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(through Aluna Joy)

A note from Aluna… In 1990 while in Palenque, Mexico, I was shown a energy that was coming to earth that would give us the ability to instantly manifest all our heart desires, what ever they may be.  (You can read the entire story posted at http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/2003jan.html  ) The Star Elders will never predict the future, as it is dis-empowering and the future in not written in stone as we have the ability to change it. With the urgency of this message from the Star Elders, I am drawing the conclusion that this energy I was shown is about to arrive in greater quantities than ever before.   I took me a couple to days before I would agree to write this for them.  I told them.. Hey buddies … this is a lot of  YOU do this, and YOU do that, but they showed me there are some out there that they have this message pegged for. You will know who you are. They already do.
Here is the message...

Why do you take so long to make up your minds?
When are you going to see yourself as we do?
You could be flying, but you choose to give yourself to lesser visions.
You wonder why you feel grounded, trapped, lost, alone.
You throw your hands to the sky and scream to God almighty … “WHY - WHY ME?”

You feel great anticipation for something you don't understand.
It is so close you can almost taste it … almost touch it…  almost see it…
The impatience is almost to much to bear.
You feel it pushing you, but you freeze before you take a simple step.
You feel stuck in the mud, trapped in quick sand,
abandoned by your empty life, job, relationship…
You forget your life is in your hands.
You forget you can fly.

We are puzzled why you feel the light and yet place your faith in darkness.
We wonder why you believe you are in charge of your destiny
yet continue to act like a victim,
why utopia comes second place to catastrophobia.
We wonder why you prepare for the fatalistic vision,  the prophesied Armageddon.
You prepare for the worst and hope for better.
And you wonder why life doesn't get better.

We wonder why you let your dreams die.
You dream to be free,  to fly into the glorious vision…
yet you let others tell you it is a fantasy, unrealistic, crazy…
You doubt the vision, and then you doubt yourself.
You hide the dream, you cage it up, instead of setting it free.
Why do you take so long to make up your minds?
When are you going to see yourself as we do?

You think the governments have more power than you.
You think those with more money, more education,
more things, have more power than you.
You believe the prophecies of quakes, famine, plaque.
You believe the future is set in stone … that your days are numbered…
that there is no hope but to endure or survive what is coming.
You imagine the ground is already shaking under your feet.
Why do you take so long to make up your minds?
When are you going to see yourself as we do?

We thought you knew your power!
You are reminded in so many ways that
you are the creator of your expression,  maker of your destiny, 
inventor of your world, architect of your reality…
yet you don't embrace this creative power.
The fact is that this creative power is all you are.
When are you going to make up your mind?
When are you going to see yourself as we do?
When are you going to quit looking down ?!

Flying is easy …
it is about taking the leap to and forgetting you don't know how to fly…
to simply to forget to fall….
Yet you keep looking down at the darkness
and the blind barbaric world you wish to leave behind.
And you wonder WHY you fall …
Wings loose power, crumple up and you drop like falling stars.
And in the darkness, there you are.
You scream … GOD I am here - GOD why don't you see me?
You forget when you focus on darkness,
you can't see that God is you!
It is a choice… not to see.
Why do you take so long to make up your minds?
When are you going to see yourself as we do?

Things are going to change …
CHANGE SO FAST … that it will be hard to hold on.
So don’t… Don't hold on.
Don't hold on to the past.
Don't hold on to what has been.
Don't hold on to the blindness.
Don't hold to those who still invest their energy
in the dark prophecies, in Armageddon fantasy.
Let go. … Forget to fall… and FLY
You can rise up out of the blinding darkness in a second.
It is your choice!

So… When are you going to make up your mind?
When are you going to see yourself as we do?
When are you going to love yourself as much as we do?
When are you going to believe the immaculate vision?
When are you going to remember that you are
the virgins birthing a new dream into reality!
It is your choice!

,¸¸,.»§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§« »§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§«·.,¸¸,.

KEYS OF ENOCH and PALENQUE and sacred sites of the MAYA

Also posted on our pilgrimage page at ... http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/palenquetour.html

Key 215:1 Key number fifteen tells the Children of Light to look at the ancient megalithic sites at Teotihuacan, PALENQUE , Tiahuanaco, the Tarim Basin, Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, and the Sea of Galilee to see the round numbers, the calculations of star mathematics which are part of the greater astrophysical geometry.

Key 215:37 The Head of the Dove contains the teachings coded during the evolutionary cycles of the earth, that give all knowledge relevant to the program of Light upon this planet in relationship to the star regions of the Brotherhood.
PALENQUE is the head of the DOVE!

Key 215:39 Within the area of the Dove there are smaller triangular grids of crystal that mark the sacred energy complexes that were actively used by the Brotherhood of Light. It is here that the remains of their technology upon the earth, during the cycle of Atlantis, can be found.   PALENQUE is the head of the DOVE!

Key 215:40 This sacred region, within the Head of the Dove, was well known as the region of Zarahemla, the home of the Brotherhood. This home connected the vast energy network of Chichen-Itza and PALENQUE, with Oaxaca, and the energy complex of Teotihuacan.

Key 215:41 The most sacred grid in this area is the triangle formed from PALENQUE to Cerro Rabon in the West and PALENQUE to Chichen-Itza in the East. Within this area there are smaller grids connecting Cerro Rabon-Tres Zapotes-PALENQUE as the inner mind of the Dove. It is at Cerro Rabon that the Treasures of Heaven are placed as the seal of authority upon crystal models located within the Head of the Dove.

Key 215:42 There the Treasures in the Heavens are attached to the Earth by the Order of Melchizedek and the Seal of Melchizedek seen as Nine Pyramids interlocking to form a Star of David, upon the Cross of Space and Time. These Treasures are distributed through these grids of "consciousness transplanting" that have selected settings on the earth platform, as "nestings" waiting for the development and ripening of the human world of consciousness.

Thanks to Lana for forwarding Keys of Enoch information to me : )

Interesting Palenque Trivia......
Also posted on our pilgrimage page.  http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/palenquetour.html

What does a royal Mayan tomb in Palenque Mexico have to do with space aliens?
In 1949, Mexican archaeologist Alberto Ruiz Lhullier discovered a staircase plunging into the heart of the pyramid supporting the Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque in Mexico's Chiapas state. After three years of excavating, he reached the burial chamber. It contained a 20-ton stone coffin with a wonderfully carved lid. Inside was the skeleton of a Mayan ruler, heaped with jade.

In 1968, Swiss author Erich von Däniken published his bestseller Chariots of the Gods , which claimed that space aliens had visited the Earth in the remote past and helped create human civilizations. One of his pieces of evidence was the Palenque coffin lid. Von Däniken thought it showed an ancient astronaut, reclining in a couch, blasting off in a spaceship.

Scholars began to get a handle on the meaning of Mayan hieroglyphics in the 1970s. They learned that the king buried in the pyramid was named Pacal , who reigned from A.D. 615 to 684.  Today, most Maya experts believe the coffin lid shows a mythological scene in which Pacal is shown falling into the Mayan underworld in expectation of rebirth.

,¸¸,.»§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§« »§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§«·.,¸¸,.

THE INCA TRANSCRIPTS  (Continued from previous issues)
Lectures given by Inca Spiritual Messenger  Willaru Huayta - Nazca, Peru    See Keth's Peru Photography Gallery for pics of these places.

During the Lemurian time there was no Mamacocha Lake. The lake was created later during the Earth cleansing at the end of the Lemurian civilization, when the four elements became active and washed the Earth. The Pacific Ocean came and covered up the valley, the Sacred Valley of the Incas. That was the first Sacred Valley of the Incas.

The Lemurian Incas who were living in the valley of Titicaca were becoming Gods and Goddesses. They were developing authentic powers and faculties and could dominate nature. They became a closed and secret group having special teachings, and a special, higher understanding, much like Macchupichu, which also existed during the same period.

It was very hard to become a part of their group at the end. Their city was an esoteric, enchanted city. Ordinary people could not get in, because cosmic law protected it, with electromagnet power. Strong lightning or much rain would come to chase the people away. Sometimes a kind of gas would come out and make people get nauseated.

The first Incas of Lemuria were also given the keys to make their own cosmic ships, which they made. That's why cosmic ships appear from time to time at Lake Titicaca, especially in the evenings. They are not very big, but are of a small or regular size. They have had the choice of going to live in other planets, like Mars or Venus, but they have not done this because they are very revolutionary. They are not chicken (Laughs to himself). They wanted to establish themselves here in the fourth dimension. When they liberate their consciousness, they are liberating a region, and they can transform the Third dimensional temples from the Fourth Dimension.

When they heal, they are also being healed. When they have more love, wherever they step, they are giving love. Wherever there is conscious happiness, the place becomes very magnetic, with universal magnetism or attraction. Also when their aura is enchanted, their bodies are protected, because they are Gods and Goddesses. Nobody can use black magic against them. Garbage can be sent, but they are protected.

Their cities or temples also have the same protection, even from nature. When they were flooded, the water became rocky mountain on top. They could order the elements of the mineral kingdom to transform, because they could dominate everything, including making the Earth shake when necessary. They worked with the four elements together. When the universal, diluvial floods came and the Sacred Valley of the Incas and their places were covered up, while other places would be destroyed by earth cleansings or cataclysms, the Incas were protected.

Inside Lake Titicaca there is a place like Sacsayhuaman, temples made by the Lemurians with very large stones. If you investigate in the physical plane, you will find that there. In the same form they have created a duplicate of this city in the Fourth Dimension. They were able to transform this city because they have been liberated from the 48 laws of the Third Dimension and operate with the 24 laws of the Fourth Dimension. Less egos are less laws.

They live in eternity there. This place has been serving later generations of Lemurians as a place of exodus, a place of last retreat for those people who really work spiritually, who need a place during an earth cleansing. The great masters gave those people a place in the Third dimensional world, and the last retreat was in the Fourth Dimension. This is also the last retreat for this fifth solar race. That lake is open and people come there.

They continued their inner work, the new civilization in the Golden Age, and that was the beginning of the Incan civilization again, also the Atlantean. The Lemurian also had twelve tribes. The first tribe of people built that temple, and then at the end of the first tribe, when the time came, their place was covered up. They were prepared for this to occur. This then occurred with then the second tribe, and the third.

At the end was the great continent of Mu, which was as large as the Pacific Ocean is now, and included part of what is now South America. The Lemuria civilization existed on many places on Earth, at the same time as the civilizations of South America at Lake Titicaca. That's a very long history and we will stick with the history of Lake Titicaca.

So a part of South America sank and there are large cities under the water.  You will find big bones of dinosaurs, and big monsters. This is proven, even in the Third dimensional world. Many cultures still have vague stories that there used to exist civilizations of giant people, what in Quetchua is called Hatun Guna, big people, or big foot people in North American tribes.

Times of earth cleansings and transitions are not easy, but each time cosmic law is adjusting more and more. Selected people gradually come. There have been many times when thousands were called and few were chosen. This classification or calling occurred during the times of Lemuria. It is also happening in this fifth solar race. It was the same at the end of the Atlantean civilization. In their retreats they worked for humanity and taught each other. They chose how much work they would do. This was a time of definition, to be or not to be.

After the earth cleansings and transitions, people who were to continue came out of the retreats, and were the seeds of the future solar races. On little grass boats, they came from the Islands of the Sun and the Moon on Lake Titicaca, and went to Puno, La Paz, Cusco, and many different locations. That was beginning of the new solar race, the children of the fourth Sun.

They came in selected groups, selected families, to serve humanity in the big cities and bring their message. They created new tribes, different races, or different languages. Their most important purpose was to work together for the light.  When the order came, they left the big cities and went to the first retreat. Then they kept working, becoming more selected and more secret. Then they got the calling to go to the second retreat, where they kept working more intensity with the three steps.   Finally they went to the last retreat.

The last retreat is the Islands of the Sun and the Moon. When it is time, an Inca comes from the fourth dimension to open the way for them to go to the fourth retreat, and they work with the avatars of the age. They are the ones who open the dimensional door for all those selected people to go inside Lake Titicaca, when the exodus was necessary.   It doesn't happen only in a certain culture.  That salvation happens all over the planet Earth.   All over the planet Earth there are also golden cities with golden entrances.   See Keth's Peru Photography Gallery

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September 2004 - PERU ~ MACHU PICCHU with Aluna Joy and Willaru Huyata
Check web site for details. http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/incatour.html

Call 928-282-6292 for an appointment http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/sessions.html
WHO ARE THE STAR ELDERS http://www.starelders.com/

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