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   Message from St. Germain through Mike Quinsey
St. Germain  11.10.04.


In the aftermath of the election, there is suddenly new impetus around, and a new sense of direction. At first there was much confusion and a feeling of despair, as the result seemed to have been clearly with the Democratic Party. The anger is being replaced by a determination and desire, by those who backed peace and wish to see it now manifest. There is a great coming together and it is through the power of the people, their energies are having an effect that is breaking down the resistance of the dark.


The dark are now finding themselves unable to control what is happening, and contemplate draconian measures to hold onto the reins of power.  But each time they attempt to erode the people’s power, there is now an upsurge of resentment and a resolve to fight back.  Dear Ones, you have suddenly woken up to what has been happening to you, and instead of meekly accepting the position as before you are beginning to exercise your own power.  It is becoming so obvious to you now, that you must have changes that address the issues that are affecting your daily life, and more importantly that lay down your future.  You are beginning to re-claim your rights, and you cannot now be so easily fooled into giving them away. You have been pushed a bit too far, and before you fall over the edge you have realised how you have been mis-lead by the very people you have trusted.


I find it all to be a wonderful development that has suddenly arisen out of the ashes of your Constitution, because believe me you have lost so much.  The Spiritual Hierarchy is right behind you in your endeavours, and gives its own power to you in the way of encouragement to spur you on. You have more strength than you first imagined, and you will see very soon the result of your determination to bring in positive changes, that will rid you of the cancer that has enslaved you. In so doing you also give more power to the groups upon Earth, that await the opportunity to go ahead with the Plan for change that is motivated and controlled by us. You bring the moment ever nearer when all shall suddenly happen, and you deserve recognition for your own efforts. The Light has no agenda except to spread Love, and it is the power behind everything we do, and it can work miracles. What is heart warming to see is that you have taken to organising yourselves in a responsible manner, and there is a coming together which is enhancing your power and ability to get things done. And although you may plan demonstrations, the emphasis is on peaceful marches. Although there will be opposition to them, I see you successfully achieving your objectives, as you will exercise your right to peaceful protest.


Your controlled media is finding it hard to ignore the amazing revelations that are continuing to be made known in respect of 9/11, and its connection to the Iraq war. Some are having second thoughts about the policies that prevent the truth from reaching you. They know that they have a responsibility to report fairly and accurately and that they are letting you down. But the pressures are telling on them, and before much longer their ivory towers will come tumbling down. If they refuse to report the truth, they will eventually have their powers removed. We of the Forces of Light are determined that changes will be made, and we apply our own methods of achieving results. A lot of this comes down to your conscience, not just those that control the media, but the workers themselves. Oh yes, you would like to stand up for truth, but we do understand the difficulty when you are in fear of your job, and cannot afford to be out of work. But people talk, and when they come together they find strength in numbers, and it is surprising sometimes at what can be achieved.


Things are happening very rapidly now, and each time the dark push their plans a little further ahead there is a greater re-action amongst you. You are beginning to anticipate what is likely to happen. This disturbs them as they like to keep you in the “dark” because the least you know, the easier it is for them to move un-noticed. The writing is on the wall as they say, and the game is nearly up, and it is time for change and it will come regardless of any action the dark take. Rest assured that everything is under control, and that the Creator rules supreme, and it is the Creator’s Plan that will win the day.


I am St.Germain and I wish for you to know how quickly you are bringing changes into being. Whatever happens in the meantime, I tell you that you are winning the battle, and there is no force upon Earth that will prevent the victory of the Light. Go about your work with your heads held high, you are rising above the chaos of Earth and bringing in a new found peace. I salute you all and leave you with my Love.

Thank you St.Germain


Mike Quinsey  

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