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"Here let it be said that in those days
   the Heir of Isildur arose in the North,
   and he took the shards of the sword of Elendil,
   and in Imladris they were reforged;
   and he went then to war, a great captain of Men.
   Battle there was in Rohan and the Heir of Isildur
   led the host of the West to the Black Gates of Mordor.

   In that last battle were Mithrandir [Gandalf],
   and the sons of Elrond, and the King of Rohan,
   and lords of Gondor, and the Heir of Isildur
   with the Dunedain of the North.

   There at the last they looked upon death and defeat,
   and all their valour was in vain;
   for Sauron was too strong.

   Yet in that hour was put to the proof
   that which Mithrandir had spoken,
   and help came from the hands of the weak
   when the Wise faltered.

   For, as many songs have since sung,
   it was the Periannath, the Little People,
   dwellers in hillsides and meadows,
   that brought them deliverance."

     - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion, P 303


                                      by Steve Nelson

This is a mythic time. Every five hundred years the Phoenix
dies in flames and is born anew from its ashes. An old order
passes away and a new world is born. According to Egyptian
tradition the new Phoenix alights first atop the "world tree,"
an obelisk in Heliopolis, the "City of the Sun" for the new era.

The Italian Renaissance centered in Rome, was nourished by cultural
ferment stirring through Florence, the "city of flowers." The center
of political influence for current world renaissance is Washington,
DC with its 555' obelisk, the Washington Monument. The impetus for
social transformation is coming through New York City, a global
cultural center and many believe future capital of the world. The
cultural influences of the northern U.S. (yin) and the southern
U.S. (yang) meld in Washington, DC.


Five hundred years ago a Native American holy man, later called
"the Messenger," received a vision that would shape the world
for centuries to come. Degandiwidah saw an eagle perched in
the top of a great fir tree whose branches covered the whole world.
This tree had four roots extending in four directions and a giant
serpent coiled about its base. Degandiwidah saw that each branch
of the tree was a tribe and that all tribes are united. The tree
became known as the Tree of Peace, and the philosophic code of
self-governance inspired by the Messenger's vision was called
the Great Law of Peace. Degandiwidah and his spokesman Hiawatha
brought a simple message to the warring tribes of the now New
England area of the United States. This message was illustrated
by showing tribesmen how easily one arrow is broken while a
bundle of arrows cannot be broken. So the eagle clutching
arrows became the symbol of the Iroquois Confederacy, the
first representative democracy in the western world.

Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson drew from the Iroquois
symbols and tradition to create the new American nation. One of
the first US flags had a snake and fir tree with the caption
"Don't tread on me." Franklin's "Join or Die" segmented serpent,
the first political cartoon, was used to rally the colonies
to unite. The serpent and the eagle are totems of America.

America's founders drew inspiration from the Iroquois system of
government yet one important ingredient was left out: While
each tribe of the Iroquois Confederacy had an elected Chief and
Clan Mother representative at the Longhouse Council, America now
ignores the need for gender equal representation. In the Iroquois
system, the Chief was spokesperson and the Clan Mother held power
to "dehorn" the Chief if the went off track in representing the
agreed tribal agenda. The removal of the Chief's horned helmet
by the Clan Mother meant that he could not speak for the remainder
of that council session. The Iroquois long ago created a balanced
system of self government including proportional representation
for women and men. (The Cherokee, an original Iroquoian tribe,
added further balance to their political system by having both
a war chief and a peace chief, like red and blue together.)

Ideally, a man and a woman would be elected to represent each state
in the U.S. Senate. Establishing a gender balanced political system
might seem impossible in the current milieu if not for the very fact
that the Clan Mother already holds power on the psychic level. Still
the balance would be better if we institutionalized it. This after
all is the time of the prophesied excess yang symbolized by the
triple sixes of Revelation. This number of "a man" is the sum of
numbers from one to thirty six, the numbers in the magic square
of the Sun, a six by six grid of numbers adding the same in every
row crosswise, up and down and diagonally. This cardinal yang
number needs the balancing feminine number 1080 or 108 to be in
balance, otherwise its "the beast." Ergo the biggest problem in
our world is imbalance between yang and yin, masculine and feminine.

Many elements of the United States government derive from the
Iroquois system of government. According to Manly Palmer Hall
(The Secret Teachings of All Ages), Benjamin Franklin and Thomas
Jefferson were initiated in an Iroquois ceremony called the Ritual
of the Nine Sisters. This ceremony was so like a Masonic Ritual
of the Nine Muses that they were convinced the Iroquois embodied
the soul of this land. So the Iroquois Eagle clutching arrows for
the tribes united became the symbol of the new American Nation.
The US tripartite system with its checks and balances was adapted
from the Iroquois Confederacy. Native Americans were first in
democratic self-government. (Forgotten Founders by Bruce Johansen).

The Iroquois society also had a strong influence on the creation of
the USSR. This interesting turn of events came about through the
writings of amateur sociologist Lewis Morgan. Morgan was deeply
interested in the Iroquois, their social system and secret societies.
He was especially impressed with the willingness of those whose
gardens fared well to share with those who weren't so fortunate.
All were taken care of in this society and none went hungry. While
Morgan's books never caught on in 19th century America (the "robber
baron era" here), they were popular in Europe where they came to the
attention of Marx and Engels. Thus, the Iroquois society came to be
a model for the communist ideal as expressed in the Communist
Manifesto. This part of the American story is told in Thomas Henry's
book Wilderness Messiah.

The original vision that made America great has expanded now to
include the world, and the United States is being called to realize
its rightful place as a leader at the Round Table of nations.

"When the power of love becomes stronger than the love of power
 then the world will know peace." - author unknown


Someone asked the "sleeping prophet" about the future of America.
"Changes are coming, this may be sure - an evolution, or revolution
in the ideas of religious thought. The basis of it for the world will
eventually come out of Russia; not communism, NO! But rather that
which is the basis of same, as the Christ taught - His kind of
communism!" (Case #425-5) We cannot be certain of the full meaning
here. The Essenes, who reared and tutored the young Jesus, lived
communally. Acts 2:44 and 4:32 speak of all things being held in
common. Yet "the basis of the same" could be the spirit of fraternity
motivating a closer union of individuals in a group...Cayce predicts
the evolution of a "co-operative co-ordinating society" in which
there is voluntary group sharing or "group capitalism" in context
of a global, free market enterprise system. Business groups become
more successful the more individuals within these groups co-operate
and share insights. This way is in keeping with the Age of Aquarius
when "the water bearer leads into the upper room." The Cayce readings
place final responsibility on the individual:
"Let each know he/she is a Harp upon which the breath of God would
play ... as seekers of divine guidance be uplifted; and thus may
ye hasten the day when war will be no more."
    - Edgar Cayce's Story of the Origin and Destiny of Man,
        by Lytle Robinson pp 162-163


"Earth and air freeze
  (manifest) great water (strong emotion),
  when they come to venerate Thursday.
 That [nation] which will be,
  never was so fair,
 From the four quarters
  they will come to honor it."
      - 10 Quatrain 71


The Mayans call America "the land of the feathered serpent" and
say when the feathered serpent flies America will come to full life
for the first time. The feathered serpent is Quetzalcoatl, god of
peace and enlightenment. Quetzalcoatl appears in the form of the
planet Venus rising before the Sun.

Morning star Venus / Quetzalcoatl is identified with Jesus in
the Book of Revelation: "I Jesus have sent my angel to you with
this testimony of the churches. I am the root and offspring of
David, the bright morning star."   - Revelation 22:16

Egyptians know Morning Star Venus as Bennu, the returning Phoenix.
The flying of the Feathered Serpent describes a time when America
becomes whole, insouled, filled with spirit power. In parallel myth,
the return of Venus as Morning Star signals the return flight of
the Phoenix in Egyptian lore.

The appearance of Venus as Morning Star always follows a conjunction
of Venus and the Sun with Venus between Earth and Sun. This is called
a New Venus. The Transit of Venus on June 8th this year was a special
type of New Venus where Venus crosses the face of the Sun. Renaissance
begins roughly every 500 years following a Venus Transit.

According to esoteric astrology, Venus is to Earth as the soul is
to the personality. Soul in the Jungian view is the central, fifth
principle (quintessence) that unites the four basic elements of the
personality. A similar "quincunx" diamond pattern with a center point
symbolizes Venus in Mayan tradition.

The feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl, Venus Morning Star, has a shadow
twin whose name is Tezcatlipoca, the Lord of the Smoking Mirror.
Tezcatlipoca is J.R.R. Tolkien's Sauron, J.K. Rowling's dark Lord
Voldemorte. This "dark lord" is the shadow on our nation and world.

Venus draws pentagrams in the heavens. Every 18 months Venus
conjuncts the Sun and adds another point to the pentagon. It takes
8 years to come back to the beginning point to complete the star.
All pentagonal natural forms are Venusian. An apple cut cross wise
shows the star of Venus. The five green sepals of the rose draw a
pentagram as does the planet Venus. Sheriffs of the old West wore
copper (metal of Venus) stars to call to order the mind of the
would be outlaw. America's Pentagon is an extension of this principle,
it is designed maintain spiritual law and order. America is powerful
in many ways but if we act like a rogue cop in the world, we are
going to be reckoned with by the great spirit.

The inspiration for America's Statue of Liberty derives from the myth
of the Roman goddess Ceres. Mother Ceres carries a torch into the
underworld in the search for her daughter Persephone. To the Masons,
Ceres represented the revelation of Nature's mysteries. Ceres appears
on many US State Seals including that of North Carolina where she is
seen sitting with a cornucopia. The Seal of each state and nation is
signature of its guardian spirit. Realizing the meaning of the seal
is key to spiritual revolution.

Ceres is also the Celtic goddess Cerridwen, the original Queen of the
Apple Isle. Cerridwen is keeper of a magic vessel called the "Cauldron
of Inspiration," prototype of the holy grail. The dead hero is restored
to life in this cauldron. The fire beneath it is kept burning by breaths
of nine maidens, the nine Muses of Greek and Masonic tradition.

All key elements of these myths are reconstellated in America. Ceres /
Demeter led initiates between worlds, Liberty "lifts her torch beside
the Golden Door."  Ceres mourns the loss of her daughter, Liberty feels
the sufferings of the world. Her statue stands on an island (originally
Love Island) in the harbor of New York, "the Big Apple." There is
nothing more American than motherhood and apple pie. Ceres / Demeter
is the Great Mother / Apple Woman / American Woman.

America's "melting pot" derives from Cerridwen's fiery cauldron and
from the Irish leprechaun's pot of gold seen at the end of the rainbow.
These are one and the same. America is the Rainbow Nation. According to
Native prophecy the Warriors of the Rainbow will return to "teach
the people of the ancient practices of Unity, Love and Understanding."
http://www.ilhawaii.net/~stony/lore133.html also see the teachings
of Grandmother Twylah http://www.manataka.org/page495.html

Venus will be visible in the morning for many, many weeks to come.
On November 5th Venus will be very close to Jupiter in the morning
sky. It is a great blessing to have the two luckiest planets come
together this way in Libra, home sign of Venus.

POLITICAL ALCHEMY  - Yin & Yang, Why Women Prefer Democrats

The alchemical opus boils down to a dynamic balance between two equal
and seemingly contrary forces. Sulfur, the Red Lion, can be combined
with Quicksilver, the White Eagle, only after these two forces are
separated and purified. Purification occurs through mutual illumination
and clearing of imperfections. Alchemical "salt" represents the third
force that serves to combine yin and yang elements. Thinking salt can
bring to mind rubbing salt in wounds as in political contests.

Red is yang / Mars, white is yin / Venus. Venus is oftimes blue, the
Griffin color. Red states are republican, blue are democratic.

This extended presidential contest serves to highlight what makes each
of the political parties in America unique. Men go more Republican
because it's the yang party, women go more Democratic because it's
the yin. The trend was modified this election largely due to fear
and insecurity that brought many young mothers over to the Republicans.

The "battle for the White House" is illustrated in Titus Burckhardt's
Alchemy (facing p 145): Two "knights" are seen jousting. The male knight
is armored and the female is nude. This hardly seems a fair fight but
we know that the female is wilier than Coyote. The caption reads:
"The Struggle of the Two Primordial Powers: The male power has the Sun
as his head and rides on the Lion of sulfur; the female has the Moon
as her head and rides on the Griffin (Eagle) of quicksilver. The shield
decorations, however, are inverted: on the shield of the solar power,
the Moon is portrayed and on that of the lunar power, the Sun."
The eastern Yin Yang symbol with spot of yin in the yang and spot of
yang in the yin, parallels this medieval European image.

"Uhuvdlah," the Cherokee word that means Republican also means north
and cold;  "Uganowi," the word that means Democrat also means south
and warm. Laboratory psychologists have found that mice exposed to
the south pole of a magnet are initially more relaxed and at peace
while further exposure tends to make them obese, lazy, and erratic
in their behavior. Mice exposed to magnetic north pole become more
hyperactive and aggressive. These mice sleep less and are more given
to neurosis. Chaos is a yin extreme, fascism is the yang extreme.
These extremist mice examples encourage a more centrist approach.

The ideal of course is that Yin and Yang achieve a dynamic balance.
An unhealthy stasis can occur when one or the other dominates. Yang
and Yin can be likened to Thesis and Antithesis. The hope now is
for a new Synthesis.

Republicans and Democrats are an alternating political current
of right and left, yang and yin. Each in turn plays out its (our)
shadow. Bill Clinton did this for Democrats, George Bush is now
playing out the shadow of right wing U.S. political consciousness.
Political campaigns stir passion and stir out shadows on both sides
to be transformed. Of course, for all the workings of spiritual
forces, our future is determined by human free will. It is up to
us after all to shed our shadow and herald in the light.

A social transformation is in progress that may be described more
easily in alchemical terms. The basic phases of transformation defined
in alchemy are simple. The first phase is "negredo" or "blackening."
This is the phase our nation and much of the world is in at this time.
Most false "whitening," a later stage of the process, will have been
dispelled through mutual disillusionment. Following "negredo" is the
"albedo" or whitening phase. While we won't generally enter this
phase until after next equinox, spiritual upliftment / whitening
are possible during the conjoining of Venus and Jupiter these next
few days. There is no more positive combination of planets than these.

The blackening phase leads the alchemical process and is followed
usually by whitening, then reddening or "rubedo". How people respond
to these phases varies widely. Those who feel deeply can be more
depression (negredo) prone and so may have difficulty holding a
positive perspective. Blackening comes easy for them, whitening may
not. Others can be so Pollyanna like and have so much surface albedo
that they lack a firm basis in reality. The latter may need and want
the former around to bring them closer to ground. The singleminded,
self-assured, and effective rubedo character might be compared to
the warrior archetype. The color gold applies to a fourth alchemical
phase that relates to the spiritual dimension. Balancing these four
elements of the psyche is a primary goal of psychological alchemy.

The blackening phase is the place to begin. Negredo is the foundation
and provides depth to the other principles. When this phase of the
alchemical process is completed properly, the other phases can happen
naturally and with positive results. Without due negredo, albedo will
be insubstantial and rubedo becomes fanatical and cruel.

The challenge and opportunity of the negredo phase occurring now
is to descend within, release emotional blocks and clear out the
emotional well. Toxic residues left in the feeling nature will
distort or create blind spots in the albedo creative cycle. This
extended election contest has in effect stirred a lot of residue
from the collective psyche. This bodes well for the future year
and years regardless of who has won this election.

Mythological creatures represent alchemical processes. These figures
also occur in myths throughout the world and show up in dreams as
portents. Facing page 145 (again) in Burkhardt's Alchemy several of
these mythic beasts are illustrated. They appear together in a
transparent vessel with fire beneath it. The caption reads
"Representation of the Alchemical Work: The dragon, which is
devouring its tail, represents the still unredeemed power of Nature;
the eagle (perched on the dragon's tail) is the spirit in course of
liberation; on his head sits the raven of mortification."

A woman from New York sent this mythic prophecy apropos to our time:

 "When the Dragon feeds the Eagle,
  the Hydra brings forth the Cup
  from Middle Earth (Virgo)
  and tips to feed Corvus."

The Eagle is the soul of America to be nourished. George W was born
in the Hydra decan of Cancer, John Kerry was born in the Eagle Decan
of Sagittarius. America's 4th of July Sun is in the Hydra decan of
Cancer.  The struggle with the Hydra is our fight for independence.
The Hydra is overcome by raising it overhead.

"Events do not happen to us, we happen to them. Free will is the
will not to conform to the past, and is the measure of a man's
capacity to act as an individual." -Dane Rudhyar


"The outcome of this election will determine the future course
of the war on terra."  - George W. Bush 30 Nov 2004

Tolkien relates in The Silmarillion pp291- how in timeless time the
Numenoreans had built on either side of the river Osgilath the twin
towers of "Minas Ithil , the Tower of the Rising Moon, eastward upon
the shoulder of the Mountains of Shadow; and to the westward Minas
Anor, the tower of Setting Sun, at the feet of Mount Mindolluin...
In Minas Ithil was the house of Isildur, and in Minas Anor the house
of Anarion, but they shared the realm between them and their thrones
were set side beside in the Great Hall of Osgiliath."

The river Osgilath like the river Styx represents the borderland
between east and west, yin and yang, rising Moon and setting Sun.
The river Osgilath is the 0 Libra line = Mecca in the Earth Zodiac.

The age of the Numenoreans was a golden age of peace when Moon and Sun,
woman and man, the seen and unseen worlds, were in balance.

Later Sauron returned and "in the days of Telemar, a plague came upon
dark winds out of the east, and it smote the King and his children and
many of the people of Gondor Perished." Then the Ringwraiths of Sauron
took Minas Ithil, the eastern Tower of the Moon and it was renamed
Minas Morgol, the Dark Tower.

2004 began with Saturn at the midheaven on New Year's Eve opposing
a midnight Sun. Saturn is in Cancer, sign of its detriment, all year.
Saturn in detriment is Sauron, the shadow Lord of the Rings. Titan
and other moons of Saturn are named for the giants who fought the new
gods and goddesses of Olympus in the original Greek war of the rings.
Saturn's crossing the natal Sun of the US last spring brought out the
shadow of this nation with all its fears. Sauron is finally defeated
by the hero king Aragorn aided by the wizard Gandalf.

One of the cosmic realities of the world today is a division of the
Earth into two halves that are symbolized by Tolkien's Two Towers.

The Earth divides into east and west, with the line of balance at 0
Libra, Mecca in the Earth Zodiac. West of this line is Virgo, land
of the Virgin and Catholicism. East of this line is Libra, the realm
of Islam with its symbols of Moon & star (Venus). Mohammed's inspiration
for the Koran came from Gabriel, Angel of the Moon. The legions of
angels in the west are led by Michael, the Angel of the Sun.

Sauron has taken over the tower of the Moon in the east and from there
has struck out against the tower of the Sun in the west. The Tower of
the Moon represents the astral world, the emotional realm, the
subconscious. The Tower of the Sun is the conscious plane, rational
and yang. Because the Tower of the Moon or astral world has fallen to
the forces of darkness and fear, America and the world have been thrown
out of balance toward the yang. Restoring this balance is the chief
challenge of our time. The place where balance can be restored is in
the borderland, the Middle East.

So Great Spirit has drawn the attention of the whole world here led by
America's king George. We might remember in this time that the king
himself is not evil, he has been chosen by the gods to fight Sauron.
But, according to script, the king of Rohan becomes possessed by
Saraman, an astral shade in league with Sauron. {Another way of saying
this is the Cancerian Grail King carries the psychic wound of the
nation, this is the "possession" or curse.} Apparently the visible
presence of Arwen (Venus)is needed for the exorcism of the King of
Rohan, the horse kingdom of the west.

"To be completely fair, it is not Angellus we hate, it's the curse."
                           - Buffy's boyfriend Riley

J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Silmarilion were
written in the early fifties for this time of transition between the
old era of Pisces and the new Age of Aquarius. Neptune transiting
Aquarius all this year and in mutual reception, harmonically aligned,
with Uranus in Pisces, is one of several astrological factors that
make 04-05 critical years in the transition between eras. The
partnering of these two great transpersonal forces such that the
torch of civilization can be passed from one age to another.

In the outer sphere, the forces of the two ages are clashing like
tectonic plates. 2004 is a year when the greatest dark meets the
greatest light. The Return of the King means more than the coming
to power of a single man. The age of one man rule is coming to an
end. King Elessar when crowned sang a song and said simple words
to the effect that his return was not a victory for one but a victory
for all. The ring of autocratic power is melted in transforming fire.

"Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the
citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a
double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows
the mind...And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and
the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will
have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the
citizenry, infused with fear and blinded with patriotism, will offer
up all of their rights unto the leader, and gladly so. How do I know?
For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar." --- William Shakespeare


Saturn continues to be in detriment in Cancer until April 05 so
business, real estate, organization and other things Saturnian
may suffer, more for some than others. There are breaks of 4-5 days
each month when the Moon is in Capricorn and Aquarius, signs that
Saturn rules. Then Saturn is drawn out of detriment and good business
/organizational decisions can be made all round. Business will prosper.
Also consider that Neptune is the esoteric / inner ruler of Cancer
and Neptune is in Saturn ruled Aquarius. These planets come into
mutual reception as we tune to spiritual and global consciousness.
The bottom line: those more oriented by selfish motive are more apt
to experience misfortune, the more concern for the whole the more
aptitude there will be for success. The age of Sauron, the era of
one man / one nation / One Ring rule is close to an end.  All oriented
to world service and group concert will increasingly thrive, those
acting on the basis of self centered motive will see good fortune
fade. Selfishness is not a virtue yet all will be given as
responsibility is accepted for service to the whole.

Saturn/Sauron was at the midheaven at midnight New Year's Eve
everywhere in the world. Saturn, the Lord of Darkness (in detriment
in Cancer), directly opposed the Sun, the Lord of Light. Saturn was
also at its closest approach to Earth in 30 years and had its rings
turned toward Earth so Saturn was the brightest it will be in our
lifetimes. This more than coincidental, we are in a Mythic Time.


Projection of shadow is the psychological term for scapegoating.
All who repress the shadow (most of us in the western world) are
subject to being manipulated by collective moods. Shadow projection
is happening on all fronts now, it is something to be cautious about.
No one is all good and no one is all bad. Every person, organization,
religion has a soul and a shadow. The trick is to illuminate and
dispel the shadow and empower the soul. Demonizing conjures demons,
giving energy to the good brings out the good. The hope for revolution
lies within the soul not in the shadow.

On 13 August 1999 when George Bush was running for president the first
time he said "What Americans want is a president who will appeal to
their higher angels rather than their darker passions." Amen to that.

George W. Bush plays a more complex archetypal role than supporters
or detractors generally know.  Bush's Moon/Chiron exactly conjuncts
the US Saturn in Draco the Dragon decan of Libra. The primary challenge
in the U. S. birth chart is a square from 4th house Sun to a 10th house
Saturn located in the Draco the Dragon decan of Libra.

President Bush's Sun also closely conjuncts the U.S. Sun in Cancer.
As a water sign with Chiron conjunct Moon, George Bush is scripted for
the role of Grail King who feels collective needs and reflects/expresses
both the soul and the shadow wound of the nation.

The same 8 rayed diamond star mandala that appeared on the central
tower of Rohan in the movie Lord of the Rings also adorned the top
of the U.S. national Christmas tree lit at midnight this Christmas Eve.
The United States is the Horse Kingdom and George W. Bush is the king
chosen by the gods to fight evil who has himself come under the
spell of Saraman, the shadow wizard the ancients knew as Ahriman.
George battles the dragon and is poisoned by the dragon. It's the
same old story and the ways of healing also serve for all time.
The children's book "Saint George and the Dragon" by Margaret
Hodges is one of the clearest renditions of the story. George
is healed in between bouts with the dragon first by drinking from
a special spring and again by eating magic apples. An alternative
story has him eating oranges. Both speak to integrating consciousness.

The 8-rayed star shining brightly over the head of the Aquarian woman
in the Star Tarot card suggests the eight times of day and year when
spirit power is most present to reorder the world. Also note the
circles divided into the 8 segment solar division (like Sun/orange
segments) that appear on the tunic of the Fool.

Both the U.S. and George W. Bush were born with the Sun at 13 Cancer
conjunct the dog star Sirius. Bush and America are on the path of the
Fool, key #22 in Tarot. How do make the best of this picture? The Fool
appears to be going over the edge of the cliff but never does because
the edge grows out before his feet. And the Fool has a strange way of
doing a right thing for apparently wrong reasons. The Fool carries a
white rose, "una rosa blanca."

Four years ago when George Bush was first elected/appointed president
I made this statement in an email newsletter: "Republican George W Bush
can serve in the role of a unifying 'king' in this time of uncertainty
and reinvention. That's assuming though that his circle of advisors is
balanced and he isn't dominated by the right wing of his party." We
know how that turned out, can we start over and try something else?

Each zodiacal decan is also represented by a tarot card and these are
numbered specifically. The second (Hydra) decan of Cancer is the Three
of Cups, #43. Dusty Bunker's Numerology and Your Future shows a close
parallel between the US presidents and the tarot cards beginning with
George Washington as the #1, the Magician. Bill Clinton's administration
was symbolized by the Two of Cups. The term "co-presidents" applied to
Bill and Hillary, Bill and Al. George W. Bush was born in the Three of
Cups (#43) decan of Cancer and he is the 43rd president. The Three of
Cups card shows three women dancing with cups held overhead. This card
teaches the way of mastering the Hydra = creative passion. This is done
simply by raising the hydra to the level of ideals. When Hercules raises
the Hydra he is able to defeat it and the power of the Hydra becomes his.

A note from Craig Weaver, N. C. mountain man and Native friend
Bush's faith may be real. But when religion and politics marry, so that
one becomes the other, a nation and it's people are in trouble. His
depth of understanding seems scarily shallow.  How can you understand
Jesus' parables, if you "don't do nuance"? How can you govern wisely
and with real leadership if you "don't do nuance"? Certainly Bush seems
not to get what the Kingdom of Heaven is truly about. It is certainly
not about frontier justice or driving opposition out of town. It's about
justice, equality and compassion for all. And that requires a different
kind of "toughness" that Bush doesn't seem to understand ... Jesus'
gospel was and is about transformation, not a power politics that
favors, yea even assures the domination of the many by the power,
wealth and self-righteousness of the few. Jesus chose not to lead
a military rebellion against Caesar and Herod. He chose another path
---one of peace, harmony, wisdom, kindness, truth, justice and love.


"Minas Morgul was ever at war with Minas Anor in the west. But Minas
Anor endured, and it was named anew Minas Tirith, the Tower of Guard;
for there the kings caused to built a White Tower, very tall and fair,
and its eyes were on many lands. Proud, still and strong was that city,
and in it the White Tree still flowered for a while before the house of
the Kings; and there the Numenoreans still defended the passage of the
River against the terrors of Minas Morgul and against all the enemies
of the West, Orcs and monsters and evil Men; and thus the lands behind
them, west of Anduin, were protected from war and destruction."
                   - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion, P 297

The new king portends a new consciousness, new leadership that wins
the battle with collective evil by spiritual means rather than by
physical warfare, hence the beginning of a millennium of peace.

GRAND QUINTILE, Five Pointed Star Pattern in the Heavens 2-7 November
Astrology: On 11/3/04 the U.S. progressed Sun leaves the Cetus decan
of Aquarius and enters the Cepheus decan of Pisces. Cetus is the sea
monster threatening Andromeda, the world soul. Cepheus is the King
with power over the dragon. Shortly after local midnight on November
3rd, the Moon in Cancer conjuncts Saturn in Cancer. A perfect 5-pointed
star forms in the heavens that will hold in place for several days.
This star is created by quintiles & biquintiles between Venus/Jupiter
conjunction at 6-8 Libra (Love), Saturn at 27 Cancer, Uranus 3 Pisces,
Pluto 21 Sagittarius and the 15 degree Taurus Midpoint Power Gate.
Venus at this time is coming into harmonious trine with Neptune at
Mid-Aquarius. Neptune moving slowly will be exactly at 15 Aquarius
conjoining the Sun on 2 Feb 05. Mid-Aquarius = Ace of Swords in Tarot.

 "From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
  A light from the shadows shall spring;
  Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
  The crownless again shall be king."
    - The Fellowship of the Ring, p. 182

The sword was reforged by the Elvish smiths and it shone with the
light of the Sun and the Moon... The blade was engraved with a
rayed Sun and a crescent Moon with seven stars between them...
Aragorn named the sword Anduril, the Flame of the West. Intoning
the word "Anduril" is said to invoke clarity for right decision.

Etymology: Narsil is composed of nar meaning "fire" and thil
meaning "white light." ... Narsil was said to shine with the
light of the Sun and the Moon. Andúril is derived from andúnë
meaning "sunset, west" and ril meaning "brilliance."


The "little people" can be the disenfranchised people of our nation
and world, those within whom Jesus and other spiritual leaders have
always found fertile ground for new movement. The Little People also
are the nature spirits, the elementals, devas, angels who will help
us when we call on them. The "little people" are part of the web
of life. For both the Irish Celts and the Cherokee the Little People
are a race of diminutive nature beings who keep things in balance and
give a hand at times to people who have lost their way. Growing up
in the western North Carolina mountains, my Aunt Maude used to tell
me that if the government tried to build a big road through the
Nantahala Gorge, "the little people will roll rocks down on them."
My Aunt Maude also told me the eye over the pyramid on the dollar
bill is the eye of the FBI. Maude was quite a character.

UNIVERSAL MIND OF THE WEB  by Standing Elk/Merlin, Kingfisher

      Of the common world there are yet magical doors every day.
These we call the "elementals."  Earth spirits from the start,
the Maiar or deva, if you will. Each elemental is thus responsible
for an action of Nature.
      This 4th chord is key to opening the form world: to access
the original elements and harness their kindnesses. As in any
practice of life and magic, humility and great respect for each
facet is due, necessary. Therefore, play the fourth string with
cause and beauty.
      Perceiving the Earth Nations, we find the Gnome, an earth
elf, if you will. Now Gnomes are very busy folk and are kind to
assist in good cause.
      The Water Realms host the mermaid or nymphs, if you will.
These beings love song and laughter; as they are divine
physicians & lovers. In song and in health they will help thee.
      The Dragon is prince of Fiery Realms -- both in, on, and
beyond Earth. In inner realms and deep destinies for Man's folk,
in mountains and oceans and thunderheads Dragons speak to your
world. In galaxies and solar winds Dragons watch your progress.
Through mind and peace they may be good friends.
      Sylph are queens of air.  Nourishing mothers and goddesses
weaving dreams and lightning's flair.  Portal keepers of Father's
Sky, Sylph receive incense for their renewal faire.
      Now behind the four elementals -- earth, air, water and
fire -- are three elements, which mirror existence Divine: ether,
manna, essence. This trinity is the substance of Heaven and
Cosmic Realms.
      The Cherubim guide and generate the all-pervading field of
ethers. Keeping the sacred Word and guarding the halls of Akasha,
the cherub greets us at Eden's door -- the thymus, the Sacred
Heart. Through ethers and Innocence we transmute four elements.
      Seraphim guard the plains of Manna and send firestorms of
cleansing to cosmic folk.  Long ago Isaiah was baptized through
fires kin, birthing global prophecy and futures kind.  Man may
benefit purification by Purity's wing, Seraphs are ally of all
God's humble children.
      Ista Wanzi, the Eye of God, Ra in Atman glides the formative
realm of all -- Essence.  Wherein even atoms, quarks, photons are
massive forms, so does light guide the fates of Universes and
Starmen. To honor the Eye through one's own pure vision: seeing
Love, feeling Love, thinking Love -- in all Directions, in all
things.  Ista Wanzi will bless you.

I am Merlin
opening the Cord of Pure Mind,
thoughts of God,
to awaken Magic and Love amongst all peoples
and beckon Aquarius' call.
*  *  *  *  *  *
Mitakuye Oyasin
Standing Elk/Golden Eagle Chief/
Chief Black Spotted Horse


"Give me the place on which to stand, and I will move the Earth."
        - Archimedes 3rd century B.C.E.

Going to the mountain to pray has been a tradition throughout time
in all regions of the world. Tribal peoples of western Europe and
throughout Native America have sought out high places to build
their stone circles and Medicine Wheels. Jesus frequently went to
the mountain to pray so why shouldn't we? If prayer were equally
strong at any place why did Jesus and other initiates seek out
the higher ground? Has our spiritual power been weakened by a too
easy spiritual practice and diluted religious tradition? Why does
so much contemporary religion in the west bear little resemblance
to the teachings of Jesus, the prince of peace and love? How is
it that so much violence is done in the name of religion? How can
peace be restored. The answers to these questions lie in a deeper
understanding of our religious traditions, in our metaphysics,
Jungian psychology and in the ancient wisdom tradition. So to say
simply to point every religious group and nation as well as every
individual has a soul and a shadow. The soul is constantly guiding
the shadow into light but when the shadow obscures the soul darker
passions reign and the world is plunged into chaos. Bringing back
the light requires remembering the ancient way that all spiritual
leaders have followed.

                            A NEW DAWN

                  View your life from a distance.

                If you go to bed angry or unhappy,
                 you will create negative dreams.

                 If you wake up in the morning
                   feeling grumpy and tired,
                that is likely how the day will go.

           Many people have been dreaming negative dreams,
           and then waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

  They believe that nothing can change when things aren't going well.

                The rooster cries out to our hearts,
               "It is always early morning somewhere.
             Start fresh from wherever you are right now."

                   You can change your reality
                  and the reality of the planet
                     by changing your beliefs.

                           Begin again.

                 Create a new dream by allowing
             an early morning storm to clear the air.

  Refresh, relax, and believe in the beauty that is all around you.

                                          © 2004 Rheanni Lightwater

Rheanni Lightwater [soulresources@msn.com]


The long political stalemate is more than chance, a mythic script
is playing out. Whether we think in terms of archetypes emerging
from the collective unconscious or "the Hand of Divine Providence"
shaping world events, there is a new dimension of our collective
destiny unfolding. The possibility exists now for a new synthesis
and mutual acceptance beyond our ability to conceive intellectually.

The myths of all times are coming to life. This is the "end time"
called Ragnarok by the Norse. It is the "Age of Fire and Ice,"
an era of extremes when "the Fenris Wolf is set loose and the Dragon
comes down from the pole to shake the world." Still, a positive outcome
is assured. In the end the good will win. How soon depends on what we do.
This is the prophesied "war in heaven and Earth". War in heaven means
war on the psychic plane. "The astral plane is the battle ground of the
white magician." (A Treatise on White Magic by Alice A. Bailey). The
more the war is won on the psychic side, the less war will be fought
in the outer world. We must find the way within.


   (Note: The 8 Radials in the U.N. logos approximate these longitudes.)

 0 Aries    = 140 W  Longitude  Cardinal Fire. Spring Equinox.
            = Mororua Atoll, site of French nuclear testing.
            = Marquesa Islands, inhabited by warlike tribe called the Arii
            = boundary between Alaska and Canada where graze the world's
              largest herds of Dall sheep, long horned rams. Ram is Aries.
15 Taurus   = 95 W  Longitude  Fixed Earth Midpoint power gate.
            = Pipestone, Minnesota: source of pipestone used by Natives
              throughout North America. Mid-Taurus = Ace of Pentacles
            = Houston, Texas ; Omaha, Nebraska; Cherokee Indian Res
 0 Cancer   = 50 W Longitude  Cardinal Water 1st Degree. Summer Solstice.
            = Amazon delta, the largest river mouth in the world.
              Cancer rules mouth and esophagus. Amazon delta is fabled
              for fertility, Cancer is most fertile sign.
 15 Leo     = 05 W Longitude   Fixed Fire Sign Midpoint. Lughnasa/Lammas.
            = Belfast (literally, the stronghold of the Sun god Bel).
            = Michael's Mount in southwestern England.  Saint Michael
              is the angel of fire. St Michel's Ley connects Michael's
              Mount, Glastonbury Tor & Avebury. Mid-Leo = Ace of Wands
  0 Libra   = 40 E Longitude  Cardinal Air 1st Degree. Autumnal Equinox.
            = Mecca, the spiritual center of Islam. (The land west from
              Mecca including Rome is under the influence of Virgo, sign
              of the Virgin Mary and Roman Catholicism.)
15 Scorpio  = 95 E Longitude   Fixed Water Midpoint. Hallowmas/Samhain
            = headwaters of the Ganges, river revered by Hindus as the
              most sacred. Water is the element thought to carry most
              spiritual influence in this region. Mid-Scorpio=Ace of Cups
0 Capricorn = 130 E Longitude  Cardinal Earth 1st Degree. Winter Solstice.
            = Ayers Rock, worlds' most massive stone outcropping.
              "Uluru" is believed by Australia's aborigines to be the
               chief point of contact with the spirit of the Earth.
15 Aquarius = 175 E Longitude     Fixed Air Midpoint.    Candlemas/Imbolc
            = Auckland, New Zealand. Grass covered volcanic cones rise
              high in the air overlooking the city. The Maoris believe
              these "pas" link heaven and Earth. The Maori emphasize the
              role of birds and bird magic (air element) in creation.
              Mid-Aquarius = Ace of Swords

 Note: Earth Zodiac points based on research of Steve Nelson following
       Dane Rudhyar's  "Astrological Timing: Transition into the New Age"
       The Earth Zodiac can be key to global understanding.



Venus and Jupiter have a majestic conjunction in the hours before dawn
in early November. The two blaze at magnitudes -4.0 and -1.7, respectively,
and rise in the east about three hours before the Sun. Viewers in the
Americas see the pair slightly less than 1° apart on November 4th and 5th.

The crescent Moon occults Jupiter as seen from much of North America
Tues Nov 9 (11:22 am EST). Later the same day Moon occults Venus (8:32 pm

Saturn/Sauron was on the midheaven at midnight  New Year's Eve 2004.
Saturn, the Lord of Darkness (in detriment in Cancer), then directly
opposed the Sun, the Lord of Light. Saturn was also at its closest
approach to Earth in 30 years and had its rings turned toward Earth,
Saturn was the brightest it will be in our lifetimes. This is more
than a coincidental event, we are in a Mythic Time. 2004 is the year
when the "Dark Tower" of Sauron is brought down and the Ring of
autocratic power is cast into the lake of fire.
STORMY SATURN (Note: Saturn in detriment in Cancer all 04 is Sauron.)
http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html 2 Nov 2004
A circulating band of clouds on Saturn nicknamed "Storm Alley" has been
unusually active since the beginning of 2004, spawning dark storms.
Cassini Mission to Saturn and Titan
A "black hole" is visible at Saturn's south pole.
Spooky Titan, Sauron's captain.

Scientists find bones of 'hobbit-sized' ancient humans
Scientists uncover possible new species of human
Dwarf skeleton is 18,000 years old

The Sun is at 15 Scorpio power gate of elemental water during Saturday
evening the 6th of November and during the day on Sunday the 7th.
Mid-Scorpio is symbolized by the Ace of Cups in Tarot and it is the
zodiacal station of the archangel Gabriel. Simultaneously with Sun
at mid-Scorpio, one of the 8 fire festivals ot the ancient world,
there is an exact square between Mars and Saturn just after midnight
Saturday night eastern US time.

Venus conjunct Jupiter (4-7 November) is the most fortunate combination
of planets and this is particularly true with Venus in her home sign Libra.
Simultaneously Mars square Saturn Saturday/Sunday (6-7 November) represents
the most challenging combination of planets. Mars square Saturn conjurs
emotional toxins which while not so pleasant gives opportunity to release
ego control that blocks the way of love.

When Power of Love overcomes Love of Power - The World will Know Peace

In the early morning sky, Venus and Jupiter will have a spellbinding
close encounter on Nov. 4th and 5th.


My name is Steve Nelson. I was born 4 July 1947 on the Cherokee
Indian Reservation in western North Carolina. My mother's ancestor
was a Cherokee man who helped lay stones for the Washington Monument.
My father's mother was a Birchfield whose family were also mixed blood
Cherokees, many of our relatives died on the Trail of Tears. I was
raised by my Aunt Maude who before I was born spent years in prison
with Molly Running Wolf, mother of Amanita Sequoyah, the last in a line
of Cherokee shaman. When I was very young my Aunt Maude tried to teach
me how to live by Moon signs but I was drawn to astronomy, biology and
chemistry. Later I came to see the wisdom of my Aunt Maude and went back
to her teachings. I now live in Charlotte NC where I am a professional
astrologer. My approach to astrology is mythological.

I feel saddened now by the state of my nation. I believe America has
a shadow on it's soul and that the only way this shadow will be lifted
is through a spiritual revival. I think this is what we must be about.

Though I really didn't want George Bush to win again I get that this
is the overall will of the American people and I need to look at all
this in a new light. Interestingly, most U.S. cities went for Kerry
including my city of Charlotte and surrounding county, this within
a generally rural state that voted for Bush by 13 percentage points.
Not to complain, but I really don't like how this feels maybe
especially because my own Sun is with the U.S. and George Bush's
4 and 6 July Suns. I didn't want to go this way again but I guess
I/we need better to learn the mystery of the Hydra, our national
decan starsign, George W. Bush's and mine. One lesson I hope we've
learned by now is that you can't kill the Hydra by cutting off its
head. The Hydra just grows more heads. Among other things this means
terrorism can't be defeated by force of arms.

Is there hope for America? Yes, if we have it. Hope is a choice and
there are hopeful signs to be seen. Also we might remember the story
of Pandora's box which when opened releases a drove of demons yet
at the bottom of the box is the winged angel Hope. So I guess we
just need to dig deeper.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in Libra these next few mornings
following the election is a blessing to America and the world. It's
time for a new beginning regardless how this election has turned out
for you. Tension is breaking like a tide over this land releasing
energy that is looking for new direction. Bring to mind hopes and
dreams and these will be empowered. Wish on the Morning Star.

Keep the faith and visualize, we always co-determine what will be.
Good luck

Steve Nelson

Astrology in Jungian tradition
for understanding personal myths
and realizing natural abilities.
Birth Chart Interpretation
Astrological Forecasting
Relocation Charting
Event Timing

2625 Bucknell Ave
Charlotte NC- 28207


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