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       January 2004

"New Year ~ New Power"

I thank you Lord for your love and your light as I call forth the highest Angels to bring information that is clear, helpful and useful for today for those reading these words. I thank you for your protection as I do so. And I thank you that I am that clear and pure channel of love and light. Amen and Amen!

2004 is your year of Power. Each one of us has power. We have power to affect change in our lives and others. The Angels had to withdraw some of their energy from the earth plane during the end of December 2003 through the first week of January 2004 to allow a transference of energy to come into this plane for each and every soul to utilize from now on. Did you notice a difference during the last few weeks? Were the Angels quiet in your life? Maybe you could still feel their presence but it was different. I asked my Angels what was going on and they told me about this transference of energy. So the Angels explained that they had to withdraw somewhat so that we could receive this energy. Each of you received an amount of energy according to your spiritual development in the last year. This will enable you to have a more clear connection. It is similar to switching cell phone providers for a different service that has more towers so there will be less dropped calls! Now that you know that this has been provided for you, you can look back over the past weeks and see that is why you have been feeling tired and disconnected. And you thought it was because you were doing too much during the holidays! You have to get used to carrying around this new higher energy. And you will, it just takes time. Be gentle on yourself and allow yourself to rest. Trust me, the dishes will still be there tomorrow.

You have always had power. And now you have more. The key this year is remembering to use it instead of reacting the same old way to situations. Does your spouse still push all your old buttons, even though you were sure you had spiritually progressed passed them? Are you tired of thinking you are the only one who is trying to be a better spiritually minded person and your spouse is out to convince you and the world you are anything but? Go have a nice long talk and cry to your Angel. Tell your Angel everything you really want to say to your spouse. Get emotional. Get it all out. Then send your Angel over to speak to your spouse's Angel. What they do when these Angels get together is they filter out all of the ego statements and change the message to love. And then your spouse's Angel filters the love message down into your spouse's consciousness. Wait 3 days. (I was told it was similar to Jesus being in the tomb 3 days. It takes that long to get spiritual information integrated into a person's consciousness.) Then you can either bring up the situations that were bothering you and the conversation goes smoothly, or your spouse will (to your surprise!) or it will no longer be an issue. I have used this myself and with a lot of clients and the feedback I am receiving is encouraging. You can use this in any situation with another person; friend, co-worker, child, family member, etc. because it does not take away anyone's free will. Harboring anger or resentment is not good for your body or your spiritual walk. It is a heavy weight that you carry. And you are getting the benefit of releasing heavy feelings out of your system. This is a win-win situation.

You now have more power to call forth what you need or desire into your life. It is amazing how many people think "yeah, yeah, that is You! I can't do that!" Well, I am here to tell you that with God, no one is better than the other. All of us have the same opportunities. Your part is to choose to participate and utilize these opportunities to the highest extent possible. Let's say that you are having financial difficulties. Hard to imagine I know, but just stick with me. If you had financial setbacks all your life, then it is safe to say that it was karmic related and you brought that lesson into this life. So first, with the changes that occurred in the Universe between 2000 and 2003, you are no longer the same person. Your karmic ties have been severed. So you no longer have to go through that lesson. You can choose to have it remain in your life. But why? What I would suggest if this is describing you, is for you to do this exercise:

Stand in an inside doorway that has a door that can completely close shut.

Take a deep breath.

As you are standing there state "This is the old me with all my burdens and worries about money; every issue I have carried up until this very moment."

Take a deep breath.

Step over the threshold of the door.

Take a deep breath.

State "This is the new me! I am now financially abundant in all areas of my life!"

Close the door behind you.

Look at the closed door.

Take a deep breath.

From now on every time an old financial situation comes up that looks like something you used to go through in the past, you remember that closed door and change it. Use your power. You can call forth your Angels to assist you before you make a phone call, pay a bill, call a client, etc. Handle the situation as the "new you" would for it is all truly behind you, it is your past life. I know I recently added that exercise to my website but it is so important that the Angels wanted me to put it in again so that everyone would have another opportunity to do it. Move past these issues. Use that ceremony for anything that is holding you back from the new life that is right here, right now for you!

Go ahead. Start using your power today. Remember to call on your Angels. If you don't like what you see in your life, change it. You can make a difference. If you want to learn more, ask the Angels a lot of questions. They will answer them! That is what I did. I asked my Angels a lot of questions; I am always hungry to learn more. That is why I am here today writing to you. I have always been curious as to what, when, where, how and why. This is a great opportunity for me to share with others what I learn. You try it!

Many Blessings to you, *Christina*

Here is a channeled message from the Archangels for you:

"Greetings! We are here with you now. Yes, right at this time. Even if you are reading this in what is considered the future of the channel typing this. We are with you. Close your eyes and feel us all around you. Breathe deep. Feel the peace and the love of being at oneness, with One. There is much to say yet there is little to say for you already know all that you need to know. So we shall start out with this..."remember." Remember that which you already know. There is much power inside of you. There are times during your life that you may feel as the victim. You feel that things are outside of your control but this is not so. You are completely in control, for this is your life. This is your reality. If you do not like the way your reality is going, change it. In 2004 of your years, you will see much change in response to what you have been seeking and asking for during the last 6 months. Some of you have figured out that there is no time and can bring things into your life that you need immediately. Others are learning how to do so. Be patient with yourself. For this is not a skill you are learning, it is one you are remembering. "As you think, so shall you be." "As you state it, so shall it be." Since you have graduated up to a new level, you do not have the limitations that you once had and these things do come easier to you. You are not separate from the Source; you are at one with the Source. That is the grand illusion. You have traveled many miles, many years to be here at this point in time. You have hidden your true self well. Now is the time to come out and use what you have learned and remembered over the many lifetimes that you have traversed. Bring the knowledge into the now and use it to further your own spiritual development and further humanity to gain access to the ultimate goal.

Some of you are still trying to do things in the old way of thinking through your brain to your soul. An easier way to now manifest things in your life and to further your spiritual development is to feel your way through your heart chakra. Have you noticed that the more that you do this, your heart seems to expand? You will get a physical sensation in the heart area. In this new energy, your heart is expanding to accommodate all of the energies that now have to flow through it. Your chakra is also becoming larger. Picture your chakra as being in a somewhat flat cylinder shape. What happens when you begin to utilize this area is it expands and becomes a box shape. It expands and deflates much like an accordion, depending on the usage. The hope is that you will be able to maintain the energy to keep it open all the time. Many lightworkers and healers have already felt this sensation in their heart. Imagine lips on your heart when you ask and call forth things into your life. Imagine ears on your heart when you listen for the answers to your questions. You will be amazed at the results.

Wake up and see and hear what is going on. There is much change here. It is not coming. Change has arrived. You have that which you seek. For it is right in front of you. See things with the different eyes that have been given you. See that you have new lives. Yes, they are different. 2004 brings with it stability to many but for some of you there are still changes to come that you had not allowed in 2003. These changes are necessary for you to join the millions of others that are celebrating their new life. You can have those things that you seek, that you have always wanted. You don't have to have the old issues stay with you. We can provide support and comfort while you make this transition. We don't wish to leave any behind in the transition to this new life. But humans do have a choice due to free will and of course, there is no judgment. In love, we wish to provide everything we can to make this wonderful journey of your life the best that it can be while still allowing you to learn and remember what is necessary to catapult you closer to your ultimate goal. This lifetime is still about completion for many of you. You are pulling together of many lifetimes of knowledge and putting it all together. The rewards of doing so are awaiting you each step of the way.

Our blessings of love and light travel to you with this transference of energy that has just arrived on the earth plane. Remember we are always here to assist and are but a thought away.

Until we talk again, Your Angels"

May you be blessed with the knowledge of the power you have,
*Christina*    www.CreatorMediator.com

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