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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
10 Lamat, 16 Uo, 13 Eb       8/31/04

Greetings! We return with more to tell you! Around your world, great changes are happening. As we noted last week, Mother Earth dearly wishes to complete the various events required to return her to full consciousness. On your world, initiatives are being carried out that promise to forge sweeping political, economic, and financial changes. Our first contact fleet is watching these affairs closely. As your planet moves closer to its prime shift points, it is necessary to inform you about a few items. First, many important inter-dimensional nodes on your world have been opened in the last half decade that will enable your planet to shift with you into full consciousness. Second, the inner-Earth realm of Agharta has prepared the surface entrances to their tunnel system in order to make their underground crystal cities more accessible to contact with the surface. Third, your present system of floating tectonic plates is getting ready to be locked in place. This will allow your planet to expand and take the form of a spheroid measuring 8,000 miles in diameter at the equator and at the poles.

      Mother Earth is a unique living form, and, like all living things, she has a life-enhancing field. Similar to your aura, these electromagnetic and electro-gravitational fields intertwine. She has a pulse that can be measured by your science, and this field pulse has risen steadily since the 1990s, in contrast to the strength of these fields that has continued to decline. This weakening process is preparing the nature of these fields to be greatly altered. Mother Earth is changing herself into a variation of a monopole field magnetic, which will be controlled by her crystal core, or 'heart'. This core will glow even more brightly once these changes are completed. The core depends on a system of 144 major and 20,736 minor nodes that disperse these fields evenly. Mother Earth is a 12-faceted crystal, or dodecahedron. These 12 facets were ruptured and broken up into today's present tectonic plates when Atlantis fell and you were suddenly thrown into limited consciousness.

      This abrupt descent into limited consciousness produced two starkly contrasting realms: the very conflicted surface world and the united, harmonious inner world. In the beginning, the Aghartans offered sanctuary to the surface dwellers, but this assistance was quickly cut off by the aggressive actions of the Anunnaki. From then onwards, the surface portals to Agharta were closed and hidden. Only a chosen few on the surface were then permitted to know of their existence and location, and, likewise, only a few Aghartans ever used these tunnels to travel to the surface. On these occasions, they were perceived as avatars and much needed teachers of the Light. This intermittent interaction continued through the ages that humanity has endured since the fall of Atlantis. These 13 millennia are now ending, and the moment now approaches for the reunion of these two realms. The Aghartan Ruling Council has therefore asked that this extensive tunnel system be fully repaired worldwide and its many surface entrances also returned to their former glory.

      An interesting recent development is the unusual movement of your planet's tectonic plates. Normally, the slippage is quite regular, but of late these plates are spreading apart or appear to be 'sticking' to each other. This, too, points to your planet being placed into a special preparatory mode. As Mother Earth's central core starts to transform, her life-sustaining fields are weakening in preparation for her dramatic 'flip' into full consciousness. However, this is not to be a typical bipolar flip, but rather a total change in her orientation. Your scientists are observing many inexplicable anomalies. Mother Earth's surface is going through an active cycle that they have never seen before. It mirrors the unusual hyperactivity of your Sun and, not surprisingly, is deeply interrelated. She is preparing herself for the inevitable and imminent change of consciousness of humanity and the entire solar system.

      All this should be seen as part of a much grander puzzle. Each different aspect demonstrates how your society and Mother Earth are preparing for the new reality. It is important not to get lost in the details, but to focus on the overall picture and where it is leading you. The exponential increase in the activity of Mother Earth and your Sun is reflected in the goings-on in your societies, which are presently going through an enormous struggle; however, a struggle not without end. A definite time frame is in effect. The behind-the-scenes conflict has been reduced from many opposing factions to two. Many elements in this conflict are altering their allegiance, especially in the last few months, and this has hastened the approach of the grand denouement of this struggle. This we can see clearly, and we know that it will result in your inevitable triumph.

      When you think of all that lies ahead, your future looks bright indeed! The immediate outlook, however, might seem somewhat bleak. Here, we remind you again to focus on the big picture and watch how the Light works her magic. Her effects are subtle rather than dramatic; she operates by changing the focus of major groups as they undergo events that alter their perceptions. The Light makes clear her intentions, and then changes the underlying conditions, thus reinforcing these perceptions. This is how many subtle shifts have made possible a vast reordering of these two major groups. Our Earth allies have benefited enormously from this, and in consequence many wonderful events are on the brink of manifesting. You can assist the Light by remaining confident and prepared at a moment's notice to revel in your upcoming victory.

      Those of us involved in this first contact mission are determined to finish this complex operation as soon as divinely possible. As noted before, this operation has been most instructive. What we have learned has helped us to more successfully integrate the large number of former Anchara Alliance star nations into the Galactic Federation. We have learned about the condition of limited consciousness and how such societies can be swiftly evolved. This knowledge has caused many of the first contact protocols used by our Science and Exploration (S & E) fleets to be adjusted. We have gained great wisdom in how sentient life forms in other galaxies have evolved. We are most thankful for all that you have taught us, and now greatly look forward to celebrating together and guiding you to your magnificent destiny!

      The victory we repeatedly refer to is about unification. It is about abolishing your core perceptions of strife, poverty, and limitation that prevented your manifesting your true desires. You are powerful Beings, and we have watched how you fell into limitation and gave away your power to your various ruling cabals. This victory is about transforming these conditions and returning you to your true center. You will reclaim your state of balance and restore your divine essence to its magnificent reality. Your balance was progressively destroyed since birth by the distortions of the Earth plane and, especially, by the inherited defects of your ancestors' fall into limited consciousness. Now the time has come to remove these overwhelming pressures and transform the resulting individual and collective misperceptions. In short, this victory is about a great release from bondage and about your taking up the reins of victory and your golden destiny.

      Today, we have looked anew at the many events preparing to happen on your world. They are all part of a 'bigger picture' that is bringing you a grand new reality and reunion with your spiritual and space families. We look forward with eager anticipation to what is now about to happen. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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