible. That being said, yes, when you transition out of your solid manifestation, you are who you are. Period. You remember everything for a short time, depending upon the path you chose from that point on. The closer you get to the source, the less and less thoughts and feelings matter. Instead, it becomes all love. Your Mastery is a matter of choice. It can be found within you. To find this within yourselves, you must first remember your innocence. That which you accepted before you knew the ways of your world. That part of you that trusts wholly and completely and with humility. Then, it is a matter of coming from that place within yourselves and giving yourselves permission to remember and be who you are beyond the obvious. And by the way, you are beautiful!

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. Be in peace.

(To be continued next transmission) 

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