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 Great News from the Ukraine
 Wed, 8 Dec 2004 08:35:34 EST    From: NCEpanacea@aol.com

THANKS to John for this one.
The Ukrainian people show the world how it can be done!  A must read story which is real and happening right now.  We not only should support their effort for freedom and democracy, we should join them the same way all over the world right now.  Standing up against lies, corruption and manipulation.  We can do it together in peace and unity!
article follows:
Copy of the letter of a young Ukrainian.   Nice, timely report from someone on the spot

As you likely know from the news, we are in the middle of the Orange Revolution here in Kyiv. I can tell you that this is one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life to be here during this time.

We have been spending a lot of time on the streets and on the main square -- Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square).

It is difficult to describe what is going on here.  No news footage on your TV screens can express the feeling you get being surrounded by a million people. The most amazing thing -- which I believe will have worldwide sociological implications for a long time to come -- is how incredible this crowd is. When you think of a crowd unhappy about something, being cheated by politicians, betrayed by the system -- you expect a bunch of angry, agitated people. Well, think again. This is the happiest, friendliest, most incredibly loving and supportive group of people I have ever encountered.

People are smiling, singing, laughing and offering help and support to each other. You don't see any police anywhere, not a single policeman in sight -- imagine that. According to the mayor's office in the city of Kyiv -- there are no reports of any crime in this huge metropolitan area. Crime has stopped! Everyone is a friend, everyone is a neighbor, everyone is a brother. I do not know how long this can last, but we are in the middle of some kind of miracle.

It is cold out there. Most nights the temperature gets well below zero Centigrade (which is in the teens for those of you that only know Fahrenheit). But the tent city that was built in the middle of Kyiv and now has hundreds if not thousands of tents is very warm indeed. There are mountains of warm clothes everywhere on Khreshchatyk (the main street of the city), which were donated by Kyivites. Food, hot coffee, hot tea are abundant and free everywhere. But you do not see any alcohol -- this is the most sober one million Ukrainians you will ever meet. The crowd is completely self-organizing and improving its collective behavior continuously. Every new day brings new elements of better organization, improved conditions, improved communications and general functionality...

It has become clear to any observer that this crowd is bound to win.
There is absolutely no way to stop this crowd without a massive blood bath, which is almost impossible to imagine to take place in the center of Europe, with all the world's TV cameras [present]. Over the last 5 days, the opposition has been winning continuous victories every single day.

The score for the first five rounds is clearly 5-0. The crowds are growing and demonstrations are now taking place all over the country.
More and more famous athletes, actors, artists, high-ranking military and police officers are joining the opposition. When Ruslana, the most famous Ukrainian singer, and heavyweight champion Vladimir Klitchko joined Victor Yushchenko on the podium, the crowd went wild. The following day brought Leh Valensa, senior officers of SBU (former KGB) and Police, several formerly neutral "oligarchs" and finally a major breakthrough at the end of the day -- the rebirth of free media in Ukraine.

Prior to that, only Channel 5 was broadcasting 24 hours a day directly from Maidan and giving complete coverage to all the events. And of course, our Volia Cable was proudly delivering its signal to some 1.5 million viewers in Kyiv despite all the pressure on them, including several horrible days in July when some of our key managers had to spend 10 days in jail. One other channel (Era) was doing the same, but only a few hours a day.

All major channels had previously been completely ignoring the millions of people on the streets, never reporting it and instead showing cartoons, classical music concerts and exotic travel destinations.

We knew that most journalists from the major channels had either been fired by then or had gone on strike because they refused to continue broadcasting lies. As a result, all news programs on National channels
1 and 2, Inter, 1+1, Noviy, and others simply ceased any and all operations. For 3 days in a row, most of Ukraine, which only has access to the major channels, had no TV news.

Imagine that -- the very day after a major election -- no news for three days, no morning news, no evening news, no news at all! All these channels simply had no creative staff left to produce bogus news. All fired or on strike.

Thursday night it all changed. The management and owners of all of the major channels gave in to the demands of their striking journalists and allowed honest news reporting for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine. Some of the channels like National Channel 1 and
1+1 began their evening news broadcast on Thursday with a group shot of
all journalists standing together and one of them reading a statement from the creative staff in which they swore to report honest news and honest news only!

This was one of the most unbelievable sights I have ever seen. And then the miracle happened -- they showed a direct feed of a million proud Ukrainians on Maidan in Kyiv to the whole country. If there are defining moments in the birth of a Nation, that was certainly one! I am so proud to be able to witness it with my own eyes, in spite of all the tears that covered them at that moment.

Today was another exciting day with the extraordinary session of the Ukrainian Rada currently ongoing. It started over four hours ago and is being shown live on a number of TV channels all over the country and also to people on the streets. We are all glued to the television screens. The Rada already voted to consider the runoff elections invalid, express non-confidence in the Central Election Committee and several other major items. They are still debating, but are making good progress. Things are looking up! The Orange Revolution continues!

Michael Bleyzer
Kyiv, Ukraine

November 27, 2004

Comment from Christopher:

As you may have heard yesterday (Friday), there was an announcement from the judges in Kiev that they are going to rerun the presidential election that was found fraudulent! What a victory -- witnessed by people worldwide. Looks like Russia is taking the torch of Liberty and running with it.

In America it's just the opposite. Our presidential election was so outrageously fixed with Skull & Bones flags flying over both parties and computer vote fraud so rampant that people are either too stupefied by the Big Lie to even admit fraud... or too shocked by the mass hypnosis of encroaching tyranny to know what to do. The quote by Kaminski sums it up:

"No one in public life has the courage to explain how those people who died when New York City skyscrapers collapsed were killed by plans concocted by the same people who seek your votes on election day, and still talk about freedom and justice while they pocket checks from large corporations intent on profiting from rebuilding the faraway cities we reduce to rubble."

-- John Kaminski

Americans used to feel sorry for the blatant propaganda in the Soviet media. The difference was that the Soviet people didn't believe it -- they knew it was propaganda.   It's ironic how propaganda has become blatant in the American media but people deny it's propaganda.   The media lied about 9-11 to get America into endless war.   They lied about weapons of mass destruction to invade the Country of Iraq.   The lies have become so big and so bold and so often told that the American people believe them.

If it doesn't turn around soon, America will reap the whirlwind -- the war will come home.  Why? The REAL TERRORISTS hate our freedoms.  The belief of Americans in America is the biggest block to the power elite's New World Order totalitarian agenda.  So there's the Catch 22 -- We need to believe in America while making accountable the REAL TERRORISTS who want to create a police state here and worldwide.

If you are wise as serpents, you'll see the "projection" of the Big Lie in just about everything the BUSHwhackers say and do.   It's THEY who hate our freedoms as the REAL TERRORISTS.  Get real and spread the word that the "I AM RACE" is the correct arrangement of letters in the New "AM-ER-I-CA" worldwide that is raised on the true "gold standard" -- the LOVE-centric heart of global TeLeComm that cultures the Worldwide LOVE Foundation.

--Christopher Rudy

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