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Johannesburg : 6 June 2004

Greeting  The  Sun  /  Son

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each one of you at this time in the Light of all Truth.  Greetings, beloved ones. And it is with great joy and pleasure that we gather here with you all today to share in this presence of love and joy and to bring to each one of you the blessing of laughter, because we are feeling at this time it is important for you all to allow these healing energies of laughter to wash through your lives.  Laughter is important, and when you laugh, instantaneously all of your energy centres are aligned and the energy is able to flow unhindered and you release powerful surges of endorphins into your body.

You are all now in the energy vibration of the Universal Year 6.  This vibration offers you the opportunity to unite with your authentic self and experience the joy of seeing many new aspects of yourself birthed as you go through the transitions of divorcing yourself from that which no longer supports your journey.  We shall work with various energies with you, and the other energy we choose to hold you in is the energy of the Father Sun.  Every time you laugh, smile; every time you communicate with the inner child within you, and acknowledge your inner wisdom, and as you allow your soul to integrate into your physical being, you are greeting the sun.  You are allowing the sun to rise within you.  It represents Father Sun; the rays of the sun; Lord Ra; it is the masculine energy of the golden way, and you open yourself to receive healing from the Golden Ray.

By tapping into the healing energies of the Golden Ray you support your feminine aspect  (the Goddess Self) to unite with your male aspect (the God Self) to acknowledge the well of wisdom that is within you.

Ask yourself the question - “Do I truly know what is in the depth of my soul?”  When you seek the answers outside of yourself, have you truly been within to seek the answers within yourself first?  Remember we are not saying that you are not to confide in others or seek confirmation or advice from those around you, but do not give your power away because you are afraid to go within yourself and acknowledge the wisdom that is within you which you have accumulated upon your various journeys - not just upon this earth plane, but across all universes.  Always remember that the physical flesh that you are in, you are using as a vessel of movement in this lifetime.  It is holding you, it is a conduit; it is not a prison.

So now take yourselves and be in your sacred space, the space that you can be all of who you are, feel all of who you are, where you can be vulnerable and know that nothing or no-one can invade this space and take advantage of your vulnerability.  Drawing the universal white light in through your crown centre, move it through all of your energy centres, grounding you through your base centre with mother earth.  Allow it to expand through your body, energizing your cells, your atoms the molecules and the organs of your body to form a protective shield of white light around you.  Now draw in the amethyst ray and through your crown centre move it through your body and allow it to exit through your base centre connecting with mother earth, expanding and becoming one with the universal white light.  Now begin to walk towards your universal waterfall of life, light and love, the place where you can cleanse your soul, purify your spirit, your being, and can quench your thirst for healing.  Step into the water and stand before the waterfall.  Face the waterfall and allow the spray to wash over your entire body and see a rainbow of light manifest before you as water cascades down in front of you, reminding you of the beauty of the essence of who you are, for this is a reflection of your inner beauty.  Now raise your hands to the Father Sun; allow your heart to open; allow yourself to feel joy.  And as you acknowledge the rays of the sun, allow yourself to laugh out loud with joy.  Allow the rays of the sun to fill your heart.  Feel your body begin to warm to the support and the comfort of the strength that the Father Sun is giving you at this time, filling you, energizing you and welcoming you into the space of acknowledging your wisdom, and of integrating your soul and allowing yourself to laugh through this process.  Look into the sun, know that this light shall not blind you for you are looking into the brightness of the Father Sun which too is a reflection of your own light, of that warmth that you hold within yourself, of the strength you have within you, and know always that there is an endless supply that you can draw upon from the Father Sun, for this is yours by divine right.  It is your abundance of energy which you can draw upon. 

Allow the Father to energize you, to fill you with the light, with the strength and the vitality to go within and to acknowledge your wisdom, to communicate with your inner being, to communicate with yourself.  Soak up the rays of the Father Sun - Lord Ra - and as you respond to this energy, feel each and every organ in your body come alive.  Your nervous system is rejoicing in the new life it is experiencing.  Your skin begins to tingle to the life you are allowing to flow through it.  Your heart is expanding with the love of life and the joy of rejoicing because you can feel life through the energy of the sun; you feel the energy of the Father who feeds you with all of that which you need.  Hold the feeling, feel your body tingling in response to this essence and energy.  Hold it, and acknowledge that it is truly happening.

Now focus again on looking at the waterfall that is cascading down before you.  And as you look to these waters, mother earth shall show you a vision of your inner wisdom, of that inner clarity that you are needing to see right now, that shall assist you or remind you of who you are, of what is truly in the depths of your soul, and know that through these waters you are being shown a pure vision.  This vision does not hold any fear, or illusion, or deception, pain, or suffering.  It is shown to you in the purest form of love and light, and of happiness and of freedom.

Allow yourself to see this vision now and rejoice in what you see for this is coming from the core of your soul.  Acknowledge the feeling of your vision, allowing it to integrate into your physical being.  Draw it into your heart.  Allow your vision to soak up the joy, the radiance of the Father Sun that you now carry within you.

Now lower your arms and draw your hands to your heart.  As you draw your energy into your heart, acknowledge to yourself that the masculine aspect of yourself is a whole and living being.  It is not just an aspect of you; it is you, for as you walk holding the energy of masculine and feminine, you are whole masculine energy and whole feminine energy and you need to acknowledge this within yourself.  And when you use your masculine energy, it is not to use it in an aggressive or forceful manner, but to use it as a loving father would use it, giving you the strength and the support to do that which you need to do.  It is giving you that physical, outer support from within yourself.  You are drawing on your own masculine energy to hold you in your structure, to go within and acknowledge what is within your soul, what is within the depths of you - your inner wisdom which will give to you the gentle guidance, gentle assistance and show you the love that comes with wisdom and knowledge.  Many of you had harsh experiences in this lifetime or others with your fathers, but know that this is all changing now, that you are now in a position to be your own father, and this is all part of the process of acknowledging all of who you are, for you are drawing upon your own resources through the assistance of Lord Ra - the Father Sun, through the masters and guides, angels and archangels and all the glorious beings and energies that hold you each day, and each moment of your life. They remind you that you can do this through your own energy, that you do not need to go outside of yourself to find clarity, and that by empowering yourself through your own light you shall not need to seek it - for you shall have it.

Remember that this is not the same energy that you were in, in your past, so you are all learning something totally new, but you are also accessing the ancient wisdom of your soul that knows that this is all truth. 

 You have asked for these memories to be reawakened.  You have asked for the support, for the assistance and for the healing to know where it is that you are going, what you are to become; who you are, why you are here.  And we are giving you the tools to assist you in this journey and in this quest for knowledge.  It is the inner quest for that inner wisdom, for that is where the knowledge lies, and your soul is connected to the eternal source that holds all wisdom and all knowledge and that too is within you, for we are all one; we are all the source of all.  Acknowledge your masculinity; acknowledge the father within you, the young boy child within you.  Love him, hold him, nurture him and give him the space to speak his truth without fear of reprimand or rejection, and let your inner child feel safe in communicating with your soul.

Look into the eyes of this child and see the innocence and  see the wisdom.  Know that when you were birthed upon this earth, you knew your truth, and know that it is now safe for you to go back to that time and to draw this energy from your inner well of knowledge and wisdom which is the central point of your soul, which is the core of the universe and is the heart of the one source of all, and know that as you acknowledge this ALL within you, you are acknowledging the Father who is the creator of all.  Bless this child and give him the reassurance that you shall be there eternally for him and that he need not ever fear disconnecting from his soul.

Before you bring yourself back into your physical body, remember that the connection  you have with the Lord Ra at this time, and the continuous source of energy from the Father Sun, is there eternally, that you do not need to disconnect from this now.  It is an eternal supply and you can draw from it at any time to hold you in the golden energy of the Father. 

Begin to draw your energy back into your body.  Become aware of the sounds around you in your physical reality.  Become conscious of your breath.  Begin to feel your body.  Consciously draw your energy through your crown centre.  Allow it to connect through your base centre, grounding you firmly upon the earth.  And I welcome you back.

And we bless you all with much love and light and we fill you all with the divine strength and courage to see your healing process through to completion. We envelop you in the golden ray of the Father Sun, Lord Ra, to hold you in the warmth and the security of your masculine energy to assist you to walk in your truth. Trust in the invisible arms that hold you so firmly on your path and in your truth and know that you are never alone.  Peace be with you all now and eternally.  I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love and Wisdom, and I greet you in love.  Adonai.

Hi everyone, from most precious beloved Lord Kuthumi.  Site www.thelightweaver.co.za Embracing all in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka 

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