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UPDATE - May 4, 2004, from Pat Hardy


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Lunar Eclipse - May 4, 2004  (Scorpio)

A lunar eclipse is a supercharged FULL MOON!

Eclipses usually represent a benchmark in time where significant changes occur in our lives and the world.  Some people may not notice these changes until after the eclipse and a better perspective is obtained.

A lunar eclipse is the time of significant changes (beginnings, endings) and almost always has something to do with relationships and how we compare people, places and things in our lives at this time.  The changes are connected to how we "relate" and will have a lasting impression (beneficial or challenging).  Emotions at this time will run high, causing upsets, feelings of disorientation and gut feelings that may even cause upset stomachs and not know why. 

The energy of the eclipse is at its most powerful within the 3 days either side of the eclipse date and time.  At lunar eclipses we will take on greater challenges, rise to a challenge, attempt to make decisions that are better left to days after the eclipse or a more appropriate future time.  There is a question as to how we nurture ourselves and how we are nurtured - feeling unsatisfied lately?  Ask why!  It may be that you were fine until this week and then realized that you are not getting something in your life that either you once had or truly desire and don't know where or how to obtain it.  So emotions are stimulated in directions you normally wouldn't think of going - but now you are compelled.  So before you challenge your mate, significant other, best friend or co-worker - worst yet- your boss.....  work with these feelings for a day or two to see if they continue to stimulate you  - but avoid impulse decisions or actions during this time. Will probably feel a little of both excitement and crisis on some level all within 3 days!

With the Sun and Moon at opposition in the sky (at sunset in the west, the moon is rising in the east) in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, the desire nature is temporarily out of balance or focus.  Financial concerns, insecurity, feelings of "not enough" or "lack of something" is usually felt. Obsession replaces passion, manipulation interferes with the conservation of resources and secretive behavior blocks the ability to enjoy and be satisfied with the comforts of life.

People or Incorporation dates near this eclipse date will have significant changes within the next 4-6 months. ( May 1 through May 6 and November 1 through 6).  If you would like more information as to how this eclipse is affecting you, please contact me for a consultation, see phone numbers below.

From a mundane perspective

This full moon eclipse in Scorpio should produce news from Wall Street, especially the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee)meeting being held on the eclipse date where Greenspan will have something else to say that may get "blown" out of proportion (remember emotions get stimulated during eclipses and the stock and bond markets run on  "emotions").  Interest rate issues are targeted now and something said or numbers coming out will cause fluctuations in the markets this week - look to overseas banks to possibly raise rates by a hair - even if its over night lending rates by large banking institutions. Treasuries, Bonds , US Dollar and Soybeans will be very active this week.

Another factor is Earth disturbances (earthquakes, unusual weather and intense storms).  Strong emphasis on accidents (as people/animals are more emotional) - May even hear of strange animal news this week. Note the 3 train crashes near last eclipse and this one: No Korea ( over 160 dead and near 1500 injured; New York - Long Island Rail Road commuter train - 130 injured; San Antonio, Texas - 2 trains collide.)  When have you seen so many train crashes in a short span of time?

Good information about the Full Moon eclipse and its path Tuesday- May 4, 2004!  People in the United States won't be able to see it as it occurs at 4:33pm EDT.  See the map as to who is watching this lunar eclipse:

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