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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
1 Ben, 1 Pop, 13 Eb     7/27/04

Greetings! We return, dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you! The start of the Galactic New Year gives you a new, more powerful energy to work with. This energy empowers your spiritual growth and permits you to connect more easily with your True Self. This New Year provides you with the energy to realize your most meaningful intentions and to manifest even your most heartfelt dreams. It also marks the end of a full cycle that began 12 years ago with the galactic year 1 Eb. Each cycle of 13 years centers on one of the 4 year-glyphs (e.g., Caban, Ik, Manik, and Eb). These glyphs are then repeated. At each repetition, the frequency of time moves slightly upward. The start of the last cycle was marked by the formal arrival of our first contact mission to your world. It is our desire to complete this crucial cycle by encouraging a number of dramatic and groundbreaking initiatives. To this end, we have set up a committee to assist us in ensuring that our resolutions begin on schedule. Too often, our best-laid plans have tended to transpire at the very last moment.

      This faltering mode of action is due in large part to the very fluid nature of the Earth-bound coalition that we daily work with. While able to muster the forces needed to achieve its objectives, this coalition has been loath to apply its power to topple your last dark cabal, thus allowing them to maintain their base in North America and to persist in their disgraceful policies. We have therefore 'sweetened' our offer to them and are prepared to provide our Earth allies with all the security they require to accomplish their ends. Their continuing safety is paramount to us. Nevertheless, this broad-based coalition remains unwilling to unleash its vast potential, and the task before us now is clearly to resolve this ongoing vacillation by helping them to formulate a determined plan of action. This is to be the first item on the agenda of our new action committee. We will also begin new negotiations with our North American allies, as many issues require renewed effort, and fresh stratagems must be put in place. Happily, a major faction in this multifaceted alliance has stated its willingness to move forward if given the necessary support.

      Another element in this complex scenario is the injunction to swiftly fulfill the various formal obligations adjudicated by the legal factions of this global coalition. This legal and moral force of law confers on this coalition considerable weight among the international community, and yet a substantial number of members still persist in their timorous stance. As a result, many components of this international collective have asked us to mediate this situation and come up with possible answers to this impasse. Our action committee will immediately address this situation and provide effective solutions. To begin with, an Andromedan negotiator of unparalleled abilities has been appointed to head this group. She has taken up this challenge with enthusiasm and is determined that all our necessary objectives be brought to fruition at the earliest possible divine time. To this end, she has requested that certain members of her previous Galactic Federation working group be assigned to her.

      As always, we are committed to achieving first contact in a divinely timed manner, which means that we desire to visit your shores en masse as soon as divinely possible. First contact, to us, is a most critical mission. The permanent peace of this galaxy hinges upon the success of this goal. And furthermore, Heaven has assured us that this success is indeed inevitable. We have therefore decided to focus on removing the remaining roadblocks to our success and to pursue a number of avenues that have opened up in the last few weeks. Our action committee has accordingly been afforded all necessary authority to accomplish its objectives. This new galactic year of 13 Eb is about opening to Spirit and empowering you and your global society. Spirit wants to help you to claim your true inner powers and to manifest them in this realm. Then you can forge the wondrous world that you really desire. It is the manifesting of this new world that first contact is really all about.

      The strange events going on in your world are a sign of the monumental nature of what is now occurring. Your planet is in the midst of an awesome shift which is to alter your world in every possible way. Such substantial alterations in a reality usually take a very long time to transpire, but in this case, momentous change is happening at a very swift pace; it is taking less than two of your Gregorian decades to accomplish. The 'harmonic convergence' took place in the early part of the galactic year of 9 Manik during the last great cycle of Manik (the late summer of 1987). Since then, much has happened. The spiritual revolution began manifesting in earnest and globally held perceptions are being deeply challenged. That which used to be unthinkable has become largely accepted. At this time, yet another wave of even greater challenge to your world-view is sweeping through your society.

      As increasing numbers of you awaken, the movement toward a new paradigm has become a tidal wave that the old guard can no longer ignore. The powers-that-be fear you, and this is the reason for the defensive-aggressive reaction on the part of your last cabal, and the prime cause of their many reprehensible actions. Their escalated program of control led, in turn, to the rise of 'our Earth allies'. All of this was the result of the call by Anchara (the dark entity of this galaxy) to end the galactic wars and bring about peace. The resulting Treaty of Anchara caused the Anunnaki (your dark planetary overloads) to accede to this growing call for peace and to vacate their position of power on your planet. The rest is history. Now we are engaged in the final processes that will return you to the Light.

      The resolutions that we have just revised are the final provisos that we deem necessary before a full-blown first contact can be put in motion. Our purpose is to assure our Earth allies that the great changes they wish to engender can indeed be manifested. We have placed these operations in most capable hands. We will do whatever is required and will use our 'good offices' and good intentions to carry out all that remains to be accomplished in order to finish this momentous task. We feel that we have put into place a scenario that will step up the pace of the actions that will conclude this effort successfully. As always, we fully intend to do this within the guidelines of the edicts given by our heavenly supervisors. They are much encouraged by our new efforts. Now the time comes to finish this job and get us all to our final objectives!

      As noted, there are many who dearly desire our success. The moment in your history has arrived when a new agenda needs to take the place of the old. The aggressive nature of the old matrix kept you divided and a pawn to a hierarchical power structure. A new paradigm is now rising which can accommodate first contact and end your long galactic quarantine. Moreover, this new paradigm can better prepare you for your grand destiny. This return to full consciousness is guaranteed by your life contracts and is specified to take place at this time in your history. Our intention is to ensure that this event not be delayed any further. Our concern for what we see happening on your world brought to our attention the need for this present project. We have informed you of our plans so that you can use your inner powers to ensure its successful conclusion.

      Today, we talked about the problems delaying first contact and the initiatives that we propose for resolving them. The action committee that we discussed is indeed most skilled and is dedicated to a timely success. We ask for your loyal support and for your continued big-hearted commitment to our mutual victory. Remember, Together, We are Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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