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     10/12/04  below
Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
7 Caban, 5 Tzec, 13 Eb            10/19/04

Selamat Jarin! We come again, dear Ones, with much to discuss!  In the past few messages, we talked about Mother Earth and the great changes that your solar system and she are currently going through. In addition, we briefly discussed this living, conscious universe and the way that physicality is interlinked.  We are all spiritual Beings, experiencing a multitude of very different lives together. These diverse lives are connected in unexpected ways.  One example is this very drawn-out first contact mission.  Here we are, Beings of all types and descriptions, observing your beautiful planet and planning a contact that will forever change not only you, but also this immense galaxy.   This operation has taken longer than usual for a number of important reasons; the main one, of course, is your change into fully conscious Beings of Light. These proceedings have a timetable set forth in the divine plan, which is then carefully carried out by Heaven.   Our role is to adapt this first contact mission to these sacred schedules and assist in this process as needed.

      One of the most interesting points to emerge from our observations of your world is how easily those in positions of power have been able to artfully manipulate you into rejecting the Truth.   Despite growing opposition to many aspects of current affairs, the vast majority of you still buy into the lies of your political "leaders".   This at first appalled us; but gradually we found such unquestioning naivety quite endearing.   This has resulted in a global society founded upon concepts that need to be swiftly transformed by you.  One of the more pivotal of these is an unhindered flow of communication between your governments and you.   We observe too often the way in which your political regimes and their minions in the media shape events and information to bolster their agendas.  The rise of the Internet has to some extent countered this cloud of deception, but much remains to be changed.  We are thus greatly encouraged by the program birthed by our Earth allies.  One of its pillars is the open dissemination of news and information.   This can take place quite naturally in a world at peace, where chauvinistic competition can at long last fade into the background.

      The establishment of a pan-global ethic is essential to first contact.   The people of your world can then experience their connection to each other. This connection is implicit in the founding tenets of your religions and philosophies.  It underlies your concept of democracy, which can be expanded naturally to create a galactic society.    Freedom and personal sovereignty, the natural and unalienable birthright of fully conscious Beings, form the twin pillars of your global society.  They compose the Four Societal Laws that form the foundation of galactic society.   All Beings have the right to actualize their full potential and manifest the principles that underlie their current life mission. These axioms are crucial to us. Consequently, we emphasize the freedom of the individual to express their creativity and to be involved in resolving major societal problems.  This leads to the setting up of teams capable of implementing the agreed-upon solutions.

      All members in a galactic society view themselves as vital and involved participants in that society, which in turn honors all members for their voluntary and essential participation.  This mutual veneration allows everyone to comprehend their connection to each other, and this leads to a natural expansion of one's perceived responsibilities.   National boundaries melt as the spirit of care and rehabilitation flows from domestic arenas out into the world at large. Humanity can forge a global community where all members can take pride in their creative contributions. You have already started down this noble path. Now it is vital that you disseminate the Truth about the many changes taking place in your world. The absolute guarantee of Freedom and true individual sovereignty also must become widespread. These things are repugnant to your last dark cabal. And therefore our Earth allies are pledged to their unconditional defeat.

      First contact concerns this leap to a global society, followed swiftly by another sudden transition into a galactic one. This rapidly expanding perspective can bring you renewed understanding of your past and an awareness of what lies ahead. However, this is predicated upon an exponential rise in your consciousness; you will be expected to take these enormous transformations in your reality in your stride. It is for this reason that we were requested to initiate a first contact with you. First contact is not merely a coming together with other advanced sentient societies. It is a means, above all, to ensure the above-mentioned changes. In a nutshell, we are agents for change. Contact with your world existed in one form or another across the millennia. However, contact will now be ever-present and accompanied by massive acceptance. We are to be the harbingers of vast change and the means of enabling your move into an exciting new reality.

      This new reality has been the focus of most of our past messages to you. After all, first contact is about to create an immense crisis in your present, generally accepted concept of who you are.   In a stroke, these concepts can be shattered.  Therefore, our introduction must be effected as gently as possible, resulting in our endorsement of our present course of action: first contact melded with a reverence for Mother Earth.   Solving your global pollution and energy problems is a most effective method of paying homage to her.   Mother Earth is confidant that these coming breakthroughs can be the start of a truly wondrous future for you.   In the days of Lemuria, your future was bright! Now, this legacy is ready to be reclaimed, and your amazing potential all set for you to manifest.   The best is about to begin!

      Our purpose, as you can see, has shifted enormously since the start of first contact in the early 1990s.   Back then, a sudden, massive change in your perspectives was deemed in order, followed by guiding and educating you about full consciousness.   These original objectives, although still main priorities with us, have taken on new ramifications.  We are at present involved in assisting a worldwide group in distributing an urgently needed abundance program and thereby instituting an enormously different course for your world.   This expanded the responsibilities of first contact.   It allowed us to meet a remarkable group of individuals and to better know and love your Ascended Masters.   We are now integrating these experiences into our future first contact missions.

      Completing this mission as soon as divinely possible remains our major intent. We dearly desire to end your present difficulties and move you on toward the next great step in your history. Since this next step involves first contact, it is most precious to us. We want you to know how much we love you and how close this next step really is. The requirements for this next step are truly in place. Our constant monitoring of your world nonetheless informs us how much your last dark cabal is willing to sacrifice in order to win. We are therefore keeping them under constant scrutiny and unraveling their vindictive machinations before they can manifest. The events about to appear before you are the gift to you from Heaven and your Ascended Masters. This bequest will finally defeat this last dark cabal. Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

      Today, we discussed the meaning behind what is about to happen. The coming events will at first shock many around you. Your responsibility is not merely to rejoice at your victory, but to use your knowledge and ability to ease your community into the new reality. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
13 Oc, 18 Tzotz, 13 Eb        10/12

Selamat Jarin! We come, dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you! Your world continues to transform, and, as she does, the potential for major changes in the present surface configuration of your planet increases. This also affects your Moon, which resonates with the forces emanating from Mother Earth and your Sun.   These are altering his orbit and angle of declination to Earth.  This increased erratic behavior is setting the stage for his eventual liberation and return to Bellona, formerly the fifth planet from your Sun.  While this is going on, Galactic Federation scientists with much needed help from your planetary Elohim are preparing the two seeds that will grow into two new 'natural' moons.  From time to time in the night sky, when conditions are right, you can perceive with a high-powered telescope what appear to be two small objects less than a mile across, one orbiting close to, and the other directly opposite your Moon.  These moonseeds are surrounded by even smaller objects, all of which form part of the operation to rebuild your two former moons.

      This construction process is likewise taking place at Mother Earth's magnetic core, which is effecting a change to a monopolar surface. The illumination of the core has, hence, greatly magnified, resulting in incredible displays of polar 'lights' in your Northern and Southern hemispheres.  These auroras are not, dear Ones, caused by the interaction of your upper atmosphere with high-energy beams or particles from outer space; they are the result of the diffusion in the atmosphere of the great glow coming from this inner core.   Furthermore, many of the phenomena you observe in the night sky are the effects of our work as we help Mother Earth to alter her atmosphere from the upper layers down to the surface where you reside. This work has greatly changed the way the various ionic layers of your upper atmosphere are formed and how they function. These changes anticipate the raising of your two layers of firmament. These will deflect most harmful radiation and increase oxygen levels near the Earth's surface.

      All this is part of the grand plan to return Mother Earth and you to full consciousness.  This transmutation is reaching a critical mass, and therefore the moment for its full manifestation is close.  Apart from the work being done on your Moon and your atmosphere, much is also being adjusted in your ocean depths. Changes carried out in the atmosphere must dovetail with changes made to the oceans. Look upon your air and water masses as interconnected and as reflections of each other. Your oceans are composed of layers of water that resemble the layers of your atmosphere. The most important of these water layers are found near the seabed. Here, vital exchanges take place between the life-giving energies emanating from the Earth's core and all ocean and surface life. In like manner, your upper atmosphere contains an exchange system that filters out harmful radiation and permits life to exist on Mother Earth. All these systems are now being transformed in preparation for supporting a new fully conscious reality.

      Your scientists are aware of and are recording these modifications.   However, in public they are barely reported and are mostly classified as rare anomalies or signs of solar hyper activity.  But such is truly not the case. Your planet, your Sun, and the entire solar system are transforming.   A whole new reality is being forged, and within this 'womb' a new 'You' is being birthed!   This new You is maturing very swiftly.   Each day, more and more of you awaken from the inner slumber imposed upon you by the Anunnaki.   This induced state of sedation is a big challenge for most to overcome. Yet, many of you are awakening and seeking the Truth. One of the most vital of these Truths is an understanding of your planet as a holistic, living Being. Her make-up may be different from yours, and yet she is a life form, residing in this infinite, conscious universe. Her transmutation is pivotal, and we are busy assisting her in this most challenging rebirthing process. This procedure involves layer upon layer of detailed, interwoven adjustments and changes, and we are here to help her through to the end.

      The solar system is changing at the same rate as Mother Earth. The so-called violence of nature, its massive rocking, shaking, and spewing forth of huge amounts of ionic particles, is the cycle of life on a massive scale, and one that is more magnificent by far than you are aware of. Yet, the purpose behind it all is the same as your own life cycle: to absorb and integrate energy into your system, and expel unneeded waste. Life operates in a similar fashion at every level in this living, conscious universe. Physicality is designed to be able to show its true desires. These true desires are found in the divine plan. The Creator set up a huge number of realities in order that the full gamut of these true desires be properly revealed. He also, with divine grace, intended for all of life to interact with each other and from this to obtain divine knowledge and infinite wisdom.

      It is this infinite wisdom that you have begun to have access to. As your consciousness grows, due to your increasing transformation and your expanded interactions with spiritual and physical life, you reach toward the divine knowledge of the Supreme Creator and the wisdom to be found of this knowledge within Heaven. Your resulting need to integrate with Heaven and to 'know' physicality in new and wondrous ways is a wholly natural one and is leading you toward a most amazing destiny. We are doing what is necessary to help Heaven and you to accomplish this joyous unfolding. We remain fully confident that what has been promised you is now about to manifest in your lives. This brings us to another vital point: your role in this process, and what is now expected of you.

      As you awaken into awareness, you feel the need to share and to awaken others. This need to forge networks of information results in vast amounts of data available on the Internet. As these information networks proliferate at an exponential rate, 'virtual' communities are created. This interlinking of minds and consciousness is the beginning of the psychic or telepathic networks that are a major aspect of your next leap in consciousness. What you are doing in effect is leaping over stages of evolutionary development that usually take centuries to accomplish. This acceleration is a side effect of the changes taking place within you. Community was formerly experienced as a physical and social structure that took time to build. Now you are accomplishing the same thing electronically (virtually), and doing so on a global scale in less than half a decade. And this is only the merest of beginnings!

      You are expected to attain much higher levels of consciousness. The groundwork for this has been laid by centuries of positive ritual and by the grids set up by yourselves and your children. This is now forming the psychic web that is currently strengthening and that will shortly replace the virtual Internet grid. Your involvement and your support of these proceedings is graciously acknowledged and accepted by us all. Revealing this network physically and on a global scale is the main object of first contact. This set-up is designed to support fully conscious Beings. The lay-lines found all over your planet are the remnants of this full consciousness grid, through which Mother Earth still cycles her life energies. This system extends throughout physicality and even into Heaven. Not only are you about to be reconnected to this grid, but you are to add your special wisdom and knowledge of physicality to the mix! What wonders are then to ensue!

      Today, we have talked about what is happening on your world and how it affects you. These joint endeavors are truly what first contact is all about and can quickly and safely help you to complete the metamorphosis into fully conscious Beings of Light. This transformation of your reality is creating the high stress and the 'strangeness' in the world around you. This chaos is now ready to pass away and allow your much needed new day to dawn! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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