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Channeling of the Assembly of Light through Abby Haydon


We would wish to thank you for coming forth this evening and being open to receiving new information and many new types of personal experiences. There are many new developments coming forth and many new energies as well.

The consciousness of those upon the planet has expanded greatly. They are now ready to experience even greater openings. There will be an expansion of abilities for many here. Many people are beginning to receive more information about who they are and what they have been in the past. All of these aspects are coming forth.

For the next six to ten months there will be an acceleration of past lives, visions of the future and what is emerging for each individual. There will also be opportunities to expand one aspect that is very important. This is the aspect of sound.

This will be using the voice as well as instruments that are available. We would wish to encourage all to be open to a new type of work and expansion. The new energies that are coming through are stimulating many aspects of the human body and human potential. The voice will be coming more important for many individuals. In working in these different ways with the voice and being open to allow whatever sounds come out of the body will be powerful

Many who have not felt that they are able to sing will become interested in doing so. When you allow the vibration of the vocal cords to work in a certain way upon the physical body will allow not for the release of stagnant energy, but will also help to stimulate the energy fields that are able to bring forth expansion of consciousness within the body.

If you will just be open to bringing through sounds with the voice and bring through tones with the voice, it will assist you in bringing through your greatness and beauty. Music, vibration and frequency are very important now. The affect of music upon the emotions is well documented. Sound and music is able to bring healing and comfort to individuals. It will assist them in releasing tension in the body.

Listening to sounds that are harmonious is very important. Music that is dissonant and does not soothe the system, but is harsh and has clashing sound and disharmony is not beneficial to the system.

Creating the sounds within the physical body is very important. This will become more interesting for people as time goes by. Weather one has a good voice or not is not as important as is allowing the vibration that the vocal cords make to go through the body. When one is singing to oneself, it is very healing and soothing experience for the body. When you create vibration through your body that is soothing to your body, it is actually healing your physical for and all its energy bodies.

We would wish to encourage everyone to creating sound using their vocal cords. There are many ways to use the vocal cords. If you have a favorite tune that you enjoy humming, it is valuable to continue to utilize this. Be open to breaking into song when you are happy. This will become more important as time goes by. There will be days when you will be feeling sad. It will help you to change your mood when you sing or hum a happy song. Sings songs that are uplifting to you, not that bring sadness to your being.

Sing or hum something that is soothing to your emotional body. Let the emotional body find soothing relief from the tones that come forth from you.

There are different types of ceremonial uses for the voice. This has been brought forth in many ancient religions and cultures as well as many modern ones. If you wish to engage in activities that may be called toning, this is very beautiful as well. Bringing forth the sounds in the way it has been done in the Tibetan and other cultures is very good for all the energy bodies. It you choose to emanate the sounds of these cultures or even listen to them, you will experience great healing.

On a fine molecular level, your whole body and all that exists is nothing but sound vibrating. To introduce more harmonious sounds to the human body will have very positive and noticeable affects.

Be open to trying some of the toning chants that have been done in ancient cultures. Singing or toning the words of these ancient cultures is very powerful and healing to your being. The language of Sanskrit, and the languages of Tibet, Hawaii and ancient languages of Central America all have resonance within the body. The language of English is not as soothing to the body or the emotions. Primitive languages that were developed at other times when the planet was vibrating at a higher frequency will have a profound affect upon individuals today. To listen to the ancient songs of these cultures or to speak the languages yourself will be soothing to your being. When you use the vibration abilities of your body with these divine languages, you will find great joy and peace coming over you.

These new experiences of energy coming to the planet will enhance to vibrations made with the body even more. These energies will enhance the power of vibration you are creating.

There are a great many who wish to bring forth loud, jangling and not in harmony. This creates stress in the nervous system. There are many who are attracted and even addicted to these types of sounds and the feelings that this music creates. Those who are engaged in these practices will have healings as time goes on. The trends in disharmonic music will be changing. There will be healing for them as well.

It is important for individuals to bring forth harmonious vibration. Create frequencies that will bring healing and growth to the planet. It something that all can do. Even if you have not done this before, you will begin to feel like doing it. Singing songs that make you feel good is a very wonderful thing. If you can listen to ancient chants and repeat them is very beautiful. In whatever way you would wish to work with this will be bringing forth love and beautify for everyone.

In opening up to bringing forth sound and vibration within yourself, you are helping others. When you sing to yourself, it is helping the whole frequency of this planet. There will be more who will be doing classes and seminars that will help others to find and use their voice.

It is important not to judge your mechanism of vibration. Do not judge your voice. As you begin to use your voice, breath deeply and have the air pass through your vocal cords, will your ability to create sound improve. If you cannot reach or hold notes easily by yourself, you may wish to have a pitch pipe or some instrument that will start you on a note so you can resonate with it. Even if you can sing a few notes, and have them resonate through your body, it will have great effect for you and others as well. It is now time for all to be using their mechanisms of vibrations.

There are many types of healing with sound that are being explored upon the planet. There are many devices that have been designed to bring forth sound that can break up the blocks of stagnant energy in the body. There are also many ancient instruments that bring forth healing energy. Whatever you may use instruments or not, it is important to use the living tissue of your body to create vibration.

We would wish to encourage you to find something that you would wish to emulate. It may be a soothing song that is modern, or listening to some chants and bringing forth your imitation of sounds that have been developed through many centuries. Whatever way you would wish to use, it is important to feel open, know that you are capable of doing this and you are honoring your self in doing this.

Too many have refused to utilize this aspect of them because they are feeling they do not sing well. It is not a competition. It is not even a comparison. It is your unique beauty of creating sound and vibration that is important. It is allowing the wonder of your physical form to come forth that is important. The human body is now being stimulated to revitalize what has been dormant, and to bring forth new abilities as well.

There may be certain times of the day that you may wish to use your voice and accompanying instruments. We would encourage the evening hours. The vocal cords have been used and warmed up during the day. Go to a room where you can be quiet. Allow what tones that wish to come out to be focused in a musical or healing way. Feel the sounds that may be coming from deep inside of you. These sounds may be coming from parts of yourself that you have closed off. This will help you to open aspects of yourself.

The ancient sound of OM may be used as it is familiar to many.

Using the vocal cords to bring to the surface suppressed emotion and express feelings is a great way to experience healing. There are many who use sound to bring out of the body ensnared energy from unhappy emotions. This is a very beautiful aspect as well. It is good to investigate this as a way of releasing energy that is not creating harmony within the body.

It is good to have a time of day when, two or three times a week, you may wish to use sound and your voice in some way. Allow vibration to come through you. You may feel energy being released. Sound is good for releasing stagnant energy, but it is also good for elevating the consciousness. You may have many reactions when you create sounds. Some are powerful, some may be angry, some soft and joyful. What ever sounds come spontaneously from you are what is needed to be expressed. Even if you spend your time making unpleasant sounds, finish your time of making sounds with ones that are peaceful and harmonious.

So know that the ability you have to heal and enhance your consciousness is within you. The power of your use of sound is a great tool for your personal growth.

Abby Haydon
P.O. Box 1137 Sedona, AZ 86339
Phone: (928) 204 - 5617

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