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 Quantum # 60  Part II

Mother Mary speaks:   INITIATION BY THOUGHT
Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Doorways of Light expand and expound upon themselves. As you come into fullness of alignment with a future that is brighter then all the stars in the Heaven. Everything of your world lines up and bows down to you as it acknowledges the grandness and the grandeur of Light that is beheld within your vibration. I am the essence and being and the livingness that is known as Mary. I am the Mary that is aligned with the birth of Christ into human heart. I am aligned with birthing the light that you hold within you as you come into a celestial jubilation and extension of possibilities.

Look at all of the light that surrounds you. Visualize and understand that each thought that you have has a quotient of light, a quotient of distress, and a quotient of darkness. Each thought that you have plays an important part of the divine equation in the building block of the future of the New One Universe. This is a Universe that you birth for mankind known and unknown, for mankind born and yet to be born. As you look at your life dear ones, do not be ashamed of all that you have succumbed to in order to be at this entrance point of vibrational self. Look only at your heart as it has made each choice that brought you to this conjunction of self, soul and future. For all of your choices were birthed from the heart. Humanity is programmed genetically to always follow their heart no matter how silly that seems at each point of choice. Humanity has the ability to grow a larger heart, not in size, but in vibration as they open up to the possibility of love being the answer to what ails them.

This next time doorway allows each person an entrance between body, mind, and spirit. Imagine a passageway that moves between your mind and your body. Where they can talk and understand, suggest and know what one another needs to do or may do or may not do. Imagine a passageway between your body and your spirit as the spirit escorts the body into new understandings of ways to lift its self past the lower corridor of earth thinking and acting out. These portals of light that open for you allow entrance between dimensions, between worlds, between thought, between past and future, between body, mind, and spirit.

It is time for your spirit body and mind to be friends instead of enemies. So many times you sabotage your life in your natural forming trinity. The trinity of humanness expresses itself in a format that speaks different dialogues. For years now you have walked around speaking to yourself, but the brain could not comprehend and the body could not hear the nuances of suggestions by spirit. At this conjunction of heaven and earth in 2004 this will come into a wider doorway of understanding. Thus your journey as a human will become something that is more joyful as you understand the comings and goings of the trinity of your supreme nature. No longer will you waste vast amounts of energy arguing and debating amongst the holy trinity of your body, mind and spirit. That energy that will then be applicable to other instances of manifestation and creation that are needed in your world.

The time comes for you to lift the veil from each cell of your being, to unfold the flag of your soul and to allow it to wave in this new light that births a new energy. No longer can you hide behind what you once thought to be truth or what you once believed or were taught to be truth. You must allow these instances of the past to finally leave your thinking. Say your good byes. Make them short and sweet as you allow all the limiting movies of the past to leave your programming. Start moving upward toward this landscape of the future. Do not stop to ponder about the happenings of the past, about the inklings of yesterday. Exact and extract these interfering energies and allow yourself to be birthed unto the mountain of light that you were destined to climb.

The time grows short between 2003 and the year 2012. There will be 9 years that you will experience multi-levels of soul activation's and knowings as they herald you into a time and place that goes beyond this universe as you know it. The earth is moving in an upward spiral as is your DNA and all of your cellular knowledge storehouses. The energies at this time allow you to undo everything that humanity has done up until now, allowing you to dissolve the ancient encodings of fear, annihilation, anger, and hate that still have a stronghold within the DNA of humanity. It is in the next final 9 years, 9 layers of completeness, 9 layers of initiation, and 9 levels of light that you will see what you are made of. This is the last leg of the race of light. After the last day of the year 2012 as it enters the year 2013, mankind will have determined the outcome and will be the product of his own manifestation.

Each of you will be tutored in this upcoming energy surge so that you will have a clear understanding and clear expression of where you are to build with your thoughts of light and your thoughts of love. Your field of light is filled and has extended to the vastness of its capability. Now that field of light will be layered with a field of love. There are many other fields of essence that will be built one upon another in the next 9 years of understanding. And thus in fullness, you will have a complete roundness of rainbow by the time you reach 2013. You will be escorted by beings of light that are specifically aligned with your studies of light, of expansion, and of love into these higher levels of teachings. Each of you that sit within hearing this energy or reading this energy after the fact, must know, there are no more excuses, there are no more victims, there are no more reasons why you cannot. For you are being escorted into a part of the brain that will begin to ask you why not instead of why. No longer will you live and dwell in the Valley of the Shadow of Doubt. Your brain will be rerouted past those limiting beliefs. You will be escorted into the universal component of the brain, a place that mankind has not ventured in this particular embodiment of earth. But before you can be sent and brought to this Kingdom of Light that lives within you, you must practice building your House of Light word by word, thought, by thought. You will be able see all of your manifestations and your creations within viewing distance. You are responsible for all. No one has ever done anything to you. No one has ever taken anything away. And no harm has ever been done to you.

When you wish upon another of earth a grandness of love, a grandness of prosperity, and a grandness of healing, then you give it to yourself 10 fold. When you look at your brother and you are green eyed of nature and jealous of how they have succeeded, of how they have found love, of how they have found joy and perfected healing, then 10 fold is extracted from your light quotient by your very thoughts. This initiation by thought will be ushered into your doing and your undoing in the year 2004. You must stand as one upon a tight-wire and balance the right and the left equally as each portion of your life is swayed by your own words, actions and energies. Remember that all is embedded with the multiplication of 10.

This energy will not allow you to falter and fall completely to the ground. Each of you has a vast storehouse of knowledge. You have practiced life after life, time after time to come to this point of incarnation. There is none among you who are not warriors of light within the kingdom of what is your God. This will make itself seen in all levels of your being and doing. When another attacks you verbally and wishes you harm or negativity of any type, and you respond with the same you empower it. If you stand energetically and look at that attacker with love in your heart, then the energy of darkness will subside. If you move backward in fear and disgust, in anger, or any of the lower vibrations of emotions, then what comes forth into your energy field will grow larger and stronger and more dominant.

A vibrationally energy shield shall be gifted to you to assist in these upcoming energy embattlements. This shield that you shall wear, is a shield from the House of David. The House of David is aligned with the Seal of Solomon. Imagine that a vibrational Star of David is upon you as a breastplate. It will give you enough leeway so that you can regroup when under any type of verbal physical or emotional or psychic attack. The Star of David opened this particular doorway of one to one healing. The House of David as you is aligned with the Christ blood, the man, and the God that I birthed through my body. It is also aligned with all of the Mystery Schools throughout time, the Masonic Teachings and the Knights of Templar as well as hidden documents of truth within the Vatican walls. All sacred communities have been based upon this House of David and Star of David. Just imagine that it is in the front of your physical being. It will keep away attacks at bay long enough that you may assimilate the circumstance and then hold your heart in a love oscillation. For that is the only weapon of choice in upcoming dilemmas of humanness.

For too long you have stood upon the sacrificial cross-willingly. You have vowed to serve the Light. You have vowed to serve God. You have vowed to serve what is Holy. But you have not seen what is Holy serving you. That doorway of holiness was birthed as of 11-11-2003. Honor life through your words and your actions. You birthed what at one time was un-birth-able as I birthed what was one time un-birth-able. I am Mary. I leave you with all of my love.


Written by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The power to manifest lives within us. It does not live in our billfold, our checking account, or our charge card. Rather, the power to manifest is as internal and eternal as we are. The secret to manifestation has been handed down through the ages in every form of ancient text and writing. Our biblical text is based upon the power of manifestation: ‘In the beginning there was the word, and the world was made flesh’. Manifesting is our divine and innate nature. It is the reason we came to earth; it is the reason we exist!

Everything in life responds to our words, our thoughts, and our intentions. All of life listens -- eavesdropping on our wishes, whims, and fantasies. Life refolds itself into the direction of our thoughts. Indeed, we practice the origami of manifestation every second of every day for our entire time on earth. Life is waiting for us to mold it. Every fleeting thought has potential to become reality. Every whim, every desire, and every decree waits to be birthed by our words.

The Universe is composed of sub-atomic particles called quanta. The quantum is in everything that exists, formed and unformed. Imagine the air -- all encompassing yet invisible -- being the holding tank for the unformed quanta that is just waiting for our next word in order to be formed, to be birthed into existence.

As we rise in vibration, the space and time between thought and manifestation lessens. Eventually, it will become instantaneous. At the present time, however, there is still a lag between thought and manifestation.

Our world reflects every one of our thoughts -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are all, on some level, responsible for creating what we are living at this time. On a daily basis, we have about 86,400 thoughts between waking and sleeping. About 60,000 of those thoughts are negative and self-defeating, originating from the past. These thoughts are reflections of what we once did, who once hurt us, what once happened, etc.

Imagine 60,000 people walking through your home day after day -- imagine that you allow this to happen! Apply that same understanding to the 60,000 negative, self-sabotaging thoughts that enter us day after day, year after year!

It is time to say no! Every time you find yourself worrying, being negative, or thinking about injustices of the past, just say no; tell yourself to stop! Cancel, clear and delete these negative thoughts!

By taking control of our thoughts, we begin to take control of our world, our life. By being responsible for our thoughts, we begin to create a world that truly reflects our hearts' desires.

Whenever a negative thought comes, delete it and replace it with a good thought or a good intention. This will take some practice and concentrated effort, but it can be done. Instead of continuously manifesting what you do not want in your life, change your focus. Practice adjusting the lens of your perception.

The world is not yet at the point of instantaneous manifestation, and we tend to give up before our desired manifestation is birthed. However, it is important to know that doubt is poison. One droplet of doubt can poison and kill any miracle or manifestation! Instead, believe as if it is already so! Believe in your divine ability to manifest.

It is Universal law that all of life will respond to our thoughts. So, hold tight to what your heart desires. When you ask God for a glass of water, the Universe will give you a lake! When you ask God for a rose, the Universe will give you a garden! The Universe always gives you more than you ask.

Written by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

HOW DO I KEEP LOVE IN MY HEART WHEN I AM SO ANGRY? I was recently given the gift of a deep great anger that swelled in me like a galactic explosion. Something very small and totally insignificant in the global perspective of life touched me like a poison thorn deep into the abyss of my human heart and ripped through my soul. (In SRT we call this a soul scar) This event as meaningless as it was stirred within me many layers of deep hidden angers, as I looked into the mirror I did not know myself.

I stood on the edge of losing my light, seduced into the primal ooze that ebbed and lowed through my very human veins. A tidal wave of emotion moved through me like an unannounced Tsunami engulfing every inch of being. All I could do was let go and ride these waves of dark emotion until I landed in a place that I had never been before.

I realized that this raw force of anger had allowed me to by-pass all that had been keeping me stagnant and immobilized in the now. I felt lighter and free to Be and to Chose and to Become.

As I moved through the many faceted shards of this anger I found fractured parts of my soul that had been left behind for eons. Parts of the universal me the human me the divine me that I had not been completed. Parts of me that I had not been comfortable with and left behind lifetime after lifetime. As I mixed and mingled with these shattered pieces I found memories, truths and powers beyond my wildest dreams. I found that within that fiery rage (I am a Leo) stood an unencumbered untouched pure light that had longed to be set free. Held prisoner behind the shackles of my human need to censor my experience, my power, my heart. I scooped this ancient part of me up into my 'oh so human arms' and brought her lovingly back into my heart for love and healing.

I walked through all injustices and betrayals that had beset me since the beginning of my self and I came out of the canyon of the past renewed and received. This one meaningless injustice had become a doorway of healing beyond my own remembrance. I stood in awe as I looked upon all that I had been and refused to acknowledge at the time. The pure raw undiluted power was breathtaking and soul awakening.

Whenever a seemingly injustice is given to you as a gift of quickening your evolutionary patterns, walk through it with a souls knowing that you are entering a beginning and an end simultaneously. Let that anger take you to a renewed place of seeing. Ride it like a wild stallion that refuses to be broken. Allow all of the unseen, unexpressed nuances of your soul to be set free. Giving you the ability to fly past personal perimeters into an unlimited sky view of your future.

The year 2003 gave to us the ability to stand in the hall of mirrors and look at our self, our choices, and our thoughts without any judgment seeing only through the eyes of our heart. In 2004 we will be given the present of seeing others in their true form. At this holy point of 'seeing all' will be made clear. We are not the judge and jury of others doings and undoings we are only the creators of our own landscape. Coming undone in order to become the most pure of lights is a process that demands a strong loving heart which by-passes all that is done against one and uses that dense vibration to set up a wondrous future of light made manifest.

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