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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
12 Cib, 4 Tzotz, 13 Eb       9/28/04

Selamat Jarin! We come once again, dear Hearts, with more to tell you! Around your world, many important decisions are now being made. These decisions are about implementing the many behind-the-scenes momentums that we have long been describing to you. Your international legal system is taking action to order that the final measures be swiftly carried out.  This demand is to be backed up by various financial and other more serious penalties.  Your defiant last cabal is intending to perpetrate a large-scale 'terrorist' act in North America to counter their predicament.  We warn them, herewith, that such horrendous actions will not be permitted by us.  It is vital that these remaining dark cabalists listen to reason and that they fully comprehend that their ill-intentioned game must end forthwith.  Their grim loyalty to this lost cause is now out of place; it is, to the contrary, beholden to them to stand down and permit the Light's inevitable victory to take place as divinely planned.   Otherwise, the consequences they will incur will be dire and inescapable.

      The Ascended Masters want you to know that these crucial activities are now underway.   Many powerful individuals and top-level legal and financial institutions are determined to bring these preparations to their Earth-shaking conclusion.  Know that much has already taken place behind the scenes that sets the stage for the 'first domino'.  We are confident that the wishes of the Ascended Masters and the holy decrees of Heaven are shortly to bear fruit.  When these preconditions are established, first contact can proceed to its most exciting moment of widespread physical contact between the people of Mother Earth and us.  The Ruling Council of Agharta also shares this excitement; it has been over 12 millennia since significant interaction took place between their surface-dwelling brethren and themselves. The Aghartans anticipate with joy these coming celebrations that mark an end to the separation forced on them by your former masters, the Anunnaki. With this reunion, the elements required to forge your new galactic society will at last be fully in place.

      All that you have endured in the last decades is now approaching those most critical junctures that will result in the crowning moment of your divinely decreed victory.   Heaven wishes you to know with no doubt in your heart that this great victory is indeed underway! Many forces both spiritual and physical are coming together, dear Ones, to make this time a most joyous one.  As you go about your daily life, carry these sacred Truths within you!   Be one with this knowledge and know that, despite the darkness that still seems to dominate your world, a great heavenly shock wave is preparing to lay waste to these dark ones.   This sacred unfrocking is to sweep them from office and from positions of global power.   It will be unheralded, abrupt, and, until the moment of impact, quite undetectable by the dark.   They may have some notion of what it means, but do not fully grasp the extent of its power, which is growing by the day.   The Light boasts a mighty union of Beings both in physicality and in Spirit.   This mix wields a power fully capable of trouncing the dark from its present dominance on your world.

      The Light and its various dark adversaries are presently locked in a final, secret confrontation with each other.   These dark ones positioned themselves well in the beginning, but their arrogance and inability to seek honest and genuine alliances has left their plans in shambles.   Now they are scrambling to devise a means to institute a dictatorship in the land designated by Saint Germain and Heaven as a land of the free.   This abomination cannot and will not be allowed to happen.    As a result of this threat, a plethora of coalitions came together to devise a counter strategy that has gained the approval of Heaven.   This, the dark is fully aware of.   Yet, despite this, a final conflict is taking place whose outcome is to be your destined victory over these last dark remnants. And still the treacherous ones who run this cabal do not seem able to fathom their fate.   Stuck in tunnel vision, they are willing to focus only on the details of their last malevolent plans.   We reiterate once more to them that their iniquity is doomed!

      The eventualities we have described are progressing rapidly.   A crucial point is to understand that the forces of Light are a truly motley crew.   Individuals all over the globe have dedicated their time and commitment to this magnificent endeavor.  Our role is to monitor all aspects, visible and covert, and to fend off the 'domestic terror attacks' planned for North America by this dark cabal.  In addition, our forces are distributed throughout the planet, helping those committed to the Light to succeed on several fronts.   These include vital, global financial reform, much needed regime changes in North America and many other countries, an end to the suppression of alternative energy technologies, the deployment of wondrous pollution-ending devices, and finally, the formal proclamation of the benevolent existence of the Galactic Federation of Light and of its imminent mass appearance in your skies.

      The foregoing is the reason that we have agreed to assume a silent leadership role at this time.   We have left the details of completing these affairs to your Ascended Masters.   Their courage, dedication, and skill in moving these matters forward are indeed miraculous!   Also consider how normally different are the goals of the members of this coalition of the Light.   Power, on your world, is a chess game whose rules very few are fully aware of.   We have watched as grand masters of this hidden power game apparently accede to those whom they could easily oust from power.   Yet, in the name of unity, they desisted from confrontation.   Instead, they assumed the role of eminent statesmen and advisors and helped these coalitions to formulate winning strategies.   These enigmas have been very interesting for us to observe.

      This cooperation between members of these Earth alliances is truly unmatched and astounding.   These alliances, all with different goals, helped and supported each other.   This network expanded steadily over the last two years due to the universally perceived threat posed by this cabal.  Their 'go for broke' strategy has alienated many former key associates, many of whom joined the alliances of the Light.   Within this framework, the input of these eminent advisors has been invaluable.  We salute these men and women for their courage in coming forward and so ably assisting our Earth allies. Defeating the entrenched power base of this dark cabal relies heavily on the skilled and daring say of mentors in positions of power and influence.   These individuals have proven their mettle and helped your Ascended Masters to mold a coalition capable of crushing this clique and delivering its fated overthrow and complete defeat.

      As this operation winds its way to its predestined conclusion, you need to remain committed in your hearts to victory.   Know absolutely that this realm of yours is being reformed.   Bear in mind that in order to defeat a powerful foe, it is often wise to allow them to show their hand and thus demonstrate their malevolent intentions.  This strategy has led many of you to question what is going on.   We have ourselves often expressed our heart-felt desire to conclude this matter as rapidly as possible, and this wish lies behind all our actions.   Your Ascended Masters skillfully work their magic and assure us that the decrees declared by Heaven are very close to happening.   We therefore increased our meticulous surveillance of your world.  We are determined to see this through successfully and to complete this first contact mission as quickly as possible.

      Today, we discussed the events that are about to burst upon you.   Know that there will be no intimation, no warning of these momentous actions.   As we mentioned last week, we need you to use you focus and discernment to remain calm and resolved upon victory.   Do whatever is required to help achieve this success.   Above all, do it with a joyful resolve to be unaffected by the death throes of the dark.   Remember, Together We are Victorious!   We now take our leave.    Blessings, dear Ones!    Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours!     Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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