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Online Channeling and Messages   (below)


Greetings Everyone!

 I have a habit of sitting out on the deck of our new home in order to feel the sunrise. It is always a powerful moment as the sun crests the horizon, and I am energized within its perfection. It is a moment that happens only once a day, and the energies are not only exquisite, they are the purest light energy that we can get in our physical world.


Recently I got outside a little early and it was still quite dark. I sat for a few minutes in silence and then to my left a rooster crowed. He was quite confident in his efforts! To my right, just after the first one, another rooster began to crow, and the two began a loud competition to greet the morning. “The morning has come! Hear me now!”


In all of this fantastic enthusiasm, directly in front of me, quiet and confident, began the hooting of a large owl. Hoot! Hoo Hoo hooooo!  And again: Hoot! Hoo Hoo hooooo!  And so it went the three of them in this strange and beautiful harmony. A triad of song that became me, and I the moment. One would think first of discordance in this combination of songs, but I must say that this was a priceless symphony that was a once in a lifetime experience!


In a way, it was as if time had stopped, and neither the morning nor the night was quite yet present. Yet there they both were, surrounding me in the most glorious song. There were the egos of the roosters, baying to be noticed like we all do at times, one against the other screaming “notice me! Notice me!” And the magic of the owl, with its quiet reminder which questioned “Who… are… yoooooou???”


I began to think of the timelessness that we all seek within ourselves, that which simply is, and that which we strive to be. To become in that golden moment, merged with the Light… Everything and nothingness, and yet when we rejoin that place within ourselves, that formless sense of being  takes us just for a moment, or any measurement of time, out of our bodies and into the Light, and we are neither here nor there, we just are.  And in that primordial stillness is a life so rich it is nearly…but… not… quite… tangible, yet we feel it. Because it is us.


Do we feel the light in a loud way, announcing to the world that we are perfection in the way that the roosters crowed in timelessness, or do we carry it mightily and quietly, singing softly to ourselves of this now and the One?  Or do we somehow find balance between the here and the there as we walk between the worlds, bringing both places into unison and carrying that perfect balance throughout each moment that we are?


If we can remember from one moment of each day to the next and into the night that there is a place within us that carries in its lack of time, nothing and everything, then we can take that perfection into every one of our moments of being and in doing so create our own unique symphony just as did the owl and his rooster friends.


It becomes of harmony. Finding that harmony within our selves and sharing it with others as the morning did with her night…Perfect Oneness.   Ahhhh.


As always, I am grateful to each of you for sharing this work and being such large parts of the reasons that keep me coming back. Each of you is a treasure in my heart, my everything. Be in peace, be that which you are and be proud of it!





Online Channeling


An a hallah anshallah ensui antahalla tui en sit e anhallah asi asi asi

Greetings from the center of being to the outer edges of all being.  It is that we have come to speak to you again and are grateful for the opportunity to be of assistance to you!


Dear Ones, It is that there is much happening in your world.  There are many changes which are occurring from within that which you are to the environment in which you live.  It is that in all that is, conflicts of being arise at every turn as those of the light transcend toward that which is the essence of all beingness.


Many of you have noticed that the 11’s and the number trinities have become most prevalent again. This is because energetically you are stepping through gateways to higher realities. Through the illusions and into that which is Truth. Further, you are choosing to stand within that truth, no longer willing to accept  compromise upon or within your journeys, rather, feeling within you an insistence to complete that for which you have come.  In such a way, you have begun to see things differently.   The numbers are coming forward to remind you of this.


That of the 3-3-3, the triple trinity which relates to you the essence of the pyramids, the combination of you, the One and you as a perfect being.  The perfect trilogy, the trinity of being.  This reminds you of your aspects within the One, that you are not individualized, rather, that you are an integral part of All That Is.


That which is the 4-4-4 comes to you as a reminder of man’s insistence of being individual but at the same time, a reminder that all man’s aspects within other dimensional realities, when aligned, total a perfection of existence that moves far beyond this dimension and into infinite being which can be brought to this now, this living, this reality.  It is from these aligned aspects that you have the ability to create miracles, instant manifestation and complete healing of yourself and others.


That which is the 9:11 reminds you of the lack of balance within your world.  That which is the escalation of the ascended mind over those who have chosen not to become of higher vibration.  In such a way, there remains this in between time when balance is sought and choices are made.   Even those who appear to make choices that lead to negative outcomes are participating within the process of the One, as they are doing their parts toward forcing the balance that must occur within your world.   In such a way it is to know that every choice is perfect in the moment in which it is made.


That which is the 11:11 signals to you that which is the perfection of balance, that which is a full circle of form and formlessness.  That which is the timelessness of all creation and everything within that creation.   It is to remember the balance within, the balance around and the balance of.   In such a way, you become the balance that you seek.   That which is the 11:11 also is an aspect to remind you that there are gateways and star gates which are open to you for the first time since the last time which was countless millennia ago.  In such a way, you have access to greater aspects of yourselves and that of the infinite One.   You may access these doorways from your higher states of consciousness and travel within the corridors of the infinite now and bring back to your third dimensional awareness all that you choose to remember.


But it is not to become focused upon the numbers.  They are simply tools for you to remember that which you already know.   It is that these numbers all factor down to the only one that is important within the scheme of all things.   That being the number 1.   That number which contains all others, that number which simply is and represents all things.


To and of yourselves, you continually attempt to understand the signs of the One around you and yet, you do not listen with the ears that you were given, rather you listen with those ears which are visible upon your heads.   Look for those ears which reside within you for it is there that you will begin to hear that Truth that you seek, for it seeks you as well.


Those who have ears will hear that which is the harmony of all being as it continually changes its symphonic resonance within each of you as your frequencies become heard within the measure of beauty that just is.  When you have affected that harmony within yourselves, you will know that of which we speak for you will then speak it for yourselves!


It is also that we speak to you of the changes within your world. It is that as we have spoken previously, that which is the ring of fire has become of certain instabilities which are causing occurrences in many places. In such a way, these occurrences are wreaking havoc upon many peoples.


It is to know that these events will increase as your time moves forward and there will, as symptoms of these occurrences, begin to be other changes as well. That which is the weather will consist of many changes, irregular and seemingly unstable patterns that will cause further consternation upon the peoples of your planes. There are ice shelves which are responding to the changes in your atmosphere by breaking off and melting. This, ultimately will change the levels of your oceans as well as your climactic patterns around your planet.


To many of you this is not news, it is simply to remind you to be diligent in your own parts of the process, contributing back to your planet that which you have taken. To avoid polluting that which you breathe, that which you eat and that which is your general environment, for it is that same environment which sustains the very lives that you are living.


In such a way and after a point, it is you, your neighbors, your chosen families and no others who will be there to assist you for this situation is much greater than that which has been its cause.


You see, for every disregard by corporate or money oriented companies that is committed upon this planet, the damages escalate exponentially. For every emission of toxic substances into your water, your air, your world, there are greater damages done which are immeasurable. Your ecosystem is a fragile and living organism of which all of you are a part.


That which is the activity of ring of fire is only a symptom of the very things of which we speak. Since all things, including yourselves and your planet are ultimately  created of energy, as damages are done, those energies, by universal law, must maintain balance. When the destruction of the environment and a lack of consciousness of the people upon the planet become far out of balance, those energies will take on balancing upon simpler terms: That which is to sustain whatever life it can support. In such a way, you will see within your lifetimes, exhibitions of a planet that is intent upon saving itself and only those whom it can sustain.


Be cautious of your endeavors. Work with your planet. Give her that fuel which she needs to sustain herself and you as well.   It can be done.   Many of you are doing this already.


And so it is that we return to Light. Be that which you are, all things, all things being you.


For when the pure of heart meets with the pureness of being in all its innocence is born an existence of harmony with all things…





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My friend Bett Wexler and I are going to be doing a weekend series of workshops the third weekend of April, which will begin with an introductory gathering on Friday evening, April 16th . The workshops will begin on Saturday and run through Sunday, April 18th, 2004. We are still developing the itinerary for the weekend and I will have that in my next newsletter. The weekend will be held at the Center at Rose Creek in Franklin, NC. There will be rooms available as well as meals. I do know that Bett will be sharing a mandalla making workshop which will allow you to connect visually with your soul self. I will be teaching about conscious manifestation, how to work within the universe, rather that “at it”, as well as the Movement to Spirit workshop which teaches you to leap into multi-dimensional consciousness. We are planning many activities including a drumming circle, a Sufi dance meditation, and possibly a live Channeling or two. Anyone who is interested in this weekend can write to me at meg@spiritlite.com.


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