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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
6 Akbal, 11 Tzotz, 13 Eb      10/5/04

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you. As your world begins to change its present reality, Mother Earth needs from time to time to relieve the immense pressures that your slow shift in consciousness is creating within her. Bear in mind that your planet is a complex living organism.   Like you, she needs to evolve her internal and external structures. Her various life processes must now change the way they function.   As a result, she needs to release some high stress points from just below her surface areas, which is why earthquakes and other related seismic activities have greatly increased in the last two decades.   The frequency of seabed and land volcanism, for example, is up significantly in the past half decade.   Fault movement and the creation of new fault zones are also on the rise.   All this increases the potential for a large earthquake or a major volcanic eruption.   We tell you this to let you know that many dramatic events may happen in the coming months.

      Our Earth scientists and geologists are most interested in these changes; Mother Earth is returning to her original configuration.   She is designed to be a monopolar planet with a locked, unified surface, featuring a slightly higher ratio of land to water mass.   In order to regain her pristine contours, the two 'lost continents' of Lemuria, in the Pacific, and Atlantis, in the Atlantic Ocean, will resurface.   Furthermore, much of your sunken continental shelf will reappear.   Another vital aspect of this is the re-creation in your atmosphere of the twin firmaments, which will be drawn from the water of the oceans, thus greatly lowering the ocean levels.   The creation of vast inland seas in Lemuria, Europe, the Americas, and Atlantis will further reduce ocean levels.   Mother Earth will still be recognizable to you, but from near-Earth orbit she will appear quite different.  To begin with, her polar ice caps will be missing; furthermore, the land bridges uniting Atlantis with the Americas will again be visible.

      These striking changes in the surface areas will be further enhanced by the reconnection to inner Earth. The extensive tunnel and natural cavern system that once united your planet's two eco-systems will again be opened up.   This reunion will necessitate your becoming reacquainted with the hierarchy of Devas that manages these highly complex life systems.   Each classification of Deva is assigned to a certain species of plant or animal life.   These spiritual Beings need your help in bringing these now-differentiated eco-systems together.   This work requires that you be fully conscious and able to understand the rituals and activities needed.   As with you, Mother Earth's spiritual bodies are reintegrating with her physical one.   This process will produce the two firmaments and allow her former surface features to reappear.   Moreover, her crystalline core will brighten, thus increasing your color spectrum from the current seven, to eleven main hues.   This will come about through the merging into your reality of those principles now hidden by your mind's limited perceptions.

      Color, Light, and sound are vibratory in nature and interconnected. They predicate how your physical and spiritual bodies operate and communicate with each other.   You are, in essence, a resonant Light Body, formed by the union of Light and Time.   Time is a magnificent, divine power produced by the Creator to permit sentient Light to form physical Creation.   This is carried out by Light within the decrees set forth by the divine plan.   Sentient Light therefore brought forth 'space' and, within it, forged physicality.   The experiences to be garnered from this creation were set in motion by the divine plan, which stated that sentient Light was to merge with this creation and produce many unique things.  This led to your inclusion in physicality.  Your mission is to experience it and to draw wisdom from its near-infinite range of realities.   This you did, dear Ones.  The reality in which you now reside is starting to shift, as decreed by the divine plan, and the moment for accepting these myriad, momentous changes is fast approaching.

      The divine plan set forth the inevitability of the coming changes in Mother Earth and in you. These changes are to move both your reality and you into a state of full consciousness.   In this state, you can complete the tasks outlined above: to assist your world in its metamorphosis.  These changes shape not only a new reality, but also launch you in your new role of altering physicality.  This project has been underway for eons.   Now, the point has been reached where the fruits of this labor can manifest.  Your job is to finish what Heaven started. Physicality has long been a place where Light and the dark clashed.  This dire struggle is ending.  The fateful decrees of the dark galactic lord Anchara began this prophesied last stage.  Your move into a Light-formed reality is now necessary. Your planetary Hierarchy has therefore advocated this change; it called in many hosts of Heaven and asked for the assistance of the Galactic Federation of Light.

      Our activities and our blessings ensure your success.  They are intended to create a finely balanced springboard to your glorious future. The divine plan has prepared, what to us seems, a most dramatic scenario.  You have been waiting anxiously as your many special efforts appeared to bring you either unwanted results, or none at all.  But then suddenly, a seeming miracle happens that brings great relief and, in fact, delivers more than was expected! This methodology is being used to demonstrate to you the wonders of Heaven and the power of heavenly intention.  We are watching as this approaches you, and this message is to prepare you for it.  We want you to know that you have just embarked upon a journey of truly astounding proportions, and the whole of this amazing trek is to be filled with such sudden outcomes.

      As you bear this in mind, notice how Heaven works her miracles during this magical time.  It seems as though, for ages, nothing happens; and then, out of the blue, Heaven strikes.  And this strike transforms the landscape in every direction!   Heaven wishes you to understand that this is very much a time of miracles and wonders. The timing of each occurrence is known through the divine plan. When the Creator so decrees, amazing things will burst forth. The imminent future is one for such adventures. Your role at this time is to be prepared and to contribute what seems most needed. Heaven will arrange the events and supply you with divine answers when necessary. Until then, remain focused on your victory. Heaven will not let you down. After all, you are here for a heavenly purpose, as set forth in the divine plan!

      As we observe your world, we notice how your global society is crying out for this great transformative event. We also see that many individuals, groups, and indeed governments are working together as never before. This collective action is beginning to bear its unique fruit. The key is for you to remain in a state of balanced and joyful anticipation of your inevitable victory. We cannot overstate this requirement. It is the solution to everything. Around you, a reality is transforming in its own unique way. The darkness that you presently see in your world is changing. Mother Earth is also rapidly altering herself and moving into a new paradigm. These critical core perceptions form part of your own transformations. They are swiftly integrating with your inner consciousness and will soon burst into flower, giving you a fresh outlook on this reality.

      Today, we have looked anew at your world and given you a briefing on how she is changing. It is vital for you to stay calm and centered. Be ever ready to do what you feel is necessary for this inevitable success. Remember, Together, We are truly Victorious! This statement is as timely today as when we first declared it to you. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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