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     December 13, 2004

Financial Message from Matthew

The following message from Matthew begins with his response to a request for his comments about this posting that was dated December 5th and forwarded to me December 12th. ---Original Message--- Inside information from most reliable source - do not forward!

Financial collapse expected in USA six-seven weeks from today.   Make sure your money is in the right place.  Only those with large funds in
the wrong places will be negatively affected.    Please do not write for further information.  This is all.

 S: Matthew, hello dear!  What can you tell me about this information?

 MATTHEW: Mother, hello to you too! This is not the first of this type of message to make the rounds on your Internet.  Because I don’t know if this one is based on knowledge and sent out with good intent or if it is another “be afraid” tactic, I prefer to address what we do know about this message’s topic.  Some financial analysts have accurately assessed the unstable economy of the United States, and the alerts they have issued have been met largely with either momentary alarm or denial and then dismissed by most who have read them.     

 Before I speak of this matter insofar as its effects, I say that the global economy is a third density issue whose energy momentum must run its course.  We ask that you see this situation from this higher view of a universal law in action as well as the laws of manifestation and attraction, or like attracts like.   How you will be affected by what is ahead in this regard is the same as the energy you put forth in any other situation—the results are contingent upon your reactions to new circumstances as they are presented and your subsequent thoughts, feelings and actions.  Being informed is important for a smoothly flowing experience to emerge, and NOT being fearful is essential!

 Now then, Mother, from the beginning of our communication almost eleven years ago, I have said that the higher frequencies coming in would disclose the entrenched darkness; that the darkness includes the vast fortunes being held and manipulated by a handful of dark souls; and that this inequity in the allocation of the world's resources would crumble during Earth's ascension process.   For the past several years not only my messages, but also those of other high light beings,

have given assurance that your planet is ascending out of the third density limitations that have permitted deception, corruption and greed to flourish.  Since your world’s massively unbalanced financial holdings are mired in that negativity that cannot exist in the higher frequencies where Earth is heading, a dramatic change is inevitable.  And, my messages during the past several months have included that the United States economy—indeed, the global economy—is unstable, really only a delusion.  It is the product of banking procedures and stock market manipulations that are based on nothing more solid than millions of computerized transactions, and this delusion cannot continue much longer— I believe I have described it as “bankrupt.”   Simply, what is transpiring now is the natural result of what has been preceding it. 

NESARA is the United States legislation that could have disclosed and turned around the economic control as long ago as three years if the fortune-holders had not been so successful in preventing its announcement that had to precede implementation of its provisions.  This prevention has slowed the consciousness-raising and spiritual awareness within the population, all of whom our beloved Earth wanted to become light-receptive so all would accompany her physically into the higher densities.  However, a few months ago in your linear timing, Earth realized that to preserve more of her life forms, she no longer could wait for the “hardcore” recalcitrant souls to change their dark ways, and she chose to quicken her journey's pace.  

 An integral part of her ascension progress is the equitable allocation of her resources, and those include money as the basis of business conduct.  Therefore, means other than NESARA's provisions to correct the unbalanced control of money and natural resources have been instituted by intense light being directed at that dark sector to literally "bring it to light."  This additional light has opened the hearts and minds of some powerful souls who formerly were resistant, and it also has served to start bringing into public view the deception and corruption that so long have prevailed.   I don’t mean that NESARA, which has that same intent along with other necessary changes to be made within legislative means, no longer is needed or that it will not come to pass.   I mean only that no longer is that legislation's implementation required before some of its globally beneficial provisions can be initiated.  

S: Yes, I see.  Matthew, even though you’re not speaking about that brief email message, will you please comment on the timeframe it mentioned, only six to seven weeks from December 5th?  

MATTHEW: Mother, it’s not only that I don’t know the source of information stating that timeframe, but more so, as I've often mentioned, it is for sound reason that I do not give specific timeframes, just as other respected high light sources of information do not.  Many variables enter situations of this magnitude and the “push and shove” between the light and the dark keeps tilting the seesaw until the light becomes so clearly dominant that a predictable conclusion time is possible to see.  ALWAYS the light wins—it is only the time of the light’s victory that depends upon the determination of the darkness to continue the battle. 

 In this case, the ones with the hoarded fortunes are fighting tooth and nail to keep the status quo, and the energy field of potential is rife with activity as the fortune-holders are scurrying around to find new ways to protect their holdings.  It is in that field of potential where all activity of both sides is registered energetically, and it is our observing that interaction that lets us know and report what is happening.   As their fear of losing control increases, the efforts of the dark ones to hold onto it increase correspondingly.   Now then, when a given timeframe comes and goes without any change that’s apparent to you, the people who believed a rosy-sounding timeframe lose hope, which reduces the light and permits fear to enter, thus creating more negativity, or darkness, for the light to deal with.  While it is likely that most people will not consider the collapse of your current economic system as "rosy," those of you who know this is sterling evidence of Earth’s progression into the higher vibrations can welcome this eventuality.   Because of its vital significance, as much as I would wish for this to be obvious to you in a mere few weeks—and knowing that with enough energy of intent, ANYTHING is possible! — as I view the field of potential in this moment, I cannot say it is that imminent. 

 To address your mental questioning, dear soul, the first indication that all is not well will be stock markets plummeting.  Yes, gains and losses have been manipulated from Day One as one of the methods whereby the few have made their vast fortunes, but in this next instance, those fortune-holders will not be able to contrive the upswings they formerly have.    That will affect the people whose living expenses are met by this income and they will need to tap into their savings accounts that largely are in the few immense Illuminati-owned banking institutions.   Withdrawals from individuals' accounts will have to compete with the owners' tussle to keep their fortunes intact. 

 At this juncture, it would be only a very short-term advantage to transfer accounts from those major systems to small, independent ones.  All financial institutions will be overtaxed to cover withdrawals because procedures permit them to lend far more money than they have and to do so at usurious interest rates.  It’s a game of sorts devised for millions of players but with predetermined winners— the comparative few who amass and control the world’s wealth.   I’m not referring to people you may consider “rich,” or to the millionaires and billionaires whose earnings are publicized, but to the few individuals or families, and even the Vatican, with wealth in almost incomprehensible amounts.   This inequity has to change, and even when the results of change benefit all except those few fortune-holders, change itself can be viewed as difficult by the beneficiaries.  What will appear initially as unthinkable, global financial collapse, will be evened out rather quickly in quite orderly fashion so that hardships will not be long-lasting.

 S:  Matthew, would it be wise for people to withdraw funds to have on hand for basic living expenses?  And what about debts like mortgages and credit card payments—should we keep on paying those? 

 MATTHEW:  Well, Mother, I’m not really comfortable being a “financial advisor,” but I would say Yes to both of your questions for those who are able to do this.   It is practical to take measures to meet basic needs and also to meet obligations to avoid the consequences of not doing so.  But many individuals do not have reserves to call upon in this fashion, so again I remind you to see the forthcoming changes in the context of universal laws and attract to yourselves resources to ease the transitional phase as new methods of commerce replace the old.  The intensity of light that will initiate this economic transition also will open hearts that in turn will open purse strings, so to speak.   What many there at first will see as great turmoil, what we see is a grand surge of willing and enthusiastic cooperation, the desire to share or exchange resources and services and to freely give to those in most severe need.   “Keeping up with the Joneses” will take on new meaning—helping others as much as possible— and be worthy of emulation.   This spirit of provision will naturally start within families and close friends, then extend to individuals and businesses within communities, and it will remain as an integral part of commercial dealings even after national and international monetary systems are operating. 

 While it is prudent to be properly informed so you can prepare to ease the impact of change, again we tell you:  DO NOT GO INTO FEAR!  Not only economic, but also political changes are on the near horizon, and both are major essential progressive steps for Earth.  The darkness that has long been controlling both of these provinces, economic and governing, is being fractured beyond reconstitution by the intensifying light that is paving Earth's pathway into the vibrations of love and peace, harmony and fairness.   Desiring and envisioning life in that kind of world is what is creating it.  

S:  Mash dear, you know that many of us are doing this!   This calendar year is almost over—do you want to say anything about next year, what’s in store for us?     

MATTHEW:  Mother, dear soul, yes indeed, I would like to say something in keeping with the approach of your new year and in this, I speak on behalf of myriad light beings.  We ask that your celebration of Christmas be in keeping with the Christed spirit that is embracing Earth in greater abundance than ever before.   The energy that is given many designations—the goddess; the Mother; the Mother Mary; the feminine; the virgin Mary; the two Marys, Mother and Magdalene—is pouring in to uplift souls and balance the long-prevailing masculine, or warrior, energies.   You could say that this is the gift of God or the gift of the Universe to all of Earth in this unique season. 

 My last message was a plea from many light beings to call upon our space family for help, and it is with joy that I tell you the encouraging news that the request for their assistance was long and loud!   While it would not be realistic to hope that masses of extraterrestrials will introduce themselves during the upcoming holy days, they want you to know that they are rejoicing at your mandate and are acting upon it.   Those living among you won’t be identifying themselves until there is assured safety to do so, but the ones in strong positions have moved boldly forward within their spheres of influence.   Some are assigned to get the economic changes underway and facilitate the transition process, and others are doing much the same in various governments.    As you celebrate the blessings of this season, please count these courageous souls among them and express your gratitude for their loving assistance.

 In your celebrations, please also express your thankfulness for the vast numbers who are surrounding the planet to fulfill their God-given missions that include surveillance to prevent nuclear detonations in space, ameliorating the most toxic aspects of pollution, alleviating the effects of geophysical events, and directing light from distant sources to areas where darkness still must be dislodged.  Whether on or off-planet, all of these souls willingly left their homelands and their families to respond to Earth’s request for help so that you and her other life forms can have the physical experiencing you have chosen. 

 We hear from dependable sources that within some months large spacecraft will be in plain view of large population centers and isolated landings of a few small craft will take place.  Your media no longer will be able to ignore the many witnesses who report these, but it is logical to anticipate that government spin will be negative—that is, portraying these events as efforts of alien invaders and justification to expand the areas and arsenals of war.  You who know the truth of these benevolent brothers and sisters must enlighten and quell the fears of those who still are under the spell of official explanations. 

 While we would love to tell you that the upcoming year will lift Earth into fourth density and even beyond, it is too soon to give that kind of message.  By means of geophysical occurrences, Earth still must relieve herself of pockets of negativity, so volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, severe storms and high tides and strong winds will continue.  In these times, please remember that death and destruction would be far greater without the ET technologies that are leavening the kinetic energy releases.     

For a while longer, governments will continue to resist ceding their absolute control, and their methods of doing so—invasions and occupations of other countries and suppression of civil and human rights—will be evident until the growing intensity of light overwhelms this darkness.  As the polarity of light and dark is ebbing more swiftly, the fear in souls still captivated by darkness is near desperation point.   You don’t know who these souls are and which only seem to be, and once again we urge you not to judge any and to join us in sending love- light to all souls who need it.   

With Earth’s quickened pace into higher vibrations and your space family’s resounding YES!  to your request for their help, considerable drama will be unfolding.  Light beings throughout the universe—some physically, most in spirit— are with you on this exhilarating, unprecedented journey.  Go in joy knowing that you consciously are co-creating the world of love and peace just as your souls chose to do in this lifetime.  

Please feel free to pursue more knowledge from this enlightened entity by viewing his other channelings on the LightNews Web Site and his  website at: www.Matthewbooks.com and forward this far and wide.   We are on the brink of major changes and it won't be long so just hold the focus

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