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The NEED of the HOUR
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Harmonic Concordance was a tremendous success, and the Light of Divine Consciousness is now flowing through the hearts and minds of awakening Humanity in ways never before experienced. This victory was accomplished through the unified efforts of hundreds of thousands of Lightworkers all over the world and the entire Company of Heaven.  Now the year 2004 is providing each of us with opportunities beyond our greatest imagination.

From outer appearances, it may look as though nothing much has changed, but that is an illusion. Everything has changed, and nothing on Earth will ever be the same again. We are moving forward in the Light, and there is no turning back.  As I have mentioned many times, these changes occur first in the Realms of Cause and then filter into the world of effects.  The physical plane of Earth is the very last dimension to reflect the changes.  Once something has occurred in the Realms of Cause, however, nothing can prevent it from manifesting in the physical plane.  The only question is how long it will take, and that is up to you and me.

In order to realize the full magnitude of the opportunities 2004 is providing, we need to shift our awareness slightly. Instead of looking at the outer world and accepting the chaos and confusion existing there as our reality, we need to remember that the physical plane is just a reflection of Humanity's consciousness.  Now that the limitless flow of Divine Consciousness is available to every person evolving on Earth, we have the ability to easily create a new reality.  The sooner Humanity accepts that Truth the sooner we will manifest the perfection of Heaven on Earth, which is our purpose and reason for being on the planet at this time.

During Harmonic Concordance, the archetypes of Humanity's miscreations back to the initial impulse of the fall were shattered and transmuted into Light.  Those archetypes included the distorted patterns of all of the maladies that are now existing on Earth.  Our thoughts and feelings are creative, so we still have the free will to hold on to those old thoughtforms and to recreate those gross mutations, but if we choose to create something wonderful and positive instead, it will now be infinitely easier.

What this means very practically is that even though we may have tried and failed in the past to change negative situations in our lives, those same situations are now going to seem much less daunting.  Without the miscreated archetypes from aeons ago empowering and sustaining our negative thoughts and feelings, we will experience much less resistance.  From now on, every effort we make to improve the quality of our lives will be much more effective, and this time we will succeed. 

With the influx of Divine Consciousness from Harmonic Concordance now flowing through our newly-opened 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras, our 12 Solar Strands of DNA are being recalibrated into 5th Dimensional circuits of communication. This healing activity is reestablishing Humanity's ability to commune with the Realms of Illumined Truth through open-heart and open-mind telepathic communication.

Once Humanity reconnects with the Realms of Truth, we will remember that we are ALL sons and daughters of God, and we will realize that ALL life is interrelated, interconnected and interdependent. In that Realm of Divine Consciousness, we KNOW that every thought, word, action or feeling we express affects every facet of life in the whole of Creation.  We clearly understand that our peaceful, loving thoughts and feelings bless and enhance all life while our discordant, hateful thoughts and feelings create havoc and cause problems for all life.

Once the Divine Wisdom and Knowledge from the Realms of Illumined Truth registers in Humanity's conscious minds, it is impossible for us to justify harming ANY other facet of Life for our own personal gain.  It becomes blatantly obvious that only by working for the highest good of All concerned will we experience true and lasting joy, happiness, abundance, peace, fulfillment and every other attribute of God in our lives.  Only by creating win-win situations in every human endeavor will harmony and balance be restored on Earth.

The major life-transforming advantage of Earth's shift into Divine Consciousness will be Humanity's realization of the Oneness of ALL Life. This one revelation is the KEY to Eternal Peace and Earth's Transfiguration in the Light.  When every soul remembers this Divine Truth, Heaven on Earth will be the order of the new day.

The NEED OF THE HOUR is for awakened Lightworkers to join hearts and minds, as we cocreate a living, ever-expanding Force field of Light that will assist even the most asleep, resistant people to easily experience the new frequencies of Divine Consciousness that are now flooding the planet.

The following invocation and visualization are specifically designed to help awaken every recalcitrant Soul and to assist every neophyte and awakened soul to integrate the new frequencies of Divine Consciousness quickly and effortlessly.

As this Force field of Light is empowered each day through the thoughts, words, actions and feelings of Lightworkers around the world, its affect will be exponential, and the Light of Divine Consciousness will penetrate quickly into every person's conscious and subconscious mind.


Through the Sacred Fire of Divinity blazing in my heart, I invoke my Father-Mother God and the Legions of Light throughout Infinity to COME  FORTH  NOW!

Blessed Ones, send forth the most powerful 5th-Dimensional Ray of the glorious 12 Solar Aspects of Deity that Humanity can withstand at this time.

Project this Divine Light into the mental body, the etheric mind and the physical brain structure of every man, woman and child evolving on Earth.

Balance the right- and left-brain hemispheres of each person and activate our spiritual brain centers, our pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands and the ganglionic centers at the base of our brains.

Rewire our physical brain structures to withstand the Light of Divine Consciousness, and heal the fragmented circuitry that has prevented Humanity from communing with our God Selves.

Assist us to perpetually hold our Solar Crown Chakras of Enlightenment open, and allow each of us to reunite with our God Selves on a conscious level.

I ask that you keep this Divine Light blazing through each cell, molecule, atom and electron of Humanity's brain structures until our minds and brains are restored to their original purity and Divine Intent.

Help every soul to be, once again, fully alert to the patterns of perfection in the Causal Body of God, so that we may all achieve great skill in transmitting these patterns into physical expression.

Legions of Light, expand the Harmony of Humanity's true Being.  Fill our physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles with tones of Cosmic Harmony, and draw these vehicles into alignment with our God Selves.

Allow the Light of God to constantly maintain a state of peace and calm in our outer minds.

Instantly dissolve all thoughts and feelings that conflict with Humanity's Divine Plan and Potential.

Like the sea reflecting the Sun, help us to keep our conscious minds open to the Divine Plan, and then seeing and knowing that plan, assist each of us to go forth and manifest it.

Beloved Ones, bathe the Earth and her atmosphere in oceans of your Cosmic Melody, Color and Harmony, so that all life will feel AT ONE with your exquisite, prismatic, cascading sea of music and Light.

In deep humility and gratitude, I thank you for your assistance to Humanity and all life evolving on Earth.


I Am going within to the Secret Place of the Most High Living God.

There I kneel before the Altar of Love and offer my all in service, as I surrender my lower human consciousness to the perfection of my true God Self.

I now stand before the Light of God, and all of my Earthly vehicles are brought into perfect alignment. My Twelvefold 5th-Dimensional Solar Spine is aligned, and my 12 Solar Chakras are open to full breadth. As the 12 Solar Aspects of Deity blaze through each Chakra, I become a radiant Sun of God's Light.

I Am One with Humanity.

I Am One with the Legions of Light throughout Infinity.

I Am One with all Creation.

I Am One with my omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Father-Mother God, All That Is.

From this perspective, I am able to see the 12 Solar Strands of DNA that are being recalibrated within the cells of every Human Being.

In my minds eye, I see this DNA as a shimmering waveform configuration that is being modified by Light, radiation, magnetic fields and sonic impulses, as it accelerates into 5th-Dimensional frequencies.

I witness the genetic codes of limitless physical perfection being activated within Humanity's 5th-Dimensional DNA.

These perfected codes are being imprinted on the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame of Divinity in every human heart and secured into the nucleus of every atomic and subatomic particle of life within Humanity's Earthly vehicles.

This energy adjustment ignites every cell and lifts Humanity into higher frequencies of Light than we have ever experienced.

Within this Light, each person's God Self is able to open the conscious mind to the new influx of Divine Consciousness. This greatly increases Humanity's ability to perceive and understand what is happening on Earth at this time.

People everywhere begin to truly know that the powerful Solar Flares and the influx of Light from Harmonic Concordance are creating vast changes.

They realize now that the hands of time are shifting, and Humanity is experiencing a rebirth and a new beginning.

Every person begins to comprehend the magnitude of their purpose and reason for being on Earth during this Cosmic Moment. All of the physical and emotional densities that blocked this realization in the past are swept away.

The powerful multidimensional, multifaceted Ray of the 12 Solar Aspects of Deity that is pulsating through every person's brain now begins to pass back and forth between the right- and left-brain hemispheres.

The Light gently forms an Infinity symbol, a reclining figure 8. As it flows through all of the pathways and meridians of the brain, it reconnects the short circuits and heals the fragmented connections.

This activity of Light balances the hemispheres of the brain and brings the masculine and feminine aspects of Deity within every soul into equilibrium.

This paves the way for the integration of Humanity's God Selves and the assimilation of our Solar Light Bodies at a cellular level.

As I hold the focus of my attention on this process, I clearly witness Humanity's physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies being assimilated into the limitless physical perfection of our 5th-Dimensional Solar Light Bodies.

The free-flowing Solar Light expands into every cell, integrating Humanity's God Selves and allowing that aspect of our Divinity to step forth and take full dominion of our Earthly experiences.

Now, the God Selves of Humanity take command. In unison, as one breath, one voice, one heartbeat and one energy, vibration and consciousness of pure Divine Love, we affirm:

I Am now the perfection of my God Self grown to full stature, and I reclaim and accept my personal Divinity as a Beloved Child of God.

I instantly and permanently release and let go of all beliefs and behavior patterns that conflict with the Truth of who I Am.

From this moment forth, I consecrate my life to fulfilling the Immaculate Concept of my full Divine Potential.

From this moment forth, I consecrate my life to reflect Reverence for ALL Life in everything I think, feel, say and do.

From this moment forth, I consecrate my life to be the Open Door through which the Light of God will continually flow to bless and heal all life on Earth.

And so it is, Beloved I Am.

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