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Message from Mother Mary

July 12, 2004
As Channeled by
Lois Hartwick

Dear Children of the Earth ~

I embrace each and every one of you.  Sending energy of the sun – energy that is of light and is combined with loving embraces for each and every one.  You have come to the session today, knowing that I would be here, and I am grateful for your presence.  I have a number of things I would like to say and put forth, not only to you as a given audience in this room, but to others around the earth who might hear what I have to say.

These days are important and significant.  You may be witnessing a division of sorts in your world.  I would to say it’s a division that seems to be unfolding from an energetic perspective for those of you choosing to accomplish a specific goal, a specific dream, a specific opportunity or an unfolding of an overall blanket of light, allowing for new times and new presences to come forth.  Contrasting this division would be those not embracing the energies coming forth and who are not easily moved from one position or another they have been in for eons of time.

You have often heard about the concepts of a greater world or another world forthcoming for many of you.  I would like you to understand the ascension process or the inclusion of a higher aspect of light becomes what you are able to do here on earth at this point in time.  Embracing new concepts and new ideas, new realties and opportunities allow you to grow further into this area of light.  There will be a time in which you are holding the higher reality completely and no longer bogged down by those areas or elements or aspects of the world so hindering many now.  Opportunities are to be created within your world through attention and focus and realizing that which must be let go of.

Of course this is not new news.  We have talked about it -- many of us -- in so many different ways over the past several years. What is new and important is this particular division will start to occur with much more sharpness shortly.  Because of that, I want you to be aware of the choices you are making.  Be clear that overall there is coming forth a highlighted aspect to each and every one of you caught between the two worlds or who feels unable to bridge the gap you might presently be in.  This occurs differently in different parts of the world because the energies vary, and you are experiencing a variety of situations.  Of course to be in Bangladesh is not the same as being in New York City or some other area of your world, such as Brazil.  Each area, no matter where it is, has specific opportunity within it, and energy is being generated and focused toward you.

There has been, for a long period of time, an acceptance of specific light and energy toward your planet.  In many cases this is being converted to some degree to a more feminine nature and is not quite as powerful as you might normally feel; however, it will allow you to rise to the surface more easily.  The gentleness and love present within this energy will help harmonize many of you who have had levels of doubt or confusion, or perhaps, certain situations not easily overcome.

All of you know there was a transition on June 8 with the Venus energy.  This energy has been called a retrograde on your planet by quite a few in terms of identification, and yet, others have spoken about it as an energy of love pervading your plane.  In many cases, both are true.  Sometimes one takes a step backward several times before being able to move ahead.  And when you are embracing the energy of love, it may trigger within your being certain areas or certain stoppages, because you must release something carried for a period of time, such as doubt, such as confusion, such as illness and many other existing qualities.

In this case, many of you of you are finding changes or shifts occurring within your physical being, and perhaps your perceptions, and perhaps your levels of reality.  All of this is happening to allow you to move forward and begin to embrace a much more loving, and let me say, healing energy than has been present previously.

Now the reason I am suggesting this in this manner is because you have needed a more specific male-oriented energy -- if one chooses to divide it in such a way -- as it has allowed you to be more active and more aggressive in terms of making changes and choices in overcoming difficulties you have had.  But some still feel they have had a difficult time or been unable to move out of a particular area in which they presently reside.  The divine energy that is of the feminine is able to complete many aspects of your lives which have not yet been able to come to a newer level or arena.  More closely will you be aligned with this light and energy in the forthcoming months.  And to such a degree you will begin to find those parts of your life previously not coming together or not embracing enough light, will now be able to do so.  There is a softening of the edges, certainly, but it is a completing energy for, indeed, there has been a dominance of that which has been more male-oriented on your planet for quite some time.

Now this does not mean men will encounter greater difficulty than women.  It means that each of you, in your own specific form, your light form, your body form, will now be able to integrate more easily areas that have not been completed, whether male or female oriented.  There is a binding effect that begins to occur, allowing for wholeness and completion to come together all the way through your entire system.  This, then, allows you to move forward to create more of the light aspect and also the higher perceptions on your planet.  Many of you feel that even though you carry these abilities or awarenesses, it is extremely hard to keep them in a balance or in a form that supports you or allows you to move ahead in the ways you have chosen, initially, before you came here.

This is going to start coming into fruition and the aspect of retrograde, which will be existing for a period of time, has more to do with returning to parts of your being that were stopped along the way, whether it be a mindset or a belief system, or a physical infirmity, or some other area of your being. You might need to go back and look at this, or you may find on a physical level you are releasing something that has come to the foreground.  It will move away, and you will then be able to move into a much clearer program than you have been in.

There are those who come forth in this time with their hearts held wide open for the Source of energy and love to be given to each one.  I am surely embracing all who choose to open their hearts in this manner.  It is important that love become a more common denominator on your planet.  For indeed, even bringing in an energy of love that will be so present here, with hearts closed and unavailable, it will make little difference to those choosing not to accept it.

Realize that which is in your being and allow these loving moments you will see from time to time coming into your being.  Pay attention to sparks of light or specks of light or to those flashes and moments and times in which you remember something extremely important or heart-opening in your lifetime.  As you are able to reach out and touch that within yourself, you are able to receive, in the same moment, a greater impulsion of the love energy coming forth.  It will be strengthened over time.

These energies which have started out in a more gentle manner, will come forth so that those still holding on to some past baggage, to some misalignments, to some old hurts and disappointments, will have opportunities to free away those elements of their being and move into a more ‘heavenly nature’, as you would imagine heavenly nature to be.

I come forth with the many who represent the feminine energy, for it is not only myself who appears at this point in time.  There will be more sightings of myself, however, to be spoken about, and there will be those who will question why this is happening now.  I can assure you it is because the energy of the blessedness of love can be received by all who will open their hearts to this measure.  As you are receiving this energy, take a moment to give thanks. Express gratitude for all that you receive.  It widens the heart and allows you to accept further.  Be clear in your knowing that the moments you are receiving are extremely beneficial and will not – I repeat – will not destroy anything in your lives.  Some of you are, at times, worried to accept this means to let go of that.  Whatever you end up letting go of I can promise you, will not be anything you need keep any further.

There are dimensions of realities beyond that which you are given to know or hear about.  There is a realm I would like to discuss today.  A realm of healers and a realm of beings who have embraced greater truth and light than may be easily possible on the plane on which you exist.  Yet within this realm are those beings who are now gearing up a great deal of momentum to start service to your plane.  They are as if thousands of helpers have decided to move into the new configurations of energy coming forth, and each person who asks to be healed or to be helped or assisted will be granted that particular assistance as needed, as requested.  This does not mean there will be no further things you will witness or experience, but to know there is a realm and a host of angelic beings who are coming forth to provide assistance with the energy which will be very pervasive upon your planet.

Within this energy is joy.  Connect to it and receive it.  Not in your head, not in your mind’s eye, but in your heart where you feel euphoric.  Allow joy to prevail within your lives as well.  Even in the midst of the greatest turmoil, this energy can be received and experienced.  Those who are disheartened by world events, by certain occurances that seem to be impossible to overcome now or given situations in your own personal world, may find in your mind you cannot comprehend feeling euphoric in the midst of difficulty.  I assure you with your hearts open, this energy can be received and utilized, not only for your lives but all of those you touch around you.

It is a commission, in a sense, for you who have worked in the light so long.  A commission being opened and granted and promoted in each and every one of you able or willing to accept this.   It is time to turn the tide, for it has been a very difficult plane for many, many years.  Those of you who have come here will not necessarily change everything you are witnessing or seeing.  But you can change within yourself what you are holding onto and disseminating to the world.  Enough of you doing this will link together light you carry.

Now I come to say to you it is not only light, but also, love which will be activated and is being activated at this very point in time.  Some of you have not had the opportunity to experience it, consciously, on this plane in a divine manner.  But you will be touched and opened if you care to experience this.

I come also, to remind you and one another to remember love is the common denominator that allows you to connect and link together no matter what situation is occurring.  For without this love, fear shrivels the heart.  It is important that your beings and the love that you can carry – the Creator’s Love – the Divine Love – the aspects of yourself which you truly are, must be given in a much broader and wider version than has yet been seen.

This is the time forthcoming.  This is the version that will be opening for you to see.  Close not the doorways before you.  Each one will practice and learn new techniques to share that which you carry, that which I Am as well as you are.

Greetings must be given to those around you.  Sharing must be offered in multiple ways.  Opportunities encountered, shrugging away fear that might be held onto as part of the past.  And divine gifts must truly be accepted and integrated and held within one’s heart, as a divine measure of worth.  Too often you release these or do not even recognize them, feeling they are not for you.  This is not the case.  Embrace all you receive in such a manner with love, knowing you are being offered that which you need to receive.

I have appeared on the earth throughout many eons of time in different visions, perhaps, in different ways, offering information, offering hope, offering questions.  But merely, offering myself to those of you who embrace my presence.  It is this presence which will begin to come into the Earth once again in a much more clear, visionary and energetic sense for those of you paying attention allowing a part of your being to come to fullness.  With this potential, the potential exists for the wholeness of the earth.  How it is utilized or how it is benefited to each and every one is left to your imagination.  And yet, the opportunities are coming forth.

In three week’s time, I will appear, once again.  My presence will be known to some, accepted by some, rejected by others, but nevertheless, I will appear.  This appearance will offer a great deal of energy to be disseminated on earth at that time.  You may feel this in your own beings, whether you witness any portion of this or not.  Allow your hearts to remain open, receive the light and the love and the energy coming forth.  Witness your own transformations as they start to be opened up, to be forthcoming, to be realized.

I would offer you as well, further consolation that the softening of the energy is going to dissipate many things that have been witnessed and happening on your planet.  It is my intention to create, along with love, greater harmony for this world at this time.  Remember, please, this comes to all who open their hearts and accept it.  For those who do not, there will be little or no change.

I am Mother Mary, blessed to be with each of Thee today

Mother Mary’s message was given to our weekly group on July 12, along with the her energy that so affected everyone present.  We are grateful.  Our weekly work normally is with Thoth each week, but both Sananda, and now Mother Mary, occasionally speak and request their messages be sent to a larger audience.  If you wish to be on the mailing list for them, send your name and address to info@expressionsoflight.com.

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Blessings, Lois

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