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Online Channeling and Messages       August 30, 2004

Greetings Everyone!

I have been spending time with the Masters again, and it is good to be in their presence. Last week as I changed dimensions, I found myself with a Master at my side. We were in a field that had once been a vineyard, rich and plentiful. As we looked around the field, it was barren. The Master told me that the soil had been abused, that the people had neglected it. As they had found themselves without a means for survival, well, they had simply moved on.

My heart was aching for the waste that had been created of what had been provided as a gift of the land to the people, a natural resource which had been over used and under nourished. I turned to the Master and said that to bring this field back to a fruitful land seemed hopeless, impossible, as nothing was growing there, not even a tree…and what could come of this?

At that point, the Master pointed to the remnants of a strong vine that was sticking out of an embankment. It was a very old root, thick and gnarly, that in its day had been strong and prolific. The Master’s heart reached into my consciousness and said “pick up that which seems impossible to you…”

And so I reached, and I grasped the root, expecting it to take all my might, and… much to my surprise, it slid easily out of the ground…

I knew what was expected of me next. As I grasped this massive root, I held it high and into the Light as the Masters have taught me to do. And as I did, this dried up foundation for great growth became alive in my hand. Vines sprang forth in all directions, growing at a faster rate than I could have imagined. It was as if someone had clicked nature’s fast forward button as leaves would bud, then mature as I watched, and from their stems sprang branches of life, and from those, more and others in all directions.

I was amazed and joy filled me because, I thought, it isn’t impossible to create something out of nothing. And that in that moment, I had made a difference somewhere beyond the reality that is my illusion in this here and now, and I knew that that difference meant more than growing grapes… and I was buoyed by what the Master was showing me…

frequently in our journeys we find ourselves feeling helpless, searching for the right words, the right actions, to change a situation which appears helpless to us. Those situations may involve only us and how we feel about life in those moments. At other times, we meet people who seem empty and lacking faith that they are anything but their current circumstances. And often we walk away from situations because we do not feel that we have the tools within is to change them, or we do not want to become involved because it might be too hard for us.

What the Master was reminding me of is that no matter how things look or feel to us, there are always answers and they are in the Light that is within us. We just have to reach out and take that which is of discomfort and hold that person, situation or ourselves to that Light and nurture ourselves, give ourselves the experience of perfection that is within that Light, and allow ourselves to fill with the grace of the One. 

When we hold that which we perceive as imperfection high into the Light, nothing is impossible and everything is perfect in that moment. Perfection is something that we allow ourselves to receive when in truth we already have it. Hmmm.

Another thing that the Masters and I have been talking about is that they want to hear from you. When I first accepted this assignment, one of the questions that I asked the Masters was “What will I say to the people when they come”. And the Masters replied to”…tell them what they want to know”. And so I ask, what is it that you would like to ask the Masters?

I have created a special e-mail address for you to send your questions. For now, please limit your list to three questions as simply written as possible.  I will address as many as I can during each transmission. So, depending upon the number of responses, it may take a while to get everyone’s questions answered!  The e-mail address to send your questions is:


You will receive an auto-response acknowledging receipt of your e-mail. Please don’t write anything but questions for the Masters to that address.

I have had quite a few e-mails telling me that some of you are not getting the transmissions. I have made some changes to my lists and do hope this will solve that problem. Thank you for your patience!

I want to thank all of you who have been purchasing the Pyramids of Light  Healing CDs, the book and other tools that are offered on my web site and through these newsletters. Several of you have written asking if you can still get the special prices. The answer is yes, and there is an order page later in this e-mail. 

I have updated my schedule which has turned into a very busy Fall.  In September I will be in Clayton, GA (Labor Day weekend), and the Masters will be talking to the group there Friday night at 7:00. I will be doing healing sessions on Saturday and Sunday. I will be in Franklin, NC the next weekend and then in Austin, TX at the end of the month. All specific info can be found on the schedules pages on my website at http://www.spiritlite.com.

 As always, I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service to you. I recognize your perfection! Be in peace.

Namaste   Meg

Online Channeling August 30, 2004

 Note: This is a transcript of a recent live Channeling in a group setting. Because the group format is much longer than the transmissions I usually do for the purpose of this newsletter and would likely be too large for most of you e-boxes, I have begun with the first several pages in this transmission in addition to the table of contents. To view this Channeling in its entirety, please go to http://www.spiritlite.com and click on “Current Channeling and Messages”. Thank you


Many of You Have Taken the Standpoint of Your Journeys >From a Viewpoint of Victimhood.

Your Experience is Of Your Own Choosing.

You Attempt to Live Your Lives by the Value Systems of Others and Lose Sight of That Which Is In Your Own Heart

Be Aware and Open To That Which Is Coming.

Create a Harmonic Alignment From Within All Your Dimensional Selves and Become a Powerful Creator

Have Faith in What You Put Forth.

There is Nothing You Cannot Do As Your Own Creator

Find the Truth Within Yourself and Nothing Can Damage You.

The Words of Other People Are Just Tools for Manipulation or Expression of Their Own Inadequacy 

When You Give Your Power to Others, Take On Their Untruths, Your Energetic Points Begin to Fragment

What Begins to Occur Are Uncertainties.

You Attract Negativities From the Environment and Other Beings.

You Begin to Not Hear the Universal Process.

Not All Beings Have All Tools For Healthfulness or Communication or Relationship.

You Are Light Manifested; You Are a Harmonic Arrangement of Particulates of Light

Earth Also Responds to Imbalances

Heightening of Activity Amongst The Ring of Fire

Glacial Ice is Melting; Oceans Are Rising

Coronal Mass Ejections From The Sun Compress and Then Release You.

Your “Stuff” Comes Up.

Establish Balance Within You and Around You By That Which You Have Done Within.

Change Your World By Doing Your Part As a Part of the One Toward Expanding Consciousness.

When Critical Mass is Reached, There Becomes a Shift of the Consciousness.

When You Came, You Were Beings of Light

You Had to Learn to Survive and Communicate.

You Began to Lose Touch With Your Knowings.

Some of You Are Beginning to Reawaken, to Come Full Circle to That Which You Are.

When You Transcend This Type of Beingness, You Take All the Information of Your Experience.

You Have Become Needful of Proving What is “Yours” and What “Belongs to Another”

Whales and Dolphins Speak the Language of Truth, of the Beginning.

Pain in Hips - Changing of Belief System..

How Am I Doing Along My Journey to Find Balance?.

Imagine Yourself As A Spiral

Reach for the Light and Bring It To Your Self

Why Are We Here In the Physical?.

Consciousness Growth Rate is Second to None In the Universe.

There Has Never Been a Species That Was So Intent on Destroying Itself

We And Others Have Come To Be of Assistance.

Daughter is Crystalline One.

Question About Immigration??.

Desensitization to Cultural Aspects is a Way of Coming Together, But It is Mindless.

Honor That Which Are The Beliefs and The Needs of Each Culture.

When You Have Become Entirely Deculturalized, Then You Have No More Reason To Be Here.


Many of You Have Taken the Standpoint of Your Journeys From a Viewpoint of Victimhood

CH:  We are most appreciative of the opportunity to be with you at this time... It is that we must tell you that each of you in your own ways, as you have been speaking, are taking your own particular journeys.  Many of you have taken the standpoint of your journeys as from a viewpoint of victim hood, that your experience must be a certain way because it has been said so and that you must accept your experience in such a way that that is what you get and that is all you get.


Your Experience is Of Your Own Choosing

         Dear Ones, we tell you this:  it is not that way at all!  It is that your experience is of your own choosing.  That which is the power of you - that which is all things and all things being you, is that which is there to guide you.  It is not that, shall we say, the wishes or the values of any others should ever guide that which you are, but rather that which is in your heart and that which is coming forward to you to say to you what your true feelings are.


You Attempt to Live Your Lives by the Value Systems of Others and Lose Sight of That Which Is In Your Own Heart

         It is that often you are attempting to live your lives by the value systems of others and lose sight of that which is in your own heart, that which is the Truth in your own value, that which is what makes you happy and feel in wholeness.  In such a way it is very easy to lose track of one’s own sense of self and one’s own sense of beingness and, even further, one’s own validation and worthiness based upon the outside influences of others and other situations.


         It is for you to know that you are whole, well, and perfect just as you are in any given situation and in any moment.  And in each and every moment are a myriad of possibilities for you to follow, or that will be presented to you, if only you have allowed yourself the relaxed state of awareness in order to hear that which is coming to you.


Be Aware and Open To That Which Is Coming

         If you give yourself an awareness of that which is coming, if you allow yourself to be open to that which is your experience – the one you are looking for and the one you are asking for – in such a way, then, it is so.  You have the power to be that which is your own creator from any level, any aspect of beingness, that you choose.

You, each of you, are dimensions of beingness.  Each of you is an aspect and another and another and another.  Throughout all reality you exist.  In such a way, then, it is simply to call upon all aspects of yourself in any given moment to manifest that which you wish, that which you intend, that which you need.

Create a Harmonic Alignment From Within All Your Dimensional Selves and Become a Powerful Creator

In such a way, then, if you have created a harmonic alignment from within all of your selves, and all of your selves are working from a standpoint of oneness rather than a scattered lack of focalness, then in such a way you become a powerful being who may create any and all things by simply believing in them.

Have Faith in What You Put Forth

It is that, by utilizing that which is the Universal process, in such a way you are communicating clearly and completely within that process of that which you intend to create.  In such a way, then, it has been created by virtue of the fact of your own power and your own lack of doubt.  You must have the faith in what you have put forth in such a way, then, that you are creating any and all reality simply because you have thought it, you have meant it to be.

And as you begin to expand this awareness within yourself, it becomes instantaneous or nearly instantaneous.  That which you need, that which you believe, that which you know to be true, simply is because you have given it to the Universe and you have opened yourself to the allowance of this occurrence.

There is Nothing You Cannot Do As Your Own Creator

In such a way, then, there is nothing you cannot do as your own creator.  That which is the Light of creation, that which is the Light of the Source of the Beginning of all things, is that from which you are created.  In such a way, then, it is simply to call upon your aspects of perfection, your aspects that are contained from and of the Source, in that which is Light, in such a way that you are in harmony with all things.  For that Light carries frequency, and within those frequencies are communications, are points of light, of information, that come to you in such a way that you can create and be anything that you wish.


Find the Truth Within Yourself and Nothing Can Damage You

It is quite simple, actually; it is quite simple.  For that which you are is Truth – nothing less, nothing less.  In such a way, then, if you are in touch with that aspect of yourself, if you have found that Truth within yourself, then you have found your perfection.  And by operating from that standpoint of perfection, no one can damage you, because you are not in and of the body that you have inhabited this time.  That is a temporary affectation of that which is your experience in this moment in this now in this dimension on this plane, and so forth.

The Words of Other People Are Just Tools for Manipulation or Expression of Their Own Inadequacy

But rather you are an eternal being who is having an experience as a human being in this moment.  In such a way, then, to understand this completely also says to you that since you are infinite, there is nothing that anyone can do to harm you.  Those words, those harshnesses which other people will give you are just tools for manipulation of your self.  It does not mean you have to accept them into your reality, for if you are in a state of perfection you know them to not be true.

You know these words of untruths to be nothing more than attempts at control or manipulation of that which you are or, conversely, an expression of someone else’s own inadequacy – that they have given you this information in such a way that it would make you seem more inadequate to them.  In such a way, then, your lives can be no less than perfect if this is what you give to yourself.

When You Give Your Power to Others, Take On Their Untruths, Your Energetic Points Begin to Fragment

In such a way, we wish to speak to you for a moment about what happens to you when you do give that which is the power of yourself to others, at least through your perception.  It is that, within your construct, your energetic self, you have many points of interest that are, shall we say, energetic powerhouses – those things which you call your chakras and those other situations of energetic exchange throughout not only your physicality, but the surrounding areas as well:  the axiom points, the joining points of the grids that are of levels and levels around you and within you, that are your exchange points of energy.

In such a way, when you take on the untruths of others as your own and begin to believe them, those which are your major energetic points begin to fragment.  Those which are your beliefs in one aspect will move to one area.  Those of another truth will move to another area.  And those which are that which is your Truth and Belief, even if you aren’t aware of it, will move to another aspect.

And so what begins to occur is a fragmentation of your energetic system – each in different areas where the energy would be relayed or transferred or moved clearly through your physicality and through your energetic selves, in such a way that the communication would have been complete and the current, so to speak, would have been consistent.  However, because of the affectations that you have created within your selves, you now have a dysfunctional system of energy.

What Begins to Occur Are Uncertainties

What begins to occur are uncertainties.  You begin to have occurrence of lack of ability to make decisions, to remain focused.  Your energetic patterns begin to fluctuate.  At one moment, you will begin to feel as if you are of high energy.  And at the next, you are low and slow.  In one minute, you are emotionally high and joyous, and in the next you are in a slump.  These are signs and signposts of that which we are speaking.

For when you become imbalanced within yourself, you begin to become imbalanced in many other ways that you do not see, but you feel inherently, and you exhibit by symptomologies as well.  In such a way, then, from there you begin to reorganize the way that you are energetically constructed, so to speak.  You begin to create blockage within yourselves, or conversely, you will find areas within yourselves that will become overcharged, overenergized – those areas within yourselves that begin to hurt or manifest illness.

You Attract Negativities From the Environment and Other Beings

You will find that you also attract negativities from the environment and other beings.  Those too begin to attach to you and to cause other affectations within you.  It is that what you are creating is a chain reaction of dysfunctionality within your own beingness, do you see?  By not allowing yourself to operate from within your own Truth, you are creating one general energetic mess in that which is your infinite self – not your soul self, but everything that is in and of it, that is between this you and that you, so to speak.

You Begin to Not Hear the Universal Process

And so it is that your communication with your higher self, that which is your self that truly came to have this journey, begins to be affected.  You begin to not hear the Universal process.  You begin to feel off-center.  You begin to feel a lack of direction or a sense of not having the skills or the tools to move forward within your journey.  It is because you have lost your sense of balance, and you have given up your awareness by basically betraying yourselves in the belief that that which is external or from others is Truth to you.

Not All Beings Have All Tools For Healthfulness or Communication or Relationship

In such a way, then, it is to understand that each and every being has a certain state of functioning, a certain state of awareness, and a certain set of tools that they have to work with.  Not all beings have all tools that are necessary for healthfulness or communication or relationship or many other affectations that may come about in interaction in this world.

In such a way, then, often you are looking to beings who are not whole and well in and of their own perception – not that they are not within their hearts, but of their own perception – that are giving you information that is not true to start with.  It is not Truth.  It is not that which is of the One, but rather that which is of the ego or the thinking, the mental, self, which has attempted to quantify that which is immeasurable.\

Because when it comes to Truth and the Knowings and that which is the reality of you as an essence, as a being that is eternal, there is nothing measurable or quantifiable.  It is nothing that you can put into a nice, neat little package and take home.  Because that which is truly you is infinite.  That which is truly you is beyond anything that you can imagine, because that which is truly you is that which is Light, as we said, of the Beginning and of all things.

You Are Light Manifested; You Are a Harmonic Arrangement of Particulates of Light

It is simply that you are Light manifested.  You are a harmonic arrangement of particulates of Light that have gathered because they recognize the frequencies of one to another.  And they have come as you in this physicality to have this experience.

In such a way, then, those frequencies, those aspects of you which are Light, are quite sensitive to the changes which you allow to occur within yourself because you are accepting the energies of other people, for whatever reasons as we have mentioned above, in such a way that you begin to re-harmonize yourself.  You begin to change the harmonics within yourself until you become disharmonic within yourself.  You begin to manifest illness.  You begin to show affectations of pain or countless other symptomologies of unperfection, lack of healthfulness even though, within your center, you are perfect.  You do not believe it.  Do you see?

Earth Also Responds to Imbalances

It is also that many of you have spoken to us, and many have spoken to us in our journey throughout this process, of concerns for that which is your planet, that which is the Earth upon which you inhabit.  We tell you this:  she does respond to that which is the consciousness of those beings who are upon her and among her, so to speak.

It is that, when there is heightening of the energetics, of the chaos, upon this planet, that which is the planet begins to respond from within to create an energetic balance within herself in order to sustain her own existence and to keep her own existence maintained.  It is that, as the chaos heightens and the consciousness heightens – in this world, both are happening at the same time at this moment – you are going to begin to see imbalances within the Earth herself.

To read the rest of this Channeling, please go to:


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