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The Wave - November Circular
© Qala Phoenix 2004

Message from Shambhala Masters
and Qala Sri’ama

Blessings Beautiful Ones,   
Love and elixirs of Divine grace now pour forth to you as many of the angelic emissaries who support you in this life to take the next step on your journey, clearly, lovingly and gracefully and they are now here in full support of your being. As you are aware, your bodies, minds and hearts are alchemically transforming as the light of Earth grows stronger and through this your cells are activated with her beautiful light. Old energies held in your cells are being asked to release and be transformed to your original essence of love through your journey. We ask you, are you willing to take the next step and to release that which is needed for you to open more fully to the light and love of your soul, and the soul journey and soul purpose you came to Earth to experience.

What a blessing and a divine opening your heart has for you. Long ago you chose path that was set by you. You may have met many obstacles that have been your teachers and many challenges that have been your lessons. We ask you to honour these now and to fully let go of these and allow a new journey or a new leg of your soul journey to begin. It is the following five keys we give you that will support you to recognise that your soul journey may be renewed and although you set a path for yourself long ago before this incarnation, a renewal of your heart connection to this path holds the power to rejuvenate and renew every aspect of your experience with this path. This sacred renewal may be yours as you embrace these five simple keys with your conscious awareness and your open heart , beloved hearts.

Are you willing to rejuvenate your consciousness and allow the journey to be a celebration rather than a burden, beloveds.  Is it not your heart that is the key, and following your heart to your destiny beyond fears that may arise from these old cellular memories. We ask you now to trust your path and your original agreements with your God presence to incarnate and activate the primary heart connection to your path through the Earth and all she has to offer in her glory, ascension and divine form as a goddess of creation. The keys we brings forth are based on a principle of understanding that is relevant to all beings on the Earth. This principle shares the nature of the Earth and life on Earth as a realm or plane of creation. It is through embracing Earth as a plane of creation that one is able to walk on one’s path on the Earth empowered and less effected by fear or duality.

The first key we share is that as the earth is a creation plane, and that unless you create from your heart you live a life effected by the karmic plane of humanity and their old fear memories. To take your own power again as a creator of your life is the first key we share that liberates you to experience and activate your soul purpose and fulfillment in life. It is this that then gives you a direction with your further creation in life.

This may sound difficult yet it is one of the simplest tasks in life. To choose your own reality and follow your heart guidance in your life. To give this to yourself, breaks down all fears and the matrix of fear held by your soul within your cellular memory and allows you to free yourself from fear. The journey of beginning this is strong yet filled with a new excitement and love that cannot be purchased or designed by you in any other form than through your commitment to the path of your heart and choosing to live by the guidance you receive within your heart.

When a soul first liberates themselves by choosing to guide themselves completely through their hearts guidance, the oldest matrix of fear may rise up from your cells as cellular memory to be released from your mind, heart and body, allowing a new freedom in your mind ,heart and body to receive further guidance. We share that this begins the first cleansing of the fear to allow your soul to be free from the collective fear matrix that is built from the oldest unresolved fear memories of humanity.

We ask you to know that all beings who first guide themselves from their heart experience a release of fear from their cellular memory. The angelic emissaries who have promised you support and assistance as you move through an inner transformation begin to cleanse and clear all the old fears you name, as you hold to the decision to live your life from the guidance of your heart and release  the path of choosing life experiences based on old fears arising.

The second key we offer is for you each to understand that this is a process of energetic transformation. It begins within your mind and completes with your heart . At times you will feel lost, and the energies of old fears may fill your mind and heart. To clear these and fully release these, it is of importance to call for clearing and assistance with this . As you name and acknowledge each fear with no judgement and recognise the energy is old fears needing love and honouring, your energy will transform and the fears will release from your mind  and then from your heart and you will experience a new clarity. This transformational period is easier if you ask for the grace of God to fill you and hod you and you remind yourself that you are in a period of inner transformation. It is this inner transformation that allows your outer world to transform. It is your love and acceptance of the fears and your dedication to receiving assistance with them that allows this to take place quickly beloved hearts.

As you breathe now we bring forth a wave of love to you and share that at anytime you may call for waves of love and grace to come to you . This will lift the old fears that may arise. These old fears may arise before any major change or powerful inner transformation you create in your life.

Our third key is how to release the old fears if they arise powerfully through a process of karmic absolution and a simple prayer. This key is related to asking for the assistance you need to do this when the fears are effecting you. We offer the following simple prayer to assist you with this.


Beloved heart of my Soul and I Am Presence, I call for karmic absolution and the greatest assistance that is in divine order for me at this time. I ask for all fears I am experiencing to be lifted from my energybody, mind, heart and soul and for these to be cleansed, purified and transmuted to the original essence of love that they originated from. I ask that I be lifted out of the collective fear matrix of humanity if this is effecting me and all cords be transmuted from my energybody to the collective body of humanity. I call on the grace of God to fill me and all obstacles to my clear path of love, light and self- empowerment be now removed. I call on the love, light and power of God to merge with my soul to co-create my new reality. I surrender all fear and give all away that does not serve me to experience the love, light and joy of my soul and the fulfilment of my soul purpose and destiny. I surrender all and ask all to be lifted now , all old beliefs and all old agreements that do not serve me to be free to create my heart dreaming and divine reality on Earth. May all obstacles be removed through God’s will as it is now done. May all obstacles be now removed to this as God’s will is now done. God’s will is now done and this serves me to live in open heartedness as a soul on a journey of fulfilment and blessing in mergence with the divine presence of my soul. I now lovingly and humbly accept I am one of God’s presents and choose to live a life in God presence . So Be It.

Our fourth key is to give thanks beloved for that which you have received and to trust that all will be brought forth to you in divine order for you and your soul’s growth. It is of the highest for you to embrace all life lessons and give yourself time to resolve all fears as they arise otherwise they will build up and may create a split in your consciousness. This has the potential for you to re-experience your souls fears and for your to partially manifest them. We share a prayer for each one of you that may have already created a temporary split in your consciousness in your life through a deep avoidance of meeting your fears and we share that if you say this prayer everyday and acknowledge and surrender your inner fears, you will heal this temporary split and allow your sense of wellbeing to return.


Beloved God Presence of my soul and all souls connected to me, I hereby ask for the greatest assistance and love for my earthly situation at this time. I ask for all parts of me to be held by the pure love of the dolphins, the Divine Mother and the divine child of light I am. I ask for the innocence to be restored and for all that is not embracing of this love to be assisted through all that is in divine order for them. As a child of God/dess I call forth my angels, archangels and my ascended masters to merge through every cell, atom and photon of my field and energy body in divine order for my being. I ask that all parts of my consciousness that feel split in two be held and lifted into a Chamber of Grace so all energies may be harmonised and attuned to the original signature of my soul. I ask that all parts that do not resonate to my soul and are genetic or alternate in blueprinting be supported to walk across a rainbow bridge to the heart of love that calls them. I ask for a wheel of restoration to support them to walk into the heart of love and be held by all mothers and fathers of pure love. May the love of the pure child I am shine on them and may the law of forgiveness be pulsed in the most gentle of ways through them. May all that is not in divine order for them be removed. May all obstacles be removed. May all obstacles be removed and the original wound creating separation be lifted and forgiven and loved free by my soul as I forgive all experiences I have created or not created and all experiences I have met in this life or others lives, dimensions that has led any parts of my consciousness to experience separation. I ask for my original wound to be lifted and ask for karmic absolution for this , Beloved God Presence of my soul. So Be It.

To support this Maitreya offers each one of you assistance within the heart of Shambhala.  You may call to him and ask for your soul to be supported by being placed on  Shambhala Temple program for the healing of any splits in your consciousness. It is in cases where your feminine consciousness and masculine consciousness hold completely opposite intentions (a form of duality) that a temporary split in your consciousness can be created. If you wish to be placed on this program of chambers of healing for the lifting of the original wound of your soul , call to Maitreya and ask for this and this will manifest each evening for three- nine weeks.   

Our fifth key is be gently walk the path and not be in a hurry, knowing that you are supported every step of the way and as you take each step walk with an open heart. If your heart is unable to open, it is important for you to spend the time resolving the fears that close it rather than hurrying along your path living in avoidance of these fears. We share beloved that if you avoid your fears and push them aside they will grow and effect you more deeply and manifest powerfully in your life circumstances. By simply embracing each one as they arise, in times of deep change, you will walk a path of grace and not manifest your fears beloved hearts. Take the time to be with yourself and be honest at what is occurring within you and you will create a stable base within your heart , mind and personality for any changes that your spirit may guide you to in your life for a more loving, light and joyful soul journey in this life.

Beloved Hearts, we share these with you to support you to transform the way you see your life, as this will allow you to embrace the alchemical transformation you are experiencing in life. Do not be concerned of all that arises in your life as it is a part of a cleansing for your spirit, soul and body on their journey as one. Our last key is for each of you to call on the principles of God Consciousness to support you. These nine principals we now share with you live within your heart and are held by the God Presence of your heart . Each one holds an answer to each of the prayers of your mind and heart as you embrace your life experience and the cellular memory clears and transmutes in your life. As you embrace them your consciousness transforms and changes and each opens a doorway for what will appear to be one of God’s miracles. In truth , these miracles are created by the transformation of your consciousness. These nine principals if attuned to, aligned to with your thoughts will create the new reality that is based on your open heart to manifest in your life.

The nine principals are held by the Elohim for humanity and as each human embraces and embodies these principals by focusing their consciousness on them, the creator path is opened for them again. This creator path is the path where a soul holds the ability to co-create their path with God and manifest all in their life in accordance to their heart dreams. The path is opened through the divine principals of faith, truth, intention, compassion, divine intervention, soul freedom, mind expansion, heart expansion and loving action.

  • To attune to faith is to jump or leap in life choices without proof of outcome, guided by the heart and a true deep feeling, the spirit of one’s being.

  • To attune to truth is to be honest with yourself about all fears or joys one is experiencing and allow these to move through with no judgement of self.

  • To hold the intention is to choose the path of the heart dream and speak clearly of manifesting this in co-creation with your God Presence.

  • To have compassion is to have compassion for self and all fears held by self that one meets on this path or fears others hold in relation to this.

  • To attune to the consciousness of Divine Intervention, one is reminded that many are assisting them in the wings and bringing God’s grace to them, to allow the little miracles to occur.

  • To attune to the principal of soul freedom is to allow ones soul its full expression and integration of all transformation, awakening and opening that is occurring.

  • To attune to the principal of expansion is to open one’s mind to all infinite possibilities rather than holding a fixed outcome based on the limiting experiences of one’s past

  • To attune to the principal of heart expansion is to open one’s heart to the highest potential outcome and be open to receiving this as one’s life experience.

  • To attune to the principal of loving action is to speak, and act from the heart of the first eight principals shared in relation to the intended manifestation or creation of one’s life path,  and to offer all fear that is spoken and acted from,  to one’s God Presence so it may be transmuted to love.  

Blessed Be, our Beloveds,
May these simple keys support each of you to follow your hearts dreams so you may experience your highest potential life experience as a divine being on Earth.
After reading this take a few minutes to listen to your heart and be guided by your soul in your life. We gift you each the heart of Shambhala to support you to connect to your heart at this time. Go within and breathe and receive as I gift this now and it begins to gently support you to open your heart to receive guidance from your soul and your direct contact.

Lord Maitreya and Qala Sri’ama

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