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by Kiara Windrider (kiara@doorwaytoeternity.com)
January 12, 2004

    There is a lot of information coming out lately about Earth Changes, usually defined as catastrophic geological events such as earthquakes, volcanoes, polar shifts, flooding, and global warming. What do we do with all this? Some of it is disinformation, deliberate attempts to terrorize people. Some of it, written or channeled with the best of intentions, still carries elements of our own subconscious fears. Much of it, however, is carefully researched information, whether from seismologists, cosmologists, geologists, ancient record-keepers, or contemporary seers and mystics. It is easy to pass off certain predictions as “gloom and doom”, when we should be paying close attention to the living voice of an ecosystem terribly out of balance. Tragically, by closing ourselves to some of these possibilities of earth changes, we are also closing ourselves off to the larger possibilities of planetary renewal and hope.

   Yes, there is a lot of disinformation out there, and it is important to be discerning. However, we are seeing tremendous changes on the Earth today, with more to come in upcoming years, and I feel we need to be aware.  Awareness of changes is not the same as “going into fear”. We need to acknowledge that we are ALREADY in a time of severe Earth Changes, much of which goes unreported in the mass media. This also includes Earth Changes caused by human willfulness and interference. Why is it that when humans go on an ever increasing rampage of war and environmental destruction, creating gloom and doom for millions around the planet it is accepted as “reality”, and yet when Mother Earth decides to do something about it, it is perceived as “gloom and doom”?

    Do we dare look at the extent to which we have ALREADY wrecked our environment, making it unfit for all life on the planet within a decade or two? Do we dare look at the extent to which our misguided political and military systems (I won't name names here) are creating doom and gloom for others on this planet, all in the name of democracy, freedom, and maintaining a fictitious "way of life"? It would be very easy for us to sit in our ivory towers, bury our heads in the sand, and pretend none of this is happening. I am not even talking here about predicting gloom and doom for the future, just opening our eyes to what is happening RIGHT NOW on our once beautiful planet!!! What we will see in the near future, simply as a result of disharmonic patterns we have created on Earth today, is terrifying, as many highly credible scientists and environmentalists and political analysts are now telling us. 

    This information is out there for those who look for it. Much of it, however, is not discussed in the mass media, which gives us a false sense of security, increasingly divorced from the truth of what is taking place on the planet. We need to share this with people who are put here on God's earth to make a difference, since we cannot make a difference until we first understand.  We cannot heal until we are willing to find the causes and extent of our injuries.  Mother Earth is deeply hurt, and we cannot ignore this. She is a highly evolved living entity, and is attempting to heal Herself by correcting some of these unbalances, and some of this WILL involve earth changes.  After all our wanton plundering of Mother Earth's nurturance and resources, do we have the right to tell Her to keep still?   Yes, we CAN change these realities if we join with Her soul and if there is enough conscious intent, and on many occasions we have already done so.  That is the power and potential of the divinely inspired human spirit. But where is our power if we are asleep or in denial? Where is our power if we are still governed by fear?

    We need not go into fear. If we look at Earth Changes from an evolutionary perspective, what we see is much bigger than the Earth simply trying to find a way to heal herself. Supported by Cosmic Beings and a vast galactic network that includes our own higher-dimensional Selves, She is involved in birthing an entirely new Reality, a collective creation that is so much bigger than any of us realize, simply because our minds are too conditioned by our past to conceive of life beyond a passage of this magnitude. I see a transformation taking place that is unprecedented in the history of our planet, and it involves not only our own planet but our entire solar system, galaxy and beyond.

    The conclusions I derive are backed up by scientists and mystics of the first order.  All of this gives me hope.  And more than hope, it gives me perspective. It is not an ostrich perspective from underneath the sand but a systems perspective that is bigger than our individual selves and our individual lives. >From this perspective I see that if there are earth changes to come, it is not something to fear. These are simply the necessary adjustments we need to make so we can move forward in trust, moving forward as spiritual beings who are inflamed with a planetary vision, moving forward beyond the nightmares of our misqualified creations into a divinely inspired heaven on earth.

    "I have seen the promised land", said Martin Luther King in his well-known speech that was also a prediction.  How many of us can say that? Do we know yet what we are choosing to move towards? Or are we content with a way of life that is becoming increasingly unbalanced, destructive, and bereft of beauty, a way of life that according to some of the most astute scientists on our planet, will lead to the end of all life on Earth in less than two decades?

    I understand that all of us are conditioned by an instinct to survive, and this instinct makes us recoil when we hear of earth changes, suffering, turmoil, and destruction. Many of us on a spiritual path have also been conditioned by another instinct, an instinct that refuses to acknowledge destruction as an aspect of transformation, or death as an aspect of rebirth. This is ironical, when we consider the teachings of Christ, or Krishna, or any of the great initiates who have graced the Earth. It is especially ironical knowing that our civilization has learned to peddle the dark side of death to the extent that governments can get away with every kind of murder and justify it in the name of protecting our "way of life".

    Yet what does being on a spiritual path truly demand of us?   Do we understand the long-term process of change? As greater frequencies of light enter our planetary fields it brings up whatever darkness needs to be cleared. We are moving through the tunnel of planetary birth, and birth is sometimes painful. A true spiritual transformation is not a tame, sterilized, process in which we can keep a dysfunctional “way of life” intact. It demands that we boldly go where no one has gone before, and as romantic as this sounds on Star Trek, it is the hardest thing on Earth for any of us who are conditioned by attachments to the past. It demands opening our minds to new perceptions, our hearts to new sensitivities, our souls to new possibilities. Human beings are so constructed that this does not happen unless we reach a crisis point. If there are Earth Changes to come, it is only Mother Earth trying to shake us awake when every other means has failed.

    We have every right to be fearful as we step into the future. Yet, let us not lose sight of what this planetary adventure is all about. If you have ever surfed a big wave, or skied the double diamond, or jumped off a waterfall in Hawaii, you know the knot of fear that sits in your belly as you leap off the edge, only to dissolve in profound celebration of life as you move through that belly of fear and taste life beyond that edge.    It is the same with us collectively as we step into the tunnel of planetary and cosmic birth.


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