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A Message from the Hathors        March 5,2004

  Tom Kenyon  

We wish to address four levels that are inter-reacting and affecting the fabric of your reality. These are the cosmic, the heliosphere, the magnetic field of your planet, and terrestrial politics. We begin with the Cosmic for this is the most intangible and yet the most powerful.

There are continual emanations of energy and consciousness not yet detected by your science, and these energies permeate all space. These energies are an expression from the mind of God, to use a very anthropomorphic term--which reduces the Mystery into human perspective. From our perspective, God is a very limited concept. The Mystery encompasses all that is, and the very stars and galaxies and all heavenly bodies comprise the celestial body of the Mystery itself.

From the heart of this Mystery there is a calling forth of a greater awareness of itself, as it expresses in all worlds, even unto, and especially your world. We will say more about this in a moment. But for now, we wish to broaden an understanding of the cosmic realm.

The lines through which these energies flow from the heart of the Mystery intersect the Central Sun of your galaxy, and from here it radiates outward into all solar systems that comprise the Milky Way Galaxy. You may think of it in this way. The Earth holds many frequencies. It is cosmically very much like a giant tuning fork. When the right note is struck, a tuning fork begins to vibrate spontaneously. The Mystery is striking the chord that awakens the tuning fork of Earth, so Earth itself begins to vibrate in a different way, and this is very much related to the changes in your magnetic field and to the heliosphere. Your sun is changing its composition. It’s energy field, or aura, is called the heliosphere, and it is expanding and growing larger—and its energetic affects are more pronounced. Sunspot activity is only one small part of the transformation of your star. It is in some ways, an expression of the calling of the Mystery, for the sun is also vibrating like a tuning fork to the Cosmos, but it does this differently than does Earth for they are different celestial bodies and possess different levels of consciousness.

The frequency that is striking the tuning fork, if you wish, of Earth is affecting many levels, but especially the molten lead core of your planet, and these fluctuations are responsible for the flux and the changes in your magnetic field. Magnetic north is moving; (it is) not static. It is like a giant oscillator and, indeed, it is oscillating to the tuning fork of the planet. For in reality, it is the tuning fork, and it is responding to the calling of the Mystery that is striking the central sun, and your galaxy, the sun of your solar system, and the heliosphere, and the magnetic field of your earth, even down to the very physical constituent of its core. As a result of this, there is also increased pressure within what you would call the volcanic lines.

Furthermore, your memory is very much a function of the magnetic field, of three fields actually:  the field of the brain, the field of your body itself, and the magnetic field of the Earth. Since the magnetics of the Earth are wobbling, so to speak, memory is becoming a challenge for many people. We only see this continuing to escalate so individuals must find ways to stabilize or strengthen the magnetic force fields of their nervous systems and bodies. Specifically, to assist with this we suggest that people increase and balance the minerals within their bodies. Fundamentally the soil from which you grow your food is depleted of minerals. It is an expression of your dying eco-system, so one has to do what one can to increase the mineral content of one’s diet. Practically, this would mean eating foods grown in enriched soils as opposed to commercially grown foods, such as food grown by agro-business. By sprouting organic grains there is an increase in mineral content. The only way to be sure that one’s mineral content is balanced is to have a test done, but that is impractical for many people, so eating foods grown bio-dynamically and organically is a more practical solution. Living foods, still rich in enzymes, will assist, as will the act of blessing your water before you drink it.

Water is a living consciousness and highly receptive to the thoughts and emotions of humans, so by connecting to water as a conscious being--what we refer to as LEEM--the vibrational quality of the water increases, and one actually introduces a higher vibration that has strengthening qualities, but the mystery of it is that it is consciousness. It is consciousness that is affecting the water and causing it to step up in frequency. This then affects the physical matter of the body. Consciousness affecting matter, and matter affecting consciousness—this is how it works.

Now, to the terrestrial politics of your planet. It is a three-ring circus—whose size and scope has never been seen before upon this Earth. But before we address this, we would like to place it within a specific context.

This is a universe  of duality. Consciousness moves forward or backward, not with unerring or certain steps, but with great uncertainty, randomness and serendipity. Just as the cosmos, the mystery, is sending forth it’s calling, an impulse to increased awareness—the tuning forks of the celestial orbs respond, each in their own way—according to their nature. The central sun of your galaxy is responding to this calling to awaken quite differently than the molten core of your earth. The sun of your solar system is also responding in its own unique way and so too is every human upon your earth, for all humans have magnetic fields and a quality of consciousness that is unique and the tuning fork that is their being responds to the calling in unique ways. Having said this, we can group the human family into two groups—what we would call “life affirming” or “life negating.” The irony is that each of these groups would accuse the other of being the negative, but it is all the play of dualistic evolution, antagonistic forces brought together at the same moment in time and space. There are persons in many places of power throughout the Earth who respond to the calling of the Mystery with paranoia, fear, and the need to control. Many of these camps are in control of your media, your corporate bases of power and the political cabals that rule your planet. It is an odd time on your planet, but then every time on your planet has been odd—but this time is especially odd because as the Mystery sends forth its calling to a greater awakening in all the worlds, your world seems wrapped in a drama in which a few gamble for the control of your destiny. We do not offer you advice on how you might deal with this, for we are not of your world, and it is your responsibility to recreate your world, as you desire and hopefully not according to other’s desires. But we will say this, understand that you are in the midst of a great evolutionary drama of immense cosmic proportions and that what is happening here is but a small reflection of a vast drama that is occurring throughout the cosmos. Do not be disheartened by the duality. It is the nature and the fabric of your universe. Regardless of what seems to be happening around you, find a way to live in joy and appreciation, for these harmonics of emotion are evolutionary agents and they will raise you to a place in consciousness where you are less affected by the lies and manipulation of the powerbrokers. 

March 5, 2004
Orcas Island, Washington 
Copyright 2004  Tom Kenyon  All Rights Reserved.

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