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   Message from the Star Elders  (below)
The Empowering Aspects of Gratitude
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

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This week we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America. This is a very special time when we turn our attention to the myriad things for which we are grateful.  We invite Lightworkers all over the world to join us in this holy endeavor. As we join our hearts together in the empowering embrace of Gratitude, we will be lifted into frequencies of Light and Harmony that will assist each of us to fulfill our Divine Plans during this critical moment on Earth.

A grateful heart is a radiating forcefield of Light that generously adds to the Light of the world. When we FEEL Gratitude, we emit harmoniously-qualified energy that permeates our bodies and blesses all of the people around us. No matter how difficult our life experiences may be, everyone can find something for which to be grateful. Expressing Gratitude for the gifts of the Elemental Kingdom: water, air, sunshine and the blessings of the earth, raises our vibratory rate and opens our hearts to the Abundance of God.

Expressing the Divine Quality of Gratitude is actually therapeutic.  It helps us to raise and sustain a higher vibratory action within our own consciousness. A grateful heart creates a happy mind, a healthy body and adds to the Light of the world. If we will each take a moment to listen to our hearts, we will hear the still small voice within. Then we will know our blessings are truly manifold. Nothing is more empowering than observing and acknowledging the things in our lives for which we are grateful.

Taking our blessings for granted delays our forward progress and blocks our Ascension in the Light.  The various gifts of life we receive daily are essential for our well-being. They are sustained and empowered by our conscious expressions and feelings of Gratitude. Gratitude for the small blessings in our daily lives builds a momentum, which will give us a wider perspective with regard to the innumerable gifts given for our personal benefit. These gifts constantly bless us from On High.

Prayers of Gratitude just for Being should be a perpetual part of our daily heart expressions.  By joining together in heartfelt Gratitude, we will create an aura of Light around this sweet Earth that will transform her from a shadow planet into Freedomís Holy Star.

Our unified forcefield of Gratitude will empower each of us to fulfill the missions we have come to Earth to accomplish at this time. It will also empower us with the trust and confidence we need to take the next step. We are NOW being called to our next level of service.

It seems that everyday we are being flooded with fear-based information that reflects the dire possibility of potential dangers.  It is very easy to become so overwhelmed with concern that we just wring our hands and muddle through our days in a state of anxiety and desperation.

The majority of people feel helpless when it comes to changing their lives or making a significant difference in the world.  Everyone wants things to get better, but most people truly donít believe they can effectively assist in the process. Well, fortunately, nothing could be further from the Truth.  We are ALL cocreators. We are on Earth during this unprecedented time for the explicit purpose of uniting with our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven to cocreate the wonders of Heaven on Earth.

Whether we consciously remember it or not, each and every one of us has been preparing for a very long time to assist in this mission. We all have unique skills and abilities that no one else on the planet possesses in exactly the same way we do. We have volunteered to assist in helping to change the old, obsolete behavior patterns that are responsible for the pain and suffering Humanity is enduring. This is being brought to our attention by our God Selves because the time for us to begin fulfilling our Divine Missions is NOW!

Traumatic experiences cause us to regroup and to reevaluate how we are living our lives.  It seems we have fallen into the pattern of using pain as our motivator. As long as we are not in pain, we will just plod along, day after day, without much thought of changing our life situations. We halfheartedly go through the motions of doing what we need to do to survive. We go to our jobs to make money to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. We take care of our familiesí physical needs, and with the little bit of time that is left, we try to take care of ourselves.

When tragedy happens, however, we are forced to put our lives into perspective.  We stop for a moment and focus on what really matters to us.
If we use the tragic events to change our mode of operation and to put more meaning in our lives, then something good will come out of even the most horrific of experiences.

The tragic events of September 11, 2001, transformed our lives forever.  We have a choice as to whether we allow catastrophes of that nature to catapult us into lives of fear and dread or whether we use those experiences to motivate us into creating lives of fulfillment and joy. We have the ability to do both of those things; the path we choose is up to us.

The only reason we havenít been co-creating lives of joy, happiness, prosperity, loving relationships, financially and creatively rewarding jobs, vibrant health, fulfillment, enlightenment and every other positive experience is because we have forgotten that we can.

Not only can we create the lives we dream of; this is our purpose and reason for being.  We are Children of God, and we have been invested with the gift of free will. Our thoughts and feelings are creative. Whatever we focus our thoughts, words, actions and feelings on, we bring into physical form. It is time for us to remember this Divine Truth and for us to consciously choose to create the lives we want instead of inadvertently manifesting, through our fears, the experiences we donít want.

It is time for us to reclaim our Divine Birthrights and to fulfill our Divine Potentials
.   As we take charge of our lives, we will be effective examples for our loved ones and friends. We will be positive catalysts, and the results of our efforts will be exponential. We are all One, and the Universal Law is ďAs I Am lifted up, ALL Life is lifted up with me.Ē
We can each make a difference.  As we change our lives, we will change the direction for Humanity and for all life evolving on this planet. Never underestimate yourself. Experience with open-heart Gratitude the opportunities that are being presented to you during this unprecedented time on Earth. Together, we will change the course of history.

In loving Gratitude, know that this is the moment for which you have been preparing for aeons of time.  The Company of Heaven is standing in readiness to assist you in your Divine Mission. GO FOR IT!

©2004 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of this information is to encourage, empower, uplift and inspire all of us by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but extremely challenging times.

This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium, as long as the proper credit line is included.
Message from the Star Elders
A very profound message from our Star Elders that may explain many of the things that are going on with you. Even more important to stay focused and dedicated to our mission.   Love & Blessings,    Suzy Star
"For over 20 years the Star Elders have shared various visions," writes Aluna Joy Yak'in. "These visions were based in the past, present day, and our future. Over the last few weeks another vision came and though it didn't seem to have any relation to the others, a series of visions lit up like a string of lights.
 In Mexico many years back, I woke up with the story of why the Maya and other South American civilizations were conquered so easily. I was told why Columbus, Montago, Pissaro, Cortez and all the other conquerors were able to take down entire empires with so few men, horses and weapons. Let's face it, how many men and horses could they cram on one of those little ships anyway and not to mention that they were in weakened states of health when they arrived.
 We know what the history books say, but this is what the Star Elders share about this time and what it means to us today. "In time and space there are time openings - sort of time rips, or time viruses. Sometimes Earth passes through one, or a series of these openings. When we enter into one of these rare places it is possible for lower dimensions to enter higher ones without doing the necessary preparation or spiritual work. When this happens it imposes a lower nature on to a higher dimension. In order to balance the situation the higher worlds usually fall, and the lower ones gain more power than they know how to handle. This was the case of the Conquistadors and the Americas.
"This vision was also a warning to us at this important time.  It was revealed that we will enter a similar time or space.  It is important that we finish our spiritual work and purge our negative egos (outside egos) so as not to damage the next dimension with our lower natures. I was shown that we must enter this next world in a state of surrender and allow the next world to be our teacher. In other words, park your egos at the door folks, after all we do not want to become the next Cortez or Columbus while entering into the next phase of the process."
 This explains what I've been teaching for years about the efforts of the darkside to use the portals or windows to the Universe that open during the coming ascension process in order to escape not only into other dimensions, but into the very Matrix of Creation Itself. This war is not solely Mankind vs The New World Order, but Creation vs the darkside in every possible way.
 The shift spoken of in the following excerpt is the coming ascension process of much of the 3rd dimension back into the higher states of being into the 5th dimension in particular. We have come to the place we have all been waiting for. We are about to embark on the shift of the ages but much work both individually and planet-wide, still needs to be done. Some of the new symptoms we and other healers have been seeing during this lead-up to the shift include: " deep grief and loss of interest in current goals; " loss of sense of self; " heightened Kundalini energy (particularly among the female population); " panic attacks;  "heart palpitations; " experiencing dimensional doorways and doorways to the future either by seeing or hearing them, " weird dreams and old visions being rekindled " feelings of restlessness and with a deep need to do SOMETHING - ANYTHING! " unusual visuals in the inner and outer worlds. " electrical disturbances with computers and any other electronic device "meeting soul mates after long and fruitless searches, and ending dis-harmonic relationships that were out of alignment " feeling like one is going to die, or wants to give up. an increased number of family and friends passing away. [Could it be we are dying to the old ways, the old world, letting go of our attachments to this world so we can move on to the next?]

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