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  Forgiveness, Disease, Kids

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Johannesburg : 10 January 2004

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of new life, of new understanding, of wisdom and of new vision.  Greetings, beloved ones.

 It is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we gather with you upon this day, as we hold each one of you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, before Lady Guinevere comes to deliver her message, I shall speak to you.  There are various topics that we wish to cover upon this day.  We would like to begin with wishing all of you much joy and deep insight for this new year that lies before you.  May all of you come to find that which your heart seeks, and may you always be at peace with your individual truth. whatever it may be. 

We spoke upon the 12th of the 12th about the year of 2004 being one of deep change in the sense of developing your psychic self.  Psyche is another word for soul.  Therefore your psychic self is simply your soul speaking through you in more conscious ways than what you are usually accustomed to.  Therefore 2004 is the year of awakening to the voice of your soul.  The third eye is the chakra that is most affected by this year's energy, and so your insight will become clearer and your relationship to God will take on new meaning. 

Through the various levels of consciousness one experiences new experiences.  These opportunities of experience allow each soul to grow and develop.  This is known as the initiation through the seven cosmic planes.  Within each of the seven planes are another seven, and within those seven are another seven, and this continues ad infinitum.  The process of attaining wisdom, of development, of growth, never ceases.  Everything is in a constant process of change and growth. 

Now, for you to benefit the most from the energy that is offered in this year, there are very clear aspects of self which need to be addressed.  Forgiveness is a great one for this year.  Forgiveness is necessary in order for any soul to move forward.  The lack of forgiveness presses the 'pause button' on one's life, and one finds oneself stagnating, experiencing static energy, not moving forward and unable to go backward.  This is why it is known as 'for-giveness', for in order to move forward you must forgive. 

Forgiveness may not necessarily be to those in your outer world.  It may simply be a process of forgiving yourself for whatever it is you believe you have done wrong or not done at all.  Very often, standing behind forgiveness or the lack of forgiveness rather is guilt.  Guilt is also one of the number one emotions that causes a person to become paralysed with fear.  And when one is paralysed with fear, one feels angry, frustrated, inhibited, debilitated; you are too guilty to move forward. 

So beloved ones, look into your hearts, listen to your mind, observe how your body feels, and begin to consciously acknowledge what is debilitating you, what is preventing you from fully hearing your soul - in other words, developing your psychic abilities.  When one asks, "I want to develop my psychic abilities.  How do I do this?"  Remember it is done by clearing the way for the voice of the soul to be heard, because your psychic ability is your soul's ability to communicate to you and through you. 

Intuition is part of the soul's language.  It is the inner tutor that shows you the way, that guides you to discover and decipher your individual, personal truth.  You will all find, in some manner or another in the year that lies before you, that you will have to determine what your personal truth is regardless of what others in your environment feel or do not feel regarding your truth.  For eons, humanity has moved through cycles of evolution, bringing opportunities of growth and understanding, and one of the lessons that has always been difficult to learn is the one of accepting self, of accepting the individual truth that is the individual. 

You all need to remember that Spirit animates you.  Your ego is not your governor!  It has managed to control a large part of your life, but as you make friends with your soul - with your psychic self - you will find that you begin to manage your life in a way that supports you and resonates with you. 

Many of you are aware of the fact that the emotional and mental state of being is the core cause of disease.  Many people have asked me "How is it that the world appears to be becoming even more consumed by disease?"  The reason for this is because humanity has become even more consumed by their fear.  People have forgotten their passion for life.  They have forgotten what it is like to be motivated by love.  And if you observe the history of your world, you will see that the story shows cycles of disillusionment and cycles of immense growth.  Neither of them, however, can come close to the cycle of growth that stands before your world at this particular time. 

In order for disease to be overcome, the mind and heart need to be supported.  You as an individual must embrace yourself, forgive yourself and whomever else needs forgiving.  Release your guilt through forgiveness; set yourself free to truly live this life.  Life has been given as a gift.  We will not argue that many have come to learn very important and sometimes very harsh lessons in this incarnation, but a lesson is something that must be learnt, wisdom applied and then move on. 

However, what happens is that people remain trapped in the lesson for many different reasons because they are unable to see the wood for the trees, and remain in the forest, never seeing what is beyond that part of their world, coming to believe that they are doomed to remained trapped in the illusion.  The Lords and Masters of Light offer all of you the support and the blessings to move out of your forest this year.  Some of you may want to be lumberjacks and chop the trees down, others of you will want to migrate to far beyond your forest and perhaps even to other countries -- a great adventure this will be.  Remember you do not have to remain trapped.  You are free to move.  Recognise your lesson, take the wisdom and the gift from your lesson, and get on with it.  There is so much life to be experienced.  Do not waste it on the yesterday.  Do not lose it by focusing on what tomorrow may or may not bring.  Use it now.  For if you do not use it, you will lose it. 

Children are also a major theme for this year, and Lady Guinevere wishes to speak of this specifically, so I will step back for now, giving the floor to Lady Guinevere to bring her message.  I will, however, continue with you afterwards.  Adonai for now. 

I am Guinevere, Lady of Camelot.  Greetings.  As I come to stand in the presence of light with all of you, I wish to bring blessings of lightness and of truth to all of you for your new year.  I wish to also to remind all of you that Camelot is once more upon your doorstep, and as I have promised previously, I will bring the teachings in order to support all of you to live by your truth and to always know that your truth is the most important aspect of the journey along your path.

Your world is expanding at a rapid rate.  More and more souls are coming in to experience Earth life.  However, it is of great concern to myself and to all of us who are guardians of the children of your world that we are observing an increase in the abuse that is taking place with children in your world, and I come forward upon this day as an ambassador, a representative, to ask all of you to open your consciousness to the plight of these children. 

You may not be in a position to change their reality physically, but through your consciousness, through certain actions that you can take, you can make a difference in these children's lives.  These children are your future.  In order for the Golden Age to fully be present the world needs to be healed of the dense darkness that envelops so many people. 

The abusers are not condemned; they need to be re-educated.  They need to be shown a different way.  They need healing.  Most of them were abused themselves.  How many of you have found in your own role as a parent difficulty dealing with your child's mood swings or tantrums, and sometimes parts of your own self want to rage at or react to your child, sometimes even violently? Not many parents will admit that they have felt like this at some stage in their role as a parent because they feel guilty about having felt violent inclinations toward their child, or having screamed at the child when in truth that child did not deserve scolding, and all he or she needed instead was some comfort. 

But because your parents did not know how to deal with your mood swings, with your anger and with your pain, they could not teach you how to deal with it yourself.  Your grandparents did not know how to deal with your parents as children, and so, beloved ones, the tools of tolerance have not been passed on.  How do we know this? Because your inner child is still searching for that comfort; is still in need of more understanding. 

You as adults have the ability in your own way to make a difference.  And we ask you to search your heart, to search your creative mind to find way to assist these children by bringing awareness to the communities that you are a part of, by bringing awareness to the world that pain and fear, condemnation and rejection will not heal or solve the problem; it will most certainly feed it, and it will grow. 

South Africa experiences most of the child abuse cases in the world that are recorded.  This is because, generally, the people that inhabit your country are of a lower education and have certain superstitions by which they live that also contribute to their taking certain abusive actions, and this is why we say to you - you all have the means to change people's perceptions regarding children and their behaviour.  If you know of a child that has been in an abusive situation, support that child by giving him or her love, support, trust.  The reason I suggest this is because you are then able to show this particular child a different way.  So it is not only the perpetrator that needs support; it is also the victim, so that the victim does not one day become the perpetrator, and because that is the cycle of the past and that is what is resulting in what your country and your world faces at this time. 

Children are sacred beings.  They are born, as you all were, with innocence, with purity, trusting, divine beings.  The world around these children has changed much of what is inside of them.  If you truly want to make the world that you live in a better place then you have to work on healing your self, your inner child, and you need to look at the plight of the children who are on your planet already who need protection.  Many people, when they hear what is being done to children, feel awful for a while - perhaps even a day or two, and then it is pushed again into the back of their minds because they have their own lives to get on with, and this is completely understandable.  This is certainly no judgment from our part.  All we are asking now is for you to take action in one way or another, no matter how great or small.  All we ask for is some action. 

There is always strength in numbers, whether it be a physical coming together of groups who bring about change or whether it be a coming together of consciousness on an energy level matters not, because it all makes a difference, and the children need this. 

More and more children are being born every day.  We call them the new children, because their systems of energy are very different to what yours was when you were an infant.  They are far more in touch with their psychic selves - in other words their soul, and they are very sensitive.  Every child born, including you, had a sheath of energy that enveloped your whole body.  This sheath was a protection, a blanket of light that stored valuable information for your future.  When abuse takes place that blanket or sheath becomes weak and eventually it is shattered, and this is where more dysfunctional people are then born, and society has even greater difficulty dealing with more and more dysfunctional families and individuals filling up your world. 

In truth, every person has a dysfunction, but it is not a weakness, because this is a valuable tool to show you what your greatest strength is.  If any of you as an adult was abused as a child, you can take your knowledge, the wisdom that you will have gained from the experience, and you can help make a difference.  Many people have also asked if these souls have chosen the abuse.  Let me state quite firmly that no soul chooses to be violently raped or violently beaten.  It is not a soul's choice.  This has come in and manifested through the darkness that envelopes your world, that you are all working so consciously and adamantly at lifting.  Much new light is filtering into your world, this is the cause for so much of the abuse that is taking place being exposed.  The more you know, the more equipped  you are to make a difference. 

Every single one of you present in this room today has experienced some form of abuse as a child.  The abuse does not necessarily have to be violent beatings or rape.  For some it was an emotional abuse, perhaps a teacher breaking down your self-worth or your self-esteem. Or perhaps you were exposed to a bully at school, or you found that in your position in your family you felt less than your siblings or less than relatives; all of this is a form of abuse that the child has experienced, and this is what needs to be healed in your own being.  The state of each adult's inner child is a reflection of the abuse taking place in your physical world.  Do what you can to make people more consciously aware of the need to make a difference in the world for children, because you are making a difference for your world in the future.  These children will one day determine the world that you live in because they are your future leaders, your future doctors, scientists, your legal system, and your defense system.  So know that as you help and support these ones, so you are creating a new world for yourself, too. 

Are there any questions I can answer? 

Q:     I've been abused as a child emotionally, resulting in a breakdown of my personality.  How can I grow?  How can I release this?  I have been trying my best and I don't seem to be getting anywhere. 

G:     There is always an end to a pattern.  All that needs to be done is to find the proper tool and utilise that.  Perhaps it would be a good idea for you, beloved sister, to choose one specific aspect of yourself you would like to work with.  For example, dealing with your anger related to the abuse, or fear of allowing anyone into your space as a result of your abuse.  Choose one of those specifically and work with it.  Concentrate and focus on that.  You will find that as you work with, for instance, the anger, many of the contributing factors to the anger will be revealed to you.  It is always important to work with someone when trying to heal oneself.  Writing is a very therapeutic exercise.  Kuthumi always suggests that one write what one is feeling. Writing letters to your abuser from your inner child is also a very therapeutic and cathartic experience.  I strongly suggest that you choose one aspect and work with a trusted friend or therapist who can support you through the process, because it can end.  Remember it is only a pattern, a programme that was instilled at the age you were experiencing the abuse, and you as an adult now have the inner strength and the wisdom to change it.  Blessings be with you. 

If any of you are unable to become involved in healing children or changing the abusive situations that they are exposed to, work at least with yourself and the children who are in your environment - your own children or grandchildren or friends' children.  By holding an energy in this manner you begin to develop a network of light that grows with strength as more and more support is channeled into its, and eventually the network becomes so strong that the perpetrators eventually are able to break down their own systems of defense that were built during their years of abuse, and they will confess and they will seek help.  You can also, in your meditation time, visualise the great big grid of light enveloping the consciousness of all children who are experiencing abuse and ask their angels of healing, their protector angels, to support them in speaking the truth to expose their situation and to find healing and peace and protection. 

I will repeat that as you heal your inner child, so you are supporting the physical children of your world.  Your inner child is the consciousness of your early years of life - those first seven years that you were on this planet.  Everything that you experienced during those first seven years has created  the theme for everything that you have experienced up until this day, and everything that you will experience from this day forward.  This is why Kuthumi's message of deciphering and discovering your own truth is of such importance, because you are changing programmes adopted in those first seven years that are not your truth. 

So by forgiving yourself and anyone else for betraying you or doing something wrong, you let go of a programme that your inner child's memory, or your childhood memory, ingrained in your conscious mind and in your consciousness that impacted on every experience from that day forward.  So if you have difficulty imagining yourself having a little child living inside of you that you need to heal and communicate with, simply see it in the manner of being your childhood memories that are influencing your adult experience.  And this, beloved ones, is a scientific fact. 

I am Guinevere, Lady of Camelot and l bid you farewell. 

I am Kuthumi and I return at this time to continue with our teachings upon this day. 

Beloved ones, the message that Lady Guinevere has brought to you at this time is one of great importance, of which you will have felt through the energy that she has emitted.  Let me also tell you that you as individuals and as adult people need as much love, attention and nurturing as the children do.  The world that is a part of you at this particular time is offering that energy.  Mother Mary will hold the consciousness of the children as well as the consciousness of your inner child for the duration of this year to support all of you in shifting those levels of consciousness that no longer support you. 

Lady Guinevere made a comment that patterns can always be ended because it is simply that - a pattern, and patterns always change.  So see this year as a great blessing for you to change the pattern.  Perhaps some of you may find that you change your home's décor because you want new patterns!  Allow the creative force to always be a part of the healing balm of life. 

Are there any questions that I can assist anyone with? 

Q:     In my line of work, thoughts, ideas, and answers to questions often come to me most  unexpectedly.  Can I believe this information is coming to me as intuition and that I am being guided by a higher source - because I would like to think that I am? 

K:     Beloved one, if your intention is one of purity, of accessing the higher realms of light while working with your clients, then rest assured that that which you are tapping into its most certainly the consciousness speaking with you.  Any person in a position of healing or counseling or working with people period, open their energy to read what their client is experiencing.  Therefore it is very important for you to learn not to question what you are receiving intuitively, but to share it - whether it makes sense to you or not.  You will find in many instances that when this information is shared, the person whom you are sharing it with resonates with it - if not immediately, they will connect with it in the not-too-distant future. Sometimes information is given in the form of symbolism and may not be literal in the understanding.  Please also mention this to your clients.  So, rest in the knowledge that your intuition is at work and your soul - your psychic self - is guiding you.  

Q:         (inaudible) 

K:     You do have healing powers.  Everybody has the ability to heal.  Let us tell you this, beloved one, with regards to what Lady Guinevere has already shared with you.  We would suggest that you follow her suggestion and through that you will develop more spiritually, because through the understanding of one's own inner pain and trauma - through the process of forgiveness, so deeper spiritual awareness is automatically a part of the blessings that come into the healing process.  As you learn to forgive, to release the guilt, to come into alignment with your authentic self, so you as a soul and as an individual personality in a physical human body grows, gains wisdom, and through your healing process you can assist others in healing similar wounds in themselves.  That is why it is important to remember that no matter how colourful your past was, there are always valuable tools that can help others.  Many people are wracked with guilt because of the things that have occurred in the past - either done to them or done by them.  You are wasting time wallowing in shame and guilt and anger.  Look at what life presented you and see how you can take the strength of that experience to make your world a better place, your personal life better, and through your growth and healing you can show others a different way. There are millions of people in your world who have experienced abuse in some or other way, some of them so debilitated by their pain that they cannot even see any  tunnel, let alone the light at the end of it.  It may just be that you are the messenger that God sends.  You might just be the answer to the person's prayer to help them find a new way.  Every single person vibrates to a specific frequency.  Certain groups vibrate to very different frequencies to others, and you can have two people in the same room who have experienced the same abuse yet vibrate to different frequencies and are unable to support one another; there is no chemistry, they do not "click".  You, however, may be the one that vibrates to the same frequency as one of those two people, and you can make a difference.  So don't you ever, or any one of you, see yourself as used goods, or rejects, or useless because of your past.  Your past experiences are valuable tools for your present and for your future. 

Beloved ones, know that each one of you has the capacity to make the difference that you have wanted to make for ages. Know that anything that is bogging you down at this particular time can and will change.  Every experience that you come into, positive or negative, will pass.  This is your opportunity to truly exercise your trust in yourself, to see what you are really made of.  Allow yourself to forgive, drop your cloaks of guilt, look at and acknowledge what your fears are, embrace them.  Through embracing them you can release them.  The more you deny your fears, the more you try to run away from them, the more they will chase you just like your shadow.  By releasing your fears you are able to release your anger, a limitation moves out of the way and abundance can truly come to be a part of your reality. 

One of the reasons why we are suggesting that you work with these particular aspects of yourself is because if you want to manifest a specific reality you need to be clear on all levels in order to do it.  Many people have spoken to me in great frustration with regard to positive affirmations and have said they have spent days, weeks, and months affirming the same positive affirmation over and over and over again yet still find themselves in the same position.  Yet others use positive affirmations and manifest miracles in their lives.  The reason for this is that you are all different.  For some, there is the process of the mind and heart not agreeing on what is to be manifested.  You can affirm a positive affirmations until the cows come home, and it will not manifest.  This is why you need to look at what is limiting you.  So give to yourself and forgive.  Guilt is only weighing you down.  Your fear and your anger are paralysing you. 

You will find the manifestation process does most certainly become easier as you consciously understand what sabotages you.  Do not look at other people's lives and measure your own progress based on their achievement.  Turn your eyes to yourself; look at what you can do, look at how far you have come, look at what you would have done and what you have achieved.  Stop comparing yourself to others.  Be who are, become who you are meant to be and live your life, not that of your sister or your brother, nor your mother or your father, nor your best friend, your husband or wife.  Live your life. 

May the light of God show you who you are.  May the truth of your soul shine light on the path before you.  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and take the first step in the direction of making the changes that will bring happiness, peace and harmony, love and abundance to your life.  By manifesting this, you are able to share it with everyone else.  The only way to lead, beloved ones, is by example.  Shine your light, live your life, walk your talk, live your truth, and through this you will make a difference in this world. 

I am Kuthumi, Ascended  Master of the 12 of the Plane of Light that holds your world at this time.  I bring love and wisdom and I offer this gift to each and every one here upon this day.  Adonai. 

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