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        Be Nice to Mother Nature!

Hurricane Frances  - Approaching Florida  
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Hurricanes Francis and Jeanne passed directly over us and Charley & Ivan grazed us, we lost a huge tree, thousands of branches and an ancient cactus in the yard but we are Ok.  Please Pray with us for those less fortunate beings of the Caribbean Islands and Florida after these Storms... These Hurricanes are part of the Activation of the new Grid Systems and Intensification of the most powerful Planetary Vortex here in the Gulf of Mexico...

From a friend on Grand Cayman Island.
"Hurricane Ivan has devastated Grand Cayman Island so badly that no one is allowed to come here to visit for a certain period of time.  I thought you all might be interested to see some pictures that I took while driving.  It is all so very sad since so many people lost all their homes, cars and belongings.  The stories that I hear are very scary for what people went through. 
Look at the pictures and then if you have time to see more go to : www.CourtneyPlatt.com  and when you see a picture just click on it and keep clicking on the pictures and you have the possibility to see 205 pictures taken by a professional here on the Island."    Estelle

Pictures from Grand Cayman Island after Hurricane Ivan



On the Lighter Side

This is about where we Live.

Keth, Jan & DrLight

  Be Nice to Mother Nature!





Our new State License Plates.






Watch Out who You Vote for!

Hurricane Paths by Voting Counties

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