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The Most important Meditation on Planet Earth !
In the Universe there are magnificent energies that we can connect too. Our bodies are magnificent instruments, similar to radio sets, we can connect to any energy in the Universe if we know how to.

For example, many people are being initiated into the 'Reiki Energy', to learn or in most cases remember how to attune to this very special healing energy. We bring so much unnecessary suffering on ourselves, learning to heal ourselves has become extremely important.

There is also another very powerful healing energy, that is available to all of us, called the 'Mahatma Energy' , also known as the Avatar of Synthesis, which speeds up our path of Spiritual Ascension one-thousand fold, if we invoke it regularly. Those who admire Ghandi, will know that Mahatma means great Soul. This Special energy is available to every human being on the planet, without exception. This energy is available to you. If you would like to access this energy or need any other spiritual help, you have to ask with sincerity of heart and mind - Spiritual Law.

The Mahatma energy became available to all mankind through a unique Divine dispensation that came Directly from the Godhead, during the Harmonic Concordance, which was a special event upon the Earth in 1987.

The Mahatma Energy is the most important of the energies presently available to us on Earth, especially as we enter 'The Age of Spiritual Awakening' and understanding. The Mahatma Energy is a direct link between us and our Godhead, building a bridge of Light through all 352 levels of God Consciousness, Never before in the history of mankind, has this connection been available upon the Earth. The Mahatma Energy is Golden-White in colour with a hint of Violet, an indication, that it is a very fine and high frequency, it raises our own vibration, facilitating our Spiritual progression.

When we invite this energy into our own being, it flows through our physical, emotional, mental, Spiritual bodies and then into the Earth. It helps to cleanse our Aura-magnetic field, disintegrating negative thought patterns and emotional problems. The more people who access this energy, the more enlightened the Earths vibration becomes, this energy passes through us to heal the planet and spiritualize the planet. The more people who access this energy, the quicker the worlds consciousness will rise, bringing all beings' closer to the God within them.
Most people have had a similar experience to myself the first time they accessed this energy, like being connected to a large electric force!

But most of the time the energy feels like a gentle electric current flowing throughout entire body, however the energy is always powerful, bringing great peace and calm within the mind and body. We can ask the Mahatma Energy to help us with any personnel problem. We can ask the energy to heal our minds and bodies. We can also ask the energy to send out life rejuvenating hormones from our pituitary gland and to stop sending out death hormones. We can mentally direct it towards any problem that needs resolving. We can also send this special energy to anyone that needs help.

I use a method of opening the Chakras and receiving this energy. The Chakras (Spiritual Senses) are part of the etheric body, more commonly known as our Spiritual body. These energy centres provide us with the breathe of life. Because we live totally within our physical senses, attaching ourselves to physical pleasures, most people are unaware of their own Spiritual body. Spiritual Bodies are sometimes seen as Aura's (there is a special camera that can photograph Auras - Kirlian photography). When we live totally within our physical bodies, we limit our consciousness between two fixed points (between a range of frequencies). When we connect with our Spiritual bodies via the Chakras, we unlimit our consciousness.

It is a very important part of life to unlimit your self, so you can connect with the God within. We can access this energy verbally or mentally up to 3 times a day. I would also recommend Yoga or Tai Chi as an excellent tool for Spiritual growth.
Do not worry if you have to keep opening and shutting you eyes to follow the instructions, the more you practice the better you'll get, hopefully your memorize this method after a short while. Once you have learned this teaching, please show your friends, the more people who know, the better. Everybody needs a little bit of peace within their lives!

Before meditation, it is important to prepare yourself correctly, provide a sacred space for your consciousness to step into. This can be done by prayer. You can use absolutely any prayer that comes from the Heart. Always speak and say, Prayer slowly, pausing at the end of each sentence, so you allow the energy, within the ether to build around you.

The Mahatma Energy becomes even more powerful if you link with friends in a circle, and you can also join the Worldwide link up, with people from all over the world, all you have to do is attune yourself to the Mahatma Energy Meditation at 10am or 10pm every day. You are most welcome to join in !



                                                    * ----------------------------MONAD/I AM PRESENCE/
                                                                                 MAHATMA\GOD PRESENCE
                                      \\\\\\\\\\\\\    /////////////             ( 4-6 FEET ABOVE HEAD )
                                       \\\\\\\\\\\\\  /////////////               

                                                     *------------SOUL STAR CHAKRA/SOUL
                                                               PRESENCE/ENERGY TRANSFORMER -
                                                                 REGULATOR OF ELECTRICITY - LIGHT
                                                                    ( 6- 8 INCHES ABOVE HEAD )

                                                     *  -------------------Crown Chakra
                                             *              *
                                           *         * -----------------Third Eye Chakra
                                          *      ___    ___    *
                                         *        #     #       *
                                         *            +         *
                                          *        \_____/     *
                                            *                *
                                              *       * ----------------Throat Chakra
                                          ****                ****         
                                       *                            *
                                     *                *  -------------------Heart Chakra
                                   *                                  *
                                  *                   *  ------------------Solar Chakra
                                  *                                   *
                                  *                   * ----------Sacral Chakra
                     Base Chakra--------------------- *             *
                                       *                             *
                                      *                              *
                                      *                              *
                                      *                              *
                                       *                             *
                                        *                            *
                                        *                              *
                                        *                                *
                                  //////////////////   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
                                //////////////////      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
                              ///////////////////        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
                             ///////////////////          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
                           ////////////////////      *  -----------------------EARTH STAR CHAKRA
                         ////////////////////                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\    ( 2 FEET BELOW  BODY )
                       /////////////////////                  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
                      /////////////////////                    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

                                                     *----------MOTHER EARTH

1. Sit and relax, comfortably in a chair with feet on the floor. Feel your legs as being like two trees, with roots spreading 1000's of feet, into the centre
of earth.   Now say the Monad/Soul Mantra:  say this Mantra 3 times)

I AM the Monad
I AM the Soul
I AM the Light Divine
I AM Love
I AM Will
I AM Fixed Design

2. Spiritual Law states that, you have to ask with sincerity of heart to receive. Say to yourself " I ask the Mahatma Energy to flood my entire God Consciousness, I choose and accept, the Mahatma energy to flow through my entire being, Through all my chakras, In service to the Divine, In the eternal Now". Now say "I AM the Mahatma that I AM,100% connected to Divine Will, Divine Power and Divine Love".
3. Close your eyes. Take three deep breath's.
4. Visualize a Golden-White Ray of Light (Mahatma Energy) coming down from the cosmos, for 15+ seconds, flooding your crown chakra (Top of Head). now say " I Ask the mahatma energy to relax, balance, energies my chakra, and heal your Pineal Gland". Sense your Pineal Gland being held and soothed.
(pause for 15 seconds). Now say "I Ask the mahatma energy to relax, balance, energize and heal my Hypothalamus Gland". Sense your Hypothalalumus Gland being held and soothed. (pause for 15 seconds). Now ask the energy to activate, relax, balance, energize and heal all your Ganglionic Centers. Sense all your Ganglionic centers being soothed. (pause for 15 seconds).
5. Move down to your third eye. Visualize the Mahatma energy, Golden-White Ray of Light, flooding the third eye chakra (Middle of Forehead) for 15+ seconds. Ask the energy to relax, balance, energize your chakra and heal your Pituitary Gland, only send out rejuvenating hormones, keeping you young, open minded and healthy. Sense your Pituitary Gland being held and soothed. (pause for 15 seconds).
6. Move down to your throat centre. Visualize the Mahatma energy flooding the Throat chakra (Middle of Throat) for 15 seconds. Ask the energy to relax, balance, energize your chakra and heal your Thyroid Gland and your Parathyroid Gland. Sense you Thyroid Gland being held and soothed.
7. Move down to your Heart Centre. Visualize the Mahatma energy flooding your Heart chakra (Middle of Chest) for 15 seconds. Ask the energy to relax, balance, energize your chakra and heal your Thymus Gland. Sense your Thymus Gland, being held and soothed.
8. Move down to your Solar Plexus. Visualize the Mahatma energy flooding your Solar Plexus chakra (Middle of body) for 15 seconds. Ask the energy to relax, balance, energize your chakra and heal your Pancreas Gland. Sense your Pancreas Gland, being held and soothed.
9. Move down to your Sacral Centre. Visualize the Mahatma energy flooding your Sacral chakra (Just below Belly Button) for 15 seconds. Ask the energy to relax, balance, energize your chakra and heal your Ovaries or Testies Gland. Sense your Gland, being held and soothed. Now say
10. Move down to your Base Spine Centre. Visualize the Mahatma energy flooding the Base chakra (Base of your Spine) for 15 seconds. Ask the energy to relax, balance, energize your chakra and heal your Adrenal Glands. Sense your Adrenal Glands, being held and soothed.
11. Sense The Golden-White Ray of Light, the Mahatma energy, flowing through the crown centre, through all the charkas, through your legs into the earth, sense this Golden-White energy running through your spine, feel it going through the whole of your body; your bones, your teeth, your hair, just feel that liquid crystal that is your blood becoming activated by this energy of love so it travels everywhere in your physical body, through your entire being, filling the earth with Spiritual energy. Now say "I choose and accept the mahatma energy to build a bubble of protection around my entire energy matrix. I ask to be cleared of all negative elemental imprint and negative thought forms. I ask for the mahatma's golden dome of protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to both protect and clear myself of unwanted negative energy, from all life forms. I ask that all negative energy be vacuumed up and out of the golden dome, and immediately transmuted into Divine love. Thank you"
12. Now say "I ask the Mahatma Energy to cleanse My entire Auric Field and to continue helping me with my ascension process during my sleep state until ultimate God Realisation is achieved". Now Say, Dear beloved God Presence, I AM (Monad) presence, Soul Presence, The Mahatma Energy, the collective consciousness of the Ascended Masters, In the name of the God within me, I ask that this Divine manifestation be multiplied and used to assist all souls on this planet who are in need. I thank you and accept it done according to the Will of God". (You can direct energy to any specific problem that needs resolving.)
13. Send this energy to anyone that needs it, visualize person, in the Golden-White Light.
14. Relax for 5 minutes+.
15. Thank Special Divine Energy.

a) Visualise Base chakra as Red flower, staying open. Visualise your
legs turning into two tree's, see the roots going deep into the ground,
1000's of feet into the earth, spreading in all directions, feel your loving connection with the centre of the earth.
b) Visualise Sacral chakra as Orange flower closing into bud!
c) Visualise Solar chakra as Yellow flower closing into bud!
d) Visualise Heart chakra as Green flower closing into bud!
e) Visualise Throat chakra as Light Blue flower closing into bud!
f) Visualise Third Eye chakra as Indigo flower closing into bud!
g) Visualise Crown chakra as Violet flower closing into bud!

Now visualise, see a ball of Golden/White, around all of your body. Well Done !

This material is not copyrighted, therefore is to be shared by all of humanity, can be printed absolutely anywhere ! Please share this important information with as many people as possible.

A special thanks to Brian Grattan for sharing his wonderful teachings with all of humanity. If you would like to explore the Mahatma Energy , it's origin, history, essence, application, and more read...


by Brian Grattan

Combined version of the original two books. Guidance to reach an evolutionary level of integration for conscious ascension. Fascinating diagrams, meditations, conversations. One of the most profound books ever written !

ISBN: 0929385772

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