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Metatron - Message for a New and Joyous Year
Through Reniyah Wolf, January 12, 2004

Beloved Ones, I greet you this day in eternal joy. As you are

beginning your year 2004, you are truly beginning to walk in the

Light that you have worked so hard to bring into your Earth plane.

The year that has just passed, 2003, has been a tumultuous one in

your world and a personally challenging one for some of you. It was

an extraordinary year for your ascending Earth. Gaia, and her life

forms, released a very great deal of lower energy. The events that

transpired in your world were signs of that releasing. As your

planetary energy shifting continues to pick up momentum, you are

riding high on a wave of Rainbow Light. The higher frequencies of

Love are entering into your plane in an unprecedented manner. You

have called this forth from God and the Higher Realms, Beloved Ones.

You have been heard and answered. We are humble before you in your

great courage and perseverance under very challenging conditions.

You have done extraordinary work. In truth, even your God coul! d

not bring these things to be without your cooperation and intent,

because you live in a plane of free will, and no power in the

universes can interfere with that. The door is now open to the

restoration of humanity's Divine state.


Now, Beloved Ones, it is time to begin, in earnest, to reap your

rewards for your hard work
. Before you can receive these rewards,

though, you must open your eyes a bit and see what is really

happening, both within yourself and without.   In your spiritual

circles, in your study, you are often discussing frequency or

.  These are words that you hear over and over, but do you

understand what they really mean?  You interpret in the context of

duality - low frequency is bad, high frequency is good.  We would ask

you to move beyond that viewpoint for a moment.  Frequency is a level

of sound vibration
.  All that which you perceive as real, your

planet, her animate and inanimate life forms, the stars in your

night sky - these all exist because of the vibration of sound waves.

Frequency, then is the rate of speed with which any portion of

creation vibrates, from slow to fast.  There are certain types of

manifestations that! are characteristic of the lower frequencies,

yes - and also of the higher ones.  You also, Beloved Ones, are

beings of frequency
.  The lower frequencies of sound vibration, the

realms of dense matter and lower emotion are not necessarily bad,

nor are the higher ones necessarily good.  They simply are - they are

the basis for God to experience all the possibilities of creation.


The frequency level of any portion of creation is determined by the

collective frequency level of the consciousnesses that inhabit it.

The frequency level of that portion of creation will be raised when

an intention is created amongst the collective to do so.  This is, of

course, is what you have been doing for the past years, raising the

frequency of your Earth plane.  Yes, Beloved Ones, there are millions

of you that came to Earth to assist.  Those of you who know your

purpose here are very few in comparison.  There are millions more who

have served incognito.  They have lived their lives following their

hearts and their gut feelings, crying "no more!" to the old energy

ways.  While still embodied here, they will not know why or how they

served, only that they followed a call.  As they were leading their

lives, they were silently reweaving the tapestry of your planetary

consciousness.  Now, as Earth is well on her way to a higher

frequency, many of them will be leaving the Earth, their work


You who are reading this, Beloved Ones, can choose to be among the

emerging Divine Humans. 
This is the reward of which we spoke, your

opportunity to experience your full Divine connection while still in

embodied form.  You must choose this, though, and you must call it

forth into your entire being.  This choice has not been available

before.  Your planet was immersed in the lower frequency energies of

fear.   Beloved Ones, you have worked so hard to bring love back to

your Earth plane.  You must now realize that you have done that, and

you must allow it into your own being as well.   This Divine

connection will not be bestowed upon you simply because you believe

in the work of the Light, and because you have worked toward the

cause of your planetary ascension.  The Love that you have worked to

bring to this plane is also a level of frequency.  You must align

yourself with that higher frequency in order to benefit from your

own work
.  Many of you are trying to live in two worlds, two

frequency bands,   Beloved Ones, at the same time - the old one and

the new.   You are finding that increasingly difficult to do.  It is

like trying to watch two television shows on different channels at

the same time, on the same television.  It is eventually going to

drive you crazy if you do not choose which one. You are not equipped

to exist both frequencies at once.

Beloved Ones, the energies of Metatron are the energies of Divine

Joy and Bliss.  I am now more fully able to come into your plane and

bring these energies to you, because you have earned that, you have

called it forth
.  You have raised the frequency enough for me to do

that.  Yet there are many among you whose hearts are closed, who are

clinging to the old energy ways of judgment, duality and fear.  

Beloved Ones, now that Love has entered into the Earth plane, you

can choose to live in a state of Grace, rather than one of karma.

You must, though, be willing to open your hearts - to give up your

fears, your rigid belief systems, your desire to be right.  Until you

are willing to unfetter yourself of those things, you will not be

able to accept the gift of Divine Grace.   As more of the higher

energies enter into your plane, hanging on to your lower energy

belief systems and emotions will become increasingly uncomfortable.

You will ultimately have to choose either old energy or new - 

because Love and Fear cannot exist in the same frequency band.

Beloved Ones, gallant crusaders of the Light, we would hope that

each one of you would choose to claim your reward.


This year 2004 now looms before you. There will be more changes in

your world as the old falls away
. There will be more changes in your

personal lives, as well, as your societal structures and conditions

change.   Unless you are balanced within yourselves, Beloved Ones,

these changes may be quite unsettling and disturbing.   This will also

be a year in which Divine unfoldment and synchronicity will abound.

Those of you who are willing to release your attachments to the old

energy ways and open your hearts to the energies of Love and Joy

will see miracles every day. You will move into Divine Time and Flow

and your lives will assume a quality of effortlessness that will

delight you.   You will find yourselves moving into alignment with

your own Higher Selves and an intuition based way of living. No

matter what happens in the world around you, you will be above it

all because you are simply not in vibrational alignment with it.

Much more of what you call Ascended Master Abilities will be

available to you
.  Some of you will discover that you have

extraordinary gifts for healing, for art, for writing.   All of you

who choose the path of Love will be in full alignment with your

Divine purpose. You will bring forth the work that is the foundation

for the new energy Earth.  You will prepare the way for the children

coming along behind you.  

Beloved Ones, know that the battle is won.

There is no more fighting and defending to be done. It has generally

much easier for those embodied upon this plane to fight than to

love.  This will be a more challenging game, perhaps, to forget about

the past and to accept the Grace and Love of God into your being and

your lives.


The energies of Metatron come into your plane to embrace you and to

assist you in opening your hearts to the State of Grace and Joy that

is now possible for you to have. You must be willing to release the

lower energies throughout your whole being, Beloved Ones. You cannot

speak of love and act in judgment and still remain in harmony with

the State of Grace. You cannot say you love others while you despise

yourself for all your perceived mistakes and shortcomings. If you

cannot open your hearts enough to love yourselves, then what you

profess as love for others is false.  If you are constantly wishing

to be some other place besides this Earth, then you are in denial of

what you, yourself have helped to create.  You cannot know the beauty

and joy that exists here.   If you compromise your own truths and

principles for the sake of others, you are acting out of fear.   You

will not, then, come to know your own Divinity.


Beloved Ones, 2004 is the year in which the new Divine Humans will

stand up and be counted, will begin to make an indelible mark on the

tapestry of consciousness that creates your world
. We would ask each

one of you, in the stillness of your prayers and meditations, to put

all else aside for a brief time.   Simply call forth the opening of

your hearts and the entrance of your own Divine State of Grace.   Call

forth the true experience of the emotion of Joy
.  Focus, for a short

time, not on what is happening without, but within your own hearts.

In truth, Beloved Ones, when you are in balance within your own

selves, and aligned with the energies of your Higher Selves, you

will be the most formidable force for change that Earth has ever

seen. The more of you that rise to the challenge, the faster your

world will rise in frequency.  The manifestations of the old energy

of fear will swiftly fade away.  It is in your hands.  It always has

been in your hands. We can only assist you as much as you call us

forth, as much as you allow us to.  You have asked, already, for a

very great deal, and it has been given.  We are ready to give you

infinitely more.  Once again, we would hope that you all, each and

every one, will allow us to share the energies of Divine Joy with

you in your year 2004.
I AM Metatron
I AM With You Always

Reniyah Wolf, 2004   http://loveandempowerment.com

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