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   Global Warming Revealed Dry/Ice  Drunvalo Melchizedek

Message from Thoth    Global Warming: Pollution
Through  Lois Hartwick

Dear Friends of Light

I have come forth to speak with each of you today because there is an emergency of
sorts facing your planet.  Many of you have come in to alter or change outcomes
here; you know this.  Others have no idea what or how they came to be at this time,
but feel compelled to help where they can.

There has been ongoing group work in many sections of the world where caring
people have volunteered their efforts again and again to alter in some manner, the
times ahead toward upliftment, freedom and truth.  Now we must also focus on the
environment, which has taken on a difficult task as well:  Pollution.  This pollution
has affected everything, and changed the course and outcome of many lives.  The time
is here for those of you who wish to focus further attention to receive a series of
channeled messages I will be offering to a group of dedicated folks each week.

This will be a series of exercises geared specifically with guidelines toward utilizing
higher energies to alter outcomes toward global warming and other pressing
situations on your plane
.  As a result, you will spend time not only in contemplation
reading these messages, but sending energy in a variety of ways to areas of the earth.

A course was offered some time ago for those of you who felt called to this work.
Now those applications will be addressed and utilized plus new guidelines and
information given.  It will be specific, detailed, and when  followed through
consistently, allow for changes to be exacted in your world.

Not all of you are yet aware of the great impact global warming has had on your
planet.  But in the next several years, great changes will have taken place, making
certain areas uninhabitable. 
Alterations as described by a variety of scientists are
being noted now with some alarm.  Dedicated planetary holders of energy are
wearing thin their efforts.  It is time for a larger group to begin  focusing in new
ways for global reclamation.  It is time.  We are ready.  We who work with you in
unseen realms are offering to assist and support efforts now being made on earth.

Will you join us?

Each week for the next 7 weeks there will be given information toward alteration of
your plane.  It will include your time and effort throughout the week as well.  These
will be exercises to practice but also to utilize energy presented from source.  No
further information will be given here except to offer you gratitude and thanks for
your assistance in joining us.

There will be  two levels of exercises offered.  For those who took the first level of
exercises, in 2003,  new ones will be added.  For those joining in for the first time, the
exercises may vary in proportion to allow for practice, growth and focus.
Information will also be forwarded on climatic changes from a variety of sources.
No doubt you have witnessed unusual weather patterns in your area.

In addition, you will receive the second portion of the weekly group channeling,
which will be given on Soul Groups and how they affect your lives.  Little has been
discussed on this topic, but it is time for understanding to evolve in this area, as it
will take on new significance with the shifting of frequency and energy.    Soul
groups have significant impact upon planetary alignments and direction.
Understanding the overlayment of purpose allows for a greater sense of fulfillment
to be achieved both individually and collectively.

The entire series of 7 channelings sent to you on a weekly basis, with exercises and
information on soul groups is $70.   Donations for scholarships are gratefully accepted

Please email Lois if you wish to join us in utilizing our energies toward a better world

I Am, respectfully,
Thoth, The Atlantean

Lois Hartwick

email:  info@expressionsoflight.com
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