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I received this info from a Light associate please read with a knowing here is the website to see this info, blessings gillian    http://worldvisionportal.org/wvpforum/viewtopic.php?p=467#467
other sites about issues addressed below
http://yleeone.tripod.com/Haarp.htm (about HARRP)
www.haarp.alaska.edu/  (HARRP INFO)
 http://www.rense.com/ufo5/gwen.htm (about GWEN)
http://www.sonic.net/~kryptox/press/y2k/gwen-yu.htm (GWEN info)

Hurricane Charley and Scalar Electromagnetics

First, a brief background regarding Scalar Electromagnetics and how they effect weather and the human mind.

The key discovery made by Tesla in the late 1800’s was that the earth itself reverberated with a pulsing electrical current in the low ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) range. Tesla had also discovered the exact frequency at which the earth normally pulsates. These natural waves are created as a result of electrical activity in the atmosphere. Collectively, these waves are called The Schumann Resonance. These are quasi-standing [SCALAR] ELF waves that naturally exist in the earth's electromagnetic cavity, the space between the ground and the Ionosphere.

By causing many towers [HAARP, GWEN, etc.] to pulse with the exact ELF frequency of the normal earth pulsation, scientists have learned how to not only create, but also how to maneuver and direct storms. Tesla’s discovery can duplicate almost every single phenomena of nature, from cyclones to tornados; and now, with Solar Power Satellites used in conjunction with land based towers, weather Control is just that simple.

GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) transmitter towers bathe the entire U.S. in an artificial magnetic field which can rise from the ground to 500 ft, but also goes down into the ground as deep as a normal basement. Everyone can be affected and mind-controlled. This entire artificial ground wave spreads out over North America like a spider’s web.

The natural earth ELF waves are identical to the frequency spectrum of our human brainwaves
, and it has been proven that the use of an ELF bombardment - at the same frequency as the human brain - can change a person's thoughts or emotions. In the early 1960’s, Dr Andrija Puharich discovered various mental effects of ELF, specifically that 7.83 Hz (the earth's pulse rate) made a person feel good, producing an altered-state; that 10.80 Hz caused riotous behavior; and that 6.6 Hz caused depression. It has since been discovered that 10 Hz puts people into a hypnotic state.

In speaking with everyone I can who survived the direct path of Hurricane Charley, I have begun to see a definite pattern in their stories. At first, it appeared that this was the effect of rapid barometric pressure changes that accompany powerful hurricanes. But people were not just describing the pressure they felt in their ears or the other physical signs of rapid pressure changes. Rather, they were describing extreme mental and mood changes they could not control.

About an hour before the center of Hurricane Charley passed over, survivors have described how they became very tired, depressed, and lethargic. While an approaching hurricane would depress just about anyone anticipating its arrival, the depression every survivor has described was not the anxiety depression such anticipation would typically invoke. This was an overall mental and physical depression that even affected them with general body aches and a widespread feeling of non-wellbeing. Almost all said it was as if they were drugged with a pain killer, but without the “goofy” side effects. They could do the things they needed to do, such as get mattresses into their bathrooms to huddle under, but their thinking seemed “surreal.”

When the eye passed over, they described feeling “numbed,” both mentally and physically. While a few took a look outside to see if it was all over, most said they just didn’t have a thought to do anything other than sleep and not move an inch from where they were.

When the backside of Charley came, the same numbness as in the beginning again overwhelmed them. But what is most interesting is what they all described after Charley had finished its fury, from 1 to 3 hours later. Stupor, hypnotized, trance, under a spell, and zombie were the most common descriptions. Even though they were aware that the hurricane had passed, they were mentally not able to do anything. Some knew it was all over, but they just wanted to sleep. Nearly all just stayed put and didn’t bother to check their own surroundings. Nothing made sense, it was hard to get words spoken past a mental thought, and there was no fear or care about anything.

Personally, Charley was the third hurricane direct hit I have lived through, yet I never felt the same symptoms with the first two as I did with Charley. I experienced the same as all those who survived this hurricane with me. We all felt the exact same way before, during, and after, and we all agree that it was very odd the way we felt mentally and physically for those few hours. More so, those of us who have lived through previous hurricanes all agree that we never felt like this during our previous experiences. Our experience with Hurricane Charley was unique and different.

If ELF Scalar Electromagnetic frequencies were used, this would account for what I have described above. But more than that, if such Scalar EM was present, then this may also account for the rapid change in Hurricane Charley’s direction. Scalar mind and weather manipulation are accomplished in the same ELF range, and that is not just an unproven theory: It is a proven scientific fact.

When Charley was approaching Jamaica, the oddest thing took place. It was following a direct line path through the center of Jamaica, but suddenly it made a perfect arched curve to the south, and ended up back on its original course after it had swung around the island. That was just as odd as the sudden right-hand turn it made into Charlotte Harbor. There’s no doubt that since hurricane paths have been recorded over the past 200 years, no hurricane ever acted like Charley did or had ever followed such an erratic path. This was one of the biggest reasons Tampa was the predicted landfall area.

There are lots of unanswered questions about Charley, but one strong possibility is that it was manipulated using ELF Scalar methods. The symptoms we all experienced and the erratic behavior of Charley itself seem to lend credibility to this likelihood. For those like Tom Bearden and others who have far greater knowledge about Scalar, GWEN, HAARP, and ELF, I invite your comments. All of us would like some answers. Michael Edward
I'd also suggest asking/visualizing a counter wave of harmony/love, as well as creating electronic "gremlins" in the HAARP, GWEN and satellite systems.  It couldn't hurt!  :-)   from Hank SRT Teacher in Colorado
Ask the Universe to Bless all of your choices
Then chose with peace in your heart.

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As most of us have just come to a point of healing from Hurricane charley it is time to address this new energy in the name of Frances. usually I just allow the storms to be what they are and have not interfered for years. we have honored the universes decree to allow nature to be natural. and that has worked for many years 11 to be exact.
as hurricane charley approached I could not feel him. He did not feel a danger or a problem even as we were going thru the storm with trees falling on the roof I did not interfere energetically and only sent love to charley this in itself seemed to make him howl even louder.
I have talked to several spiritual people who feel the same. that on  some level we are/were being blocked via some natural or unnatural means to be able to receive correct information using all of our sensors. 
after Charley when my sensors had readjusted themselves I mourned for days and was angry at myself for not sensing the storms patterns, yes mercury is retro and yes we have all been bass-ackwards for several weeks now but every cell in my body is saying it is time to address this hurricane Frances energy NOW! whether or not I can feel it in my body as a pending danger is obsolete at this time.
florida has some of the most powerful and beautiful lightworker energies I have ever experienced and it is time for us to band together into and onto a wave length that is above and beyond any and all interference on any level.
as we move into our creational maturity vibration do we take the energetic bull by the horns or just sit by and watch it run over us? I am not saying to send Hurricane Frances to any one else, lord no don't do that..... what I am saying is to  gather all of the healing light and love within you and send it from your heart right into the EYE (I AM) of the storm. Holding it with laser precision until it screams uncle and dissipates into the ocean away from any harm on land. this is not to be done out of fear but from a place of empowerment.
it does not matter if this storm is natural or man induced what matters is that we stop playing victim to anything outside of ourselves and start believing 100% in our divine abilities. Either we do or we don't believe we can't have it both ways.
if you are not moved on any level to assist with this storm please just send love. thanks for your time, light and energy, blessings Gillian MacBeth-Louthan /the Quantum Awakening
Ask the Universe to Bless all of your choices
Then chose with peace in your heart.
Spiritual Tools for Accelerated Transformation

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