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The Nature of Reality    Particles of Love and Manifestation   

Nademus Channeled Through Brenda Hill

Good day entities! And what a fine day it is. For it is a day of dawning awareness and open focus on the nature of reality. The nature of reality – what a grand phrase! And indeed, it is grand by virtue of its simplicity. It is in the simplistic approach to creation that all things become manifest. Manifestation itself is a simple equation unifying body, mind and spirit:

Thought = e-motion (energy in motion, neutral until you give it meaning) e-motion = vibratory frequency = resonance/attraction = the entire universe molding thought into form to match in tone, essence and design, the thought that originated it.

Within this equation exists the formula for the expansion of thought into reality.
So what we have is thought made manifest - thought made matter- thought made into your reality - hence the nature of your reality. Now the question arises from whence does thought arise? From what vast region of mind comes the dream, the idea and indeed, is that thought or dream a previously manifested thing? In other words, are there any new ideas? To that query I would offer that, no, there are no new ideas; however, there are innumerable and infinite ways in which to configure thought to engender newness.

Let us take a most simplistic sentence. “The dog is in the house.” This is an idea which clearly states a condition, a state of experience in which an animal, a canine, is located in a house, a structure. Every one of you has a unique picture of what the dog looks and behaves like, and its inner relationship to you. Each of you also has your own specialized version of what the house looks like and even its placement in reality. Also, do not forget the rich texture that your memories offer to augment the picture of both the dog and house. Most of you have experienced this idea about reality, sometimes often and repeatedly, having been the loving caretakers of a creature who understands love at an incredibly basic level. So, thoughts that are not new become, if not new, unique to your own personal memories, expressions, beliefs and attitudes. These are elements in creation that foster the massive explosion of thought into creation.

Now, let us return to our sentence of “The dog is in the house.” You begin to use your mind in creative ways and it is the nature of thought to expand. So let us make a slight adjustment and we have “The God is in the house." Another adjustment and we have “In the house of the God.” Same words, but each of which relate and trigger different memories, ideas and beliefs about the ideas conjured by this sentence.

So what does this have to do with the nature of reality? I offer this simply as a tool by which to assist you to render your thought creative. In other words, there is a strong tendency amongst the unaware to look to, listen and follow sentences and phrases in a fashion that supports the mundane (mundane thought being thought without the benefit of consciously expanding impetus). You often refer to this as dullness. And make no mistake; this dullness exists within your populations. But it is at this point of my dissertation that I must add some clarity. The dullness of which I speak exists only because of the tendency amongst the unaware to look to, listen and follow sentences and phrases in a fashion that supports the mundane.

Sound like double talk? It is not. However, if you do not allow yourself to openly focus upon your reality and all aspects of its expression without reservations or judgment, what you will find is that the condition exists in which thought is nurtured only via certain very controlled channels of communication and is therefore stunted. For example, read your newspapers in open focus and find the dullness of repetition. Listen to your mainstream media and you wonder why the world has not ended in disaster by the consistent and negative theme of the news stories. Overall, society has come to experience the belief systems and attitudes expressing a general theme of malaise. Certainly, there are exceptions, your Public Broadcasting being one, wherein “new” ideas and the discussion on them flows with relative freedom.

Now, remember your creative equation – thought triggers emotion resulting in a vibratory frequency which summons the universe to congeal this thought into the matter of reality, hence reality as you know it. And reality, as you know it, is thought that you allow your focus to remain upon. This can sometimes assume a position of normalcy where it often reflects repetitive default creation rather than deliberate and focused creation. Let us now look into the nature of reality as it applies to your creative health. Creative health is an apt phrase as each of you, as creative Gods, One With All Things in the wholeness of Source, are perpetual creators. Life is creativity and this plane of demonstration from which you are currently focused (at least through this version of yourselves) calls for the experience of the expression of that creativity. You live your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs. They literally become matter for you to mold, modify and manipulate into reality.

Now let us take a quick look at manipulation. This is one of those trigger words that each of you will interpret according to your personal history and likely will assign it the meaning and maligned reputation of a controller. You will likely dismiss it as nothing that a budding God creator would wish to articulate freely and openly. I invite you to rethink. Consider the lump of clay, beautiful in its potential yet relatively formless and undefined until the artist manipulates its essence to ultimately reflect the artist’s view of reality. Through manipulation it becomes expanded in its nature and through the viewing of its image, it can teach you of the expanded nature of thought.

So manipulation of your reality is exactly what I am proposing that you become expert at. Many of you have such a hesitancy to consider the thought of manipulation in your creative efforts that you limit your expression and continue in the preformatted and designed mundane reality that has been set forward for you to believe as “the way it is.” It is only the way it is because of powerful manipulation by others and your unwitting alignment to the norm.

That is definitely at cross-purposes with what I am offering you here. I am inviting you to open your focus and allow in the fresh appeal of expanding and manipulating your own reality, which is loving yourself into expansion. Of course, any attempt to manipulate and control another’s reality is an act of desperation and of the unaware, dredged in fear and languishing in the notion of old paradigm thoughts.

So, manipulating your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and notions of reality to achieve your dreams and achieve your bodily conditions is what the expressive experience on this plane revolves around. You create for the purposes of joy and experience. This experience offers wisdom. Wisdom expands thoughts and expanded thoughts expand the universe. Source expands with the expression of Love. Love takes the form of a creative tool within this creative universe, as each particle of creation is a particle of love and of creative thrust. Consider an ailing body, an ailing financial situation or an ailing relationship. Each of these states of being reflects a repetition of old ideas, old beliefs structures and unrefreshed thoughts. What a blessing if one could view the ailments as particles of love! But, particles of love that are being viewed from the perspective of fear, fitting into an environment that feels normal, is not natural at all to who you are. Consider this particle of love as a cancer cell, a deficiency statement with your bank account or an argument with your mate or child. What if you used your creative faculty to, rather than focus on the diminishment that you feel in the midst of the ailments, the hopelessness and the pain, to focus on the nature of reality of the particles that comprise all things. In other words, as all things are made from thought, they are composed of the matter of the universe; these are love particles, the basis of all creation, the adamantine particles. These are particles of God Force, particles of love, particles that are the foundation of all physical expression.

What we are saying here is that if your focus were to turn to the understanding of EVERYTHING in your reality coming from this one Source, Love, Adamantine particles, then you would unquestionably be in the capability to view your reality differently, stemming from an expanded state of awareness. For if all things are composed of adamantine particles, particles of love, then there can be no real fear.

Fear exists only as a focus, a practiced one that is supported, nurtured and manipulated by those who are unaware. Note that I did not say those who are wrong or bad or evil. I said unaware. It is this element of unawareness that keeps one in the darkness and it is the Light that supports the clarity. Becoming aware is opening focus onto expanded thought, taking the old and refreshing it.

So, if you are currently experiencing a malady of some sort, allow yourself to focus upon it differently. This may require what to you may seem a huge leap of faith, but just use your imagination that, by the way, is requisite for creation of any kind. So please honor it deeply and use it always with fervor and great playfulness. Your imagination offers you new ways to use the words that define your reality from a communicative basis. >From a creative basis, imagination defines the creation. Use your imagination to view your experience of the malady differently. Rather than assume danger or disaster, let yourself see the malady as the love particle itself.

Imagine it this way. The thought of a bunny does not conjure up the same kind of imagery of fierceness, as does the lion. So, translate the energy of the bunny, via your imagination, to the experience of your malady. See the malady as soft and adorable, even innocent. Please stay with me here for I know that these words trigger a reaction from many of you that reflects, “Come on, Nademus, this is crazy!” I assure you it is not. It is imagination reconstructing, re-manipulating a presumed condition into an altered reality. It is imagination taking what has been assumed and accepted as reality into an expression far less lethal and denigrating and into one of joining and uniting with the unified field of all love.

I offer this vision as only one example of modifying or manipulating your own reality to reflect to you a preferred experience. Think of this. If you are the creator of your own reality and you are, and if, as this creator, you get to choose and experience what reality to bring forth, and you do, then why would you choose a reality you do not prefer? Why would you create anything at all that does not serve the progress of your soul? Your logic tells you that this makes sense. But your emotions sometimes demand that you don’t create these things. You ask yourself why would you wish to feel so awful? I submit to you that you, the Godself, do not even understand the dream of pain and fear. Your Godself holds the clarity of the Light and it is your Godself whose imaginative processing flows through the expression of this physical reality for purposes of growth, remembrance and experience. It is the awareness of unification and the act of taking the idea of unification into the awareness that you were always unified except for your belief that you were not, that is the basis of life.

All things are made with the essence of love and all things are One. If all things are One, then there is nothing outside of you. If there is nothing outside of you, then the appearance of illness or malady coming upon you is an illusion and not real at all. And this is exactly what imagining the malady as the adorable and innocent bunny will do. It will remind you of your excellence and it will remind you that imagination can be used to the most spectacular extent.

Imagine yourself whole. Imagine yourself in full health and vitality. Imagine yourself complete within yourself, needing nothing, simply desiring everything. Imagine yourself as God and know that you are One. Be the creator of this excellence. Be your own manipulator of your nature of reality from the place of love, remembering that love is all there is and it never fails to refresh your experience.

You are profoundly loved. I am Nademus. I bid you adieu. With God you are and I am. So be it. Indeed.

Copyright © 2004 by Brenda Hill

Hi everyone, herewith the August, 2004 channeling of Brenda which was printed in the Sedona Journal of Emergence.  Her site http://www.prism-path.com/channeledarticles.html Also check her article called Awaken your vibratory vision on her site. 

Embracing all in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka

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