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Matthew – May 28, 2004

 S:  Matthew, can you please tell me what’s behind our government’s new warning of imminent terror threats?

 MATTHEW: Nothing “new” here at all, Mother!  First they instill fear, and that’s almost enough to accomplish their objective of dimming the light within souls IF the public reacts fearfully.  By now there is doubt, even anger, about these alerts, so the hoped-for fear factor that formerly did create a great deal of negativity—particularly after their 9/11 event—is missing.  This means that there will be attempts to follow through with these alerts: You SEE—there IS reason for you to be afraid, so do it! 

 While we cannot assure that never will any terrorist acts be successful, we absolutely can assure that none on the scale of 9/11, as currently being speculated, will happen.  We have mentioned before that the major terrorist acts, such as the bombing of the trains in Spain, are planned and executed by the so-called “Black Ops” faction of the CIA.  It was explained that the light forces who have been counteracting major efforts were duped by false information from an Illuminati “mole” and thus were not in position to thwart that tragedy. 

 However, there has been complete success in causing the failure of other, similar dark efforts. Only the random acts carried out by individuals whose longstanding opposition to the forces that have subjugated them are beyond the control of the light forces on and off-planet.  Given the hatred, determination and perseverance of these individuals who are willing to die along with their victims, these random acts will continue until the light of the higher frequencies touches the hearts of people on both sides.

 S:  Is there a specific vibrational point where all the embodied dark forces will die en masse?

 MATTHEW:  There is a vibration wherein no longer can they physically survive, but of course that doesn’t mean that by other causes none will die prior to Earth’s reaching that point.  There is no way to predict how many dark souls will still be incarnated then or how many may embrace the light prior to that time, and at this juncture, the “time” itself cannot be determined because the field of potential is “going crazy,” if I may say so.              

 S:  After Earth reaches that point and only light-receptive souls are living on the planet, will the basest part of Nirvana still exist? 

 MATTHEW:  No.  There will no longer be a need in your spirit realm for it.  Like all others, the souls there have the choice of responding to the light constantly being beamed to them or continuing to refuse it.  Those who refuse will be taken to another world of the same dense energy registration, but unlike where they are now, the intelligence level in that new world will be rudimentary and those souls will be starting from scratch in their evolution. 

 S:  Do they know this?

 MATTHEW:  Indeed they have been informed, but just as they have refused to accept the light, they have refused to believe this truth.

 S:  I see.  On a different subject, a channel I’ve heard from before has just sent her Web site update, and it’s filled with predictions of wars and huge Earth changes that will result in a billion deaths. She prefaced these with a note that all of them could be changed by collective consciousness.  In case there’s not enough energy in our collective consciousness, will advanced civilizations add theirs to prevent those happenings?  Or will they use their technology to do so?

 MATTHEW:  Oh my!  Mother dear, I know you are feeling no fear about this because you have no fear, period, but it is natural of you to care about others who may read that and give thought energy to that kind of world.  First I say, those calamities of such dire proportions will NOT happen because the intention of Earth herself is to not allow that, therefore the “collective consciousness” of her life forms is secondary in consideration. 

 In many messages I have mentioned that the extensive planetary cleansing thought necessary more than a decade ago no longer is required to rid Earth of the massive accumulation of negativity.  Actually, it was a decade ago when I first told you that the former need was relieved by the combination of people awakening into the light and the additional light assistance of your space family.  

 I did not mean that your collective consciousness doesn’t count!  Absolutely it does!  It was millennia of collective consciousness that led Earth to her death throes sixty-some years back. But no vast numbers of souls there are envisioning the flooding of huge land masses that would cause a billion deaths, so you are not putting out the energy that would create that kind of world.  And the fact is, as you often have been told, Earth is moving right along into fourth density and beyond with her body intact, and with or without her human population. 

 Mother, the person who has put those dire predictions on her Web site may have done so with all good intentions, but I can assure you that no source in the light gave her that information, which is diametrically opposed to the course Earth has chosen.  

 S:  OK, dear, thank you!  I remember your telling me that the innocence of animals automatically means they will ascend with Earth.  You’ve also said that once we’re in the higher vibrations, most people will choose not to eat meat, so will all the herds of beef cattle and other food animals go, too?  Also, will the nature of all the predatory animals be changed and all of them will become herbivores?

 MATTHEW:  Animals who are loved and cared for automatically will travel along with their families. The nature of predatory animals will revert to its original peaceable nature, and the current food chain will cease as the animals’ cellular structure, just as humans’, becomes crystalline-based.

 A: for the animals raised for food, this has been and will continue to be a transitional process all along the journey. The introduction of “mad cow disease” is not “bad luck”—it is a significant factor to reduce beef consumption and persuade people to withdraw from eating all kinds of meat. You will see changes in the animals’ ability to reproduce, with fewer and fewer food animals being born, and far more humane treatment of those who are. 

 There are many avenues where proper stewardship of your animals is growing.  Using animals for medical and product experimentation and testing has lessened greatly in corresponding response to people’s increased pressure to end those practices.  Globally groups have formed to protect species whose survival is threatened by one means or another, and other groups’ efforts are aimed at ending those means: destruction of forests; soil, water and air pollution; killing for animal parts; testing that kills and damages marine life.  Individuals are creating preserves for animals rescued from one dreadful circumstance or another. 

 Half a century past, few people were sensitive to the plight of Earth’s animals, and today millions are actively working or financially supporting efforts to protect and preserve them.  This change that is so gratifying for us to see is due to the ever-increasing abundance of light on the planet—realizing that animal life must be respected is an aspect of spiritual growth.  You still have a long ways to go on this front, as it is just as imperative that you treat animals humanely as it is that you treat each other that way.

 S:  All animals lovers will agree with that!  Matthew, are any places on Earth more sacred than others?

 MATTHEW:  Yes in the sense that some still are holding ancient records and others are energy votices that anchor the light.  So you could say that these areas are the equivalent of organs such as your heart, brain and lungs, but just as you can’t separate any one part of your body from any other without repercussion, all aspects of Earth are essential for her planetary integrity.  Her spiritual integrity, too.

 S:  I see.  How significant is the current alignment of the planets, especially the position of Venus in reference to Earth?

 MATTHEW:  Extremely significant!  We know that a great deal of information is coming forth from knowledgeable sources on the planet regarding this new phase of celestial activity—this is inspired, or filtered, to these individuals by sources off-planet.  Like Earth, those planetary bodies have souls with cellular memory and they are evolving, thus it is the influence of planetary consciousness that they are exerting within your solar system.  Attributing feminine qualities to Venus is not just folklore.  Her light-filled composition possesses the nurturing attributes of gentleness, strength, and compassion that are ascribed to women on Earth, and it is these attachments to energy streamers that are starting to come to you in greater force. 

 Mother, the changes taking place on Earth—overcoming the dark control and opting to live in the light—are not exclusive to your world or your solar system.  Perhaps not even to this universe, but we don’t know that.  What we do know is that these changes are universal in scope.  There are places of such love and glory that you cannot imagine them, and likewise places of intense darkness where the masculine warrior and ruthless natures are dominant. God’s desire is to bring this universe completely within the light so the opposites are reconciled.  But as you well know, free will reigns, and those who cling to dark ways may do so until the brilliance of light, the radiance of love, is so powerful that they desire to live within that.

 S:  Is karma the basis for the evolution of planets?

 MATTHEW:  Yes, it is, but on a scale that you could not comprehend.  Actually, that I cannot explain because there are no words in Earth vocabularies to describe this.  We give explanations to the best of our ability within the limitations of your languages and third density brain usage, and because of this, often our information is interpreted incorrectly insofar as planetary and universal happenings.  However, our most essential message is simple and clear: Do unto others as you would have done unto you; live with peace and love in your heart.

 S:  Thank you, dear.  Anything else you’d like to add? 

 MATTHEW:  I think that is a good ending, Mother, and the lightness in your heart lets me know that you agree, so ciao for now

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