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Greetings to All:   As many of us have been preoccupied with holiday celebrations, news of an enormous earthquake and tidal wave has come in from Asia.  Loss of life is enormous. (see article below).  I am called to write you today to request your prayers, certainly, but to bring Thoth's comments to each of you and whatever might ensue as a result.  We cannot mitigate what has already happened, but fear and terror are energies released in such circumstance.  Purification, at the very least, is called for.  So let us take some time, individually, to focus as best we can, to allow for transformation to occur and to individually contact our soul group asking them to provide higher assistance in whatever ways possible for those remaining and those crossed or crossing over.

The article is directly below and after the News release, Thoth's words to each of us.
I send each one of you blessings and love,    Lois
 Asian Quakes' Tsunami Kill More than 122,000       Go to Original
  By Lely T. Djuhari         The Associated Press

  JAKARTA, Indonesia - The world's most powerful earthquake in 40 years triggered massive tidal waves that slammed into villages and seaside resorts across southern and southeast Asia on Sunday, killing more than 122,000 people in six countries.

  Tourists, fishermen, homes and cars were swept away by walls of water up to 20 feet high that swept across the Bay of Bengal, unleashed by the 8.9-magnitude earthquake centered off the west coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

  In Sri Lanka, 1,000 miles west of the epicenter, more than 3,000 people were killed, the country's top police official said. At least 1,870 died in Indonesia, and 1,900 along the southern coasts of India. At least 198 were confirmed dead in Thailand, 42 in Malaysia and 2 in Bangladesh.

  But officials expected the death toll to rise dramatically, with hundreds reported missing and all communications cut off to Sumatran towns closest to the epicenter. Hundreds of bodies were found on various beaches along India's southern state of Tamil Nadu, and more were expected to be washed in by the sea, officials said.

  The rush of waves brought to sudden disaster to people carrying out their daily activities on the ocean's edge: Sunbathers on the beaches of the Thai resort of Phuket were washed away; a group of 32 Indians - including 15 children - were killed while taking a ritual Hindu bath to mark the full moon day; fishing boats, with their owners clinging to their sides, were picked up by the waves and tossed away.

  "All the planet is vibrating" from the quake, said Enzo Boschi, the head of Italy's National Geophysics Institute.  Speaking on SKY TG24 TV, Boschi said the quake even disturbed the Earth's rotation.

  The U.S. Geological Survey (news - web sites) measured the quake at a magnitude of 8.9. Geophysicist Julie Martinez said it was the world's fifth-largest since 1900 and the largest since a 9.2 temblor hit Prince William Sound Alaska in 1964.

  On Sumatra, the quake destroyed dozens of buildings - but as elsewhere, it was the wall of water that followed that caused the most deaths and devastation.

  Tidal waves leveled towns in the province of Aceh on Sumatra's northern tip, the region closest to the epicenter. An Associated Press reporter saw bodies wedged in trees as the waters receded. More bodies littered the beaches.

  ------- Associated Press reporters Dilip Ganguly and Gemunu Amarasinghe in Colombo, Sri Lanka, K.N. Arun in Madras, India, and Sutin Wannabovorn in Phuket, Thailand, contributed to this report.

Actions you can Take  from Thoth:
Dear Friends,  Your time spent practicing certain exercises* has not been in vain but indeed a precursor to what's ahead.  This devastation leaves behind thousands, perhaps millions of people who will be affected in some manner by the wipeout and loss of life.  It will take some time for recovery efforts to be completed, and many anxious moments will be spent by those awaiting word of a loved one missing or lost.   I encourage you now to think in terms of the higher beings with whom you have relationship and connection to request full support in all manner and means, plus those with whom you have recently been working on a number of other projects or areas in life.

It is time to see that what happens here, in Asia, has enormous repercussions around the World, not only in loss of life and damage, but also in allowing for Earth Changes to surface to a much larger degree than has been anticipated by many scientists and those who have called these times illusionary by those claiming the advent of cleansing ahead.  I would share with you that forthcoming this year will be some difficult times for many areas of the World, and this event is a domino affect that happens elsewhere as well.   So will we need to focus and use our talents in several ways.

First of all, there is a Clearing in the air that happens surely with use of the Violet Flame directed to the areas affected.  This includes the Oceans as well,  for much disruption has dawned there.  Additionally, all forms of life have been shaken, from the devas and plants to the individual souls departed.  Let us each remember our own special gifts and services as well as those considered during the past several months in contemplating efforts toward  greater harmony and assistance.  Each of you has learned many things over the years in this and other incarnations.  Do not forget the gifts and abilities you possess to assist. 

The Violet Flame is a tool for everyone to use and send.  It will allow for transformation to take place.  Then it behooves each one of you to contact your soul group to ask them to assist in ways they can.  I would also suggest you speak with them to be directed as how your energy can be best utilized here in such manner of service, not only for this situation but those forthcoming.  You are here for a purpose and have taken this *Course specifically because you are aligned in some manner to utilize those connections you have and bring to the table.

Prayers are always needed, and Lois will send this out to many people to assist in such a manner.  You may do the same. 
However, information on soul group focus as well as some additional pieces here should be omitted as to not be misinterpreted or misused in implementation.  Prayers and the Violet Flame are for everyone.  Here's what's for you: (deleted Course material)

May your intention and focus of pure light hold you also.

I am
Thoth, the Atlantean

*The Internet Course consists of 7 weekly practices in channeled messages, appx. 8 pages in length each for $70, and is applicable at any time.  Email:  info@expressionsoflight.com   Lois Hartwick

Healing from the Asian Tsunamis
by Doreen Virtue

We've all been deeply affected by the Asian earthquake and tsunamis. It's human nature to wonder:  "Why did this happen?" Our ancestors believed that natural disasters were punishing acts of God or deities.  Yet God, as well as the deities, are beings of pure love and light. They aren't about punishment or judgement, because they are ego-less.

We want to know why disasters occur so that we can avoid them in the future.  The human mind sometimes blames the victims, so that we can feel safe and invulnerable to the same sort of disaster.  We obsess about WHY so that we can feel more in control of our lives.

But wondering about WHY is a waste of time.  Instead, we need to focus upon:  How can I help now?  Here's what the angels have told me:

Pray.  We know the power of prayer, and any prayer you offer is a gift beyond measure. Pray for the people who perished, that their souls are at peace with their transition into the spirit world. Pray for the survivors whose lives were changed in an instant. Pray for the clean-up crews, that they may have strength, resilience, resources, and the creativity to handle their monumental tasks.

Donate. Many wonderful organizations have mobilized to the areas affected by the tsunamis, and they need our financial support. Save the Children Foundation is providing relief supplies for children and their families in India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. Save the Children has proven itself in the past by spending ninety percent of donations on actual program services, and only nine percent for administrative costs and fund raising. Www.savethechildren.org

Caretake. Mother Earth grabbed our attention with this disaster, reminding us that we live upon a powerful but fragile planet. Let's take extra care to respect the environment by only using earth-friendly cleaning supplies and toiletries (available at health food stores and greenmarketplace.com). Donate to oceana.org to help keep the ocean healthy.

Stay Positive. Worrying about the Asian disaster adds to the world's negativity. Worry, guilt, and fear won't help the survivors. Give your negative thoughts and feelings to Heaven, and ask for help in keeping a positive outlook. And very important: don't watch, listen to, or read accounts of the Asian situation (or keep the media to a bare minimum). Incessant media reports and upsetting photos and videos delay our healing by keeping the negativity front-and-center. Avoid "Ain't it Awful" conversations about the situation. Remember: your being upset doesn't help anyone! But your being at peace helps everyone.

I firmly believe that the universe is Divinely ordered.  Many times, I travel during my dreams to classrooms in which I'm taught profound truths. These lessons are fourth-dimensional, meaning that they're beyond the space-time restrictions of our three-dimensional world. When I awaken, I can't remember many of my soul-travel lessons because they don't make sense in the third-dimension. But the angels assure me these lessons are imbedded in my soul and that they make sense to my higher self, who is unrestricted by time-space dimensions. Many of you have told me you have similar dream-time experiences.

My point is that the Asian earthquake/tsunamis are beyond the understanding of our third dimensional thinking.  Sure, we can create theories such as this is Mother Earth's way of balancing.  But they're just theories.  If they help you to have peace about the situation, then the theories are helpful.  But theories that bring up fear or guilt are a misuse of our power.

The December 26 disaster brought up many memories for us all. Memories of Atlantis and Lemuria's demise into the oceans.  Memories from this lifetime of near-drownings or other brushes with death.  Memories of losing or nearly losing your life.  This is an opportunity to clear the stored energies of those memories.  Give them to Heaven, specifically to God and the Archangel Raziel (who helps us with past-life memories) and Archangel Jophiel (who helps us to beautify our thoughts).  Ask Raziel and Jophiel to be like chimney sweeps, clearing away old cobwebs of prior fears.  This is an opportunity for you to feel more joy and energy.

The timing of the earthquake and tsunamis is remarkable.  The week before New Years is when we prepare our resolutions for the coming year.  It's a time to reflect upon our past year, and to make decisions and intentions about the year to come.

The Archangel Michael told me that 2005 will be a year of action for us all
.  What have you always wanted to do?   What projects do you think you would like to do someday?  Michael says: "That someday is now.  Now is the time to put words into action, to stop stalling and delaying your joy and happiness for the future.  Admit to yourself what you most deeply desire, and then take any step in that direction.  Allay your fears and insecurities by giving them to me.  I will open doors for you, and give you all of the courage you require.  Think of the elation you'll feel as you move forward toward the light of your dreams coming true.

"We require thousands of lightworkers amassing in the direction of their Heart's True Desire.  Their collective joyful and light-filled energy is the fuel which will shift the earth in the direction of true Peace.  Like turning a large speeding vehicle in a new direction, we need this large push of like-minded lightworkers.  Your contribution comes in the form of overcoming any personal procrastination which you've allowed to rule over your dreams."

The Chinese word for "Crisis" is composed of two words: Danger and Opportunity.  Let's take the Asian crisis and turn it into a giant opportunity for World Peace.  Although it may feel dangerous to make the life changes you know that you need to make, it truly is an opportunity for us all.  May you be at Peace today and throughout the New Year.

In Love, Doreen Virtue
With Angel Blessings,

Greetings.  You are receiving this Letter from Masaru Emoto inviting us to strengthen the prayer/energy field and to form a cohesive and coherent energy field to assist from the tsunami--and---you will be receiving an article which speaks to the overall Transition.
They are seemingly different views, however, I feel them as in alignment.  Both call us into action and both express compassion. They are different in nature of the perspective, and they invite us all to join together to assist the situation.  This is not the first, nor the last we will see of these types of situations.  We are becoming experienced in affecting a cohesive & coherent energetic field of compassion.  We have experienced 911, the Harmonic Concordance (1 &2), the various intense & cleansing weather situations of 2003 and 2004, and now the 9.0 earthquake/tsunamis/and aftershocks in the recorded range of our most common earthquakes which are in the ranges of 5.8, 6+,7+ & 8.
There is a pattern and cycle to this & we are must continue to create & radiate cohesive, coherent energetic fields of Compassion. We each do what we can. If we are not in an area to physically volunteer, we must each action as we feel appropriately energetically---to work with the physical aspects involved through the quantum. Love and Compassion Expanding, Rebecca Michaels.

I feel terribly sorry for the loss that has been caused by the biggest catastrophe of tsunami in history. I am utterly lost for words to offer for the deceased and their family. I just pray to god that their souls shall rest in peace.

Just today, WHO has released a warning for the possible emergence of epidemics. It has reported that at the moment, the hygiene has dramatically worsened, and the epidemic such as cholera could spur in any minute. If so, as many people could die from infectious diseases as were killed by the tsunami.

As a Hado (vibration) researcher, I am truly worried about this disaster. As well as the hygiene issue, I feel that the "vibrational fields" of the countries have extremely deteriorated. The "field" is created by feelings of fear, grief, worry, lack of trust, anger, loneliness, and helplessness, and could energize the malevolent microorganisms that prefer this kind of environment.

People cannot help but have these feelings, and they probably carry the feelings with them. Many people feel this way, and there seems to be some plundering going on, but their feeling of anger and hostility can only multiply the negativity of the "field". Also, we must take into account the emergence of a new epidemic.

We have to limit the negative "field" in any way possible. I believe that there is already a spreading Hado (vibration) of fear due to the terrorist attack and bombing, and it is like a gasoline station with an oil leak that is about to explode.

What can we do?  The only way is for people from all over the world to pray for the recovery of the affected area. The prayer will definitely carry far with the purity of its Hado.  Therefore, from today, let's close our eyes for a few second before our meal and send words of prayer to the countries. Let's send a prayer for them before we go to sleep.  Also, when we pray during the end of year and the new year ceremony, let us send a prayer first and foremost for world peace.

Through the research of the water crystal over the last ten years, I have proven that people's pure energy of consciousness can change the water in areas that people have prayed for, regardless of the distance.  Also, the most effective Hado prayer is the feeling of Love and Thanks.  Now is the time to send everyone's feeling of Love and Thanks to the Earth's water.

We appreciate your kind participation, cooperation and support.  Thank you very much.

Yasuyuki NEMOTO
Secretary-General, Project of Love and Thanks to Water

President: Masaru Emoto
Secretary-General: Yasuyuki Nemoto
East Side Bldg. 1F, 1-1-11 Yanagibashi,
Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0052, JAPAN
TEL: +81-(0)3-3863-0211, FAX: +81-(0)3-3866-5353
E-MAIL: mailto: love@thank-water.net

This project started on July 1, 2002.
The purpose of this project is to raise the collective consciousness
of humanity through the prayer of our Love and Thanks to Water, and
by this to contribute to establish the world peace

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