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Johannesburg : 28 April 2004


I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love, Light and Wisdom to
greet each of you upon this day and to bring you blessings that enrich your
life on all levels. Greetings, beloved ones.

The 5th of May is an opportunity of transition for all of you and is a day
for great rejoicing for it is a time when you will leave your old body and
all old paradigms behind as you embark upon the new journey of your new
life, a new cycle.  It is an awakening and an opening to new consciousness,
of a new way, that comes forward to greet you at this time.

You have faced tremendous challenges in your past.  There have been times
when you have not been sure whether you could walk through the valleys of
initiation or not.  But you are here.  You have healed many deep wounds from
the past - many pasts, in fact, and you are now embracing the opportunity of
lifetimes - and that is to master yourself.

The 5th of May is a day of liberation.  You are being freed from the
constraints of your past on yet another level.  May the masters hold you in
the core of their hearts as we bring to you all that you need at this time
to carry you into your new life.

Today we choose to focus on the energy of liberation: setting your soul
free, allowing your spirit to soar in the heavens above upon your new wings.
These are the wings of light that are now unfolding.  So now straighten your
spine, allow the energy to flow through; draw your shoulders back, opening
your heart to the light and to the love that is here now and to all of life
that embraces you in this moment.

Allow your breath to flow easily; allow all tension to move through your
body, and release it.  Allow your consciousness now to go within to a place
that is your sacred space, your fantasy land or wonderland - whichever you
have created.  This is a space where you can be all that you are and no-one
or no thing can take advantage of your energy in any way.  This is your
paradise and you can be here now.

Visualise now, coming from the heavens, a white-blue light that is fed in
through your crown centre, moving through all of your energy centres,
embracing your entire body, filling each cell, each atom and molecule of
your body with this light.

And as this light penetrates your core, it brings this lightness of being;
it brings clarity, understanding.  See this light expand beyond your
physical body.  Slowly imagine it taking a form and this form becomes a huge
crystal.  This crystal is a temple of light that holds you, and even though
you are in the core of this crystal, you can move through it, you can
breathe.  There is nothing limiting you.

Visualise, now, a golden light that is being fed to you from the core of the
Earth.  Draw this up through your feet - also connecting with all the energy
centres of your body.  Feel the strength and the warmth that comes with this
energy, this gift of life from the goddess Gaia.

Allow this golden light to become one with the crystal that embraces you;
this light forms a golden cloak of protection.  This crystal that embraces
you is holding the power that you now have to break away from all the
shackles that have bound you to your past.  This crystal will now absorb all
of this energy.

Take your focus back in time - any time - and connect with an experience as
your memory guides you.  Allow this memory to be absorbed by this crystal
and become one with this light, dissolving it and liberating you.  You are
merely observing what the memory is showing you, knowing now that this is
the time that all can be set free.  This is the time when you are embarking
on a new journey, saying goodbye to the old: it has served its purpose and
you are now free to live through new experiences.  Move gently through these
memories.  If you find that you are becoming stuck with any specific energy,
allow the light of the crystal to move through you, gently taking this
memory from you, making it one with this light.

Visualize a doorway forming in front of you.  This is the doorway to your
new life.  This is the gateway of liberation.  On either side of this
gateway are two gifts that your soul has laid for you.  These gifts were
laid for you from the beginning of time.  You left these here for yourself
for you knew that when this day dawned you would be ready to take these
tools of light and use them as powerful gifts, powerful tools to create and
to live with in this new era.

So, when you are ready, step forward, pick up the first gift, open your
heart to the understanding of how this tool will now assist you.

Now look down to your ankles: the shackles of the past are now loose.  And
as you step through this gateway, you are leaving this all behind.  You are
stepping into your new paradise. Take your step, move into this new space
and take a look around you; observe what your new space holds.  Once again,
allow yourself to stand tall, and draw your shoulders back, breathe in the
air of this new space, feel the power of this new light.  Open all of your
senses to that which now surrounds and enfolds you.

Become aware of the wings of light opening and spreading.  They are not
heavy; they are light, as these are the wings of light that shall carry you.
How does it feel to be free from your past?  Can you allow yourself to now
run free to truly allow the energy of liberation to flow through your body,
to flow through you mind, through your heart?

This is the day that you celebrate your first soul birthday.  It is a time
that you have never experienced before.  How would you be had you been in a
prison for the whole of your life and this is now the first time that you
are seeing the other side of life, that which you have only imagined while
being confined to the cell of this prison?  Let your spirit free.  Open your
heart and rejoice.  Allow every cell, every atom and molecule of your body
to respond, and accept the love that is here for you.  Now pick up the
gift/tool that was left for you.  Allow your entire being to be carried by
the vibrations of the light that enfolds you.  Take your tools and see what
they are capable of.  Have fun; be spontaneous, for each one of you is now
at liberty to do this.

Now go a little further into this space, and you will find yourself standing
at the edge of a cliff.  Down below, you will see the expanse of what lies
before you.  This is your new kingdom that awaits you.  These are the new
treasures of life - all of the opportunities that await you.  There is a
very secure path that leads to this kingdom.  You are now standing at the
point where you can connect with this and absorb what lies before you.

Allow the excitement of this new adventure to heighten your senses.  Allow
the anticipation of all the new energy, the new light and the new people to
flow through you.  Imagine this new life as an energy embracing you, and
give it a colour.  Allow it to enfold you - to move through you - touching
every atom, every molecule of who you are.  Imagine your body vibrating;
feel it becoming lighter, totally liberated and free to move in the
direction that your truth is showing you.

You now wear the wings of your soul: use them.  Be all that you could ever
be.  Dream your dreams - for if you can dream it, you can be it.  See your
entire life working with you.  See it as a natural flow that carries you
home.  Acknowledge the power of your own light and that your heart has each
and every single answer to every question that you shall ever ask.  Give
yourself the opportunity to show yourself that you are fully capable of
being all that you have ever dreamt of and more.  Allow your light to
radiate, touching the hearts of all whom you connect with, embracing them in
love and in light, no matter how they respond or react.  For you are now
free.  You need not ever be restricted to the confines of old fears and
beliefs.  Hear this and remember this, for this is the truth now that shall
hold and support all of you.

Now turn to your right.  And in this space you will find where this path
starts that is taking you to this new kingdom.  And when you are ready, you
can take the first step.  This is a golden path that supports each and every
step that you take.  No matter how long this journey is, know that you will
be supported.  Everything that you need, you will find along your way, and
when you reach this new kingdom, the gates will open to welcome you, for
this is yours - it is your new life.  Do not let anything or anyone stop you
if you know in your heart that you are following your truth.

And so we welcome each one of you to the Kingdom of God.  We embrace you in
the Garden of Eden where all that you need is available.  This Garden of
Eden is in your heart.  You are the Kingdom of God.  We rejoice with you and
we walk with you.

Perhaps now, in your imagination, you can connect with new friends that are
making their energy known to you as you have stepped upon this golden path.
They shall walk this path with you.  Perhaps it is an animal or a member of
the Devic Kingdom or the Angelic Kingdom or the Mineral Kingdom.  Be open.
Connect each day with your own light and with the light of all life.
Acknowledge the presence of the Creator of all Light - the Father God, the
Mother Goddess.  Give thanks to the goddess Gaia that holds you in each
living moment.  Give thanks to all of life that offers you what you need.
And of course - give thanks to yourself for having the courage and the inner
strength to walk the journey that lies ahead of you and for completing the
journey that you have now released.

Now allow your consciousness to come back to the room where you are now,
drawing it in gently.  Hold the energy which you have connected with, and as
your consciousness connects with this reality, see now in this conscious
state, this crystal that holds all from your past, disintegrating.  This is
the gift that Mother Earth gives to you at this time.  She takes this and
she transforms it.  Again, consciously, in this space where the energy has
been transformed, see the symbol of this transformation appear before you.
Give thanks for this gift, take it, place it in your heart, and may it
always be a reminder of that which you have already mastered.

Move your attention to your breath.  Allow yourself to breathe deeply, and
on each in-breath, draw in a golden-yellow light to move through all of your
energy centres.  Once more, allow the golden energy to move through your
body, grounding you firmly with Mother Earth, bringing you all that you
need, bringing your consciousness fully back into this reality.  And we
welcome you back.  Celebrate your new life.  Hold your new light, and go
forth now and be all that you are.

We bless each one of you upon this day with much love and light, and we fill
you with the divine strength and courage to embrace this new journey and to
see it through to completion.  Open your heart and your eyes to the truth
that each of your brothers and sisters embody.  Honour this. Trust in the
many invisible arms that hold you and the hearts that love you, and remember
that you are never alone, as we are all one.

And so it is upon this day that I, Kuthumi, give to each one of you your new
staff of life.  Upon this staff, each one of you is given the symbol of your
soul, and this symbol shall always remind you of what it has taken to reach
this point.  Draw this symbol into your heart.  Keep it in your heart: this
is yours, and this is my gift.  And all the masters give to each one of you
the gift of eternal life, eternal love, eternal truth, and a reminder that
we are here in service to assist you.  Peace and eternal joy be with each
one of you upon this day.  I am Kuthumi and I greet you in love.  Adonai.


Johannesburg : 29 April 2004


Greetings be with you upon this day, beloved brothers and sisters of light,
and I am Kuthumi.  And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that
we gather with you upon this evening to bring you blessings of light and
love to share with you all at this time.

We wish to continue with the energy of liberation this week.  It is the
energy that was initiated in the week that has passed.  This energy of
liberation is supporting you in choosing that which you chose to liberate
yourself from at this time, and by consciously choosing to be free of that
which no longer supports you, you can consciously create that which you wish
to replace it with.

In liberation, whether it be your own individual liberation or liberating
the nation, one of the most important areas to concentrate on is the one to
stop fighting.  Fighting involves many issues.  It causes power plays
between individuals and it creates wars.  It stops you from connecting with
that inner truth, that light which will always hold you in a space of
harmony and healing.  In order to stop fighting you need to look at the
basic skills of soul survival.  One has to surrender.  So in order to be
free, to be liberated, one must surrender to this truth and stop the
fighting.  The more you can focus on keeping yourself in a space of truth,
focused and centred, you will not be getting caught up in the energy that
promotes fighting.  Know that there is a difference between standing in your
truth, setting your boundaries, and fighting.  As more of you align with the
truth of life and cease fighting yourselves, you are supporting the process
of liberation.  For you are assisting all of life to break away from the
entanglement that holds so many hearts in the mass fear consciousness.  Each
one of you is being liberated from the conventional conditions, so it is in
truth a time of tremendous rejoicing, for this is the time when you can "let

In the process of liberation you will find people look at you and think you
are odd and perhaps even "touched".  And yes - you can affirm that you have
been touched: you have been touched by the light.  They will accuse you of
being insane, and this you can agree with, too, because you are in sane, and
as you connect with the individual that you are, being independent by
relying on the truth that is within you - your own inner wisdom - you are in
sane - sane within.  This will confuse them even more because you are
agreeing with them!  You are not fighting; you are simply agreeing.  You
see, many people speak truths but do not realize that they are speaking
these truths, and when you bring this to their attention it shocks them into
a reality of what they are truly saying and this brings fear and what
happens? - they fight the process.  But that is their world - it is not
yours.  Support the peace.  Liberate yourself and allow the light of your
soul to be your support structure.

So now we shall take you on a journey - a journey into your heart where you
can now consciously connect with what it is you are liberating yourself

So draw your consciousness into the core of your heart, the space that holds
you in your sacredness.  It is the space where you can be all that you are,
where no-one and nothing can or will take advantage of you in any way.  Feel
the warmth, the love and the gentleness of the space as it holds you in your
truth.  As you are now in this space, visualize before you gateways of
energy.  And as you pass through this gateway you will leave behind that
which you have chosen to free yourself from.  But before you begin, become
aware of your entire being, being embraced by pure white light.  Allow this
light to move through your entire being, bringing harmony, peace and
balance.  Allow it to connect with each of your energy centres, moving
through the organs of your body, becoming one with the flow of your life
force, bringing any necessary healing that you are needing - physically,
mentally, emotionally, holding you in perfect alignment with all of life.
Connect now with the energy that you are choosing to release.  Perhaps it
will take a form, and appears to you as a person.  You do not need to become
attached to this form or this symbol - merely observe and acknowledge that
this is now what you have chosen to be rid of.  This is the day of
liberation and you now have the inner strength and the courage to liberate
yourself from this energy.

Gently visualize the power of love moving from your heart centre, connecting
with that which you have chosen to be rid of, and allow it to be transformed
through the energy of love, released once and for all.  Before you step
through this gateway, consciously connect with an energy that you are
wanting to replace what you have released.  If there is nothing that you can
consciously connect with, visualize your body being filled with light,
bringing new opportunities and gifts that life has to offer you, that your
soul now brings forward so that you may further expand in your truth.

As you connect with this, with your right foot step through this gateway and
feel the energy of that which you have left behind disconnecting itself from
you.  Imagine your body feeling lighter.  Imagine the energy of your body
expanding and allow the energy centres of your body to expand further.
Become more conscious of the flow of life that moves through you.

Imagine each cell of your body breathing with you, experiencing as you
experience.  Become aware of your entire body, a living being.  Each cell is
an individual consciousness that is here to support you, to assist you; each
one of them valuable tools of life.  Ask now that one of these cells of
consciousness assist you to connect with the next energy that you need to
release, which will support you in your path of growth.  Again it may appear
as a person or a symbol, a colour - allow your imagination to assist you.
Open your mind and flow with that which comes forward.  Now ask this cell,
this consciousness, to assist you in understanding what it is that you are
releasing now; what it has taught you and why now it is so important for you
to release this energy.  Give thanks to this energy for being, for allowing
you to learn this lesson through this experience.  Again allow the power of
love to flow through your heart centre embracing that which you are
releasing and transforming it through love and allowing it to dissipate.

Imagine now an angel coming to you bringing you a gift that will support you
in taking the next step forward.  This is the step that will support you in
moving out of any stagnant place that you feel you are in.  Allow the angel
to embrace you in the power of its light so that you may have the
understanding of what this message is.  Embrace this through your heart
centre and trust that this will support you.  As this angel has embraced
you, you are now ready to step through the next gateway, this time using
your left foot.  Take a step forward and feel the release as you leave
behind that which you have released, and you bring with you the new gifts.
Again, feel your body lighter, your energy more charged, more alive.  As you
feel your body lighter, not only feel it lighter now in mass, but lighter in
the sense of light - whiter.  Imagine various colours flowing through your
body, supporting you as an individual.  This light will activate whatever it
is that you need right now to support you with the next level of release.
Be aware of your breath and allow this light to fill your lungs, to fill
your body, releasing all negativity as you breathe out.

As you are now standing at the third gateway, connect with your heart.  And
through the gateway of your heart comes a young child - this is you.  This
child asks you now to release an aspect that is extremely important for its
healing.  Open your mind and open your heart.  Hear what the child has to
say and give to your child the support that it needs right now.  Again it
may come up as a person, a symbol or colour.  Allow your imagination to
assist you.  As you connect with what you are liberating your child from,
imagine wings upon the back of this child unfolding - huge wings of light
that set this child free.  The spirit of the child can now move forward,
assisting you as the adult in your present moment.  You are now free from
this chain that has bound you to that moment.  See the joy that the child
now emanates.  Connect with the sense of freedom, the liberation of being
boundless.  The child now soars with the source of all life and returns with
a treasure that is yours.  This treasure comes from the source.  It is a
gift that will assist you too in moving into oneness with your soul.
Imagine your heart energy expanding, and as you are given this gift, that
which you have released is instantaneously transformed into the most
brilliant white light you have ever seen.  This light now expands to embrace
all the new energy that you have chosen to integrate, bringing all to one -
making you all one.  Allow yourself to embrace this child now, giving thanks
to this child for its inner strength and courage to stand up for itself, to
express that which it has needed to release, and give thanks to your adult
self for having the courage to honour this.  Remain connected to the power
of this white light that embraces you.  Gently integrate this liberated
child so that it may support you as you now walk through the final gateway
to full liberation, and this time we ask that you jump through with both
feet, arms stretched to the heavens, enjoying celebrating this liberation.

As you jump, you begin to fly.  Allow the wings of your soul to carry you.
Go with the flow of your life and remember that you are free to be you.
There is no need to fight.  There is no need for repression.  Remember - you
are the leaders of light, and as you lead by example you are supporting all
of life, becoming liberated. So give thanks now to your sacred space for
holding you; give thanks to the energies that have embraced you; give thanks
to the experiences that you have released and welcome the new energy that
you are integrating; and give thanks for its coming.  Give thanks to
yourself for embracing the opportunity to heal, to grow, to master self.
Each day, try to remember to embrace yourself in this brilliant white light,
asking for the support and guidance so that you may connect with your
divinity, opening your heart to the will of the higher plan, and through
this you can trust that you are being supported.

Gently bring your consciousness back into your physical body.  Allow the
energy to move in through your crown centre, connecting with each energy
centre.  Allow it to exit through your base, grounding you firmly on mother
earth.  Again draw the light through you; this time draw it down your legs,
through the soles of your feet connecting you with the core of mother earth.

So it is at this time that we bless each one of you with much love and
light, and we embrace you in your entirety.  Know that you are held in the
core of our hearts and that you are very much loved.  Trust in the many
invisible arms that hold you and the hearts that love you.  Remember that we
are but a thought away.  Do not forget to ask for assistance.  Peace and
eternal liberation be with you.

I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love and Wisdom  and I greet and bless you in love.


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